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61 Pokemon Y

This is the 2nd best Pokemon games stupid weeaboos on this list

62 Naruto Shippuden 3D: The New Era
63 How to Train Your Dragon 2
64 Pokemon Sun

What you people are insane. Both Sun and Moon are the best.

65 Wreck-It-Ralph
66 Disney's Planes

It's planes, what else do I need to say?

67 Ever Oasis

This is how it sucks! Looks like a game for Weeaboos.

68 Bird Mania Christmas 3D
69 Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure
70 Sonic Generations

This is the worst of the worst. The difficulty is all over the place (meaning that this game shifts to too easy to too hard much too quickly), the controls are sometimes unresponsive, the zones are too repetetive, and there's no objective but to pass the zones and beat the bosses.

Better than green Mario ghost hunter or whatever its called

I love this game and its music!


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71 Star Fox 64 3D

So what if it it's easy, it's still fun to play!

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72 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The only problem is the real life cliche. Real time so some stores can be open or closed that's my only problem and why people saying it's boring? It's a simulator a real life but different cause it's animals. - spodermanfan1000

This is the most boring game ever. I've played for hours trying to make money and my house is hardly expanded!

Well, that's your problem, not ours. This game is really fun and it may be difficult, but that's what it's like to be a mayor!


Take this game off the list! I play this everyday to not miss anything!

No! It's just not for die hard gamers who want to look at every angle and want something for our own casual pleasures such as myself! Just take it off, it's awesome.

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73 The Sims 3

This game glitches up on me and the Sim ends up stuck to the wall

It gets old and really boring. You'll just be deleting your data over and over again until you like something. It puts me to sleep, and I would rather play the new Sims on the computer like ThinkNoodles.

This isn't even a 3ds game! - docreywashere

ThinkNoodles plays thiss

74 The Legend of Zelda V 1 Comment
75 Lego: Marvel Superheroes: Universe In Peril

This game is just horrible, the controls just make no sense at all. Just download the demo to see what I'm talking about. This game is an insult to the power of the 3ds. Luckily, the console version is a lot better.

76 Super Mario 3D Land

That is so true no taste in gameplay

Why is this on here - venomouskillingmachine

I hate this game.

Great - VideoGamefan5

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77 AR Games

When I was saving up my allowance for my first 3DS game, this was the only thing keeping me from throwing my 3DS away. The games are actually interesting

78 Photos With Mario
79 Pokemon Art Academy

No one buys this game because we have DEVIANTART

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80 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Best game since the original

LOL. The original was released on 2000, not 1999 and before.

At least it was better than Ocarina of time...

Majoras' mask always sucked, inferior to Ocarina of Time.

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