Top 10 Worst Things that Happened on YouTube in 2021

It seems like after every year, SusanTube just keeps getting worse. It looks like an annual ritual at this point.
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1 Removal of the Dislike Count

It's not a surprise that Susan has made yet another stupid decision. How are we supposed to know which video is a scam, which one is spreading misinformation, or which one is clickbait? Her excuse: "Protecting Small Creators," which is 100% false because YouTube never wanted them to shine in the first place. It's all an excuse to protect greedy corporations, Susan, and politicians from criticism.

Even Jawed Karim, the founder of YouTube and the "Me at the Zoo" guy, wrote a monologue in the description opposing the dislike removal.

2 The Rise of That Vegan Teacher

God, I have so much hatred for this grandma. She turned the n-word into a positive acronym, disrespected the victims of 9/11, and compared George Floyd's death to animals being eaten. Yet Susan did nothing.

Remember the time when PewDiePie accidentally said the n-word and got punished? Where's this woman's penalty? TikTok banned her, but YouTube didn't. Why?

I first found her on TheTopTens list based on her, and now every day on YouTube, I see memes of her on my recommended. It's so annoying. She overreacts and threatens people who eat meat, turned the n-word into a positive acronym, disrespected the victims of the 9/11 attacks (of course all because they ate meat, but what if there are vegans who died too?), and made George Floyd's quote "I can't breathe" into a song.

This makes me want to lose faith in humanity. How do these people exist?

3 Verified Bots Become Out of Control

What's worse than a bot? A verified bot. YouTube is doing absolutely nothing against them. All they do is spam some random link on every commentary channel which contains viruses. Where's YouTube now?

There are so many stupid bots spamming stuff like "This song is a masterpiece" without even listening to it.

Oh gosh, I remember falling for the first one I saw. A few days or weeks later, they were constantly spam uploading "free Robux" videos. That was when I fortunately decided to be smart and unsubscribe from them.

4 Susan Gives Herself the Free Speech Award

The biggest joke of the century. This woman is acting like a dictator by imposing censorship, removing dislikes, punishing innocent creators, and not doing anything about actual criminals. This pretty much shows what a narcissist she is. This is just like giving Kim Jong Un a Nobel Peace Prize.

Even though she is very anti-free speech and punishes people who criticize her.

Woah, woah, woah! She deserves a Worst YouTuber Award! That is so criminal!

5 "Charlie Bit My Finger" Gets Deleted

This video was legendary, one of the most watched non-music videos on YouTube. But because the father of the children got greedy, he decided to delete this video and auction it as an NFT, claiming that no one would be able to screenshot it from there. But little does he know that many YouTubers will keep re-uploading it.

This is one of the reasons why I hate NFTs. Not only because they're obvious scams, but they also ruined Charlie Bit My Finger, and also Nyan Cat. At least Nyan Cat wasn't deleted from YouTube.

6 Mrbeast Gets Cancelled for Recreating Squid Game

The same people getting mad at MrBeast and screaming "Eat The Rich" at the top of their lungs are those who waste $500 at Starbucks just for themselves, waste $1000 every week to buy a new iPhone, and waste $1500 at Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or any designer store just to buy a new bag or shoes. They don't bother giving a single penny to donation. They have the audacity to cry over MrBeast recreating a popular Netflix series because, according to them, he only watched the poor people suffer.

Jimmy has paid billions of dollars for the betterment of the poor and the environment, unlike those cancel culture morons on Twitter. Cancel culture, more like Cancer Culture.

7 The Jacksepticeye Situation

Poor Jack. He lost his father, and some people aren't leaving him alone. There are some failed abortions who keep spamming hateful comments against his dad who recently died. YouTube will not do anything until and unless it's any of Susan's sugar daddies or stud muffins being disrespected.

What kind of people insult a dead man? Talk about being rude.

8 Removal of the Discussion Tab

I don't even want to know how bad YouTube will be in the year 2030.

This sucks. They removed this. I never used it, but it still sucks it got removed.

9 YouTube Takes Down Mamamax's Video Based on Exposing Pedophiles
10 Cringey TikTokkers Taking Over

YouTube is now trying to be like TikTok with something new called "Shorts." I get that a few of my videos are shorts, but they are just ones I uploaded on my computer or phone, not recorded like a TikTok video. I can't imagine what the world will be like by 2030.

There are some good short videos, but many of them show that YouTube is becoming more like a TikTok rip-off, as many of the cringey TikTokkers are showing up on this site doing the worst stuff possible.

Remember when TikTok was just a song and not a website?

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11 You Cannot Watch Age Restricted Videos Anymore Unless You're 18

This is such a terrible decision. I get it, YouTube wanted to protect little kids from watching NSFW content, but at the same time, why not make this policy only for people who are under 15? Also, why haven't they restricted Lil Nas X or Cardi B's music videos when clearly there's full nudity and porn in them?

It should be 17+ because YouTube does not allow pornographic content.

This always sucks when you're under 18, but at least I am over 18, so I don't have to deal with this.

12 YouTube Deletes Pewdiepie's Cocomelon Disstrack

Fun fact: That Vegan Teacher has made more hateful remarks on Cocomelon because the characters are shown eating eggs, something which every person does. Yet they did nothing against her. When PewDiePie made an innocent diss track on Cocomelon, YouTube deleted this video. The double standards of Susan WoJong-Un are pretty infuriating.

13 Nonstop Self-Promotion
14 Increase in Robux Scam Posts

It's always the same generic expression meme where a bunch of bots try to scam users by sharing a fake link about Robux. Worse, there are no negative comments. Instead, there are other bots who praise the scammers by lying that the link is genuine. No matter how many times we mass report them, Wojcicki will not give a damn.

Despite the fact that this violates YouTube's terms and conditions, Susan does nothing about scammers.

15 Increase in the Number of Ads that Play Randomly During a Video

Having to deal with one ad was bad enough, but in June 2019, Susan got greedy and decided to give us stupid double ads.

Let's hope double ads don't become more common.

I've gotten three ads in a row before. Why?

16 The Nikocado Avocado Situation

This man is already showing signs of his death being near. He still doesn't understand what he's doing to himself. He keeps stuffing his face five times an hour, yet he still acts shocked when Penguinz0 talked about him. His ribs are broken, and he's bedridden, yet he still doesn't care.

This lump of meat has made multiple videos insulting Penguinz0 and Cory, and all they did was try to give him sincere advice. He even admitted he's close to death and made so many videos where he's crying about being disabled.

17 The Rise of Alt-Right Fascists Like PragerU
18 YouTube Bans Raging Golden Eagle for Anime Girl Thumbnails, Claiming "Multiple or Severe Violations on YouTube's Policy on Nudity or Sexual Content."
19 TPOT 1 Releases

The video that ruined an iconic series.

20 Diesel Patches Leaves the Site

Diesel Patches was actually one of the most underrated channels on this site, which Susan couldn't tolerate because he kept exposing her and those goons she didn't want to punish. He was one of the funniest commentary channels on this site, and he got demonetized for making some crude sex jokes in his videos. When Keemstar did the same, he was left unpunished.

21 CoryxKenshin's First Strike
22 SuperMarioLogan Sent a Cease and Desist by Nintendo
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