Top 10 Worst Things About Winter

Winter's my least favourite season and I want it go away right now!
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1 Extremely Dry and Cold

This weather is so annoying it goes like 30 below feels like almost 40 below my town had this once a month last year from December to march, and it happened 2 weeks ago and it is happening again now! it makes me feel grumpy, I can't do anything outside, winter is one of my favorites but not when this happens, at least summer we don;t get this

Depends on where you live, for people who live in the north winter can be pretty harsh(like for me), but for people who live in the south, winter's more of a relieving season from the extremely hot summer.

This is a good thing! In winter, the temperature is perfect for me. Summer days can be absolutely unbearable.

That's the best thing about it, I love winters...And summers? I can't bear the heat and sweat, sorry.

2 The Shoveling

I hate doing this

It hurts my arms

Makes arms hurt

It hurts my arms!

3 Too Long

The snow starts in Mid. December and ends in like Late, Late March, imagine how long is that!

Yeah seems long than summer, we can get snow where I am from October to April, sometimes may long weekend, and usually nice from end of April to October, this year it started snowing November 1 in my town

Yes, way to long

4 The Snow

Snow is one the worst things to exist, don't be fooled by its white beauty. It's cold, wet, sticks to everything, and slippery.

Where I live, nor'easters and blizzards occur every single winter.

Well I'm getting a foot of snow on Tuesday.

Still I wish it snowed where I live.

5 Driving in Snow

Haha good luck with that.

Don't get me started

It's very deadly

6 Making Up Missed School Days

Online school is kinda changing the entire "snow day" dynamic tho.

7 Blizzards

You can't even see in a blizzard because you could get cold quickly

8 Frostbite

Not to mention, they cause gangrene.

No, you're right on this one.

They hurt a lot!

9 Waiting for Snow to Melt

Waiting for snow to melt is like waiting for school to end, it ain't happening for a while!

I thought we'd have a white Easter! Thankfully the snow melted 2 days before it.

10 The Noise of Plows
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11 Buses Run Late

I don't take the bus to school, but I remember last winter, I got to school around 8:40 (I start at 8:20) and I was one of the first ones there! I sat in traffic for twenty minutes - on a street that you usually zip through.

12 Ice Fishing

My least favourite thing to do EVER in the winter!

13 New Year's Day

It's confusing when you're in the new year and still thinking it's the previous year, and I hate starting new years!

Hey! I like this holiday!

14 Dark and Gloomy
15 Can't Get Your Car Out of Your Driveway

It's extremely complicated to shovel your driveway in a giant blizzard in deep, deep snow!

16 Days are Too Short
17 Can't Play Outdoor Activities Outside In Deep, Deep Snow

It's just boring that way!

18 Annoying Snowplow Beepers
19 Seasonal Affective Disorder

One of my uncles has this. It's cold, dark, wet, and there's not very much sunlight. During winter, I'm a bit irritable, not that I have this disorder, but I still think it's not a very fun experience.

It can happen doing Summertime.

During winter my parents don't feel like doing anything due to the cold

20 The Wind
21 Need to Buy More Heat
22 Being in School During a Snowstorm
23 Chapped Lips

This should be higher. Having to experience unavoidable pain just by opening my mouth or eating something is always irritating to me. Good thing there's chap sticks to help ease the suffering.

24 Have to Wear a Lot of Coats

I only have to wear one. Just move to the south.

25 Icy/Slippery

Most school delays in the winter where I live often happen because of the risk of this whenever it rains or snows at incredibly low temperatures.

I slipped and fell on black ice once!

Especially black ice

Again what is this

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