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121 Getting Shot

Well it depends on if you survive the shot I mean

If it's in the head then no as its instant

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122 Parachute Won't Open

lol thats funny, but horrible at the same time!

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123 Getting shot by Dick Cheney on a hunting trip

Hey it's happened before! - JXJ

124 Being thrown into the sun

Lava just had a brother and it is painful!

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125 Being sacrificed to Satan by old farts while the whole thing is being videotaped as porn for Satan worshipers.

Hey, it can happen. I sure as heck wouldn't like that!

Chase is my mom

126 Licked to death by hicks

Oh my god I can't stop laughing, what the heck?!

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127 Without doing anything esp when you are too old

like when you are just sitting or standing still - ronluna

128 Tied up and forced to listen to George W. Bush speeches until your head explodes.

First of all no one would ever die from this. One would become enlightened on the true wonders of the universe. Every single educated person on Earth knows that George Bush was born from mysterious causes for the purpose of serving the reptilian overlords. They bestowed upon him the secrets of the universe. The only logical way one could die from this is too much knowledge. Read a book you illiterate swine...

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129 Slipping on a french fry at McDonald's while all the hot chicks are there

Laugh out loud I saw this once... The guy was so embarrassed. Everyone was laughing at him. I felt really bad for the bloke.

130 AIDS

Guys this is totally the worst! You fall for about ten minutes, but for the first eight minutes you black out. Just imagine falling to your death not knowing when it will come, but not being able to do anything about it?

What the hell has that got to do with having AIDS?

Yeah this is the worst and I agree with you


131 Listening to Brokencyde's music

Anybody who doesen't believe this should be #1 has either not heard of them or is mentally deficient. I am not exaggerating when I say that they literally ARE the worst band in the entire world. - Johannes9

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132 Watching Barney

I was babysitting then the child said she wanted to see Barney, so since I used to like it so much, I decided to watch. But it was the worst decision ever. I literally died

I love barney I want him you haters

I'm on life support and awaiting 10 organ transplants and 4 bilonc limbs for that

I love you,
you love me,
let's get together and kill Barney!
With a one-shot, two-shot, three-shot, four,
no more purple dino - BLAZEDAFOX

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133 Suffocating by having your head stuck up an elephants ass,

What the hell? - NicholasYellow


134 Justin Beiber giving you a lap dance while singing "Baby, baby, baby Ohh!!"

Oh good please no

Yes this is the most UNGODLY torture method ANYONE could think of.

And I'm not kidding! That's just... It's perverted, wrong and no one deserves to even know that jb exists!

What, it's a great song! I'd enjoy it!

Aah god no

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135 Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake

This happened to a close friend once he was robbed by that discusting pastry product may you RIP

136 Riding a meteor that gets struck by lightning and it shifts and you get crushed by the meteor V 2 Comments
137 By a Zamboni

Ryan Reynolds loves seeing it though.

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138 Rattlesnake bite
139 Having all your arms and legs cut off and just laying there while being held hostage by ugly fat men.

Id hate for this to happen..

This seemed legit until the last part. LOL - Potamusgaind


140 By being tickled by Roy Orbison V 1 Comment
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