Worst Things About Winter

Winter's my least favourite season and I want it go away right now!

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1 Extremely Dry and Cold

Can also get frost bite

That feeling when getting out of bed

Yeah I hate it when I gets 30 below right now my town is having 30 below and I am not very happy about it

You could get a cold/fever as quick as possible without wearing a Coat outside for 20 seconds!

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2 Too Long

Yeah seems long than summer, we can get snow where I am from October to April, sometimes may long weekend, and usually nice from end of April to October, this year it started snowing November 1 in my town

The snow starts in Mid. December and ends in like Late, Late March, imagine how long is that!

Yes, way to long

3 Blizzards

You can't even see in a blizzard because you could get cold quickly

4 Ice Fishing

Lots of people like ice fishing

My least favourite thing to do EVER in the winter!

5 New Year's Day

Hey! I like this holiday!

It's confusing when you're in the new year and still thinking it's the previous year, and I hate starting new years!

6 Dark and Gloomy

It's boring when It's dark and gloomy, but it looks cool to me

7 Can't Get Your Car Out of Your Driveway

It's extremely complicated to shovel your driveway in a giant blizzard in deep, deep snow!

8 Can't Play Outdoor Activities Outside In Deep, Deep Snow

It's just boring that way!

9 Seasonal Affective Disorder

One of my uncles has this. It's cold, dark, wet, and there's not very much sunlight. During winter, I'm a bit irritable, not that I have this disorder, but I still think it's not a very fun experience. - Stazemar000

During winter my parents don't feel like doing anything due to the cold

It can happen doing Summertime.


10 Cold and Flu Season

I have a flu right now! Why did God make sickness?!

I get sick during the winter most of the time

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11 Frostbites

They hurt a lot!

Not to mention, they cause gangrene.

12 Chapped Lips

This should be higher. Having to experience unavoidable pain just by opening my mouth or eating something is always irritating to me. Good thing there's chap sticks to help ease the suffering. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 You have to go to school

If your classes starts in the morning and it's like 5 degrees out you still have to wake up when it's freezing instead of staying in your nice warm bed

I had had to go to school in -35°C and -40°C windchill the buses were still running it was supper cold I wish they cancelled them that day, I think once I may have had to go in -38°C, I don't miss waiting for the bus on freezing cold mornings

14 Annoying Snowplow Beepers

It drives me nuts trying to sleep after 10 and beep beep beep beep beep over and over again for like 2 hours it's so annoying

15 Black Ice


Most school delays in the winter where I live often happen because of the risk of this whenever it rains or snows at incredibly low temperatures. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Valentine's Day
17 Shoveling driveway

Yeah it can suck when it's snowing too much

18 Gets Damp After a While

It's just boring when It's damp and cloudy outside!

19 Days Are Too Short

True where am sun comes up around 9 and goes down at 4 and also sucks I'm in school most of the day time and when I get home it starts getting dark and the street lights turn on

The days usally ends at 5:00 PM or 6:00PM so if you wake up at Noon there's nothing to do and even when the kids come home from school from November to March they only got one hour of daylight unlike in the summer the day ends by 9:00PM

20 Uggs

Ugliest footwear ever!

21 Freezing Rain

This is the worst weather it makes it so slippery like a skating rink and hard to walk, I had the buses get cancelled and I walked to my bus stop a few times when I didn't know they were cancelled, and I slipped a few times it hurt

22 Stuck inside because too cold
23 Waking Up In The Morning
24 Shoveling

Makes arms hurt

25 Hypothermia
26 Pneumonia
27 Wind Chills
28 You Can Get Sick Easily
29 It Reminds You of Disney's Frozen
30 Sore Throats

Whenever I get colds during the winter, it ALWAYS starts with a sore throat, followed by laryngitis

31 Hard to Go Anywhere

Ohh, yeah! That is so true! Only when the roads are thick - Stazemar000

Car tiyet

32 Your Car Gets Stuck in the Snow
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