Best I Am Jemboy Mashups/Remixes

In case you don't know him, I am Jemboy is a Youtuber who makes mashups by using video game soundtracks (with anime and cartoon themes also occurring) and mixing it with other popular music, mainly being rap and hip hop. So what I decided to do is make a Top 10 list of what I personally think are his best tracks.
The Top Ten
1 The Legend of Zelda: Crunk of the Wild

What to say about this? Well first off, it uses one of the best songs of Breath of the Wild, that being Tarrey Town (all versions). Then he adds a LOT of songs, all featuring the singer Lil John in some shape or form. Overall, if you enjoy mashups, this is a much watch!

2 Thikmin

I'm gonna admit it, the only reason this one is here is just because of the visuals. Seriously! He got all of the Nintendo girls here! BotW Zelda, Peach, Daisy, Midna, Wii Fit, Samus, Twintelle, the only ones not present are Jigglypuff and Isabelle, and they're in the backgrounds! As a bonus to the excellent visuals, it mixes Pikmin's Forest of Hope with Kelis' Milkshake and Notorious B.I.G. Bust a Nut, along with some other songs.

3 Watch Me Bend

This is his best remix, being a remix of The Legend of Korra's end credits theme. Not much more to say here, so check it out!


A mashup of Wonderwall with lyrics sung by Animal Crossing's own K.K. Slider, this one is a delight, if not only because of the visuals being black and white clips of the original Animal Crossing ads, but the instrumental itself is nice, and K.K. wraps it all together nicely for one heck of a mashup!

5 Roll It Off

Taylor Swift's Shake It Off with Star Fox's Corneria, this one is another oddity. It's still a good one nonetheless, and you might wanna check it out before it gets another copy right strike.

6 Strike Right Now

Mainly hear because it's a Shovel Knight mashup, this song mixes Strike the Plains from Shovel Knight with Rita Ora's Hot Right Now. And you can't go wrong with Shovel Knight, am I right?

7 The Tipsy of Us

A Last of Us song with a J-Kwon one, this one is an odd delight. Where Jemboy got the idea to mix such an emotional song with one about getting wasted, I don't know. I also don't know hwy I'm just mentioning this at number 7. Filler? Anyways, he uses The Path (New Beginning Version) and Tipsy. If you can't guess where each song is from, you aren't that bright.


Animal Crossing's Wild World theme mixed with several hip hop songs like Shake That and Bad Touch. This is also one of his more infamous songs, so finding it should be a breeze!

9 Ruby Gloom Theme - Booty Gloom

This one is a remix of the Ruby Gloom theme to be made like hip hop. Then there's the background...

10 Petalburg Dougie

Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door with Teach Me How to Dougie and traces of I Whip My Hair Back and Forth. And the background (Which is free download in the description) has Yoshi eating his own ass out. Need I say more?

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