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21 Clyde McBride Clyde McBride

It's kind the creepy that he is love with lori

Clyde is awkward and nerdy, but sweet and supportive at the same time. Lincoln can always count on Clyde to help him with a plan. Like Lincoln, Clyde has a passion for comic books, video games, and science fiction movies. He is also a cat lover and owns two cats that he loves very much, despite how his oldest cat Cleopawtra always misbehaves.
Although he does not seem like it, Clyde is quite intelligent. He knows how to do taxes and about table manners as seen in "A Tale of Two Tables" and knows how to take care of babies. In addition, he seems mildly rich through his parents, given his nice house and lifestyle as shown in "Attention Deficit" and "Roughin' It". He is socially inept, but ultimately a very friendly and kind person. Clyde is patient and enjoys the company of all of Lincoln's sisters.
Clyde has many fears, allergies, and health issues. He has asthma, which requires him and his dads to carry an inhaler everywhere. According to his parents, he cannot consume meals ...more - TheRedstoneWiz

22 Loki Loud Loki Loud

All of Lincoln's brothers are terrible - Tyler730

Most jerkish to Lincoln - epictoonsfan1

23 Loni Loud Loni Loud
24 Leif Loud Leif Loud
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