Best PBG Hardcore Contestants

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1 McJones

McJones is what makes Hardcore so exciting. He puts himself in danger to help others, and it ends up making us clench that he doesn't die since he's usually the most knowledgeable and most skilled. He also has a great sense of humor. Look at Terraria HC 2.

He has made up some of the funniest jokes in HC: Prof McJones being constantly interrupted, "uh oh... I guess I... Get the running boots... Well Crap!," The penguin who always starts with a G, etc.

2 Barry

Barry is the coolest guy on the series, virtually no argument there. The thing that makes him great is how he acts as a lone wolf sometimes, such as how he went out on his own expeditions in MC#2. We will always remember that time he tried to kill a bat and almost died.

But his best moment by far is at the end of MC#2, when he was the last survivor, thus making the Barry show. A chaotic episode where he starts going crazy and talking to his Wither Skull Jeffrey. He also carried the Dean Sword, the sword infused with the spirit of Dean.

He also won MC#1 with Jon, and then beat him in a fight to the death. His friends might sometimes forget he is there, but we never will.

3 ProJared

Important question... WHY DOES JARED ALWAYS DIE IN THE SADDEST WAYS!? In MC#2, he pretty much sacrificed himself. In 3, he got swarmed. In DayZ, he was the last hope. In MineZ, he was the first to die. But in MC#5, it gets really sad.

He got shoved into lava by a spider and tried to pass on the only diamond sword. This was also soon after Barry died, which just makes it even worse. But other than that, Jared is still great. "Maybe there's some stone in this donkey," "I made mushroom soup," and of course, "I FOUND A POTATO!"

4 Dean

He's so hype, always an anime, made the term wiggly-squiggly, signature screech, his mineshaft, his existence in season 1, that signature screech, who needs a map, and his death in Terraria#2 was kind of hilarious. Love him or hate him, he earns his spot on this list.


The host of the series, without whom we wouldn't have one. So he kind of has to be on this list. The other things that get him here include when he was alone in MineZ and his gummy worms as Arthur in MC#5.

6 JonTron

Well... Jon's hilarious. Lava lamp, Dennis Rodmantron, Dunkin Donuts employee, the terrible house. And was so fun to watch in Terraria#1. Why? He played the game so recklessly he could've died like ten times (yet he was the third survivor). Plus he also destroyed the Ender Dragon in MC#1, so there's that too.

7 Space Hamster (Jeff)

Jeff's pretty much always been a fun character, especially since he was both Jar Jar and Shrek. Jeff makes everything the group does better. But... he's starting to become a regular and do we really need five? Oh yeah, I also blame him for Jared's death in MC#5 even though he didn't have much to do with it.

8 Ray

As this list is being made, MC#5 is still going on. If he dies next, I don't know. But I always appreciate a new contestant, and Ray seems to be a cool guy.

9 Smooth McGroove Max Gleason, better known by his stage name of Smooth McGroove, is a YouTuber known for recording re-arranged a cappella versions of video game music.

I just had fun watching him. Especially when he was the sole survivor.

10 Brutalmoose

This mainly gets him here from his YouTube channel than on the actual series.

The Contenders
11 Lucahjin
12 MatPat
13 NintendoCapriSun
14 Yungtown (Terraria HC 3)
15 Chadtronic
16 Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.
17 Proton Jon
18 DidYouKnowGaming? (Shane)

I found him to be an actual good competitor, and *SPOILER* I could see him and Max beating the game. Alas...

19 Kyrak
20 RubberRoss
21 Super Minecraft Kid

He was great in World War 3. His screams of terror scared off the evil traitor that was SammyClassicSonicFan as he saved Dean's life. Sure, he killed McJones for liking Terraria.

22 Satchbag

He isn't memorable, but he was there.

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