Worst Things About Powerpuff Girls

The Top Ten Worst Things About Powerpuff Girls

1 Bad Graphics

Most shows around the early 2000s had these kinds of graphics.

Ikerevievs sucks!

2 Ripoff of Sonic

Alex Kidd is Worse

Why? Because they're fast. Besides that, they aren't very alike. The PPG are humans, can fly, and have different personalities. - djpenquin999

Not true.

3 Gangreen Gang

Ace is too skinny and too slim. Snake is too thin and too skinny. Lil Arturo is too short. Grubber is too gross. Big Billy is too fat and too round. They are worse than the mice from Cinderella

I like Jaq better than Ace. I like Merr better than Grubber. I like Bert better than Snake 🐍. I like Luke better than Lil Arturo. I like Gus better than Big Billy. Big Billy’s like the Sheriff of Nottingham because they’re big, fat, and round.

4 Unrealistic

...Unrealistic? It's a cartoon show about little girls with superpowers. If you want realistic, go watch a crappy sitcom.

Most animations are unrealistic but that's just too much.

Dragon ball z and naruto are unrealestic so 😑

5 Princess Morbucks (The PowerPuff Girls)

Worse than D.W.

On this one, I actually agree, this character sucks. I hate Princess Morebucks.

I wish Princess 👸 was dead

Worse than Lucy from Peanuts 🥜

6 It Promotes Animal Abuse
7 The idea of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as sisters wasn't a good idea, it was a bad idea

I actually like the idea, so they can be more closer to each other.

It is a bad idea. Sister drama tension strife is painfully, permanently the most all time, most all time painful, most all time upsetting, most all time insufferable moment ever so far.

Buttercup's arguments with her sisters, Blossom and Bubbles really made me dislike the idea portrayal of Buttercup as Blossom and Buttercup's middle triplet sister.

8 Cliche Story
9 Rips Off Earthbound

How does it ripoff earthbound

Not true.AGAIN!

10 Rowdyruff Boys (Powerpuff Girls)


On this one, I actually agree, this character sucks. I hate Rowdyruff Boys.

The Contenders

11 Sexist

How is it sexist, It's about the three girls who fight crime and even though two out of three characters are girly, WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING GIRLY?

Dudes, there should be the powerpuff KIDS (Boy and girls) not just Girls. I am a boy and I am not rowdy.

12 Horrible Redesign
13 Bug Eyes

That's what makes them cut and unique.

The style is really unique and not like other cartoons, I like it!

Bruh, talk about Creepy. Their eyes are too dam big.

14 No Fingers

Who cares? Their design is unique and they've clearly proven they don't need fingers,

How can they live with those stubs? - djpenquin999

How the hell do they pick up things without fingers?!

Who cares?!

15 Rips Off Superman

Superman Divide Power Take Away Boys Plus 3 Little Girls Equals Lame Power Poop Girls.

Not true AGAIN! Come on! This needs to be is in,Top ten worst lists".I wish it exited.

16 Ripoff of Dragon Ball Z

Not again! I hate this list!

Sorry, DBZ came before, but PPG doesn't rip off DBZ.

Ppg actually came before dbz, more like dbz is ripping off ppg.

17 Hard to Watch Violence

Its not that violent. The violence isn't disturbing, just intense.

What petty fool added this?

18 Harry Pitts
19 It's Screwed Up
20 Sisterly Drama all on a accounts of Buttercup

Buttercup's aggression easily causes the drama tension all because of her rage issues.

21 Giant Ugly Heads

Alex Kidd also has a Giant Ugly Head too.

Their heads are way too big for their teeny weeny little bodies.

22 In the original show the theme song involves buttercup kicking a villain in the face and all kinds of blood coming out

But that is the awesome part.

23 Rips off marvel
24 The Reboot

Enough said.

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