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141 AIDS

Guys this is totally the worst! You fall for about ten minutes, but for the first eight minutes you black out. Just imagine falling to your death not knowing when it will come, but not being able to do anything about it?

What the hell has that got to do with having AIDS?

Yeah this is the worst and I agree with you

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142 Suffocating by having your head stuck up an elephants ass,

What the hell? - NicholasYellow


143 Saw Trap

It would be an agonizing and gruesome way to die. Look at how other victims have gone. You could be burned, repeatedly cut, drowned, and ripped in half by complex traps. Just painful.

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144 Watching 1000 Ways to Die
145 Stoned to Death (By Rocks) V 1 Comment
146 Get Spooked to Death V 1 Comment
147 Lose in a fight against a turtle with a chainsaw
148 Being thrown into a cement mixer

Think about it... You are repeatedly crushed by wet cement until you suffocate. That would suck. - ThatoneMetalhead

Man! being sliced and crushed under the mixer would be bad enough, even worse when it stops and the cement around our body freezes and we get stuck there

149 Getting curb stomped

It is really funny I did it myself and survived ahah dead curb lol rofl f

150 Spontaneous Human Combustion


151 Have nails driven into

Shees,nails driven into? A big nono for me,i can't even bear it when I cut my hand with a paper!

152 As a nobody
153 Walking in front of a motor vehicle or train
154 Having all your arms and legs cut off and just laying there while being held hostage by ugly fat men.

Id hate for this to happen..

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155 Of Boredom

Studies prove that people who think their lives are boring are more likely to die sooner than people who think their lives are awesome and fun. Plus sometimes people are so bored they will do crazy things to have fun and it ends up killing them. Studies, surveys, and way more prove all of this.

156 Eaten by an animal V 1 Comment
157 Having a nightmare
158 Big Bang Explosion V 1 Comment
159 Being hit by millions of game pieces

checkers can have a bad side, okay?

160 Listening to a song by Amy Winehouse
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