Best Reaction Channels On YouTube

This is a list of the best YouTube channels that primarily make reaction videos. Remember, they must PRIMARILY make reaction videos. If they only sometimes make reaction videos, it doesn't count.
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1 BlastphamousHD TV

This used to be the best reaction channel ever. Unfortunately, now he's uploading only Family Guy videos, no longer swears, no longer does let's plays on his gaming channel, and on top of that, the audio quality is terrible. It all went downhill after his roommates left him and his original reaction channel got deleted by YouTube due to copyright strikes.

Been watching Maurice's videos for a long time now gota say the guy is awesome and super funny (especially on the jump scare compilations), plus love his vlogs, story times and lets plays.

I support BHD and I watched his videos before he reached 1,000,000 subs. I will never let other reaction channels become my favorite.

Dude tells it like its. Especially when people do stupid stuff.

2 Reaction Time

First of all, he's my favorite Youtuber by far! He's hilarious and always makes me smile! I have a huge crush on him and he has the greatest smile ever, when he's with his friends Anthony and Michael I never stop laughing! He's the best Reaction channel I've ever came across, and I'm so glad he has 2 other channels! (Game Time and Free Time)
He makes content that everyone can relate to and enjoy! I'm so glad he has over 6mil!

Not really a fan... at best his videos have one or two things funny in them. At worst, I wanna post a bad-grammar rant. His reactions take up only, at most, a quarter of the whole screen. Also, reacting to haters (especially children) isn't the best option to deal with them. Most videos have people posting the same thing:

( 0 ) CrumbyGamerB1996 * 1 hour ago (edited)

And, so forth then back.

Tal Fishman's Reaction Time is by far, my favorite reaction channel. His crud-ish language and jokes make me laugh so much! Wish his videos were a little longer, though.

The best reaction channel in my opinion. He's funny and you can tell he spends a lot of time editing.


The difference between FBE and other reaction channels is that they are diverse! Kids react, teens react, college kids react, adults react, elders react, Youtubers react! It's different people giving their reaction and it's not the same generation every time! They even got generations react! Their videos are amazing and for those that are really big fans like myself, you know about the live streams and the vlogs, and you connect with the reactors on a bigger level compared to those who only watch them once in a while! This channel is the best react channel because let's be honest, they made reaction videos popular. And I'm so glad they did. They made the path for other react channels, but they will always be nr. 1, at least in my heart.

These guys have perfected the reacting formula. With the variety of things that are reacted to, and the variety of people who are doing the reacting, no one even compares. I know React World was a bad idea, but don't let that detract from the quality of their videos

FBE, Chadtronic and h3h3 are the only good ones why aren't they higher?

Best reaction channel! I love this channel

4 Dwayne N Jazz

Whenever I feel stressed or sad I always look at their videos and my whole attitude changes into happiness, they are really my favorite channel to watch.

They're so hilarious to watch! Especially when they react to Flipagram Roast Compilations have me in tears of laughter

They are funny and just fun to watch!

They deserve more subscribers!

5 CharmX

YouTube has really tainted his video production and style. But he miraculously stays amazing for a reaction channel, one of the most despised video formats on YouTube. He's interactive with his fans, is just hilarious, sweet and needs the revenue so he can live the life he wants.

The perfect reactor, he is very talented, funny, cool and has a long life in front of him. Sadly, he doesn't have his 800K subs anymore, but I hope he will get them back!

No need to explain, just look him up and you'll see why he's so entertaining and deserves to be in the Top 5.

It sucks that his first channel got terminated with 810k subs. I hope he can get his subs back

6 Blind Wave

A league above any of the other channels. This is their job, and their lives. They goto an office, they sit down at a desk, and they work through things they enjoy and that their fans enjoy. They offer varying and intelligent insight and clearly care about the material. They aren't above admitting when they don't like something, don't pander and actively engage with content.

They are professional about their reactions; they don't just sit on a couch and react but also take notes, recap the previous episodes, discuss plot lines, predict outcomes, ramble about nonsense, and occasionally slap each other. Best guys out there.

These guys are interesting in that they actually take time and talk about the videos.

They do a bunch of on-going shows and are starting to branch out into original content.

These guys are tied with Semblance of Sanity for my favorite reactors, they always try to analyze the things they watch and speculate about the future, it's great.

7 RashadTheReactor

He is so annoying

The dude is weird

8 Tyrone Magnus

Funniest laugh, very good impressions of voices and sounds.

9 Jinx

I don't like him

10 TheReelRejects

They show real passion to movies and their reviews, thoughts, and reactions are absoulelty brilliant

The Contenders
11 Zias!

They're funny and really energetic plus they have bars too. 1-2 minutes in I already love these guys!

Gassed for them bars

12 H3H3

H3H3 at 11?! Chadtronic at 17?! They are the only good reaction channels on YouTube! They both put editing and effort into their videos, they are relatable and likable people, they put on skits that they put effort into, they're both funny. Why aren't they at the top?! And for H3H3, Ethan and Hila are the perfect couple on YouTube! Their chemistry with comedy and context works so well!

What the heck...

We have jinx, rushed, and a bunch of other """reactionists""" that do nothing but sit there, while we have the god over here at only 12, and chadtronic at 22. These people actually try, actually edit, and are hilarious. It's sad that Jinx is above him...

How is Jinx at 4 and H3H3 at 9? Just watch GradeAUnderA's videos on reaction channels to see how bad Jinx is and how good H3H3 is.

How is jinx and blastphamous higher than H3H3, when they don't do any editing? This website is rigged

13 Abraham Foulkes
14 Renegades React

I love these guys! They can be both serious and funny in the same video. Give them a watch and you will be hooked! They react to a wide variety of different videos and they take suggestions.

Love you Nate, Ben, Micah, Elena, Caleb, Wyndem, Colton and Beau!

P.S. Not everybody is in all of their videos.

These guys are very funny and they actually react to and talk about the videos

15 King KTF

Humble guy who seems to love listening to music. Can cheer you up when he reacts to Dio or Iron Maiden. Plus the videos are well put together and he speaks some good truths

His reactions to Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Pink Floyd etc are amazing. He is really passionated about their songs and he doesn't pretend.

Understands that Tool are 4 minor deities that got together and make the most exquisite sounds


He is the most genuine "Reactor" and gives a more comprehensive opinion bout the particular video he just watched...and moreover he tries his level best to not make it a copyright issue out of the reaction video which is quite unlikely in most channels. That's what I think.

All he reacts on is Indian stuff as if Bollywood hasn't already got worldwide exposure. There is lots of talent all over south Asia India isn't the only country that exists damn it? Be a bit more inclusive

The best. Hands down

Nice to hear him.

17 KT-TV
18 Oprahsideverson

He's literally the funniest reaction channel on you tube and his editing for his videos can't be matched from the music in the background to the zoom ins. He's almost at 700k subscribers he gets like 10,000 followers a day almost.

This is the funniest man on youtube, I watch his videos so godamn much, but his new videos are trash. Watch 2017 OSN and you'll start laughing like him.

Fire ass reactor

19 Kickassreaction

He was amazing, wish he would come back!

20 SSSniperwolf SSSniperWolf is an American Youtuber. She makes reaction videos, unboxing videos, Q&A videos, and Fortnite videos.

SSSniperwolf is currently bigger the Reaction Time, which is crazy! SSSniperwolf always makes me laugh. She is one of my favorite YouTubers. Her videos are great content. Back then, she use bad language in her videos, but now her videos are definitely family friendly. I would call her an influencer.

sniper wolf is the best I can not believe she is 23 I thought she would be higher than reaction time. But tysm lia and bless your heart. Now I have to go and keep watching her on youtube bye!

I absolutely love sniperwolf. I am considering starting a youtube channel for myself just from watching her. I recommend her to all my friends. My first video of hers was what not to ask siri and then I was hooked. I watch sniperwolf and little lia videos. Love you sooo much lia

SSSniperWolf is the best! She's humorous and j love her wigs! And her Dr. Phil videos are bomb! I watch her new uploads about everyday and she should be higher on the list.

21 SmurfVlogs
22 FlightReacts
23 ratchetness

He actually takes time to edit his videos, at least he's adding something unlike Jinx's neverchanging face and the occasional laugh.

I like this guy

24 SupTho Bros
25 Chadtronic

Probably my favorite youtuber of all time. Also if you like Chadtronic, watch some of his friend's channels like Peanut Butter Gamer and Brutalmoose.

He can make good jokes and sometimes does random stuff at times.

This guy is the funniest YouTuber period!

How is this below Jinx and Rashad?

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