Top Ten Worst Johnny Test Characters

Since people hate this a lot decided to go with the worst characters of the show.

The Top Ten

1 Susan Test

Ugly nerd along with her sister and they both think some dumb next door guy would like them. They think they are sooo smart, yet their inventions fail and their equally dumb younger brother outsmarts them. He is also a loser with no friends but acts like he is so cool.

Would kill her brother for science. She and Mary abuse them.

Scientists are so cold

Cold hearted scientist who rejects anyone with a crush on her, but is in love with a stupid 11 perecenter

2 Johnny Test

I used to watch this show when I was 5 I always HATED Johnny I found him stupid and annoying, I always watched this show because I could never find a better show ( it was between Johnny Test and Dora the explorer) but a miracle happen I found Danny phantom while I was canal surfing, and I stopped watching Johnny Test, and started watching Danny phantom.

Cares about no one than himself. He just steals inventions and ruin our lives. I bet he'd choose pizza over his family. His show also sucks.

He's Much Worse than Dora the Explorer!

Dukey, the one likeable character, is above Johnny? - 445956

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3 Mr. Teacherman

If I had him as a teacher I'd move schools ASAP.

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4 Dukey

Not funny, weird and boring. I like talking dogs like Jake the Dog and Dog with a blog but he is the worst. Could be more likeable if he couldn't talk.

5 Mary Test Mary Test

Same thing as Susan, abuses her brother.

6 Bling Bling Boy

Susan doesn't love you you retarded fat ass kid. Plus you abuse her too.

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7 Bumper Randalls

Picks on kids as a hobby. He then gets soft and then gets mean. nice, mean, nice, mean make up your mind. Plus he went to Johnny's house to beat him up. Who does that.

8 Gil Nexdor
9 Hugh Test

Loves his meatloaf more than his family. He's also a terrible father. Just check the 99 good deeds episode if you want

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10 Mr. White

The Contenders

11 Mr. Black

Too dumb to be secret agents. Should be fired

12 Sissy

She is an annoying little brat

13 Janet Nelson Jr.
14 Principal Jules Harm
15 Lila Test

She is Bad same as Her Stupid husband and her Stupid Son

16 Brain Freezer
17 The General
18 Darth Vegan
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