Top 10 Most Disturbing Things on YouTube that are Less Talked About

We all know the creepy things on YouTube such as the Mandela Catalogue, Username666 or Marble Hornets, but there's some things on YouTube that are less talked about and they can be far more disturbing. This is probably the darkest list I've made so far and some of the topics discussed in this list may make some viewers uncomfortable, so be aware of that.
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1 leathersmokemi (channel)

Out of all of the channels I've discussed on this list, this one made me the most uncomfortable. It's not only disturbing but also depressing. Leathersmokemi was a YouTube channel where a guy only recorded himself smoking.

And no, this isn't your average smoking. He smoked an INSANE amount in different ways that I don't even feel like sharing. You can see how the smoking deteriorated his body within a short amount of time. One of the worst things about it is that people were ENCOURAGING it and even telling him how they were getting off to it. Sadly, I don't think they were kidding.

This channel shows what smoking does to you. Don't be like leathersmokemi. Sadly, the person running the channel died. How depressing can a channel get?

2 Monkey hate (series of videos)

This one is pretty sad. For some reason, there is a HUGE group of YouTube users who hate monkeys, especially BABY ones. You can find videos of monkeys getting abused and even killed when you search up monkey hate on YouTube, and the comments sections are just HORRIBLE.

For example, one commenter said they want to drown a baby monkey and see it try to breathe. It's all really messed up, to say the least.

Anyone who finds pleasure in these videos is a psycho. These videos are made by sick losers who enjoy torturing monkeys for money, views, attention, clout, or maybe for no reason. Almost all of the comments in these videos are either made by trolls or sick bastards.

3 Grave Robbing for Morons (video)

This video is originally from a DVD called "Ensuring Your Place in Hell," and it's one out of four films. Great.

This video is basically a tutorial for grave robbing, and he is REALLY detailed about it as if it's real. But it just can't be real, right? Well, I think it might be. First of all, the skull the kid's holding looks very real, and there's a theory he might be the grave robber Anthony Casamassima, and I think it makes sense.

He literally nearly says his name is Anthony Casamassima in the video before abruptly stopping. Though, he could be too young to be Anthony. Then again, we don't know when this video was recorded. We don't really know a lot about this video, actually, such as where it originated from. What I do know, though, is that this is pretty disturbing.

4 Look at the Clown (video)

OK, yeah, I know this video is kind of meme-y, but at the same time, I find it kind of disturbing. The video is an "experimental therapy program" for the uploader's son. It's meant to get rid of children's fear of clowns.

The video shows images of clowns varying in how disturbing they are while some creepy music plays and the text-to-speech voice repeats "look at the clown." The main reason I find this disturbing is because what if people used this as what the video says it is meant to be used for?

Seems pretty messed up and abusive if you ask me. Yeah, I get it, funny meme, haha, but thinking about it is pretty disturbing honestly.

5 Recordings (channel)

This channel is connected to the channel 01A51CD0 and is also connected to BlameTruth, the creator of this ARG. His main channel is where the whole thing started many years ago. This part of the ARG has Anthony being stalked by some kind of cult while he's on a paranormal investigation.

The cult leaves SD cards containing videos for Anthony, and eventually, he seems to disappear. Eventually, Lindsey, Anthony's old friend, takes over the channel. The whole channel is very cool and creepy, and I think it's kind of underrated personally.

6 0BEYDAWAIRUS (channel)

This is probably the absolute weirdest channel on YouTube I have ever seen and will ever see in my life. I mean, watch the videos and TRY to make sense of them.

I attempted to make sense of them in an old post I made, and I don't know what happened to it, but even then, I don't think they explained CLOSE to half of the things on this channel, let alone accurately. The video "Obey the Walrus," which is what the channel is named after, is probably made by the same person because, well, both of them make absolutely NO SENSE.

The featured channels are just as weird too, but I don't want to spend my whole life on this one item, so I'll just end it here.

7 jimmy maximum (channel)

Jimmy Maximum is a YouTube channel created on May 30, 2016. First of all, the channel has 30k videos (there might be more). The channel does not make sense. It's run in an operating system called TempleOS.

The channel uploaded like 40 videos a day thanks to the program Global Worldwide, which mixes sounds, videos, and other things on the internet into videos. The channel's linked to Terry Davis, who unfortunately committed suicide in 2018.

8 Would.jpg (video)

"Would.jpg" is a video posted on October 2, 2012, by the user xxyGROUP21. It only contains an edited picture of a Japanese girl from a game show along with some strange audio that I have no clue where it's from. Some other photos also appear for a split second.

I saw one photo with text in it that I was unable to translate, unfortunately. There's another version of this video that starts with text that says "Violeto ainiestro desvario," which, using Google Translate, translates to "violet sinister raving," which is kind of confusing to me, honestly. Maybe it didn't translate well.

Next is what seems like red gibberish text. After that, we see a man whose face changes a lot, and it's both funny and creepy, in my opinion. There is also strange audio throughout this video as well.

According to some FANDOM page, the first one is the fake would.jpg video, and the second one is real. The second one apparently caused people and animals to vomit blood, which is strange. Though I doubt that's true. And, no, I did not vomit blood watching this.

9 Hatefinn.mkv (video)

This video was uploaded in 2017, but it looks far older because of the quality. In the video, you can see an unidentified creature, and you can hear the man speaking more and more panicked.

The video seems to be filmed at night in a snowy area, and the creature seems to be able to stand on its hind legs. The creature also seems to have a long mouth and sharp teeth. Not much is known about this video, not about the creator, the location, or anything else. Also, the man in the video is speaking in another language, and if anyone could translate the video, I would appreciate it.

There also apparently exists a "Hatefinn.mp4" video that's described as psychedelic and has the creature lying in the snow, but that's not verified. What a strange video.

10 day four.wmv (video)
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11 hypnotize.avi (video)

I swear, .avi videos are always the creepiest. This video contains a strange noise with some patterns, lights, and photos of eyes, a blue sky, and a hand. The end of the video has Russian text that translates to hypnotize. I'm not sure if this video means anything, but it's pretty creepy to me.

12 MrSleepyPeople (channel)

A creepy channel fetishizing people's eyes when they are asleep. It's okay to have a fetish, but sleeping people just can't consent to this.

13 (Full video) Woman killed by brick through windshield (video)

Although there isn't any visible gore, this video and the horrified reactions from her family will still haunt you to your core. I wouldn't recommend watching it at all.

I saw this one years ago. I really wanted to forget it.

14 Fighting Buried Alive (video)
15 Man tries to save drowning woman (video)
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