Top 10 Saddest YouTube Breakups

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1 Jeana Smith & Jesse Wellens

This was a revolution in internet star breakups. They were together for a whopping 10+ years. Eventually they shocked the whole internet in a wakeup call when they announced they broke up.

SO SAD! They were together for so long and then they just broke up... They were truly the best YT Couple ever! I miss them so much, it's like they don't even post anymore. :(

2 Colleen Ballinger & Joshua Evans
3 Alli Speed & Charles Trippy
4 Lisa Schwartz & Shane Dawson
5 Matthew Lush & Nick Laws
6 Kian Lawley & Andrea Russett
7 Anthony Padilla & Kalel Cullen
8 Stevie Boebi & Sarah Croce
9 Zac Deck & Kenzie Elizabeth
10 Kyle & Heather Hansen

Kyle Hansen, known for his channel Bitwit (which was formerly named AwesomeSauceNews) broke up with Heather Hansen after 8+ years, leading to a video announcement on January 27th 2021.

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11 PopularMMOs & GamingWithJen

I stopped watching them after hearing this.
I literally cried.
They were the first youtubers I ever watched.
When I heard they broke up something broke in me.
They took me through the bad days.
They took me through the tough days.
Watching their videos was the only thing that kept me sane.
I can't believe that this happened.

I honestly just kept watching the old videos. Pat and Jen were perfect together in my opinion, I will always be sad that they broke up.

Why did they break up...? That is so sad, they seemed like they were perfect for each other and then the next thing I know, they broke up. :(

12 FaZe Adapt & Adrianna
13 Kenzie Ziegler & Isaak Presley

They broke up after less than a year together after Isaak Presley cheated on Kenzie. So much potential for a good future for them together wasted.

14 Annie LeBlanc & Asher Angel
15 Liza Koshy & David Dobrik

For years Liza Koshy & David Dobrik were some of the best couples you could ever imagine in the world. They'e belonged together in ways you couldn't imagine. In 2018 they released a video where they broke up, shocking YouTube & the world, yet breaking the internet with such tragedy. Yet it was a historic breakup on YouTube. They happened to be some of the most popular YouTubers & had the best potential at being together for their life, but their breakup was completely unexpected & no one saw it coming. It was viewed a jaw-dropping 17M+ times in the 1st 24 hours! That's more than all the people that ever subscribed to either of their channels, making it 1 of the most non-music videos by comparison (by comparison, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus got ~12.3M views in 24 hours, making it Miley's 2nd biggest YT debut only behind Don't Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande featuring her & Lana Del Rey which got ~21.5M views in 24 hours). It currently has over 68M views & no other video by David came anywhere close to this in any matter. Yet even to this day we're not over the fact they broke up out of the blue.

16 Lucas Cruikshank & Jennifer Veal

Jennifer Veal was Nanny Agatha from Jessie & collaborated & made friends with Lucas Cruikshank for over a year, 2013 to 2014, posting random videos until they broke up & now she has her own solo channel & Lucas's is now just Lucas.

17 Jeffree Star & Nathan Schwandt

This hit YouTube & their fans really hard. Jeffree Star (known for makeup) & Nathan Schwandt broke up after 5 years together. This was worse than David Dobrik & Liza Koshy's breakup & at that time the worst since Jaclyn & Jon Hill's. His video's by far the saddest in early 2020.

18 Jaclyn & Jon Hill

Jaclyn Hill's not only known for being a beauty guru, but was known for her relationship with Jon Hill for 8.8 years until she broke up with him, shocking her fanbase & YouTube. We haven't had a breakup after a long marriage like this at the time since Jeana Smith & Jesse Wellens' breakup after 10 years though. Never forget.

19 Scotty Sire & Kristen McAtee

After 5 years together Scotty Sire & Kristen McAtee broke up on February 5th, 2020. It'll never be the same life for them or their content anymore.

20 Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

They were together & even once hinted potential future marriage (yet Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi) but instead they broke up after 2.5 years.

21 Katie Betzing & Josh Brueckner

They just broke up after 2 years. Just like Liza & David.

22 Laurdiy & Alex Wassabi
23 Damon Dominique & Jo Franco

In December 2019 they broke up after years together. They set up their own individual channels.

24 Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

They've been together for practically 10 years before breaking up in a shocking way. This seems to be the ultimate breakup on YouTube time wise & definitely role the internet. The news got countless views on all platforms & hashtags were constant. Never forget the unforgettable event this truly was.

25 Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

They were together & best friends until March 4th 2021 when Lele left LA CA to move to Miami FL after dating Guaynna. They were together for over 6 years.

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