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21 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Had potential to be a good RPG, it failed, probably the worst soundtrack in sonic history (Shadow the hedgehogs was mostly forgettable, but it had a few decent songs, mostly main themes), though that might be because of rumors that they got the music from a website or something, controls are awkward, and other problems.

Here's hoping that if there's ever a sequal (which is left open due to a cliffhanger at the end), here's hoping that it will be one massive improvement over this.

Made by BIOWARE. Creators of Mass Effect and other games and yet this game turned out to be a total letdown.

An awful RPG with Atrocious music. Avoid this game!

How is this not higher on the list already? This game is garbage. - Hydrangea

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22 Sonic Lost World

TAKE IT OFF! This is NOT a ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy. The games music isn't as good, it's not in space, and it's mainly one level at a time, unlike Galaxy where you have multiple tasks in the same area. Also, SONIC HAD THE GRAVITY GIMMICK FIRST. It was seen in Sonic Adventure 2. I'd expect people to know that considering it is the FAN FAVORITE GAME. STOP SAYING IT'S A RIPOFF OF GALAXY. Also, how is the game slow? You all just suck at it. He's not as fast as he is in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors but if you hold down the run button and platform CORRECTLY...you know, JUST LIKE THE OLD GAMES...then you run at a decent speed for a game that also focuses on platforming and exploration. This game is really underrated and just gets hate because of idiots like IGN and GameSpot changing everyone's view. - DCfnaf

Stop saying it's a ripoff of super Mario galaxy, this was actually developed for a long time, stop saying sonic is too slow, what is wrong with sonic fans hating the wii you and the good sonic games on there? - Harri666

How about Mario Lost World?

Underrated due to lies by SMG fans - BlueSheepYT

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23 Sega Superstars Tennis

Its OK I guess but the Controls are horrible enough said

It is good and bad but mostly bad. And to think that Mario was so good at tennis why couldn't sega be good at tennis

Why don't they really show "let's play" videos of the original Sega Superstars anymore?

P.S. More like "Sega Superstars Penis".

Nintendo Superstars Tennis Is Better - VideoGamefan5

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24 Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Oh, this game... IT SUCKS!

Top 1 reason: the nearly impossible level design.

Top 2 reason: The addition of Archie Comics episodes (it it Archie Comics' fault that there are no Pac-Man Archie comics! )

Top 3 reason: The voice acting.

Top 4 reason: Frequently, you are forced to wait for anything decent.

Top 5 reason: The game is mainly slow.

I thought it was pretty fun. Well, this place Doris seem reasonable enough.

Mario Boom: Shattered Crystal Is A Bit Decent - VideoGamefan5

Lyric was worse. - mattstat716

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25 Sonic and the Secret Rings

Please never buy this game it's worst than sonic 06

I Would Never Expect This Game To Be Considered The Best Sonic Game, Since This List Has Every Sonic Game, This Is Somehow Considered The Best? Really? Why is it at Number 58? It Has Bad Controls and a Pathetic Gameplay

Why isn't this game higher than Unleashed? My cousin hated this game and told me not to buy it.

Playded it sucked

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26 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Okay, so gameplay wise... this game is awful. Like, two characters are known to be good, but even then that in itself is a split issue. Knuckles and Rouge are in slow, clunky levels, and the less said about Tails and Eggman the better.

Story wise... it's stupid. First off, how do you mistake Shadow for Sonic!? It makes no sense, from color, to the spikes and even the white fur on Shadow. When they see an anthropomorphic hedgehog, is it just, ' oh, hi Sonic! '. Then how come they never mistook Amy? ( Okay,'s probably the dress, but still.)

And the whole, grandad / Maria thing brings up questions about Eggman/Robotnik. For starters, wasn't his last name originally Ovi Kintobor? It's probably an un canon comic, but again. Second, where was he those 50 years ago? He would be, what Maria's sister or cousin. You mean he was either too young to know at the time, or straight up not born. (Sega, please release the ages of these people). For the former, he would probably still ...more

This is a horrendous game, half the time it's like it doesn't know what it's doing, the gameplay is sloppy, the story is ridiculous with mixed tones, the cut scenes are poorly animated and the voice acting is just atrocious. If there's one thing that can be said it took from adventure one, it's bad camera and underwhelming bosses.

Only one third of the gameplay is good! This should be below the first one( that game had more than one good gameplay style! )

Nonononono. Just no, stop it. Why is this game 25!? Bring it to 5! This game is awful, and doesn't deserve it's praise or love.

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27 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear)

This game isn't that bad. Besides, many people like this game.

I have this game, it's so hard! At least it's classic.

This game only is bad because it's Sonic 2, not a crossover & doesn't take place in Canada.

I actually like this better than the Genesis version

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28 Tails & the Music Maker

This game is childish. I can't believe this game isn't higher on the list.

Too easy, not for us adults, too damn short and has decent graphics.

This game should be #1 without a doubt. - RalphBob

Poor Tails, why does Sega make bad games with him as the main character? - MinecraftHater

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29 Sonic 4 Episode 1

Don't get me started on this. Slow paced action bad music God it is crazy! Oh and what about the stages worse than sonic and the secret rings

I'd strongly prefer Super Mario Bros. 5. That includes Mario & Tails.

With the homing attack, ALL BECAME BROKEN.

Not too shabby, but needs some improvement. I had some fun with this.

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30 Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure (both Dreamcast and GameCube versions) vs. Super Mario 64 (the N64/Wii Virtual Console version, not the DS version)

Super Mario 64 gets at least 1000/100 stars.
There is nothing I do not like about this game. But the story/plot can be a bit of a disgrace as well as this video game can be a little too difficult. Nonetheless, this video game has the top 1 best graphics out of all other video games. This video game is my all-time favorite. It has awesome gameplay also and it made 3D games popular, but this is the top 1 best video game of all time. The music is also the best music in a video game, ever! And the controls are not at the slightest bit broken. This video game has great graphics for its time. All the levels and secrets are flawless and very anticipating, especially Shifting Sand Land. But the whole video game itself feels a little too short - it is 6 to 7 hours long! Also, the beginning and ending are not my favorites either, but Super Mario 64 is the ...more

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon are better then Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure combine

I've seen quite the war going on with this game and how people rate it, and personally I don't think either side has made a decent argument.

So I'm here to give my opinion. But first, I want to get some things straight. I like Mario 64 much more than this, and will compare the two later, and even prefer Mario games over those of Sonic, but I'm not a ' rabid Mario fan ' hating on Sonic for no reason, and I'm not some stupid kid hating on a game he's never played because it's cool. I have played this game and I did not enjoy it.

As for the argument that, ' it was the first 3D Sonic, it didn't need to perfect ' and, ' give them credit, they tried ' are frankly not a factor. Just because it was early and the developers tried doesn't excuse bad design and gameplay.

And, finally, before the nitty gritty, no, I am not going to talk about the chao garden (as it isn't required for beating the game, and for me can only be viewed as a fun little add on), and no, I don't care ...more

This game sucks on every story! It's stereotypical, the soundtrack was an insult, the redesigns are awful, the story is ridiculous, the game is too easy, the voice acting is corny and this game is a middle finger to the whole Sonic franchise!

I would give Super Mario 64 on the N64 a 100+/100.

I would give Sonic Adventure a 4/100.

I'm Sick of Mario Fans Bashing Sonic For No Reason, Look I Like Mario More Than I Like Sonic, But You Rabid Mario Fans Need To Stop Bashing Well Received Sonic Games, Also 4/100 Is Way Too Low For A Critically Acclaimed Game - VideoGamefan5

This game is amazing why would you put this up here

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31 Sonic Pinball Party V 2 Comments
32 Sonic Adventure DX

Whoever put this on here is a total dumbass this game was great - stoner69


33 Sonic Jam 6

What the hell is sonic jam 6 the only sonic jam I know is sonic jam

It is a bootleg, that does not count.

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34 Sonic Dash

This game sucks & should be replaced by Mario Dash (still on the iPhone".

The Mario I am referring to is definitely Nintendo's mascot.

We hate you, Sonic Dash! There should be Mario Dash.

Sonic Dash got a totally average score anyways.

Also, what's with Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics? Why are there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet?!

Agreed! Sonic Dash shall be replaced by Mario Dash.

Super Mario Run?
Meet Sonic Dash. - mattstat716

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35 Sonic Eraser

Dude, it is a Columns/Tetris ripoff that bores you and me (the 12 year old nerd.) This was a classic-era game that should be erased.

Who would kill a Sonic, for real?
He's a hedgehog! Who would kill a hedgehog?
Who would see a hedgehog bleed? - zaplen

36 Sonic Advance Trilogy
37 Sonic the Fighters

WHAT?! Why is this on the list?! This game was the best Sonic fighting game. The controls aren't bad, the soundtrack is good and the graphics are very cartoony and pretty good. The reason why it's one of my favorite games of the franchise is because it has Fang, Bean and Bark, my all time favorite characters. It's a shame that SEGA dropped them after this game...I hope they'll return in a future game!

Kinda bad controls, great graphics, awesome animation, cute characters (and their models), grand gameplay, marvellous music - that's what Sonic the Fighters has!

See, Sonic the Fighters is a great game! It gets an 8.5/10 (Great) score.

Sonic the Fighters HD gets a 9/10 (Amazing) score.

And this game is in its right place at 81.

One of the most underrated video games ever.

I can't play Sonic Championship (Sonic the Fighters everywhere outside of the USA) on MAME. I don't know what to think.

Should be called One Button Masher - MinecraftHater

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38 Sonic CD

Oh my good that creepy message gave me nightmares for months, totally put me off this game for ever. - DizzyKid117

Most underrated sonic game and is the best one everyone loves sonic unleashed it's so overrated

This game may be unsuitable for 7- year old audiences, but it's an epic game!

This game is the ONLY good game for the SEGA CD! I understand, there is the creepy message but why is this here? - MinecraftHater

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39 Sonic Rivals

Why didn't Nintendo & Namco bother to make a Mario Rivals series & a Pac-Man Rivals series?

How about Mario Rivals & Super Sonic Strikers?

Not a very good game. Also, Sonic Rivals needs crossovers like Super Sonic Strikers.

This game sucks! And what's with the voice acting?! Classic Sonic is much better!

40 Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump Fever should be replaced by Mario Jump Fever & the whole Mario franchise should be on the iPhone for sure & Sonic Dash needs to be replaced by Mega Man Dash & Mario Dash. Sonic Dash is bull & should be replaced by Mario Dash. Pac-Man Dash wasn't too bad, whatsoever.

What the? It is awesome and I have it on my phone!

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