The Happytime Murders Will Suck!

MegaSoulhero Whar happens when you mix Sausage Party with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and add puppets? You get the Happytime Murders! I’ve been a huge Muppets fan for practically my whole life. When I heard they were making an R rated Muppets style film directed by Jim Henson’s son, I was kinda interested. Then I saw the trailer for it before Deadpool 2 and IT LOOKS LIKE HOT GARBAGE!!!

I’m gonna be honest here. This is one of the worst trailers I’ve seen for anything! Not just from this year, but pretty much of all time! There was nothing good to come from this trailer! It’s just so TERRIBLE! Anyway, the premise is that apparently, puppets are getting killed and it’s up to a blue puppet and Melissa McCarthy to find the killer. Here’s the biggest mistake they made. CASTING MELISSA MCCARTHY!!! She is one of the unfunniest comedic actors that is currently working! How does she keep getting hired? Like I said, this movie basically looks like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. All they did was replace toons with puppets and made the main character a woman! It’s a shame that this terrible movie is ripping off one of the most iconic and creative films of all time! This trailer made me so angry! My face is literally red right now! Just like Sausage Party, a movie that I didn’t like, it looks like it’s trying way too hard to get that R rating and is losing focus on telling a good story! It is nothing but shock humor and non-stop swearing. There was never a moment when I laughed! Why would anyone want to see puppets having sex? Speaking of that, we actually see a puppet ejaculating IN HIS OFFICE!!! It literally sprays all over the place! HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!?!?

How did Jim ever end up with a sorry excuse for a son like Brian? This movie looks absolutely atrocious! It’s gonna be one of the WORST movies of the year! Not worse that Fifty Shades Freed, but maybe a close second. Do not see this movie! It’s a disgrace to Jim Henson’s legacy! Even the Teen Titans Go movie looks better! It still looks bad, but at least it looks “slightly” more entertaining than this! It’s hard to believe this movie exists! It looks like something someone would make if they wanted to troll the audience! Speaking of “trolls”... You’ll find out soon enough.