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41 Snow Bored

The big problem with I'm With Stupid in Spongebob was that patrick went from nice straight to prick. Lisa in Snow Bored went from hating snow days to LOVING snow days. It's very confusing. - IHSCOUTII1973

Made me hate Lisa more than already do. And she's already my LEAST favorite sister

I hate Lisa shes my LEAST favourite Loud sister!

Lisa you jerk - AinezoChan

42 Toads and Tiaras

It was really boring and lame, lana was annoying and didn't listen, and the ending was an asspull.

43 House Music

Luna acted like a arrogant, selfish jerk to her family in this episode, at least she learned her lesson at the end.

Luna that hypocrite - AinezoChan

44 Cover Girls

The parents were such idiots to their sons upon humiliating them by telling them to go to the places they were, but with their clothes swapped. The sisters would have shown themselves normally instead of covering themselves randomly.

This epsoides great in my opinion - Fuzzbugsgo

I love this one it is so funny😃 - Spongehouse

45 The Crying Dame

I liked this episode and the song - Spongehouse

MY EARS! - Tyler730

46 Space Invader

What do you mean? This was a good episode in my opinion

Lynn was so creepy here. - AinezoChan

Lynn was so unlikeable in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I love this episode but I do not ship lyyncoln - Spongehouse

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47 Funny Business

Lincoln is cruel to Lincoln.

It's very boring episode.Nothing especial and onliest sister is Luan

48 Left in the Dark

Two words: CHILD. NEGLECT.

Ugh... - AinezoChan

49 Party Down

Here's how bad this episode is. I know this isn't a Lincoln torture episode, but I watched ALL the Lincoln torture episodes. I felt nothing but remorse and sadness for this poor guy, not giving him any breaks. And after watching all of these episodes where Lincoln gets tortured for no good reason, mostly at the hands of his 10 sisters, I STILL found myself LOATHING him in THIS episode. Chris Savino finally did it. He turned the only likable character in the Loud House into Brian Griffin!

How is Lincoln so intolerable in this episode? I mean, it wasn't great by any means but, I thought it was decent enough. There are about 5 episodes I can name off the top of my head where he's more intolerable than here. - AlexZedKawa

Stupid - AinezoChan

50 ARRGH! You For Real

Terrible episode

A ok episode - Spongehouse

51 The Old & The Restless

This episode is an insult to old people. - AinezoChan

52 11 Louds A Leapin'

What?! This episode was great! - regularponyfan09

This is everyone at their best. And the song was heartwarming.

I like this episode it was a awesome way to start a season - Spongehouse

This episode is overrated - AinezoChan

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53 Project Loud House

Boring - AinezoChan

54 Dance Dance Resolution

Dumb episode - AinezoChan

It's the worst because it makes all of his sisters dance with roniane
And it's also about a girl Dancing with a boy
Also it makes Lincolns friends in love with girls and dancing with the girls

55 Changing the Baby

Was already mentioned. - AinezoChan

56 A Novel Idea

Lincoln is getting tortured because of his gender. Enough said. - IHSCOUTII1973

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