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21 Saginaw, MI

Detroit Saginaw flint all the same full of crime an poverty and gangs

22 Kankakee, IL

Hardly any thing to do here, and it's depressing as well, some abandoned factories, a lot of empty lots in the neighborhoods, half of the houses that are standing are either boarded up, or have no windows and doors, lots of poverty, high unemployment, and being a stones throw from Chicago (an hour drive south) there are a lot of gangs there as well, but the suburban areas though are not that bad

So true, lot of the gangs from Chicago are spilling over into Kankakee, and plus, there is a heroin addiction epidemic going on as well

23 Pasadena, TX
24 Harvey, IL
25 Eagle Pass, TX
26 Fairhope,AL

I live here and Fairhope is horrible. Bad people, everything about here I just absolutely despise. Everyone brags about how Fairhopes this best place to live and all that BS. If you're ever visiting Alabama don't come here. - Jackellis97

27 El Paso, TX
28 Toad Suck, AR
29 Chanute, KS
30 Jacksonville, FL
31 Kanab, UT

Hatred of outsiders unless they are tourists bringing in money. City passed a Natural Families Resolution giving preference only to people who are married with a quiver full of children. Polticial corruption you name it.

32 Indianapolis, IN
33 Rockford, IL
34 Dalhart, TX
35 Memphis, TN
36 Santa Cruz, CA
37 Carl Junction, MO

I have lived in big cities and was shot in an attempted robbery. Now, I can only hope for a successful bandit to end the misery of social isolation, hicks, and the only diner being aptly named "Dirty Randy's". At least in the Middle East, the people are hospitable and invite you to dinner before IED goes off. Here, most can't spell IED and won't invite you to dinner unless you are a relative- which most are-of each other several times.

38 Kalamazoo, MI
39 Fall River, MA
40 Boston, MA
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