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Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


I hate characters with multiple jumps. Especially this one! Oh! Wait, there is more! Getting beaten by an adorably annoying little balloon makes me want to. I hated giggly puff since the Pokemon games! This little thing trolls you! When you play as her, you lose. But when you play against her, annoying little jiggly takes first place from you. just looking at giggly puff makes me explode in rage! Why, Nintendo... why... ?

Olimar's a beast if you know how to use him

Jigglypuff is a really sucky character nothing about Jigglypuff is good people say Jigglypuff is good cause they think she is so cute Jigglypuff is not cute to me all of Jigglypuff's move are bad your using the b roll attack people can jump right over it and you roll of the edge and kill yourself your rolling in the air the other players can move closer to dodge it Jigglypuff's final smash sucks big time you push people away but they can jump back if your in a big place like the temple or new pork city people can easily run away from it and if its in a moving level you can kill yourself Jigglypuff is nothing but an overused joke she should have been gone by now. I have never met a Jigglypuff online I can't beat Jigglypuff is a very bad fighter and is too easy to knock off cause she is not heavy one bit and her colors look stupid and her taunts are annoying Jigglypuff's sing attack is useless the people wake up before you stop singing so they can get you Jigglypuff can also dodge ...more

Jigglypuff is a good character if you practice. People don't have the patience to fight with Jigglypuff. She is good if you use her properly. Charging up rollout isn't using her properly. People just need to know when to attack and where. If she really did suck, why would the developers keep her in the game. They didn't keep pichu, because he actually did suck. He was just a bad version of pikachu who damaged himself. - TheGrammarPolice

The sing attack has been powered down and you don't get long to get that free shot in also it's extremely risky as you leave yourself open. Sleep attack, again is powerful if it connects but if you're off a little you're open to take a fully charged smash attack. roll out is ok but can be hard to control. Her smash attacks also don't have not a long range. I hate this character just a kirby clone but without a triple jump. I really wish that the guys at Nintendo would put another character in besides jiggly puff.

Why would anyone choose this guy over anyone. Her roll attack is weak and easy to hop over. Her final smash is a joke unless ledge guarding. And you may think she's good, and I'm fine with that, but why choose her over another great character

Oh jigglypuff. In 64, you are top tier! But in melee, you were weakened. Still good, not perfect but still great. Brawl RUINED you! I still think PICHU is worse and should be number 1, but when smash 4 came, all jigglypuff mains gave up. And only few remain. Thank you sakurai. (Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

Are you kidding? Jigglypuff is the real deal! He has that move where he puts himself to sleep, and of the enemy is close enough while you do that, it sends them flying out of the map. Try it!

Jigglypuff is a really stupid and weak character here's why all her attacks suck and here's why your using the b roll attack people can jump right over it and you can roll off the edge and kill yourself and if you get knocked away and try to come back by rolling in the air people can move closer to dodge it then jump over. Jigglypuffs final smash sucks you knock people away but they can jump back up and if your in a big level people can run easily and if it's a moving level you can kill yourself with it. Jigglypuffs side b slap attack is awful it doesn't do anything. Jigglypuffs sing attack is useless people wake up before you stop singing and they can get you. The sleep attack has to have a direct hit to do anything at all and still it's a sucky attack. And another thing jigglypuff is really light so its is easy to knock her off the edge. And to top it all off people online use jigglypuff to cheat you can fly under the stage and fly from side to side to dodge people and bombs in ...more

Jigglypuff can be one of the worst characters in brawl. However in casual play she can be destructive with a well timed rest. This is from a professional smasher. I use her well but I prefer melee Jigglypuff mainly because of her awesome rest set ups. In brawl she is slow, very light, almost no kill smashes (except rest and side smash), and very bad moblility and I see no use for up special that's all.

She sucks in brawl. She's my main (along with ness). And she sucks. I hate that she sucks so bad. Sure, she has good aerials, but but none of them can KO very well, and without rest combos (not that that would change much, seeing how rest sucks in brawl) she is stuck at the bottom of the food chain. Lightweight, punishable, weak, and predicable. She is terrible in brawl. At least she's good in smash 4...

I hope Jigglypuff will be replaced FOREVER.

Flying under the stage isn't cheating its technique to actually stay alive due to the fact that Jigglypuff is so weak. I've learned to use Jigglypuff and now I can even beat Meta Knight online. All characters have weaknesses, it depends on the person playing

Good Lord, you guys don't even have a proper reason to say Jigglypuff sucks. You guys just don't want to use her and automatically assume she's the worst character because of her weak and small appearance.

Jigglypuff is not too small. She's also a bit wide. Jigglypuff is just short, that's all.

Jigglypuff is so irritating, but in the hands of a pro she can destroy all other characters while annoying the flip out of them. Most times they just rage quit anyways.

I honestly don't know why people keep saying she sucks.

How many of you have fallen off the edge while singing because every characters "big jump" is actually a jump... Like it's supposed to be.

Jigglypuff is overrated. It let pokémon like Gardevoir and Meloetta bit the dust. That's unfair.

Has a really short attack range. Super weak except for the rolling attack. Just bad overall.

Pikachu is enough, we don't need his wife. :-P

She is horrible! You can't even stop her best attack without hitting something

Jigglypuff is way too light. If you try to use her up special, why does she sings instead of going upper?

Definitely not the best player, but he catches more hate than he deserves.

Melee Jigglypuff had a severe nerf during the transition to Brawl. She is light, slow, and sucks against even the Ice Climbers. Replace Jigglypuff with Clefairy. Jigglypuff also is floaty, which makes killing her in the air is easy too. In SSBWiki, it shows the best version of Jigglypuff was her Melee counterpart, as she was in the S rank in SSBWiki in the Melee tier. Ganondorf higher makes sense, as he is the worst Brawler.

I feel like all of this is just wrong, any character, when used competently is a good character.

Jigglypuff is also one of my favorite character too what I like is it's the only character who can put people to sleep