Shadow the Hedgehog


I'd admit, I like Shadow and he is one of my favorite video game characters, but the idea of this game is unnecessary. It talks about Shadow's past and you get to choose who he really wants to be. It also gives him guns (it relies on it to help you kill enemies better), makes the characters swear, have the characters get upset when you attack members of your side (who are clearly trying to attack you no matter what side you are on and even a few of the characters scold you for attacking Eggman's robots? But Eggman is the villain! Don't they hate Eggman? ), has aliens, Shadow being made of Black Dooms blood, people honoring that crazy Gerald Robotnik, bad controls, and frustrating camera.

Due to Shadow being a pretty great video game character, I don't hate this game like most people do, but it still has a lot of things wrong with it and it's not my favorite. People should be weirded out by a young hedgehog riding vehicles, swearing, and using guns. Shadow is 50 years old, but ...more - Pinkarray

Okay gameplay wise, this isn't a bad game. Sure it does nothing new other than the guns and vehicles, but it is still fun to play for a limited amount of time.
Story wise however, it's abysmal. The creators of this game were so lazy with this story. The cussing can get really annoying after a while and if you are terrible at the game, you will hear d bombs CONSTANTLY being heard. Which brings me to the repetitive one-liners. Apparently Sega thought that making people say one thing over and over again would make it good, well news flash, it doesn't.
Next up we have a major problem I have with the game; unskippable cutscenes. Again, if you are terrible at this game, the repetitive cussing isn't the only thing that will set you back, if you get a game over and you were on a level right after a cutscene, you will have to watch it ALL OVER AGAIN! And then the biggest slap in the face, the ending. Sonic Team decided to make like Star Wars and say that Shadow was made from Black Doom's ...more

I thought this game would be fun at first... That was until played the actual game. I mean, since when did Sega ever thougth Sonic games had to be dark and have guns... With the persistant use of "Damn"? Even Sonic says damn in one of the levels if you fail it. There is death, destruction, guns, cursing, and a very confusing plot. I know some of you may think I'm complaining and some of you may like the game, and that's okay. But, this is my opinion and I don't like it. Please refrain from making a game like this that is "age approved for kids 10 and older", Sega. Kids are influential from characters like Sonic and Shadow. So... Just think

Shadow+Guns+cursing= Kids who become thugs.

Do you really want to be even partially responsible for turning kids into thugs because of this game, Sega? I appreciate your other games... Most of them, anyway.

Shadow The Hedgehog is not a bad game, it has good graphics for the consoles they were on, I like the 4kids actors, in most games. The multiple ending feature is a good rendition to the sonic series, has a good variety of sonic characters, I like the gun features.

Can I ask, if people say Shadow is their character, THEN WHY DO PEOPLE CRITISE HIS OWN GAME, GIVE HIM A BREAK

Top 5 Reasons Why Wario World is Better than Shadow the Hedgehog

Top 1: Mario is a much better franchise than Sonic the Hedgehog nowadays.

Top 2: Wario is at least three times better than Shadow the Hedgehog in any respect.

Top 3: Wario World has humorous music whilst Shadow the Hedgehog has annoying music.

Top 4: Better graphics.

Top 5: Much better gameplay.

This game should have never happened. Sonic 2006 actually offered a couple good ideas (though executed terribly), but Shadow didn't do anything. This is the most pointless game in the series. Bad graphics, bad story, bad voice acting, even bad music, and overall just an awful idea

Hey everyone! Lets give Shadow his own game and, better yet, give him guns to madly kill everything! That would be the exact words of the person who thought up of this trash. Shadow is distant, we get it, Maria died, we don't care! It would be better if Shadow's past remained like nothingness, like Knuckles.

There's so much wrong with this game, the fact how you can choose your path gameplay that pretty much gets ignored as you have a last story which IS cannon to the games, making the choose your path gameplay pointless.

The way you attack enemies is also annoying, Homming attack is really bad and also is pretty much floaty. Shadows combat moves are terrible the Guns, while unfitting to the Sonic world, is the only good way to deal damage and is something which stops the game from being even more long and drawn out.

The game also has also stupid moments like if you stick to the hero path, the GUN commander STILL wants you dead, he never asks Rouge about shadow (Rouge is part of the GUN Group) and in the Semi Hero path, before the final stage, he tries to kill you. The game also has bad pacing as well.

If you want a better review or look at the game, look up the Playthroughs of it by BrainScratchComms or ClementJ642 or Watch the Review by SomecallmeJohnny. They pretty ...more

So this game has elements that are out of place, does that make it bad? NO IT DOESN'T! Who is playing this game exactly! There is no way this is worse than Secret Rings AND FREE RIDERS (why would you take a game that had controls that don't work over a game that can be enjoyable with neutral missions?! )

It's rated E+10.
Guns could be lowered down.
Strong language, too.
But I love Shadow.

When a game made a good character a complete shame in his own game, you know that something is wrong with this game.

And seriously, were the guns and the over-dramatic story necessary? Way to go, SEGA.

This game is kickass, and beyond underrated. Here's how:

1. For this game "ruining" the kid friendly feel of Sonic, remember that this is a dark character, Shadow. He is a very dark character, so there's no doubt that Shadow has a dark game.

2. For the swearing, games like Jak and Daxter were kid friendly. But in Jak 2 and 3, they go as far as to use sexually related swears. So it's okay for THAT, but not for Shadow to say "damn" the most minor swear word?

3. The guns are fine. Seriously, is there any blood or gore in the game? No, so you're fine with the guns. Also, you don't have to use them.

4. Vehicles are the same as guns. You don't need to use them.

5. The story, while it is a bit clichè, is at least decent.

This game should be removed. It's awesome.

I personally liked this game, but I can most definitely see why people didn't. The shooter concept is kinda dumb, and shadow isn't very fast in vehicles. Still though, a decent enough title.

How to ruin a Gamecube game with Sega: get a hedgehog that's a Hitler. Make it a realistic idiot and make it a rival to sonic when sonic has so many rivals. Ugh this game! I would rather have Sonic Labyrinth 2! - spodermanfan1000

Shadow the Hedgehog is bull, & so is the character himself!

If Shadow the Hedgehog were pitted against Pac-Man World 3, then Pac-Man World 3 would beat Shadow the Hedgehog.

I liked this game... The reason? GUNS.

This is the video game that has ruined Shadow the Hedgehog and stolen his intelligence with AMNESIA! Also, Vin Diesel would be the best voice for Shadow the Hedgehog.

This game Oh my god this game. Why does it exist? The story is awful, Doom is a butthole, the bosses are horrible (I'm looking straight at you Egg Dealer) and the gameplay is not good at all.

Eh, it's a guilty pleasure of mine, seriously this game is so edgy I needed bandages to open the box

This is a good game! The pick your path thing is a great feature.

Shadow the Hedgehog is so terrible because of the extensive voice acting & etc. But the cussing? That's the best part of this crappy game.

Shadow the Hedgehog is bull! It's even worse than Luigi's Mansion & Wario World!


Not a bad game seriously this game is hardcore! How can you hate a hardcore game!?

Okay, here goes... I actually think that this game isn't bad. It's confusing, it's slippery, and it's very time-consuming. But y'know, if they were to fix these problems, or maybe make a remake, (I'm sorry) then maybe it could be a bit better.

Compare Shadow the Hedgehog to Wario World. Shadow the Hedgehog will completely lose to Wario World. I hate Shadow the Hedgehog for many reasons.