Sonic Free Riders


Um, how is this number 10?
At least with Sonic '06 you can master the controls! Even with all of the glitches, it was still tolerable. Sonic Free Riders doesn't work.
For a start, it uses the Kinect! And we all know how much that thing sucks. This game has even worse music than any portable Sonic game, navigating the menus is near to impossible and this game shouldn't even exist! Shadow the Hedgehog is not awful and shouldn't be above this game! Make Sonic Free Riders #1!

It's really hard for 3rd Party developers to make any good games for the Kinect. This, along with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, is no exception. With frustrating controls and nauseating graphics, this a definite sonic game to avoid!

This is the worst game I've ever played! I mean some people got the game to work just fine I know, but even when I tried re calibrating the Kinect, the game still didn't work for me! I mean to those of you that say this game is playable while Sonic 06 isn't, have you actually played Free Riders? Because the claim that this is more playable than 06 is just a plain lie! Why do I have to hurt my back when turning doesn't even work 75% of the time?! This game is an excercise for the wrong reasons! Nothing in Sonic 06 made me want to rage quit (I don't see what the fuss about the ball puzzle for Silver is. It was just fine for me, and not even the Mach speed sections, while annoying, didn't make me want to rip my hair. I still haven't finished 1 story in Free Riders because I can't stand the gameplay's horrid controls.)

I HATE THIS GAME! It the worst game I ever played! And here is why:

1) Plot:

Ugh, this is the worst plot I've seen in a Sonic game! (Can someone please tell me why Eggman hosted an entire tournament just to become the best racer?! It is just stupid!) While I don't like the plot holes in 06 or how Rise of Lyric didn't even try to tell a story, those games did have some interesting concepts. But this entire story concept is stupid! Did you think that Shadow the Hedgehog's story was bad due to a disjointed plot (which I admit didn't bother me)? Well you ain't gonna like this plot either! Although this game only 4 false endings, this game does even worse in the disjointed department! At least with Shadow's story, the Hero gave some clue as to what really happened, but in this game, there is literally no way to have an idea of what really happens!

2) Voice acting:

God this is the worst voice acting voice acting I've ever heard from a Sonic game! The script in 06 ...more

This is the worst video game I have ever played. I've seen Angry Joe's review, but I'm not basing my opinion on his. I've actually played the game, and it is as bad as he says. I thought the game was unplayable long before I even saw his review. Glitches in Sonic 06? Pft. What glitches? Besides the glitch where Knuckles and Rouge hug onto walls, they are nonexistent if you don't try. Ball puzzle for Silver is frustrating because the crates don't work? What are you talking about? The crates worked just fine for me, and it only took me 2 tries because I was careless the 1st try. Sonic 06 is not unplayable, but Free Riders is extremely unplayable. It's not literally unplayable, but nothing even works 90% of the time. Remember how many control functions in Secret Rings were mostly uncooperative or delayed with a few exceptions? Well in this game, everything is uncooperative or delayed, and even turning doesn't work, which Secret Rings does just fine. I bought and played Sonic 06 just so I ...more

The only video game that could get worse than Sonic the Hedgehog '06. This game deserves to be at least top 2, although it is the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game basically by its broken controls and lack of bonus content.

Top 10 Worst Sonic the Hedgehog games

Top 1: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Top 2: Sonic Free Riders.

Top 3: Sonic X (Leapfrog).

Top 4: Sonic Shuffle.

Top 5: Sonic Battle.

Top 6: Sonic's Pinball Party.

Top 7: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Top 8: Sonic & the Black Knight.

Top 9: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (for the Wii).

Top 10: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal

This game has no functionality whatsoever. Having complete control of this game is impossible because of how unresponsive the Kinect is. At least 06 allowed you to move the characters freely by inputting the analog stick in any direction. Not for this game. You are not even guaranteed to turn when you want or have control over the BROKEN MENU!

How is this not #1?! With Sonic '06, you at least have control! In Sonic Free Riders, control doesn't even exist! If it was an Xbox 360 game, you should be able to use the controller, and Kinect would be an OPTION.

I hate the extensive voice acting & the fact that Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Storm, Wave & Jet all didn't wear their hair up (meaning wearing ponytails, pigtails, buns or braids) yet.

Also, I prefer Mario Free Riders.

This is the first game where Sonic and Friend's voice changed. Everybody hates the new voice acting in this game. They don't like Shadow's new voice. and another thing is, WHAT THE HECK VECTOR IS IN AMY'S SIDE!

I loathe this game! I have yet to play Sonic 06, but I can already tell that that game has a better plot, voice work, better graphics, and better music! I want to play Sonic 06 just so I can say that its gameplay much better than Free Riders' gameplay! Nothing could be worse than that unfunctional mess Free Riders!

This game isn't the best sonic riders game I've ever played. The best sonic riders game that has been made by Sega was their first sonic riders game.

They all have terrible gameplay, but only Free Riders can cause physical pain by making you bend in uncomfortable directions.

I would say this game is bad, but I never was able to play because OF THE COMPLETELY BROKEN MAIN MENU! - JozzoRobber

I never made it past the first track! And what's with "Free"?! Of course it's for Sonic & jet's rivalry with each other, but why don't Tails & Wave/Knuckles & Storm get their own themes?!

This game KILLS your back too death

The whole Sonic Riders franchise isn't that good & should also be replaced by Mario Riders series.

Mario & Tails Kart: Triple Turbo

At least you can play sonic riders and sonic riders zero gravity

Sonic the Hedgehog is an idiot! Also, screw the whole Sonic Riders franchise! I'd like to cut Amy's hips off.

If a game makes you feel sick after a few minutes of play, then you know it sucks. This is literally the worst abomination of the Sonic franchise.

Playing this game gave me nightmares. This game revealed how terrible the Kinect really is. - Mcgillacuddy

Watch angry joe for a detailed review

This game should be much higher! At least, in the top 5, but I believe it should be in the top 3!

I really like Riders and Zero Gravity, but this game is clearly unplayable. The Kinect just doesn't want to work with you at all making it frustrating while the CPU just owns you. It's not the game's fault. It's the Kinect's fault.

I wish I'd never tried this unresponsive piece.