Top 10 Most Overused YouTube Comments

Ever since YouTube's inception, the platform has not only become a hub for videos of all kinds, but also a breeding ground for a unique language of its own, particularly in the comments section. And like any language, it has its common phrases, reused and recycled time and time again.

"First!" or "Who's watching this in [insert year]?" might already be springing to mind. The comments section of YouTube is a fascinating place. It's where users from all around the world gather to share their thoughts, their jokes, their insights, and yes, sometimes their repeated phrases. These comments have made us chuckle, groan, or simply shake our heads in amusement.
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1 kys
2 Last time I was this early [continue]

Last time I was this early I didn't care, oh wait no one did either.

Last time I was this early, I died.

3 If I get [blank] likes I'll ask my crush out

Why the hell do you need likes to ask your crush out?

Please we all know you just want the likes.

4 This song is soooooooo... [read more]  Fabulous
5 Who else came here from [blank]

It doesn't annoy me that much,but literally 50% of us came from that on person.

6 A B C E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Notice anything? The d is out for Harambe

Bring back the letter 'D', because doctors won't exist without the 'D' at the start.

7 "Insert anything with a fanbase" is cancer
8 1 like for your crush to kiss you 1 subscribe you will win the lottery ignore and you will get killed

If you like this, you'll add a +1 to this comment.

9 (Insert year) called and wanted one of its (insert horrible item) back
10 First!

Definitely. I see these comments all the time, even when they aren't the first ones.

No one cares that you're the first to comment, do you want a cookie or something?

But...this video already has 20 comments that were made 30 minutes earlier than you?

The Contenders
11 Oof

People use this to reference the Roblox death sound, which I understand but like the death sound it's annoying and it ruins every comments section of a video whenever I see it. 9 times out of 10 when I look at a comments sections, someone puts this out and I hate it. It's very unoriginal nowadays and those who posted such phrase should've just put up something else. In short, kill this and the death sound for Heaven's sake.

This is so copy and paste on people's comments and it's still like that today. If I were Thanos and have a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet then I would snap my fingers to wipe out those who would stupidly put this so called "word" onto their comments. I just wished this never got used as a copy and paste word for people's comments from the very beginning

12 All those [insert number of] dislikers are [insert negative adjective or noun]
13 Top 10 anime *insert subject here*

These comments are very annoying and have nothing to do with the video.

People who post this annoying comment are unfunny and annoying.

People mostly comment on this when the video isn't even anime.

14 Who's watching in [year]?

Almost on every video..You think you'll find a bit of info for the particular video and this stupid comments appears...

These comments are not only shallow and pathetic, but eventually become dated.

Who views my comment in a year that is currently happening?

15 Darude-Sandstorm
16 That one guy called LuckyMusiqLive that says 'my kid was born in the waiting room while this was playing I decided to call him/her [blank]'
17 It's my birthday today can I get some likes

That's what you're doing on your birthday? Sad life.

It's not my birthday so give me likes now.

18 (Insert character/person in video) is savage AF lmao
19 Autistic
20 Cancer

I hate it when people call something they don't like "cancer" or "cancerous".

21 pls sub to my channel

So many of these, it's crazy. "please sub to my channel and I'll sub to you back".

They probably won't and secondly, you don't want inactive subscribers.

22 Nobody: Not a Single Soul:

I'm gonna bash your opinion on liking and making this comment (it's a joke).

This was funny once but now it's just a boring joke template.

23 Cringe

People just comment this randomly, because no one knows what this word actually means anymore.

24 This song will be played at my funeral.

People who comment this don't even have a funeral.

25 OMG this is so fake at ...  you can clearly see...
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