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So I've gotten tons of requests to watch and review this movie. Apparently, there's been Reviews and backlash from everyone. I was a little worried to review this since Cartoonfan202 already made a great review about this movie, but Wereweegee, trollsfan536, and countless others practically BEGGED me to write this review and I worked so hard each weekend to get out to the theater to see this. I thankfully found it on 123movies and got to watch it there. So to those of you who requested a review: Here you go, you're request has been fulfilled.

As we all know, Dreamworks has fell into a deep, downward spiral. The Boss Baby is Dreamworks' latest animated work, and it draws inspiration from the original picture book. (Yes guys, they have run out of original movie ideas so they chose to make a movie out of a children's picture book). The Boss Baby is essentially Dreamworks' latest addition to the Crap Collection, along with Shark Tale and Bee Movie. While it does manage to surpass the latter two movies, it's still not as good as it should be. What the hell happened to Dreamworks? This was the same company that created Shrek, and that film series was so popular that they managed to make Shadow X Shrek happen in the Sonic Fandom. (Wow, the guy's a meme now). Anyways, why is this the level of intelligence they've sunk to? This is 2017, the same year The Lego Batman Movie came out and that movie appealed to everyone. What does this movie have? Toilet humor, predictable story, Blah Blah Blah. This is not the movie quality that young children deserve.

Plot Synopsis

The Boss Baby focuses on two main characters, Tim Templeton and the Boss Baby (Yes guys, the character's NAME is "Boss Baby". Have you guys seriously run out of ideas for NAMES? When you gave him a name at the end of the movie, did you come up with it at the last possible second?). Boss Baby works for Babycorp and is on a mission to stop puppies from stealing the love of all infants. He gets delivered to the Templetons house, much to the dismay of 7 year old Tim Templeton. Tim is upset that the baby is hogging all of the attention he used to get, so he tries to expose him by revealing to his parents that he can talk. After that fails, Tim decides to help Boss Baby on his mission because if he does, Boss Baby will get a super cool office with a golden toilet, and Tim will forever be rid of Boss Baby in the house.

So the message that they are trying to send is that babies hate dogs and are attention hoes who want all of the attention in the world? Okay...while I'm not hypersensitive over little messages like this, keep in mind that this is an animated movies generated towards KIDS. I would love to know if there is a parent out there who wants their child to go and see a movie that despises dogs with this sickly passion. What do the writers have against cute little puppies? They are so freaking cute and friendly!!!

As for the characters, a majority of them were highly unlikable and aggravating. Tim is portrayed as a self-centered and infuriating brat who just wants his parents all to himself. This is highly apparent when he tries to slingshot the baby out of house. Look, I get that he doesn't want his baby brother hogging the attention, but what 7 year old tries to fling their baby out onto the street? This is the character that the movie expects me to cheer on but he's so unlikable that I don't want him to get what he wants. Why does the movie want me to root for the child that doesn't want a baby brother??? Then again, maybe I shouldn't be completely heartbroken that he tried to remove him from the premises because Boss Baby himself is also unlikable. A lot of the things he does, such as throwing money around, are incredibly similar to things Donald Trump does. Whether you like the new President or not, it's just aggravating that they made the character very similar to a controversial person that a great majority of the planet despises. The parents were your typical, dumbfounded sitcom idiots who can't figure out the obvious. I can't be the only one who's sick of this mind-boggling cliche. Does every pair of parents in an animated movie or sitcom have to be unaware of the obvious? Apparently so, because practically every adult character is a moron. The baby characters, with the exception of Boss Baby, are also stupid and annoying, especially Jimbo. None of these characters were relatable or worthy of getting cheers from the crowd, making it hard to watch them interact with one another.


This humor is as predictable as a 10th grade geometry teacher. Contrary to popular belief, I actually used my brain before I watched this to figure out what the jokes in this movie would be like. Here's how I figured out this movie's humor. "Baby" is in the title of the film. Think about jokes you will likely find in a movie that involves babies. In these movies, there are usually jokes about upchucking/spitting out food, farting/dumping/pissing/diapers, some sort of sex reference, the parents being dumbfounded idiots and just drooling at the baby's "cuteness", and other predictable jokes from movies that revolve around an infant being the protagonist. "Boss" is also in the title, so we also need our predictable business jokes such as the baby trying to be professional when he isn't. Oh, and guess what? ALL of the cliches I listed ended up being here. That's how generic and bland this movie is. It just makes a baby the protagonist to try and trick you into thinking this concept is original, despite the fact that it's already been done before and everything this movie offers has already been done in much better, creative ways.


Let's just get the huge negative of the animation out of the way here. These character designs are just creepy as all hell. Tim's facial expressions are just unsettling at times, especially when he has this really bizarre smile on his face. Boss Baby can also look REALLY creepy at times. When he's trying to look all cute and cuddly, he looks like he's going to slaughter your children limb from limb. The other babies in the movie, especially Jimbo's design, are as creepy as you'd expect them to be. Why is every character in this movie so unpleasant to look at? This is an animated movie generated towards children that like lighthearted and fun animation. These characters are not adorable at all and actually spooked me.

I mean...just LOOK at this scourge on humanity: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6OvmwEL7rJg/maxresdefault.jpg

The animation itself on the other hand, is not completely awful. There are brilliantly animated segments where Tim is imagining he is on his 7 year old imaginary adventures. He imagines he's a pirate, an archaeologist, and even a space warrior, and the shift in animation is perfect for this. It tries to separate the real world with Tim's imagination by switching from basic animation to what looks like 8-10 year old childrens' artwork. This surprisingly works in the movie's favor because these segments are the most creative and colorful scenes in the movie and they really try their best to give you this feeling of nostalgia. When you were a child, you probably imagined the world around you looking similar as you pretended to be a pirate setting sail on the seven seas.

Final Thoughts/Recommendation

I'm not sure how the heck I'm supposed to recommend this movie, because I really can't. It takes all of the sins of poorly-made animated films and jams them together. It has predictable baby humor, a hatred towards dogs for absolutely no reason whatsoever, unlikable characters who only care about themselves, and creepy character designs. The only redeeming factor here is that if people sat down and read what they wrote, they could fix all of the problems. The animation itself isn't particularly terrible as well and the imagination segments are neat, but everything else is just terrible. If kids are interested from the trailer and they want to go, I'm not stopping you at all. However, just be aware that you're taking your children to a movie that has a crappy moral, crappy characters, and actual crap.

4 -- Below Average (The Boss Baby tries really hard to do a good job by having some decent animation segments, but that doesn't make up for the film's glaring faults. It's definitely not the worst movie of the year, but I just can't find a way to recommend it to anyone.)

🍅Rotten Tomatoes Score: 53% (5.5/10), 59% of Audiences Liked It (3.5/5)🍅

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