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101 He's a chatterbox

I hope that Peter Griffin from Family Guy uses an AK47 gun on him - Stazemar000

102 He screams

Ouch! That equals "ear-rape"! - Stazemar000

103 They recycle old episodes
104 Bad color scheme
105 The kids who watch him will turn into whiny brats
106 He Treats His Parents Like Slaves
107 He's repetitive
108 Haters never shut up about it
109 He's unoriginal
110 He's too talkative
111 He's disgusting
112 Bad voice acting
113 Too many banned episodes

Here are a few reasons why these episodes got banned:

Big Brother Caillou:

Caillou pinches his sister, Rosie when she was a newborn baby

Rosie Bothers Caillou:

Caillou talks-back to his Mom and pushes Rosie out of his room

Caillou's Crossword:

Caillou and Leo use the word "stupid" which made Clementine cry

Caillou Is Getting Older:

States the topic of death and a dead bird's body is shown directly on screen

Caillou Walks Around The Block:

Caillou wanders around his neighborhood unsupervised. Which could get him kidnapped, lost, or he could get hurt

114 PBS Kids keeps airing it
115 He Talks Back to His Parents
116 It's meanspirited
117 He's too sweet
118 The books were better
119 He tricks kids into liking him

That annoying voice of his might be the cause - Stazemar000

120 He's a smart aleck
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1. Temper tantrums
2. He whines too much
3. It is a bad example for kids
1. Terrible animation
2. They do not color in the frames all the way sometimes
3. Theme song
1. He whines too much
2. He is bald
3. His parents

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