Top 10 Worst Things About Disney's Hercules

I know a lot of people hate Frozen but why do people like Hercules? It sucks! It's one of the worst Disney movies ever and I'm gonna tell you the reasons why this movie is so terrible!!!

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1 It's inaccurate

This was made for kids, so they made it inaccurate on purpose to make it more family-friendly

I hate this movie

I know they were trying to make it inaccurate on purpose but I was still bothered by it! Hercules was not born on Mount Olympus! Hades does not try to kill Hercules! Hera was not Hercules's mother! And there were nine muses! There are a lot more inaccuracies in this movie but I don't feel like listing all of them. - MegaSoulhero

"Hera was not Hercules's mother! " In fact, she HATED him because he was the son of her husband & a mortal woman! - clusium

First of all, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I also love the animated series. I still watch both. Second of all, this movie is for LITTLE kids, like toddlers and up. Third of all, the actual mythology has stuff that is just inappropriate from that age group. For example, in actual Greek mythology, Zeus has a bunch of lovers and Hera hated Hercules, who isn’t her real son and tried to kill him. Imagine if this stuff actually made it into the movie. Kids would be terrified and even scarred for life. Also, do you think that parents would approve a god raping over 100+ women in a movie that’s made for little kids? I DON’T THINK SO!

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2 The songs are terrible

GO THE DISTANCE IS THE BEST Disney SONG OF ALL TIME! As for the other songs, they suck! Especially the ones sung by the muses! What does gospel music have to do with Greek mythology? I hate Zero to Hero, I Won't Say I'm in Love, and I don't even remember the other songs. Well, all of these songs are still better than Fixer Upper from Frozen. - MegaSoulhero


3 The jokes aren't funny

This movie is hilarious

I'm ok with this movie being a comedy. The problem is that it sucks at being a comedy! I don't remember laughing at any of the jokes in this movie! Actually, there was the one scene where Pain and Panic had Hercules merchandise and Hades got so angry that he exploded, but other than that, nothing! - MegaSoulhero

4 The characters are terrible

I like the gods, especially Zeus, Hera, Hermes, and Hades

With the exception of Hades, all the characters are terrible! Hercules is a stereotypical handsome strong man who becomes very famous. Megara is a bland love interest who uses her charms to trick Hercules since she works for Hades. Phil is just Danny DeVito and all of the other characters are forgettable! - MegaSoulhero

5 Danny DeVito plays himself in the movie

So does Paul Shaffer, but Paul did an amazing job playing Hermes and I love Hermes' personally because of it!

So Danny DeVito basically plays himself in this movie. The point of voice acting is that your supposed to be a completely different person. But no! They just had to model Phil off of Danny DeVito. All I could think about whenever Phil was on screen was Danny DeVito! Uncreative! - MegaSoulhero

6 Hades sucks at being a villain

I like James Woods, and I like Hades, but Hades sucks at being a villain. His plans don't make a lot of sense. Plus, he trusts Pain and Panic when they tell him that Hercules is dead and he doesn't just check to see if Hercules's soul is there. He is the ruler of the underworld, right? - MegaSoulhero

He's funny

7 Too many Superman parallels

@MegaSoulHero-Hercules wasn't sent to live on earth, he was KIDNAPPED by Pain and Panic!

A married couple lives on a supernatural world and have a baby. The baby gets sent to Earth for his own safety and is raised by two normal Earth parents while a villain is after him. The parents happen to be farmers, by the way. Years later, he finds out who he really is and becomes a hero. He then falls in love with a girl. THIS IS SUPERMAN! Hercules is the Greek version of Superman! Well, at least only one of them can fly. Oh wait. HERCULES FLIES ON A PEGASUS! Well, at least Hercules's mom's name isn't Martha. - MegaSoulhero

Well I just think that this complaint can be that it strays too far from the myth of Hercules who is actually not the Greek version of Superman. Hercules doesn't even fall in love, if someone falls in love it's Perseus in Greek Mythology. - DJSchollen

8 Teaches people to give up on their dreams

I'm pretty sure that was "making a sacrifice for your own good" rather than giving up on your dreams.

So basically, Hercules spends the entire movie trying to find who he is and trying to get back into Olympus. In the end they let him back into Olympus but then Hercules changes his mind and decides to stay on Earth so he can be with Meg. This movie pretty much tells you that you should give up on your dreams and give up what you worked your whole life for in order to be with a girl. This movie is awful! - MegaSoulhero

9 The Scar cameo was forced

Disney usually adds random characters from other movies into their movies.

Remember what Zazu said in The Lion King? "He'd make a very handsome throw rug." And then three years later it actually happened. This was one of the most obvious and forced Easter eggs I have ever seen in a movie. They didn't even try to make it subtle. It's they were just shoving it into our faces and saying "Hey look! We put Scar in the movie! We're geniuses! " It would've been clever if they put him in the background or something. - MegaSoulhero

10 Michael Bolton's version of Go the Distance didn't fit the movie

I have nothing against Michael Bolton and I like his version of Go the Distance, but it doesn't exactly fit in this case. The song heard in the movie is about traveling far to find who you are, and in Michael Bolton's version, it's a love song. This is only a small problem that I have but I still think he did a good job with the song. - MegaSoulhero

I like that version OK? >:(. It’s better than the original version

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11 Hercules was a mass murderer

Again, IT’S A KID’S MOVIE! Mass murders aren’t appropriate for kids to see!

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