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1 Username:666

It does indeed take the cake how creepy it is in #1. Not only is it now an YouTube easter egg by removing the H in the YouTube video URL (Which avoid nightmares by avoiding it) leading to a video by a user named 666, but of the graphic, nasty disgusting and disturbing subject matter bound to cause nightmares and possibly sleep paralysis

HAS TO BE #1. The whole video is disturbing but the hand part is 100% guaranteed to cause you insomnia and/or nightmares.

I remember when I was six or seven years old, I was scared of this video so much that I I couldn't even sleep at night.

2 The Swedish Rhapsody
3 Dining Room or There Is Nothing

This is awfully cringe

It's really scary

I hate her face

4 Obey The Walrus

Obey the walrus just is sad. It's now a horror meme about a walrus being obeyed, showing a drag queen ballerina with polio making movements while something plays in Spanish. It is sad, and I'm not the only one who thinks it making fun of a person with a disease.

It's about a person named Johnny Bayma or Goddess Bunny who suffered polio. Man, the documentary was just sad but I'm glad I don't have nightmares after one video about a ballerina who have quirky movements and stared to your soul at the camera as the video ended.

This video is sad. How does a transgender girl with a movement disability and The creator of the video just wants to make fun of her for views

5 I Feel Fantastic

I feel fantastic has creepy distorted music while a female robot sings how she feels fantastic. If you want to know the story the description plays out, it's all made up about a killer who strips his victim's articles of clothing and puts them on the robot, specifically female victims. It's so disturbing I won't explain it much, so go look it up yourself if you're brave enough to do so one day.

Watch this video and don't sleep for a week.

I'm agreed this is scary


This gave me insomnia, that face makeup made me scared of looking at anyone with makeup

I voted for this. But only because it's the scariest one on this list that I've fully watched. If I hadn't had to click out of Agamemnon Counterpart because I couldn't handle the screaming and if I had the guts to watch Suicidemouse.avi, I'd probably vote for either of those.

The real reason I voted for this is because ShayeSaintJohn is a scary uploader. Fun fact- It didn't deserve it but on Top15s Channel's video it got No. 1 for the scariest video on YouTube.

The scariest part of the video (even though I only voted for this video because it's the scariest one I've watched out of I Feel Fantastic, Scary Makeup Tutorial, There Is Nothing, etc.)? The scariest part is the ending that SERIOUSLY throws you off. It just shows the beginning all over again, the beginning in which shows the mannequin who is (supposedly, if you read the description) named Preena's cousin asking Shaye Saint John-

"Shaye? Are you still doing that hand thing? "

7 Body of a Pig

I saw that creepy ass ghost at the end. I'll never explore a crawlspace for the rest of my life

I can't stop thinking of this in my sleep.

8 Don’t Move
9 Scary Maze Game
10 Bedfellows
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11 He Took His Skin Off For Me

This is downright unsettling. How is he still alive tho!?!

12 Scary Car Commercial

This used to be with those trendy screamer/pop-up jumpscares in the past years. Kids or adults would prank each other by putting on a commercial where a zombie or ghost pops up, screaming after a bit of tranquil music and seeing the car drive down, scaring the crap out of the prank target. This was actually part of an ad campaign by a k-fee drink company, thus earning its name "K-fee screamer". Other variants exist such as a gargoyle, a reboot, and etc.

Quite possibly the scariest thing I've ever seen! A rotten corpse screaming? No, sir.

Scared me so much.

13 Mass of Daddy Long Legs In a Tree

No, Daddy Long Legs aren't venomous to that one person who said they were. They're completely harmless, look it up. With that aside, it'll make your skin crawl if you're an arachnophobic.

Yikes! Daddy has long, hairy legs that can kill you with their venom!

14 Cursed Kleenex Commercial

The cursed Kleenex commercial from Japan shows a woman in a white kimono or gown, as she's with a baby who looks like an oni (an ogre)sitting there with its arms crossed. People said it's cursed, and you should not watch it. However, these are just rumors meant to be popular and believed on platforms such as YouTube. Also, fun fact: The woman in the white kimono gown and the baby, are inspired by anime characters from an anime. Hope that fun fact has comforted you from those scares.

15 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared or DHMIS, is a disturbing puppet show (Seriously, we had Candle Cove, now we need some other creepy thing surrounding puppets?)good enough to have a creepypasta. All episodes start out lighthearted until it descends into a madness full of blood and gore. It's that disturbing. If you're weak in the stomach to blood, gore, and horror themes, this show is not for you.

I don't think this is scary compared to the other YouTube horrors. However it is so much better because it always has different scenes. Like, all other YouTube horrors that I've seen are scary to start with, but get boring after a while, this doesn't do that - Unnamed Google User Remade

I don't remember but DHMIS 5 or something had a part where a character's stomach was ripped apart and devoured by some crazy looking puppet, they even used real meat. I honestly don't know how that vid wasn't flagged but that was exactly what I wanted to see when I was into this series back when I was young

16 The Wyoming Incident

It's a TV incident in Wyoming said to induce vomiting, soreness, hallucinations, and more. It's that creepy when you stare at it long enough. So, don't risk getting these symptoms watching the real thing.

Extremely Disturbing and its said if you watch it for a long time you start to get nightmares, vomiting, sore head and visual hallucinations

17 SuicideMouse.avi

You know, this is my favorite creepypasta. It has Mickey walking in streets, depressed because his friends, including his wife died. We then hear a crying/moaning sound, and we hear a woman screaming looped, which goes on before Mickey fully gets deformed, and falls down, leaving a syringe behind. This may suggest he was on drugs and hallucinated his friends dying and him dying in the end. The reason they include suicide is because a man working at Disney shot himself. In Russian they say "The sights of hell brings its viewers." The looped scream comes from psycho, a horror movie.

Thank you! That video gave me nightmares. You just see Mickey mouse walking with a frown on his face. A few minutes later, he smiles as you hear moaning and a woman screaming. It's believed that the screams are actual recordings of a woman being, well you get the idea. Somebody had shot themself with a gun after they said "Real suffering is not known." So yeah, nope!

18 Baby Laugh a Lot Original Commercial

It just makes people dislike dolls that look creepy and sound creepy, but what the heck?! It's targeted towards children. they could've suffered nightmares from that doll!

19 Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial

So glad it's fake.

20 The Hand Demon

Scariest video of all time. Period.

21 torturesoup.avi

It's sad and creepy. It's bad people in Raymond's mascots Ray Ray, feeding a distressed man soup. He starts crying, and they caress him WHILE feeding him soup. It's something you'd see out of the dark web, and it's disturbing and disgusting seeing the poor dude being touted like this (hence the name "torturesoup.avi"). And guess what, Raymond got into some hot water because people thought his mascots were doing this to a man they captured

22 Pencil Face
23 Lights Out
24 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
25 Butcher's Hook
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