Top 10 Scariest Baby Einstein Episodes

Baby Einstein, more like scary Einstein. This show is as weird and creepy as the pink elephants from Dumbo. So I have made a top 10 list. May I present to you, Top 10 scariest baby Einstein episodes.
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1 Baby Van Gogh

So... reflecting on it now, it is still scary and creepy. The bug finger puppets are unsettling because, although there is a buzzing sound to prepare you before the weird music and the popping bugs appear and then end, the scariest part that used to get me as a little kid was when, after the nice music and cutesy pictures of the baby Mozart and Beethoven characters, there was a sudden static and noises of Vincent Van Goat clattering and screaming until he walks in with the paint. God, how that messed me up as a little kid! But now, the opening part after the cacti does not scare me.

Dude none frightened me long ago except for the wooden guy from the Vinci and harmony doll from Einstein. That Carlos the dancing cactus never frightened me. by the way I'm looking for a Carlos the dancing cactus with either a orange or yellow hat. In case Ill bring batteries in case I find one before the end of the year

The creepy parts were the begging where there were animatronic dancing cacti. It probably scares a lot of people. So, moving on. After the opening titles, we join Vincent where he is stalking you. And he has paint all over himself which makes him look possessed.

Oh my god when I was 2 the cacti in the beginning literally scared me. My mom would put the disc on the DVD player in the car and when the cacti came on, I was screaming and crying. I literally had nightmares of those cacti and I still do!

2 Baby Santa's Music Box

Ok, this is mostly where that reindeer and gingerbread-making puppet show pops up (No pun intended). So it begins with an innocent-looking white reindeer having a little gingerbread on the table. Then, he gets red icing for some simple icing on the gingerbread man. Then, the white reindeer returns yet again but this time, with red icing all over their mouth. It has a bottle of green sprinkles for the gingerbread man. Then, for a minute, the deer pops up. Rather with white powder, red icing, and sprinkles. Then it ends up coughing up the white powder on the gingerbread man. Now you'll see why people consider this a pop-up because it makes you crap your pants. The cone puppet penguin is unnerving.

This is where Language Nursery should be.

The cone puppet does creep me out, but I liked the moose puppet (at the beginning) when I was little, and I thought that it was cute. Though the white reindeer scared me, but only for the first few times I watched it.

Language Nursery on the other hand is SO QUIET, it makes you feel like someone's going to jump out and kill you. It also has creepy dolls, and creepy toys in general. It gives me chills every time I watch it.

Baby Santa's Music Box should be swapping places wig Language Nursery in my opinion, and the reasons above state why.

In the beginning there is a moose pop-up, but its not as scary as the rest of the pop-ups on this list. That's not even the true reason why this is on the list. OH NO, ITS COMING BACK! The penguin cone puppet, like with the giraffe cone puppet, looks possessed. Don't even get me started on the cookie decorating puppet show.

I have to say, the penguin cone puppet actually is pretty scary. It is somehow doing a dance which seems like it could be in a creepy pasta. It kind of scares everybody. I also didn't like the white reindeer pop-up.

3 Baby Bach

Am I the only person here who was never scared by the chickens? Seriously, they're not scary. They're unsettling if you're all alone and one of them is with you in the room, but they aren't scary. As for Zylon the Dragon, sure, he was scary, but I didn't start crying or crap myself due to being startled. As for those clowns, God, those scared me when I first saw it (And the next 12 times after it). But then their's that Sunflower. Good god! It looks like a Sunflower from Plants Vs. Zombies went to a plastic surgery place and asked the docter to make it look as creepy as possible.

This one is creepy, but not as much as Baby Beethoven. I had no problems with the chickens. Zylon the Dragon's pop up startled me the first few times I saw it. I think the clown faces that pop up at parts of the episode look kind of creepy, but not that much. But the scariest part was that creepy sunflower!

I am not afraid of the chickens or zylyon dragon in this one. But I am afraid of the circus part. Where the Ferris wheel stops, and the creepy drumming clowns come on. Later relpaced with a scary clown clock. I also hated the scary Carolers in the baby bach 2004 dvd.

The Zylon Dragon Puppet gave me nightmare as a child. I was so scared that I faced the couch and my mom. Every other puppet scared the hell out of me too when their backgrounds were pitch black.

4 World Animals

Ok 2 things, 1 why isn't this number 1 it has the most creepiest scene I have ever seen. And 2 I don't hate world animals like at all. I think it's a good video to show kids about animals and it includes one of the best songs in baby Einstein history that is 2nd place behind I know my shapes in baby newton. It's just the giraffe cone puppet scene that really ruins it for me. And it still scares me! But everything else is fine. No hate to world animals.

There is this video on you tube called Baby Einstein scares my kid! The video was at the beginning where the puppets were doing some kind of dance that would normally be on a creepy pasta. The baby even cussed. She said the S word. Anyways, the scariest part of this episode is the giraffe cone puppet. It looks possessed.

Jane was on the vine, and she literally scared the living daylights out of me. When we first got the Wild Animal Safari discovery kit, The Bartered Bride, Smetana played, and then when the puppets were doing some kind of dance, I hid in the bathroom.

One night, I was 3 years old and I slept in a haunted room without knowing and when my dad shut the lights off, I saw the giraffe cone puppet on my T.V. when the T.V. WAS OFF! I have been suffering with nightmares for 6 years. I am 10 and I am still scared of it.

5 Baby Mozart

This is primarily because of the introduction of Bard the dragon with some ominous notes. Also, I apologize if I freaked anyone out by saying the dreaded word "ominous". Also, when he goes "BLAH!" it oddly terrified people.

I'm kinda surprised this isn't higher on the list, because man, Bard scared the crap out of me when I was little. Actually, I had a weird love/hate feeling about it, because while I loved the Bard puppet himself (he was my favorite next to Vincent), that one part always spooked my 3-year-old self. I think it was the black, featureless void of a background that did it, haha.

Uh, how is this not up higher?! This episode is creepy! Bard gave me nightmares up until 4th grade, I always got scared by that falling caterpillar, and the pecking rooster... oh, no, I hope that dies. The dolls weren't that bad, but I haven't seen the Creepypasta but I bet that it's bad.

Elpis Rojei Random AU - it was scarier than baby beethoven. Rose with the cat ears eating a tomato and there is Young Greg wearing his grass skirt and eating a sandwich with victims, he looks possessed.

6 Baby Shakespeare

This one is one of my favorites, but bard's pop-up wasn't that scary, although the bard and sunflower scene (from 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003 release only) was kind of scary because when bard looks at you, he looks poseced. But Its one of my favorite episodes and I don't have it.

Baby Shakespeare is one of my favorites, but it's creepy. I used to be scared of the red gear with the spinning eyes, the sparkling after the leaf poem, the puppet show with Jane in the snow, and the part with the gorilla and cymbal monkey

What used to scare me was the transportation scene because Beethoven Turkish march is a really creepy song, but now it is the stupid clown camera with the freaky music before every poem. Great episode, but creepy

This is one of my favorite episodes. It wasn't really that scary, (expect for the sleeping consumed flower, and the stack-on-clown which scared so many people.) my favorite parts where bard on the train, and the playful insect race. (Later replaced with a LGB circus train, and a garbage amusement park set. (The people on that toy had melted faces and looked possed.)

7 Language Nursery

Ok, so I have come forward to say that thank god whenever I felt the need to watch Language Nursery (whether high quality or not)I immediately said "Forget this, it is too eerily quiet." and then move on to the next episode. Why I've never watched the entire thing? Because people here have complained about it being too quiet as if a stalker or serial killer made it. I agree, it's way too eerily quiet for a child audience looking to learn English, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Also, Raggedy Ann and other dolls, while ordinary dolls are the bane of our existence.

One of the most boring episodes of the series. And why the HECK is this episode on the scariest baby Einstein list?! There's barely nothing scary in this one. Like, the dolls are creepy, but it's not like they're gonna give us nightmares will they?

This episode is scary for 2 reasons:

1) The Raggedy Ann doll.

2) It's SO QUIET that it makes you feel like someone is stalking you.

The only reason I find it scary is that it's too quiet. It makes you think you're watching something a serial killer made.

8 Baby Neptune

This is primarily because of this episode's shrimp, goldfish, and crab popups. The crab at the end is pretty cute, but the fish always jumpscares or *AHEM* makes you jump out of your seat when you least expect it. Allow me to explain (Insert the man hastily explaining things on a whiteboard). The fact that the official channel cuts it out is because I don't know, it's unnecessary and scary. But the shrimp comes out of nowhere in the submarine part.

That episode of Baby Neptune is not scary at all. It is also a recommendation if you are interested in Marine Science in High School. That is why Baby Neptune works for toddlers, and teenagers so they can study about the water forces, the water system, and also the marine environment. For more info about this topic, if you are studying right here in Miami Beach Senior High, please go see Mr. Salisbury the Marine Science teacher in room 376.

THIS IS A SUPER, ULTRA, MEGA, HYPER SCARY EPISODE. In the beginning, there is this scary gold fish pop-up. It was so scary that my dad had to fast forward the pop-up. It even gave me nightmares. I still rarely have them. There are some other scary pop-ups. Like I think there was a submarine pop-up. After the credits, there was a crab pop-up. I am never going to watch this episode again. But thank goodness in Neptune's Oceans, they cut out the scary pop-ups and replaced them with bubbles.

This is not scary. This is not scary at all! This should be a lot lower. If you think I'm not scared of anything from Baby Einstein, then think again because I am scared of Baby Van Gogh and Baby Bach. They're both pretty scary.

9 Baby Monet

The plot is just odd in this one. It's just these zebras painting themselves season colors. It's pointless!

This video was fine, except for the post credits puppet show, due to the sneeze sound effect.

Those Zebras kind of look possessed.

10 Baby Beethoven

Scariest one by far! The pop ups are so creepy. I don't find the saxophone part creepy, but I understand why people find it scary. The part where all the baby photos show up is kinda weird. I found the Owls kind of creepy, but not that much. But the scariest part for me was the puppets. They creeped me out so much! In fact, I used to have constant nightmares about them busting into me room and kidnap me! In fact, the first time I had one of those dreams, I started crying for my parents! It's best one, but also the creepiest.

Am I the only one who wasn't scared of the owls? The spider pop up (Both the pop up after the Fur Elise Music Video and the pop up after the 9th Symphony Music Video) scared me as well, I got nightmares where it was behind me and grabbed me! I find this one the scariest so far! The puppets at the beginning also scared me! It feels like they are stalking me or something! My parents either turned off the T.V., took out the disc, or took me out of the room every time if they hear me cry!

I am really afraid of this episode, it is so scary. Why? Well, the puppets are super scary, webster the spider is scary, and the giraffe and the saxiphone was the scariest part. Also the dragon puppet, and baby newton's pop-up. OH NO! It's coming back! There's a posseced donkey cone puppet and baby Newton and the dog-in-the-box. I was also afraid of the duck puppet and the American Pavlov puppet. I might not watch this one again. (Well maybe I might. ) also the Owls were creepy and when the train stopped it scared me more.

This epiosde gives me the creeps. In the beginning there's a terrifying bear playing a vilolin. After that in the opening credits, you join baby beethoven and his friends who are stalking you. The Owls creeped me out. And the spider was my first scary part. The giraffe and saxiphone was creepy too. The noises haunted my dreams. And the dragon puppet looks possessed. I didn't know there was a pop-up of a picture of baby Newton. The cone puppets in this one were scary too.

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11 Baby Da Vinci

I'd say the scariest puppet show in this video is the nose one (the elephant, yellow flower, pepper and salt), due to the sneeze sound effect.

Michael did NOT like the feet in this thing, so if you're like Michael who does not like feet shown on camera, then do not watch this.

The 2nd drawing music was the creepy triangle instrument along with the vibraphone, acoustic guitar and bassoon. (nightmares! )

One of those wind up walking human body parts were creepy like the walking ear and the walking nose. (killers! )

12 Baby MacDonald

This should swap places with neighborhood animals. Why? Well, it's good episode! It's got cute (and disturbing) videos of cute animals and kids having harvest fun!

I woke up once hearing a cockadoodledoo sound. I couldn't go back to sleep.

Why should this be 7? It's a good episode!

13 Baby Galileo

This one creeped me out when I was little and that was because of the kangaroo puppets. They didn't look anything like the regular ones. They used to creep me out but now they don't.

The mama kangaroo looks like a blender to toy Chica and toy Bonnie. She looks like like a FNAF animatronic because of the painted blush and stuff.

The Kangaroos were kind of creepy, also beethoven the creepy giraffe puppet is seen in this one.

When the baby kangaroo is in his mommy's pouch the baby kangaroo looks kind of possessed.

14 Neighborhood Animals

The flying cow doesn't scare me much. When I was little, I knew it was a puppet on strings. I was only afraid of the flipping frog, and the walking gave me a couple nightmares. But I watched the VHS verison of neighborhood animals on YouTube and it didn't scare me much. (The walking duck toy was later replaced with a stop-motion video of plush duck.) the flipping frog toy still does scare me though. I was mostly afraid of the BOING! Noise. It creeped me out a lot. I am still afraid of it today.

Here's my list of nightmares in the cursed neighborhood animals
Flying magenta cow
Food fight
Birds music video (snow maiden suite 2. Dance of the oiseaux,birds)
Wooden people on wooden flying Canada geese
Rabbits on screen
Mechanical hog
Frog music video (sonata in e major k380, Scarlatti)
Flipping frog( even the spring noise)
Otter music video(double trumpet concerto, Vivaldi)
Xylophone duck
Mouse music video(one of the contradances by Beethoven)
Duck music video ( canon in d,Pachelbel)
Walking duck with a blue shirt (replaced by a stop motion duck creepier than the chickens in baby bach and the st. Bernard and the rooster in baby Mozart)
And the duck and frog puppet show (creepy)

Another thing is the walking duck toy oh crap that scared me good, also the xylophone duck haunts my dreams. I hate the birds music video (snow maiden suite 2 dance of the birds) and the geese (they resemble the pinopi from super Mario land riding on the albatross fom super Mario bros 2)

The only thing scary from this video that scared me was the mechanical orange pig (not the looks, but the sounds it made). The sound of the orange pig was scary.

15 Baby Noah

This baby einstein is scary. I do not know why this is not even on the list. The flamingo puppet looks possessed. I am a 10 year old girl posting this and I am scared of this baby einstein. This baby einstein is full of scary sound track. Especially on the sea horse and the kangaroo. Oh, don't you dare get me started on the end parts of them. They givr me nightmares. I have nightmares about the flamingo puppet, the sea horse sound trackm and the kangaroo sound track. I decided to put this baby einstein on the list, because this baby einstein is scary and I am suprised this is not on the list. That is why I think Baby Noah should be on this top scary baby einstein list.

16 My First Signs

The otter and the duck having fun.

17 Wild Animal Safari
18 Baby Wordsworth

I'm not scared of this one, but the scene with the cat and the telephone is sad because the cat gets hurt at the end.

The kitty is adorable! I love all her parts! But the mice are scary. I hate the time the turned into tornados.
Pen from bfdi

I don't find this scary. You guys have some odd fears of mice tornados.

Speaking of Kansas Mice Tornadoes, I'll search up the weather in Kansas in Google if there's going to be another tornado season in the west

19 Baby Ellington

This doesn't exist. Whoever put baby Ellington, please take it down you are gonna confuse so much people

Why is this on the list? It's not a real episode. Take it off, please.

This episode doesn't exist.

Never heard of it

20 World Music

The sun coming up at the beginning gave me nightmares. I am not scared of this movie now.

When will Bard learn to stop scaring babies?!

Bard the dang Dragon

21 Baby's Favorite Places

I know this an understatement, but my God, does the new Pavlo design look creepy or what?

That dog looks terrifying.

The dog looks creepy!

22 Meet The Orchestra

That episode gave me nightmares. It has the full horror and terror. I would not watch that episode ever again in my life. No way Jose

23 Baby Loud House

Please take this off, it's not real.

24 Baby's First Sounds

This one is scary. There's this dancing chick puppet (it's eyes look poseced) and the sheep in the box returns. (Both of those toys where seen in baby macdonald.

25 He Speaks Music

This is fake like Baby Ellington, Baby Loud House, and everything else. Take it down.

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