Worst Sonic Pairings

This is my opinion on the worst Sonic Pairings, don't hate me, I'm using opinions from across the internet. I'm using either pointless pairings, strange pairing or the most hated pairings (with not many people shipping it).

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41 Vector x Ben Ali Gator

Ben is the lead alligator from Fantasia.

42 Espio x Charmy

Shipping Charmy with any of the chaotix is wrong. He's only 6.

43 Sonic x Mario

This is a tragic hilarity

44 Sonic x Steve (Minecraft)

I hope this is a joke. If this is, this is a masterful meme.

45 Elise x Peach
46 Tails x Amy

WHAT!? Amy's like 12! Tails is 8! That's just wrong!

Amy is a b***h to Tails; Tails deserves better!

47 Sonic x Axel

Axel? Axel who? WWE superstar Curtis Axel?

? WHY?

48 Amy Rose x Axel Chains

I remember watching "Your Favorite Martian" back when YouTube was good and Maker Studios wasn't bought by Disney at the time. But still, Amy deserves better than this pervert.

49 Amy Rose x Luigi


Well, good thing this is on the list...

100% dumb crap.

Jesus now I wish I had a samsung galaxy S7 note

Aw hell no! Luigi DOES NOT deserve a manipulative, b***hy, whinny brat like Amy. and gots the bad bestiality too

50 Shadaisy


Yuck beastiality!

51 Charmy x Cosmo

What the heck?! Cosmo's in love with Tails, not Charmy!

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52 Tails x Wave

What the...? Tails and Wave are arch-rivals!

53 Amy x Eggman

And Sonic is always in danger when you mix Engman into the batch... Why is this a pairing...

I was watching YouTube and I stumbled across this couple. WHY WOULD SHE DATE HIM AFTER HE HAS COUNTLESSLY KIDNAPPED HER AND HAS BEEN THRETANED TO BE KILLED(you have to play sonic adventure eggman did thretan to kill her)

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54 Eggman Nega x Charmy

Um. What? Okay... a little creepy...



55 Sonic x Fuli (The Lion Guard)

I hope no one ships this couple idea or else I will be mad. I dislike the Disney Lion franchise enough, I still cannot believe they're making a new show. Just because they're both fast doesn't make them compatible.

Why? Just why?

56 Cream x Fox McCloud

Kuigi-the-demon on DeviantArt recently made a picture titled "Hi mister! " where Cream meets Fox McCloud, and that upset me because I was worried that the user might ship the two, and I will pray that he doesn't. They're not a couple and should never be. Fox is already taken by someone else like I've mentioned before, whereas Cream is too young to be in a relationship. Heck, Cream doesn't deserve to be with foxes, whether if it's Tails, Fox or anyone else.

A bad idea of a couple especially since Fox is already with someone else (Krystal in the games, Fara in the comics), plus Cream is too young for a relationship and it's awful enough that fans are pairing her up with Tails, we don't need a crossover verson of it.

IKR? The big age gap is another reason why pairing up Fox with Cream is a bad idea. And yes, I hate it when people sexualize Cream. She doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

I won't forgive Kuigi-the-demon for making a picture of Fox McCloud and Cream the Rabbit together (Hi mister! ), which is one of, if not, his most popular pictures:

Cream:nice to meet you mister Fox! *smiles*
Fox:hey didn't your parents ever tell you never talk to strangers?

At least he didn't ship them but Cream's line in the description worried me and thankfully Fox is a stranger to her so hopefully they'll leave each other alone and part ways. Shipping Fox McCloud with Cream the Rabbit is one of the worst ideas for a crossover romance ever, especially since the age gap is too far apart. Fox and Cream are not a couple and never will be. Fox is already taken by Krystal (or Fara in the Star Fox comics, Katt flirts with him at times, too), and Cream deserves no one as she is six and too young for a relationship.

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57 Sticks x Bunga (The Lion Guard)

Just because they're both badgers doesn't make them compatible. Putting them together is wrong.

Plus, Bunga is very annoying. Perhaps just as annoying, if not moreso, than Scrappy Doo. Plus, Sticks is better off with either Tails or even Knuckles, or heck, even Amy.

58 Shadow x Cream

This is genius! A (I consider him) 18 year old who swears and uses guns and tried to kill in Sonic X (or was that Cosmos? ) dating a cute little 8 year old girl with a Chao. Best shipping ever! And also, I was being sarcastic.

Ultimate Lifeform with guns and harsh memory of best friend getting shot. Sweet innocent little little girl with a Chao and flower crowns. (Sarcastically) yep this makes perfect sense to me.

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59 Sonic x Big

-no comments-


The what

60 Sonario

The classic shipping of Mario x Sonic

Gagging nonstop

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