Top 10 Worst Things About Winter

Winter's my least favourite season and I want it go away right now!

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1 Extremely Dry and Cold

I have to deal with -30°C weather this week! Starting today, it really stupid!

It way too cold right now where I am -37°C I hate this weather, I glad my bus got cancelled so I didn't have to wait

This is a good thing! In winter, the temperature is perfect for me. Summer days can be absolutely unbearable. - PositronWildhawk

I agree with you, summer can be painful at times, winter is awesome. - idontknow

You could get a cold/fever as quick as possible without wearing a Coat outside for 20 seconds!

2 The Shoveling

Shoveling sucks it sucks doing it, soon I have to again, why summer have to go by too fast - trains45

I had to shovel today in -30°C weather it way too cold at least my mom and dad helped

Yeah it can suck when it's snowing too much

My dad braked his back Shoveling snow

3 The Snow

Where I live, nor'easters and blizzards occur every single winter.

Well I'm getting a foot of snow on Tuesday. - Mariomaster63

Still I wish it snowed where I live. - cosmo

I never get snow where I live... - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Too Long

Yeah seemed like it always does, felt like most of my school year was the winter part, except for september october, and april may and june - trains45

Summer seems to go by too fast and winter seems to take forever - trains45

Yeah seems long than summer, we can get snow where I am from October to April, sometimes may long weekend, and usually nice from end of April to October, this year it started snowing November 1 in my town

The snow starts in Mid. December and ends in like Late, Late March, imagine how long is that!

5 Making Up Missed School Days

Making up days due to weather is plain stupid - kaitlynrad11

In my old school district if there are a certain amount of snow days they'll take away 1-2 weeks of summer vacation to make up for it

They shouldn't make it up,they shouldn't even make any school days - Nateawesomeness

Lol! Where I live if you miss a day, YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE UP FOR IT!

6 Frostbites

They hurt a lot!

Not to mention, they cause gangrene.

No, you're right on this one. - EpicJake

I would hate to get frost bite,I'm not a fan of being a statue - Nateawesomeness

7 Waiting for Snow to Melt

Waiting for snow to melt is like waiting for school to end, it ain't happening for a while! - kaitlynrad11

I thought we'd have a white Easter! Thankfully the snow melted 2 days before it. - PianoQueen

Its not a bad thing waiting,you get to play in the snow longer! - Nateawesomeness

Last winter, there was snow. A lot of it! I would've loved about just one foot of snow per winter, not snow so deep that you fall through wherever you walk and can't go sledding because the snow is so deep. That spring I truly appreciated grass. - PianoQueen

8 Driving in Snow

This is why I'm late for school it's not cool

Haha good luck with that. - PianoQueen

Don't get me started - kaitlynrad11

It's very deadly - Nateawesomeness

9 Days are Too Short

Yeah I starting to feel depressed now in september seeing the days getting shorter, now looking forward to way too short days in winter - trains45

It gets dark too early right now it depressing it gets dark about 5pm and it too early, it better in summer when it daylight out until 10 or 9pm - trains45

True where am sun comes up around 9 and goes down at 4 and also sucks I'm in school most of the day time and when I get home it starts getting dark and the street lights turn on

Yeah this is annoying I hate it getting dark too early - trains45

10 Annoying Snowplow Beepers

My old house I used to have to put up with 4 or 5 snow plows beeping it was so annoying - trains45

What is this - Manlypants

It drives me nuts trying to sleep after 10 and beep beep beep beep beep over and over again for like 2 hours it's so annoying

The Contenders

11 Blizzards

You can't even see in a blizzard because you could get cold quickly

12 Freezing Rain

Freezing rain drives me nuts I hate it

Today we had this it sucked made it slippery outside, also cancelled all the school buses as well I hate when it freezing rains outside - trains45

I hate this weather in winter - trains45

This is the worst weather it makes it so slippery like a skating rink and hard to walk, I had the buses get cancelled and I walked to my bus stop a few times when I didn't know they were cancelled, and I slipped a few times it hurt

13 Ice Fishing

Lots of people like ice fishing

My least favourite thing to do EVER in the winter!

14 New Year's Day

It confusing the first few days it feels like the year before, next week will probably feel like 2019 for the first few days of 2020 - trains45

It's confusing when you're in the new year and still thinking it's the previous year, and I hate starting new years!

Hey! I like this holiday!

15 Dark and Gloomy

It just isn't fun to do outdoor activities :(

It's boring when It's dark and gloomy, but it looks cool to me

16 Can't Play Outdoor Activities Outside In Deep, Deep Snow

It's just boring that way!

17 Can't Get Your Car Out of Your Driveway

It's extremely complicated to shovel your driveway in a giant blizzard in deep, deep snow!

18 Icy/Slippery

I bet whoever added this doesn't have a good balance - Nateawesomeness

Most school delays in the winter where I live often happen because of the risk of this whenever it rains or snows at incredibly low temperatures. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I slipped and fell on black ice once!

Especially black ice

19 The Noise of Plows

I don't miss the plows at night at my old house, it sure drove me nuts - trains45

Agreed I used to live by a parking lot and every big snow fall around 1am or so you hear beep beep beep beep for half the night and them draging on the snow, drove me nuts when I was trying to sleep one year it was right when I went to bed for school night 20 minutes later beep beep beep beep beep drag

20 Seasonal Affective Disorder

One of my uncles has this. It's cold, dark, wet, and there's not very much sunlight. During winter, I'm a bit irritable, not that I have this disorder, but I still think it's not a very fun experience. - Stazemar000

During winter my parents don't feel like doing anything due to the cold

It can happen doing Summertime.


21 The Wind

The wind makes it feel too cold! It sucks - trains45

22 Buses Run Late

I don't take the bus to school, but I remember last winter, I got to school around 8:40 (I start at 8:20) and I was one of the first ones there! I sat in traffic for twenty minutes - on a street that you usually zip through. - PianoQueen

My bus ran late last year once in -30°C weather I was worried to freeze to death, it picks me up at 7:30am and it showed up at 8:00am when I was just starting to walk back home, I was an hour late for school missed half of my class in block 1, I was going to have our monthly fire drill that day but they postponed it to a week later

My school starts at 9:00
I got to school at 9:20
I got to class at 9:22
I hate the bus - kaitlynrad11

This is good,I love school delays - Nateawesomeness

23 Being Stuck Inside

Yeah it sucks to be stuck inside in freezing cold weather - trains45

Yeah this sucks at least when it too warm in summer you can still go outside in 30°C, it sucks being stuck inside in -30°C weather, we kept having days like that in feb 2019 it was super annoying - trains45

Winter is boring because it’s cold as hell and you are stuck at home doing nothing - Randomator

Doesn’t really happen - Manlypants

24 Need to Buy More Heat
25 Being in School During a Snowstorm

Wisconsin is totes like totally like that

I have had this before probably - trains45

You get to have early release,so it's a good thing,school takes forever! - Nateawesomeness

I was stuck in school for 30 minutes until my bus got to school😒 - kaitlynrad11

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