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1 Gigguk

He's hilarious. Black Critic Guy doesn't know anything about doing reviews and bases them on how much he likes the characters.

His videos never fail to make me laugh! I love the Anime in Minutes series as well!

2 GRArkada
3 ShadowACS

Though probably the most infrequent uploader in this genre, he always seems to hit every nail on the head in his reviews. Not only that, he's one of the only anime YouTubers that has the courage to review hentai.

This guy is awesome and has terrific anime reviews. He explains every bit and part of an anime and gives honest reviews.

4 Black Critic Guy

I'm one of his biggest fans! Too bad most of his fans are rude, and I don't like how they made him watch the worst animes. Sometimes I don't agree with him on some points, and he wants everything in one dish so badly, but I still enjoy his reviews anyway!

5 ForneverWorld
6 AnimeEverydayYT
7 HoldenReviews
8 BestAnimeTops
9 BrowseAnime
10 The Anime Man Joey Bizinger (Born September 28, 1994), known on YouTube as The Anime Man, is an Australian YouTuber who makes videos about anime and gaming related topics. He is good friends with fellow Youtubers Einshine and Soul Animation and they have appeared in each other's videos. He is currently dating YouTuber... read more

He really knows his stuff. I have watched lots of his videos, and he seems very knowledgeable from what I have seen. Not just with anime lore, but he understands people as well.

He has done videos talking about how weebos are made or why people like anime characters and whatnot.

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11 Mother's Basement

His insight and points made are very informative!

Just because he's the best at being both the worst and the best. Period.

Awesome insight on what makes an OP work and how they invest viewers to watch the show.

12 akidearest

This girl is absolutely hilarious. Her sense of humor is great. She needs more recognition.

13 Lost Pause

My personal favorite, because he stands as a symbol for me and for weebs everywhere to not be ashamed of who they are. He also really knows his stuff when it comes to this kind of thing.

This guy is hilarious! I love it when he does little skits that make me laugh so hard I can't even breathe properly for an hour!

Probably one of the kindest YouTubers I've ever encountered.

14 Nux Taku

I really like this guy because of his mentality. He hardly ever takes himself seriously, and he is always cheerful in his videos. I like the kind of guy who doesn't feel like he has to be serious for people to watch him.

Nux is not afraid to just be his goofy, wise-cracking self. He is definitely one of the most fun people to watch.

15 BobSamurai
16 ChibiReviews

I watched one of his videos, and he's actually good. I regret putting him on my Top 10 Worst YouTube Anime Reviewer Channels list.

17 tekking101

This guy is hilarious, and at least he clearly has fun doing these videos. I have to wonder where he'll go with his channel now, however, since Bleach is over.

18 Digibro

Digibro is real. He doesn't agree with the populace for likes. Rather, he'll challenge the world if he disagrees with it. He deeply analyzes the anime he watches, unlike the majority of viewers, and is willing to tell the mindless majority when their overhyped garbage is bad.

Furthermore, he also makes positive videos expressing an analytical opinion on why certain shows are superior or praising shows, genres, people, characters, etc.

19 ChronexiaMisty

Very peaceful and chill, and just wants his friends to get along and have fun. I found Misty through Anime Man and Noble, and I like how he wants both of them to get along.

20 Super Eyepatch Wolf

He explains in great detail what makes certain aspects of a show work and what makes them fail.

He is probably the best out there and really deserves to be in the number one position.

21 Glass Reflection
22 PodTaku
23 AnimeUnity
24 DouchebagChocolate

Not only is Demo probably the most influential person on this list, he's also the funniest person on the entire platform. His unique style of editing and humor works seamlessly into whatever point he's making, immediately making his videos extremely fun and engaging to watch.

He is objectively the greatest person on this list, and you'd be doing yourself a disfavor not watching some of his latest work.

25 Under The Scope
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