Worst Things to Do In Your Spare Time

I'm messing with you again just for fun though. I may put stuff that everyone does but I'm just goofing off. Okay? If it's offensive, it's your problem! Not mine!

The Top Ten Worst Things to Do In Your Spare Time

Spend the whole time on Twitter

You can't be on twitter that long! Just too much of it is bad. It's okay if you have 1 or 2 hours of spare time. - pupie4life

I have a friend who does this.

Gossip about people you don't know

We need to just stop associating with people who do this.

Yeah this a waste of time - trains45

Totally annoying for those watching and it is such a waste of time. - pupie4life

Watch porn and masturbate

Fapping makes you complacent, and unable to find the motivation to improve yourself. Fapping also lowers testosterone in men. Please stop fapping!

Done this many times

As a fifteen year old with no money or a drivers license, ya this is good.

Both makes my favorite holiday 🖤

Show your friends your baby pictures

As I know, you will never get the chance to be around your friends again because you pictures are most likely to be very embarassing and you don't want some people you don't know to spread a rumor about your baby pictures. - pupie4life

Watch Big Brother

Worst thing to do at any time - BigBrotherSucks

I like Big rother but I'd rather watch the amazing race or SURVIVOR! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Wow bigbrothersucks,how is that the worst - Nateawesomeness


This does get boring after while to do nothing - trains45

Doing nothing is boring! I don't wanna do nothing I wanna play video games or watch reality shows screw doing nothing I'd feel so bored! RIGHT?!?!? RIGHT?!?!? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well, yeah. Duh. Doing nothing is like doing...nothing! - PositronWildhawk

If u breath, your not doing nothing, If u fly,sit,walk,stand,lie,hover or get in sex positions, your not doing nothing, so better.. GO STARE AT WALLS

Read a book in the bathroom

This is the most annoying thing to do during your spare time but it's not the worst. It's totally annoying and a waste of time if you ask me. - pupie4life

Try to keep saying your first word until your spare time is over

I don't remember my first word - trains45

First of all, not many people can remember their first word and second, it gets annoying because it is a dumb baby word. - pupie4life


Sometimes it was a good time to study during my high school spare - trains45

Kill yourself

That would waste a few minutes I suppose...but what you do with the rest of the spare time? - Britgirl

I wish you could do it every time you had spare time

The Contenders

Constantly send random text messages to your friend

YES now we are talking I do this aboulutely all of the time it is just the best thing to do if you are bored but it ends up making your friend very annoyed

Hog the television

Homework is really boring, it isn't fun at all. All you do is think and write. Your teacher doesn't let you rip your homework and throw it in the fireplace, don't do it, come back to school and see what your teacher does if you don't do your homework

Listen to Rebecca Black
Ride in an airplane without TV or electronic devices

If you get the window seat, at least you get a good view from 30,000 feet, but if there's clouds, forget it

Try to get bored to sleep
Listen to Justin Bieber

His songs suck. He is a terrible singer.

Listen to One Direction
Listen to metal music
Go to church
Have a sex chat with any of your friends
Try to make new friends

You constantly wake up so don't bother doing it. Also, it's kinda a waste of time.

Listen to Rihanna

Why is it on the list? I love listening to Rihanna during my free time. TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST!

Read manga

Who dosen't want to

Act like you're stupid

That was bad.

Walk in Circles

My mom makes me do this all the time. IT'S SO BORING I HATE IT!

Eat buffalo wings with milk

that's it

Have sex with your least favourite person on earth

Yeah...I think ill bring a gun with me if I do this, idc if I go to jail as long as they die.

Kill your crush
Watch your least favorite tv show or movie
Play baby video games
Watch a black tv screen
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