Top 10 Best WrestleMania 38 Matches

Promoted as the "most stupendous WrestleMania in history", WrestleMania 38 is now in the history books and like always, the show of shows was packed with memorable moments and entertaining matches. Let's rank the matches from Night 1 and Night 2 of WrestleMania 38.
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1 Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins

A highly anticipated match among wrestling fans as there were rumors for weeks as to who would face Seth Rollins on the show. It turned out to be Cody Rhodes who made his return to the company he once called home, a secret that was admittedly not well kept as practically everyone online knew about it, but it didn't change the shock and the emotions that this match brought. Rhodes and Rollins delivered an amazing match and it is considered by many fans their favorite match of the two night event.

2 Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair (Raw Women's Championship)

Taking place halfway through night 1, both the champion and the challenger tore the house down and stole the show in what was the culmination of a rivalry that started back at SummerSlam 2021. The match was stupendous, with Becky controlling most of the action until Belair finally found her second wind, completely changing the tides of the match. This is the second year in a row that Bianca Belair wins a title at WrestleMania.

Bianca had an awesome win in this match!

3 Kevin Owens vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Going into WrestleMania 38, fans knew Stone Cold was going to be involved at the event, but no one expected it to be a full fledged match that lasted 14 minutes. Austin accepted the challenge laid out by Kevin Owens, his first match in 19 years and a moment that wrestling fans genuinely never thought would happen. Austin showed no signs of ring rust, he and Kevin Owens gave the fans a very good match, one that the Texas Rattlesnake said he is satisfied with and will be his last.

4 Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (Winner Takes All Unification Match)

While this match was good, it's ending underwhelmed fans who expected more out of this match which was built as the biggest WrestleMania match of all time, which it is as it's the first time two important titles were unified in the main event in the show's history. Still, the match was good and seeing Roman Reigns hold both the WWE and Universal championships up in the air made for a memorable moment.

5 Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville

A fun match between Sami Zayn and the Jackass star Johnny Knowville which saw the use of props and many comedic spots, not to mention that Knoxville took many bumps during the match. Overall a fun celebrity match and a much needed distraction.

6 RK-Bro vs The Street Profits vs Alpha Academy (Raw Tag Team Championship)

This was a very entertaining match between three of WWE's best tag teams today. Everyone in this match showed great chemistry and made it feel special the entire time. The match ended with Riddle delivering one of the best RKOs ever, a springboard RKO off the top rope, and Orton following that with an RKO of his own to score the win.

7 Edge vs AJ Styles

The dream match between Edge and AJ Styles did not disappoint. The match was one of the longest on the card and started slow and lead to impressive spots and close pinfalls. Edge scored the win thanks to a distraction from Damian Priest.

8 Pat McAfee vs Austin Theory

Fans were behind Pat McAfee the entire match and created a fun ambiance. The match itself exceeded all expectations as McAfee performed many spots you wouldn't expect him to, showing fans that he trained a lot prior to the match. The match ended with McAfee pinning Theory for the win. Vince McMahon then got involved and had a small match with McAfee which ended with a stunner from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Why the hell is McAfee trapped behind the announce table when he is that talented. He should be a solid main éventer for the company for years to come if they know what's good.

9 Queen Zelina & Carmella vs Sasha Banks & Naomi vs Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan vs Natalya & Shayna Baszler (Women's Tag Team Championship)

This match was fine and all women were allowed to shine and do their spots, although that pretty much was the entire match, which does give fans a nice change of pace. Sasha Banks and Naomi won the match to win the tag team titles, marking Banks' first win at WrestleMania.

10 Drew McIntyre vs Happy Corbin

Not only does this match mark the end of the rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Happy Corbin, but Corbin's finishing move the "End of Days" is no longer undefeated as McIntyre kicked out from it, the first time it has ever happened.

The Contenders
11 Dominik Mysterio & Rey Mysterio vs Logan Paul & The Miz

Another celebrity match which also delivered and was pretty good. Logan Paul even hit one of the iconic moves of Eddie Guerrero to taunt the Mysterios. The match ended with Paul and Miz winning the match in a surprising upset win. The win was short lived for Paul who was attacked by his partner The Miz after the match.

12 Bobby Lashley vs Omos

The two big guys gave fans a good old meat slapping fest which ended with the surprise victory of Bobby Lashley, handing the giant Omos his first loss.

13 The New Day vs Sheamus & Ridge Holland

This match was alright for what it was considering the injury sustained by Big E prior to WrestleMania, making the match less exciting. Overall an alright match.

14 Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey (Smackdown Women's Championship)

While the match itself was alright, aside from the ending, most fans weren't hyped for the match going into WrestleMania due to the poor buildup to the match and the lack of interest. Still, Rousey and Flair delivered a good performance.

15 The Usos vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs (Smackdown Tag Team Championship)

During the match, Rick Boogs sadly got injured, thus ending the fight sooner than expected.

16 Pat McAfee vs Vince McMahon
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