Worst RWBY Ships/Couples

The Top Ten
1 Blake Belladonna x Adam Taurus

I wanna know what happened between them...but of course they had to kill him before you find out

people are constantly arguing about which ships are best
meanwhile I'm just sitting here happy that 4/5 of my favorite ships aren't on this list (and flowerpower is at the bottom, so...)

Adam looked so cool tho
Whay ya gotsta kil heem

2 Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee

they need the team dynamic...bb is ruining the show for me, and these two are better as friends

Some people may took it too far - BorisRule

ugh don't do this to me

I don't hate people who ship Whiterose, but I personally prefer either Lancaster or Rosewick. (I get that it might as well be illegal, but I'm Rosewick TRASH! )

3 Neptune Vasilias x Weiss Schnee
4 Ruby Rose x Yang Xiao Long

They are AT THE LEAST COUSINS (referring to the "qrow is ruby's dad" theory)

Well... duh, INCEST!

(Excluding incest, I'd vote for Cinder x Jaune for obvious reasons...)


5 Emerald Sustrai x Cinder Fall

I see it as more, mother/daughter type relationship (although Cinder didn't really care for Emerald)

they are more mother/daughter
minus Cinder's not caring for Emerald

why people, just-just why? it doesn't need to happen...actually I would prefer the show much better if they were without the majority of junk and ship baiting that is only there for...I don't even know...

6 Weiss Schnee x Blake Belladonna

technically their ship name should be checkmate, not monochrome

no way

7 Weiss Schnee x Jaune Arc
8 Cardin Winchester x Velvet Scarletina
9 Scarlet David and Ruby Rose


10 Yang Xiao Long x Blake Belladonna

Am I the only one who noticed that when Blake held Weiss' hand to support her in front of her father, it was the same way she held Yang's when she was standing with her against Adam? Science! Everything they have ever done is easily platonic! and if not...(I never liked Yang anyway, but Blake will be a loss) and no I will not hate them for it...But Still! I do NOT ship it ONE BIT!

I don't get why people like this...
I'm sorry...
I just don't like it at all
(funny story real quick: my parents have a lavender bathroom, and they just got a yellow and black heater to go in it! WHY PARENTS WHYYYYYY!)

People take it WAY too far!
To the point where they only watch rwby for bb!
and exclude all even canon ships!
why ya gotta do that people!
you're just making me not like it even more!

I ship them with other people so...

The Contenders
11 Neptune Vasilias x Sun Wukong

why is this even a thing

12 Qrow Branwen x Taiyang Xiao Long


13 Ruby x Cinder



14 Qrow Branwen x Summer Rose

I actually support the theory that Qrow is actually Ruby's father.

I mean, it seems like Qrow is Ruby's REAL father...

15 Jaune Arc x Ruby Rose
16 Roman Torchwick x Neopolitian

This is a great ship

17 Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie

Sorry for all of those Renora fans, but NO. Honestly I think that ANY relationship that they have should just stay as a brother-sister kind of friendship because they legit just raised each other...

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