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21 Ghetto
22 Inside an Animal's Stomach

Where are you gonna go?!

23 Buried Alive In a Coffin
24 Echo Creek, CA
25 Justin Bieber's House

I honestly think ed gein's house would be a more scarier place to visit.

He is bad, also is a terrible singer!

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26 Airplane Bathrooms

Just impossible to use them without losing dignity - PositronWildhawk

27 Graveyard Graveyard
28 Haunted Mansion

This would be SO COOL! I LOVE haunted houses, and I LIVE for scaring myself to death. There is literally nothing more fun for me than being scared. - RockFashionista

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29 Dora's House

I've always wanted to go to her house and destroy it. - cosmo

If my mom forced me to go, I would bring a gun and kill her! - EpicJake

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30 Justin Bieber's Underwear

This should be #1. This is definitely the worst place. People, please VOTE! - Robert_KIngstons123

He will blow up when he sees this! LOL!

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31 Outside of the Universe

No colour, no sound, no seeing, no touch sense, no physics, nothing, what will it look like if there's no colour? - Harri666

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32 Torture Chamber
33 Detroit
34 In a Tiger Cage
35 Taco Bell's Bathroom

"Dipper Goes To Taco Bell" made me fear fast food bathrooms for months - ethanmeinster

U do NOT want to hear my teachers stores about this place

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36 Farms
37 Pacific Ocean

There are sharks all over that ocean!

38 In the Middle of Woods
39 90 Year Old Lady's Changing Room

That room is totally gross!


40 Wal-Mart

Wonder if you have no choice? Think again.

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