Worst or Most Annoying Sounds

Sounds that deserve to become extinct. IDK why they exist.

The Top Ten

1 Crying/Temper Tantrums

I despise this sound to beyond infinity with every single ounce of my heart and soul that I could possible give.

Sometimes I threw temper tantrums and scream and cry while listening to this sound. I am now 11 and I have always hated it since I was little

Words literally cannot describe how passionately I hate this noise

No no no that is rude listen just because crying is annoying does not mean it should be on this list it annoys me too but that how kids feel I'm sure a lot adults out there does it too.

2 Fire Alarms
3 Loud Noises Coming Out of Nowhere

Once I was minding my own business then my mom or dad yells and calls me out of nowhere in a barking tone of voice and it nearly gave me a heart attack!

I can't stand sudden loud noises. I hate it more than expected loud noises

I am minding my own business and I suddenly hear a noise louder than a jet take off out of absolute no where and it scares the life out of me. You

Jumpscares AKA lamest and cheapest way to scare someone

4 High-Pitched Voices

Ok I have misophonia so some sounds like this one frighten me and make me extremely angry

Ugh! I can't stand high-pitched male voices and there are so many of them around this century. They sound like little girls.

5 Babies Crying

This should be much higher.

If you couldn’t talk or walk you would probably cry too

MAKE YOU DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE. Whenever I heard a baby’s cry, I feel like I want to grab a gun and shoot the baby (which sounds “so sad”)

6 Autotuned Music

Technically, this isn't music... Its just noise go learn how to sing, losers

7 Vacuum Cleaner
8 Parents Screaming at their Children

It makes me sad to see parents scream at kids because I think of the poor kid 10 years later depressed from all the stress their parents put on them.

That might hurt the child's feelings ;(

Parents, try talking to your children in soft voices. You can use agressive voices if their ticking you off though.

Basicly my dad please let me survive!

9 Chewing With Mouth Open

Oh this sound is so annoying! Chew with your mouth closed, people!

Some 1 in year 7 has diabolical table mannors and burps when I eat and its just gross! Xx

10 Fingernails Scratching On a Chalkboard

I dontcknow why this isn't number one. It's the cringiest and most annoying sound ever. My ears also bleed when I hear it

The Contenders

11 Back-Up Beeper

It's so annoying. I really, really hate it. I have to hear it almost everyday.

12 Singers who can't sing properly
13 SpongeBob Laughing

I just hates spongebob so I hate sponge bob laughing too

14 Alarm Clock


15 Slamming Doors

Doors are having handles, knobs etc. You can push, turn, pull whatever.

16 Someone Saying "Shhh"

Ugh... people in my school do it and whenever I tell them to stop, guess what? THEY JUST KEEP DOING IT! It really gets on my nerves!

If you're in a library or in a movie theater, this sound will infuriate you.

I thought I was the only one who hated this noise but now someone has right ears

You're gonna hear it a lot in school and other places

17 Dog Licking Themselves

Just watch this YouTube video and see what I mean.

18 Barking/Yapping Dog

I don't hate dogs, but there is something to ask about them. Are they born with microphones in their throats? Good God they're loud.

19 Yolandi Visser's Voice
20 Whiny Voices
21 Toilet seats closing really fast

especially when it's the middle of the night and your trying to be quiet

22 Chainsaw
23 Clapping

Its fine when it's a crowd clapping after a preformance but other than that clapping is just annoying

How is that annoying? When I' m on the stage, the crowd claps for me and I ' m not really annoyed. Even when you graduate. 2 years ago, the crowd clapped for me on my 5th grade graduation and I did not get annoyed. And even when it' s for no reason. How? It is not annoying to me.

24 The YouTube video "the most annoying sounds all in one".

This sound is the same as number 2. Dog Licking Themselves is just a stupid, unfathemable mistake that should just be gone.

25 Somebody Throwing Up

That is just really nasty.

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