Worst Things About Phineas and Ferb

Here are the most terrible things about Phineas and Ferb.

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21 It's a Repetitive Show On Disney Channel

IT'S DISNEY CHANNEL! NOT REPETITIVE CHANNEL! Why in the hell is Disney Channel airing repetitive shows, when their channel indicates that they're a network for airing creative/Disney shows?! NOT REPETITIVE STUFF!

22 Too Many Songs

MY GOD! SERISOULY!? Can't YOU MAKE AT least! One episode without a song!? No! Scratch that! Make a few episode without any annoying song! I know its Disney.. But COME ON! You don't have to put a song ALWAYS! Its just annoying! No! Whenever something happens YOU SING IMMEDIATLY! Who the bright idea thing is a good idea putting a song in each episode!?

I totally agree that there are too many songs. A few were actully good enough to not make my ears explode like: (summer belongs to you) (busted) (ain't got rhythm). but some where so annoying that a felt like breaking my T.V.: (squirrels in my pants) (cave man version of gitchie gitchie goo). But I don't remember rollarcoaster having any songs. Tri-Stone Area just confirmed that there has to be a song every episode.

23 Doofenshmirtz keeps putting self-destruct buttons

I wish he had a self-destruct button on his head so I could blow it up

In one episode, he didn't put a self-destruct button

Sheesh,why does he put a seft-destruct buttons on every "inator"? He should by now that it will just explode when Perry pushes the button.

24 The Aglet Song

It so annoying

25 Isabella Being So Happy All the Time

I ABSOLUTELY HATE ISABELLA SO MUCH! She cries with tears of joy (as seen in "Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama") whenever Phineas makes her feel happy. It might not happen. She also likes to dance like a ballerina, just like Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory.

So? Optimism is a good thing! - Pokemonfan10

26 Their Inventions Disappearing

Why does that happen every time

It's just getting really annoying.

27 They Never Get Caught By Their Mom

It's so annoying! They really need to get busted! The same plot every time! I watched "The Last Day of Summer" and they also didn't get busted. Wasted my time watching that episode. I wanna message Povenmire about Phineas and Ferb never ever getting busted!

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28 Isabella's High-Pitched Voice

Isabella is absolutely annoying with her chipmunk voice!

Isabella's voice is not quite a chipmunk voice like Suzy's voice is.

29 It Ruined Disney Channel

Old Disney rules! 90s rock! 2000s have the dumbest shows ever!

Disney Channel still has nothing good anymore, except for Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and Mickey Mouse (2013).

30 It Replaced Kim Possible

Kim Possible was one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel growing up, and now, it's gone. I wanted to like Phineas and Ferb, but I couldn't, because it's terrible and repetitive.

31 It Is the Longest Running Animated Series On Disney Channel

Just Why?! Why in the hell is Phineas and Ferb popular and have many obsessive fans, when this show gets criticized for being a REPETITIVE show on DISNEY CHANNEL?!

32 It Ruined Our Memories of Kim Possible
33 Isabella Is Just Way to Happy and Ditzy

Man, Isabella is just way to happy! It's just sunshine and smiley faces for her!

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34 Annoying Fanbase

I could agree more... I used to love this show but now... I regret loving it... No.. Just no.. Fans still love it but for me... After realise the horrible truth about phineas and ferb I leave the fandom as quick as possible before I got infected with their fanbase germs... I stick with my little pony friendship is magic because well I'm brony of course..

I loose my faith in this show long time now... I just feel boring to see the character do the same thing all over again...

HOW is this cute?! No! This is not cute! You can make a phineas and ferb next generation OCS but lemme tell you something fans... While you still have chance... Leave the fandom quickly! Its not worth it anymore... It make anyone insane!

I'm not kidding! Phineas and Ferb REALLY has an annoying fanbase. Phineas and Ferb's fanbase always is very annoying.

35 Isabella Can't Stop Being So Annoying
36 Isabella's Birthday

The episode of that SUCKED-ASS!

37 They Make Our Ears Bleed

I've listened to every song. AND MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!

38 Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

She's so bad she's on this list NINE TIMES! - Pokemonfan10

Aagh! GET this THING away from me!

39 Phineas & Ferb Won't Go Away

I kind of liked the show, and waited for SO LONG for season 4 to come on Netflix. But when I finally watched it, I didn't really care for it.(the Star Wars and Marvel crossovers seemed a little over-ambitious, if you know what I mean.)

40 The Adults In Phineas and Ferb Are Stupid

I just can't believe what I'm gonna say this... THE ADULTS IN THIS TRI STATES AREA ARE IDIOTIC MORONS!
No! The part where they making portal to the mars episode its something I really need to voice out!

The judges of the science fair... One particular judges who impress the portal to mars trying to show other judges about this new invention.. And when it didn't work because the plug been plug off by doofenmirtz to power on his volcano THEY IMMEDIATE SAID GOING TO BUY CORNDOGS! Seriosuly!? Can't you just wait!?
And he manage to plug the portal back on the portal machine were destroyed sucking doofensmirtz to mars and when the judges return from buying the corn dogs they peek their interested on a soda baking volcano and give the girl a number 1 winner? Seriously!? We see all that all the time with soda baking volcano! Save it for mechanical arms which is okay but a soda baking volcano you guys give her a winner?! WHAT KIND OF JUDGES ARE YOU!? No! You not professional! You ...more

The adults were stupid on Rugrats too.

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