Top Ten Worst People to Sit by on a Plane

Pretty horrible right? I myself have sat at least to one of these people. Got one I missed? Add it!

The Top Ten

1 The screaming baby

I swear, at any restaurant I go to, there's always a kid there under 12 months. I was at Ted's Hot Dogs once, and there was a kid next to us. She was throwing a fit, crying, and even crawled over the railing separating our booths, trying to sit in our booth. What I hated the most was that her mom did NOTHING about it!


2 The fat dude that takes up two seats

He is the worst world's worst than that lay off the cookies.

3 The kid that kicks your seat

This is a perfect test to see how far your patience will stretch before it snaps. - Britgirl

I wanna punch this guy - TwilightKitsune

It sucks he will kick my seats - SpencerJC

4 The person that won't stop talking to you

Just pay extra for business class if you're that bothered. - IronSabbathPriest

God...A weird guy wasted my time for 1 hour...then I finally told him to shut saying that I'm having a headache...( not because of him...though that wasn't quite true ) - Ananya

5 The person that snores
6 The person that spills all their food/drink everywhere

Probably because the window is open.

7 The person that constantly opens and closes the window cover

The hell? Won't people be flown off the airplane if the window were opened? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If someone who gets so pissed off at opening windows they throw everyone through them is on the plane then yes. - Skullkid755

The window? How small is this plane? You talking' bout a puddle-jumper, here?

8 A Special Snowflake who keeps accusing you of "Triggering" them

The good thing about them on a plane is that they can't connect to the Internet and post crap. But I voted this one because they need to be banned…everywhere. - Cesium

9 The person that acts like he or she is 2 years old
10 The person that is sick

You're gonna have to use bleach and lime to disinfect yourself after that flight - Mcgillacuddy

He or she will vomit all on you. - Goku02

Oh no! Not someone who's ill! This is going to ruin my entire flight! - Puga

The Contenders

11 The person that watches things without headphones
12 The person with gas

Wow, not only does he fart, but he farts all over the damn plane. - Mcgillacuddy

Good thing Peter Griffin doesn't exist in real life. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Are people that bad at controlling their butt? o.O - Cesium

13 The person who leans their chair down

In front of you, there's allready everyone on this list on that plane and then some dude in front of you ignores you have very long legs and they lean teir chair back. - AnonymousChick

14 The person who hogs your armrests
15 The person who wants to open the cabin door due to their fear of heights and you have to restrain them so there isn't a plane crash
16 The person who constantly complains
17 The person who frequently goes to the bathroom
18 The sloppy eater
19 The rulebreaker
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