Best Alternative Bands of All Time

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Nirvana is clearly the best band ever!
Kurt Cobain is amazing!
They should be number one!
I really don't think Nirvana should be number 1. They are awesome and great musicians come on they had like 3 good albums
Why the hell is this after linkin park? They definitely deserve to be at the top spot.
How the heck is Linkin Park possibly number 1? Nirvana is one of the greatest and more influential bands of all time, rated the 30th greatest musical act of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. Linkin Park, although a good band, is absolutely nothing compared to Nirvana.
[Newest]If you think Nirvana is overrated, you should really go on a wider variety than songs like "Lithium" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Nirvana deserves this position, more than anyone on this list. For those of you who can't be convinced, I'll point out some ridiculously overrated bands myself: Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance, Coldplay, and Panic! At the Disco. Nirvana was a very good band, especially for a three-person group. And the fact that they only had a few albums makes their overall impact even more impressive. Nirvana isn't my favorite alternative band, but I can't deny that they are the best.
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2Linkin Park
Well linkin park has always been loved by people. All of their songs are great and famous. So they really deserve this spot. We all love you linkin park...
Linkin park, you have that power which I want in a music. I'm truly like all your songs...
I think you are a catalyst to the rock music, without you rock is incomplete.
Amazing band with the rare ability to expand and create genres.
They are not afraid to experiment, and they take pride in every song they write. Their popularity is well-deserved.
[Newest]I know that I'm going to get a LOT of flack for this, but I really don't get why so many people like them. Nu-metal is one of my least favorite genres and they fit right in there. Also, there not really an alternative band (although it's a broad term). I respect your opinion if you enjoy them, I'm just a little baffled that so many people enjoy (in my opinion) a subpar band.
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3Green Day
Green Day is my entire life! When Green Day is over so is my life! That is how much I love their music!
Go listen to their song. Then come vote. GREEN DAY rules. If you know vh1, their favorite Band is vh1. Don't care what you think but GD IS AWESOME. Observe the pattern.
GOOD-o=GOD-o=GD. At every stage, it gets better. Their inspired by the ramones. They used to have another drummer for their 1st albums. Together, billie, tre and mike have formed the gods of alt and punk. Rock
Green Day on 4th? Seriously! I mean Linkin Park on 1st? Seriously, something is wrong! Green day should be no. 1!
[Newest]How the hell is Green Day higher than incubus?!?!?!? There must be some mistake
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they are indeed the best! they have a huge range of songs! >><<
look at songs like don't panic, clocks, warning sign, the scientist, fix you, politik, life in technicolor, viva la vida, violet hill, strawberry swing, lovers in japan, green eyes, a message, trouble, in my place, shiver, speed of sound, sparks, high speed,... the list never ends... as their immortal talent... they are rightly the numero uno of alternative rock band of all time!
True that! This is the best band ever. I think I've listened to Viva la Vida about 100 times in the past couple of days! Incredible. Absolutely incredible! I think a lot of people agree!


The best bands of all times are from england. Coldplay is one of them. You know? coldplay music helps you a lot. When you hear it you feel like a God. Songs like Yellow, The Scientist, trouble, Fix you, Viva La Vida, Lovers in Japan, Clocks, In my Place, Gravity, White Shadows, Square One, Sparks, Green Eyes, Violet hill, Shiver, etc.
The Best Song Of Theirs Is Speed Of Sound. Its Is So Much Of A Modern Music. Wish I Could Make Songs Like Those.
[Newest]The best band ever. Period.
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Radiohead are one of the best bands I've heard, I love all their music and the uniqueness of what they do. Awesome band
There utilization of sound is unparalleled. They feel a rhythm, set a mood, and construct lyrics accordingly. They are also continually inspired to experiment, leaving them ahead of the curve when compared to other bands in their cumbersome "genre".
RADIOHEAD, the BEST band in the world


[Newest]Radiohead, the best band ever!
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Muse is awesome. Nobody can beat them, no matter what anybody else says. In my own world and Muse is at the center of it! Muse deserves to be at the top of every alternative and rock chart out there. Or at least that's my opinion.
11th place?!?!... Silly public voting systems... Let the experts vote muse would be 1st
I first saw them at the grammys 2011 and I've been their biggest fan since. Search 'muse wembley' into youtube, you will be blown away!
[Newest]They haven't only got a great vocalist, but the music muse have come up with is unique and amazing. All the members are talented and great live. Muse is one of my favourite bands.
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7Red Hot Chili Peppers
These guys are one of the best bands around if you haven't heard Blood Sugar Sex Magik or Calfornication then you missing out on so much these guys got me into rock!
They're just like the alternative angel sent by the gods of rock..
They wave the sound just like moving the earth..
Not exactly funk not exactly alt rock, but wonderful nonetheless. Highly reccomend Blood Sugar Sex Magik and The Uplift Mof* Party plan. *= o


[Newest]This is the greatest band of all time. Check out By The Way, don't Forget Me, Purple Stain, Universally Speaking, Californication, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Under the Bridge, Annie Wants a Baby, Even You Brutus, Snow (hey oh), wet sand, Soul To Squeeze, and I guess another good one is Fortune Faded. Greatest band of all time. And they are still making music.
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8My Chemical Romance
FAVORITE BAND EVER! They sing about real problems and feelings, not just getting drunk and partying
My Chemical Romance is amazing! They are my favourite band ever. They always change it up, and their new album did it! It is like an amazing dystopian novel, and this is it in song form. Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.
My chemical romance is amazing. In ways more than a band as well, they save LIVES
[Newest]My Chemical Romance is the best band ever period.
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9Foo Fighters
In this day and age where music has to be "PRODUCED" into somewhat crappy air-able songs, this band stands head and shoulders above the rest. Every song on every CD sounds exactly the same at the live show. They are a group of musicians who have become masters of their craft. I went to see Skin and Bones in Seattle WA at the Key Arena and it was the BEST live show I have ever seen in my life to this day.
Foo Fighters its a band who has been playing since 1995, and since then they keep innovating, every album they made its absolutely well done, with lots of passion. I do really think that they are one of the best alternative bands ever
Oh my god! Foo Fighters are one of the most important bands ever in my opinion, hence the reason that they headline almost every music festival that they are invited to play at, and sold out Wembley Stadium at a concert! Nirvana were a shadow of a band but somehow got second! :O
[Newest]What if I say I'm not one of the others
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10Three Days Grace
Best music I ever heard! love it, and listening it 24/7.
the lyrics that they right are so koewl! I have 4 albums of them and like them all four!

they should be more famous!
Simply Phenomenal, these guys give the listener exactly what he desires to hear, they are one of the rare bands whom are famous for more than one song (Pain, Animal I Have Become, Never Too Late, The Good Life)... Most of the other bands on this list are loved for a certain song only, and this is what makes 3DG distinguished!


This band inspired me to start my musical career. There songs have so much feeling, Adam's voice is perfect. The rage shown in there songs is so inspiring. They are perfect. Name one song that they have made that's not amazing.
[Newest]This is a GREAT BAND bar none... Great Lyrics... Great Music... Should be higher, much higher
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The Contenders

1130 Seconds To Mars
30 Seconds to Mars puts more heart and soul into their music than any band I have ever known. Each song, each lyric, each beat, every video is a carefully thought out process of ideas from the brain of one mr. Jared Leto. He cares what he puts his name on and if it isn't the best you won't see it or hear it. They have the most devout group of fans I have ever known and the band appreciates each and everyone of them. that is why they are the best.
I have many favorite band's. Paramore and Muse and Nirvana and I can list a lot, I'm a terrible music fan, but 30 Seconds to Mars are my favorite band for 4 years. I will always vote for them!
they are the best alternative band of 2011. Come on they should at least be at the top tens, at No. 3 cause they are way way better than radio head. Original is not the best way to describe them, they are angelical
[Newest]30 Seconds To Mars is the very definition of amazing. A perfect mixture of beautiful lyrics, creative music videos and the best music has to offer
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R.E.M. should be way higher than it is. I mean they nearly invented alternative rock
Is this a joke or something?! R.E.M. 31. They INVENTED alternative rock. People are just dumb and they don't know good music when they hear it. Honestly, R.E.M. should be number one, no question about it.
Awesome band. I don't know how they do it, but every song is like an ornament, so beautifully crafted and so detailed. Wonderful.


[Newest]This is lower because too many young kids on here don't appreciate the valuable contribution of this amazing talent!

Any of the bands ranked above them in this poll would trade places with them in a second. Their unique sound, incredible music, and undeniable influence over time - musically and culturally - make U2 the giant of giants in this genre.
No one can compare to U2. No one can compare to their influence on rock music, and their epic albums.
Irish melody. Therapy? And Cranberries to follow.
[Newest]U2 is really a rock band, not alternative...

14Arctic Monkeys
If you think the Arctic Monkeys don't deserve the number 1 spot, That's Where You're Wrong. You may ask 'Who are Arctic Monkeys? '. Well, Only Ones Who Know their music will really appreciate their greatness.

In 2004 they released their demo album 'Beneath The Boardwalk', and ever since, they have been building their style Brick By Brick, releasing five studio albums, all containing Mad Sounds. I've done some Brainstorming, and I can think of 505 reasons why they are the best band in the world. I won't write them all, otherwise I'd still be here When the Sun Goes Down. But I will tell you that I have A Certain Romance with their music.

The Bad Thing about this site is that nobody appreciates good music. Seriously, it's berserk. So Snap Out of It, and vote for the Arctic Monkeys! And if not, Do Me a Favour and Leave Before the Lights Come On.

Linkin Park at number 1? Bah! Humbug
39! ! Best Band Ever! Should be up there in the top 5!
'I bet you look good on the dancefloor' - Best Punk/Indie song ever!
Open your ears people and listen to them, best group of the 21st century!
48? really, when there are bands like Panic! at the disco above? Come on people get your act together and vote! These are the best band around at the min and Alex turner is simple a genius! Vote! vote! and vote again!
[Newest]This is the only band on this list I truly like. Most of the others I seen on most hated or most overrated bands. People need to research. More

15The Killers
How?! How..?! HOW?! Did I mention "How? "? How the HELL are they so low down on the list? How are they only number 30? How did Linkin Park manage to get top spot yet the Killers are HERE? There must be an error, everybody I think you clicked the wrong vote button, just to clear everything- HERE IS THE KILLERS VOTE BUTTON, right there on the right.
There songs are amazing and have morals behind them which really get to your emotions, not forgetting covers such as Romeo ^^ Juliet (Dire Straits), Shadowplay (Joy Division) which they aced per usual. Need I say more? BRING THEM UP!
First off, calm down. You like the band, we got the idea. I really can't judge you since I never heard of them. Others may not have heard of them either. Secondly, don't force your opinion on other users. Just saying.


When You Were Young
Mr. Brightside
Sam's Town


The definided the glamorous indie rock and roll. Their songs are full of passion, originality and charisma. You care an love all the band mates Brandon Flowers (vocals, keyboard, ) Dave Keuning ( Guitar, backup vocals) Mark Stoermer ( Bass, backup vocals) and Ronnie Vanucci (Drums, persecution) unlike other bands that they care only for the singer. You'll see from Hot Fuss, Sam's Town, Day & Age to recent album Battle Born, how original, masterful, epic and how they band. A true band doesn't make the sound or turns into techno party ego's. A true band experiments different styles and makes songs to inspire generations.

- Ray Sierra, Juncos, Puerto Rico

A Killer Victim!
[Newest]I just really love the killers, their passion, their lyrics... just drives home I guess. No other band can evoke such raw emotion within me, for instance, Goodnight Travel Well causes me to tear up instantaneously. I love all of their songs and it doesn't matter what this list says.. the Killers will always be number one to me.
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16Pearl Jam
20 years relevant... Um, come on ladies and gents. It can't even be argued that they should be out of the top 5. Large range of styles through the years as well. There is a PJ song out there for everyone...
I love Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder uses his voice so well to convey the wonderful meaning in their songs, and they are good-hearted people and rock live! I vote them equal first with Linkin Park - they are my equal favourite bands in the world!
How is it possible that the likes of Evanescence, and Breaking Benjamin can be even thought of in the same sentence as Pearl Jam. Let alone rated higher, and I'm not even a big fan of Pearl Jam, but come on people. Pearl Jam is in the top 15 bands of all time. So they for sure deserve a rating higher then 16 for a genre they helped pioneer.
[Newest]What monkey buggering mouth breather thinks Foo Fighters, Green Day, or Lincoln Park are better than Pearl Jam? And Coldplay? They shouldn't even be in this category. Wow! The only band on this list that can compare is Nirvana.

17Breaking Benjamin
If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, that band would be Breaking Benjamin, hands down, no contest, etc. My favorite songs (no particular order):
Dance with the Devil
Evil Angel
Until the End
I Will Not Bow
Give me a Sign
Blow me Away
what I say can nevr convince you all you can do is listen and be amazed by their music
unbelievable band, they are amazing man!, all their songs makes me happy- well not all songs from saturate except medicate and wish I may-. but the only bad thing that some times they use bad words, in some songs to all of them.
[Newest]They're an all round great band. I mean, their songs have meaning, they have catchy melodies and have songs that can make your head move by itself. Now IF it was just me, Breaking Benjamin would be in the top 5 without a doubt.
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18Blink 182
Blink 182 is one of the ONLY bands that gets into you.
They're funny, creative and have a way with words.
Can't wait for their new album! GO BLINK 182.
Mark, Travis and Tom!
most funny & talented, relaxed band I've ever seen. my favourite! they're exactly what I understand under alternative.
I have been listening all the ten suggested songs by them... Each one of them were good... Am loving the band by now
[Newest]Blink 182 can not be beaten they are 100% the best band to walk the PLANET!

Keane are an English alternative rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1997. The group currently comprises Tim Rice-Oxley (piano, backing vocals), Tom Chaplin (lead vocals, guitar), Richard Hughes (drums, percussion) and Jesse Quin (bass guitar, percussion), who first played with the band in late 2007 during the concerts of the single The Night Sky. Their original line-up included founder and guitarist Dominic Scott, who left in 2001.
I remember how I found Keane's music and how I fell in love with them. So many people seem to like Coldplay, The Killers or U2 more just because they're more famous. Everybody knows these bands. I guess the 'magic' of Keane is hidden. Not everyone is able to find it. Anyway, I love their wonderful lyrics, melodies and of course Tom Chaplin's golden vocals. Just listen to Keane songs like 'This is the Last Time', 'Crystal Ball', 'Nothing in My Way', 'My Shadow', 'Sovereign Light Café', 'Perfect Symmetry', 'We Might As Well Be Strangers' or 'Disconnected'. I bet at least one of these songs will take your breathe away!
Keane are simply brilliant- no matter how much hypocritical slagging off the NME does, they still continue to succeed, and have long outlived many other bands that have tried to mock them in an attempt to be cool. Keane are a very talented band, and also very gracious and kind people; it's great that they've remained as down to earth as they were before the first of their five number one albums came out!
[Newest]Amazing vocals, meaningful songs, music that compliments the vocals.
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Not sure that it is alternative, but they rocks!
I love their live performance. Amy Lee has beautiful voice
listen bring me to life or my immortal then vote
great voice
amy lee rocks
The best and most beautiful eyes open my heart to keep up her mind as it navigates life's meaning in the song evanescence, who inspires all of my steps on the way to achieve a dream of light.
[Newest]Why 20? They are not exactly alternative band but they are one of the rock god bands!

Weezer in 26? have you heard some songs like "Buddy Holly", "Dope Nose", "Hash Pipe", "We Are All on Drugs", "Say It Ain't So"... Weezer has many great songs, you should hear it


Are you kidding me? Weezer is the best band I've ever known. Haunt You Everyday is the best song when we were felt alone...
And I want to see gigs with Weezer, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead and Blur there..
Most classic hits per band. Hands down a million people know more than one of their songs off the top of their head
[Newest]Best of the west

22The White Stripes
The White Stripes hold that sense of rock and blues foundation that everyone should at least try out. Distinctive unadorned musical attack with Jack on guitar and vocals and Meg's drumming creating that perfect sense of straightforward, raw alternative rock. The duo is genuine, they stick to their roots and do their thing like no one else can.
This actually makes me angry this duo are by far and a way the best alt rock group ever. Its called alternative rock and there's nothing like the white stripes out there not even the raconteurs with the same person from the white stripes are in the white stripes league
How on earth are those other bands so high up? The White Stripes brought this genre to public attention and this band only has two members. Really unique band and better than all those bands above.


[Newest]Can we be honest and say that this band is a MAJOR one hit wonder

One of my favorite band I have ever heard. They are really different than others. Wonderwall, Stand by me, Supersonic, Champagne supernova were my favorite. Once I listened many times their songs at my age of 24-28. I have a dream to listen their live songs. I wish I could...
One of the greatest indie alternative rock music bands. It is one of my favorite bands (probably the first one) that I listen to their music since their beginning. Especially in the 90's it was something else. British really have it for this kind of music! Definitely, it should be in the top ten. I'm waiting for their reunion..
Brilliant band, although it's a shame they seperated. I'm very glad they've put together Beady Eye, though - missing Noel, but still a great band
[Newest]I can't believe oasis in 22

I idolize Paramore! Based on everyone's opinion I think Paramore should've at least been number five. Based on my opinion it should've been number one! Screw Linkin Park (I love them too, but not as much as Paramore).
The best band ever. How are they not in the top ten?
They're music is beautiful, but on a different level than most bands. Lyrics that make no sense at first, capture the pain and angst that haunt people's lives. We all connect with Paramore's songs at some level.
They are the greatest band...
They have some awesome riffs. Hayley, the vocalist, has some POWERFUL voice. The drums on their songs are so good, and I don't know what else to say! Just listen to some of their songs, like "Turn it off", "My Heart", "All we know", "The Only Exception", and of course "Misery Business".
[Newest]I love their unique way of making music.

Simply the best. This whole chart is a joke. Has anyone even heard Vamos!? Thought this was alt rock, not pop rock.
The most inffluential alt band ever. Only one bad song per album, greatest band of their generation, no questions asked.
Pixies should be so much higher. They are alternative rock and set it's standards for all time after. If you are the band that inspired Kurt Cobain, you deserve to be a lot higher than 25.
[Newest]Sorry. I got so excited, I misspelled Jane's Addiction. Lol.

54, Really? Who is voting pre-teens born in the early 2000s? Come on guys lets get those votes in and move Incubus to at least the top 10...
Incubus are Genius

Their is no band in the world that could produce the same music as incubus.

Incubus never get old and although their last album isn't as good as the rest they still are a band you could listen to over and over again,

Best alternative band of all time

Should be top 10 for sure...


Been to every concert, love them

There's no bands that can produce the sound that they do.
[Newest]Are you serious? You young-uns need to do your research on the history of alternative music. Dig deeper than this group.

27Smashing Pumpkins
Lets see hear:
#1 Rap never had anything to do with alternative rock
#2 Grunge not alternative rock
#3 Punk rock not alternative rock
#4 Pop rock
#5 Finally an actual accurate entry
#6 Used to be Indie, now mainstream pop rock
#7 Punk rock
#8 Post Grunge/grunge
#9 Rap

What is wrong with you people. While all 9 of these might be good bands, only one of them is actually alternative rock, and they somehow made it into the top places.
The Smashing Pumpkins where here before almost all the other bands on this list and will be here after many are dead and gone. Their sound diversifies and changes with time, exploring alternative, metal, grunge, rock, hard rock, and rock opera. They have soul sinking ballads of depression, drug use and loss (Try Try Try, Tonight Tonight) and rage inducing rock numbers that make you want to scream and shout (Bullet With Butterfly Wings). The Smashing Pumpkins have never gotten the recognition that they should and it hurst to see them so low on this list.
Why are these below my chemical romance? What on earth is wrong with the world and the youth of today. Billy Corgan is a musical genius.
[Newest]The Smashing Pumpkins? Classic. Enough said.

28System of a Down
Dude its the
Serj Tankian voice
Shavo Odadjian bass
John Dolmayan drums
Daron Malakian guitar
What do you need
A lot of overrated, trashy bands are taking spots higher than this awesome band! These guys are so conscious about the society and have songs of meaning. (not a band singing about why they're angry and don't know why and smash their head on walls). Listen to their songs and you'll feel the difference... Then vote for them to be #1!
The greatest band of all time by far!


[Newest]These guys are amazing! They're experimental

29Panic! At The Disco
I was always told that I had to listen to music that defined my culture: pop, rap, hip hop, dance, blah blah blah. But I met someone who showed me Panic! And I just could never get the name out the back of my mind. One day out of sheer curiosity I looked them up. I now know all of their songs. P! ATD should be farther up because they change lives. Panic! At The Disco has made me an individual, because they're individual. They bring a unique sound to my life and those around me. So, keep those votes coming and support the powerful sounds of Panic! At The Disco!
Lots of people in the comments are bashing on Panic!, and I'll admit, at the beginning of listening to them, I didn't think they were that great either. But honestly, they have grown to be one of my absolute favorites. If you actually take time to go beyond the surface of the lyrics, there is amazing quality and depth. And not only that, they are so creative, and they create something absolutely new with each album. Alternative music is in the core of my heart because I always crave something new and different. And each Panic! Album has complete diversity with themes ranging from the Beatles, synth, pop, and punk. And their stage presence is also mentionable, as it is AMAZING. Recordings and videos just can't capture the full, rich, quality sound and timbre of Brendon's voice. You're blown away, and you have fun at the same time. And you can tell that the band has fun along with you, doing backflips, dancing, and interacting with the crowd. Panic! Is amazing, and I adore them.
Panic! At The Disco is a band that has made a lot of creative songs since their first album. I do not get why they are ranked so low. One thing I find good on their albums is that no album sounds the same. The first was unique, combining classical and techno, the 2nd sounding more of the 60's and the third combining both the albums. They are a lot more creative than some of the bands ranked above them like Tokio hotel and Creed. Come on, how come creed is at that number?
[Newest]Simply, my favorite band
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For many people, they think OneRepublic is just a pop band. But this is not true. Their style of music ranges in all sorts of different genres (ranging from rock to orchestra to gospel to electronic and so on) and they are one of the few "genreless" bands out there. And if a band is genreless and does not have a specific genre or style, then they qualify to be placed into the ALTERNATIVE category, which OneRepublic certainly is. And in my opinion, I think they are one of the best bands in the alternative category as lots of their songs they write have meaning and every song does not sound the same at all. And finally, this is just my opinion and you don't have to agree with what I said.
OneRepublic is one of my favorite bands ever. Their songs are consistently good, but few of them get any attention- I asked my friend if she knew the song Secrets by OneRepublic, so she was like, "No. Sing it! " I did, and she was like "that's BY ONEREPUBLIC?! BUT THAT SONG WAS SO POPULAR! "
One republic is the best band. They should be in the top ten in my opinion. They rock. One Republic is one of the greatest.
[Newest]I honestly think OneRepublic should be number one, these guys are AWESOME, and they're not a pop band contrary to popular belief, their songs really touch my heart, especially come home

31Fall Out Boy
They are one of my favorite bands of all time. Starting out in a small town in Chicago, they turned into a really great band. They have traveled to many places including Switzerland, Taiwan, Tokyo, California, and more. But sadly, they broke up in 2009 because of issues Pete Wentz had with the band. They are very original, and you can not get any closer to Alternative music that Fall Out Boy.
FOB has extremely amazing lyrics, and the sound of their songs are truly amazing. Andy Hurley is a fantastic drummer. Joe Trohman just rocks that guitar. Pete Wentz plays the bass fabulously, and Patrick Stump has one of the most spectacular voices in this world. The should definitely be on top. Fall Out Boy is my all time favorite band. End of Story.
When Patrick Stump doesn't sound whiney I like his voice. When he does, I hate his voice. Sadly he sounds whiney far too often.
They might not be the best band but they have made a mark in music, they are still currently still making it in the business, and I will always love their style and many of there great songs that have came out over the years, so some love for Fall out boy
[Newest]I'm surprised that one of the greatest bands of all times hasn't been included yet. They are amazing and I love them to death!

32The Strokes
If I made this list, The Strokes would be at # 1. Each album they make just is better than the last. I think The Strokes will always be my favorite band. I honestly believe they will always be a band that produces wonderful music, unlike many other bands much higher on this list.
Every album, every song, so wonderful. I'm not campaigning to make them a higher spot on the list because not everyone shares the same tastes in music, which is a wonderful think, but I invite you all to check out any song.
Dudes why the heck aren't strokes on the top ten list!?!? They are my favorite band of all time much less alternative. SERIOUSLY...? I dare everyone who reads this comment to look up the strokes and listen to one of their songs
[Newest]If it was up to me, The Strokes would be #1 on this list. They never cease to amaze me. Their albums are never disappointment, unlike many other bands I listen to. I could list to Room On Fire all day everyday for the rest of eternity and never get bored.

33Alice In Chains
In my opinion, many of today's "Alternative" bands wouldn't have the success that they now enjoy without the work of Alice In Chains. This band was one of the best if not the best pioneer's of alternative music. It's to bad that the media didn't and still doesn't give these guys the credit that they so deserve. Even without Layne they are still a really good band, even though it is different than what their fans are used to... They still kick butt. RIP Layne Staley you are missed.
This is disgraceful. Seeing of the best bands on earth at 27th. Listen to rooster, man in the box, check my brain. The raw riffs, heavy drums... They just pulverize any band that tries to come close them.
No one can compare to layne staley's unique vocals... Don't even get me started with their lyrics... Pure raw emotion... They should be in the top 5 at least
[Newest]Why doesn't the younger generation appreciate the ground-breaking "classic" alternative bands of 80s and 90s. When I was in my twenties, we always paid tribute to those musicians had laid the foundations for the bands of our generation. Kids today need to start respecting.

34Imagine Dragons
I must say that I'm genuinely surprised that Imagine Dragons are this low on the list. They might not match up to bands like Nirvana, but Linkin Park at number one? Really? I love Linkin Park, but Imagine Dragons or me into alternative, and they are going to keep me in. Songs like "Demons, " "Ready, Aim, Fire, " and "Bleeding Out" are going to make history.
They are amazing! My friend showed me them a couple of weeks ago and ever since then they have been all I've listened to. My favorite songs from them are Amsterdam, Demons, and Its Time! They have so many amazing more like radioactive and on top but they're just some of the few <3 I'm going to a concert in march
OH MY GOSH THIS BAND IS AMAZING! They are seriiously the best thing I have ever heard. They should be number 1 without a doubt listen to radioactive and it's time they are actually the best songs you will ever hear and DEMONS! Love these guys so much, was getting so bored of music and then I heard them!
[Newest]Night Visions was good enough, but Smoke + Mirrors is so popular and I still think they're underrated! Starting at Night Visions, there's It's Time, Demons, Amsterdam, My Fault, and way more! Then, with Smoke + Mirrors, Gold and Thief are great transitions, Dream almost made me cry, and Battle Cry and Warriors have that epic sound that makes them deserve to be on Disc 1 of Smoke + mirrors! Imagine Dragons should be #1!
More comments about Imagine Dragons

35Rise Against
Best alternative band! with songs like savior, prayer of the refugee, Make it Stop and Help is on the way
Amazing band. Uses amazing guitar rifts mixed with dynamic and unique tempos to create truly great songs.
Survive, Injection, Life Less Frightening, This Is Letting Go... Must I really go on? They truly are a great band! Rise Against!
[Newest]Post punk at its best.

I totally agree wit you man they should be at least in top 10 listen to far away that will change their minds beautiful song.. Me so sad 2
Savin you their 2nd best song everybody please vote for nickel back
Their inspiring,
Just listen to their songs and try to relate them to your life you'll definitely be surprised how close they come. I'm a fan of almost every band in this list and huge lover of alternative and rock and believe me when I say it these guys deserve a WAYY higher spot than 27!
In my humble opinion, Nickelback has published some amazing music. Sure, some of their lyrics aren't exactly appropriate and I can understand that viewpoint from the haters. However if you can look past that, the music in general has an awesome sound and it never bores me.
[Newest]Nickelback is literally the worst band ever.

37Pierce the Veil
Pierce the Veil is an amazingly talented band, and I think they deserve to be in the top 20! What is this 71?!?! Well at least they made the list =]. They have done so much for me and introduced me to the alternative rock and some screamo bands too. This band is amazing!
I LOVE PIERCE THE VEIL! They are awesome! I won't say that they saved my life, but they helped me get through tough times. My favorite album is Collide With The Sky!
Why are they 148! Are these people crazy! Please vote for them and listen to their music their mind blowing and you will fall in love with them immediatly, their the best band in the world to me!
[Newest]! Love you vic! Why isn't sleeping with sirens on here!?

38Rage Against the Machine
Almost 20 years after their first album and they're still amazing. Tom is the man, and this band speaks truth not like the crap that other artists of today. Deserve top 25 at least.
The new generation ain't common with the bands of the 90's... You have lost your innocence about what rock music really is... Don't absorb the present, trail back, listen to these legacies.. They will rock your world.. Peace men
Best band on the list. Should have been number one. No one can beat Zack's poetic lyrics and the angst in his rapping...
[Newest]Go back in time young ones! You would be surprised at what you hear!

These guys should be way above 100. One of the groups that defined 90's alternative. Chris Cornell is a great songwriter, Kim Thayil is a great guitarist. People need to stop voting for Linkin Park and vote for Soundgarden.
They fall under the great 90's grunge sup pop genre. I recommended the albums Badmotorfinger and Telephantasm. Also for metal heads.


All the new bands are getting all the votes while this spectacular band sits at 40. Soundgarden was one of the first alternative bands ever and has such a unique song and a spectacular set list. Definite #1 for me.
[Newest]Simply a great band, they need more attention

403 Doors Down
No one voted 3 doors down? They're one of the best rock groups I've seen... They're supposed to make the first 20
Real 100% alternative rock band of all time, no one can compare this band.. Best vocals brad arnold.
Can't believe its in the 60th spot! These guys rock!
[Newest]This list is a complete joke. This is the #1 ALTERNATIVE BAND on this list

41The Fray
Best. Band. Ever. This should be so much further up! I mean come on! Haha
Look after you! Never say never! You found me! How to save a life! Enough reasons for this band to be number 1
The Best ever band. They Catch all emotions really the best. Nothing can outshine THE FRAY. Guys Vote for them make it number one, they really desreve it.
[Newest]The Fray is life!

42Papa Roach
This band rocks..
I love the "Scars"

The last resort and many more..
This band really rock!
Tough to pick in this list; but papa roach stands out to me as the most entertaining. Songs like: Burn, Last Resort, Scars, Forever, Getting away with murder, Not Listening, Take Me, Be Free, Infest; god almighty I could go on for another couple of lines. I'm disappointed its ranked so low but that ain't gonna stop them from being my #1!
! Papa Roach number 31! That is absolute bull! They have such a unique sound. They should be WAY, WAY further up!
[Newest]There The Best Alternative Rock Band and they make really Alternative Rock

43The Smiths
The smiths invented alternative music! They should at least be in the top 5!
Check out their "the sound of the smiths" Album it's amazing!
The Smiths basically created alternative so honestly they deserve number one. none of these other bands would be alternative if it weren't for The Smiths who like started the whole genre man. they helped me through the hardest part of my life. they saved my life and so many others. they should at least be one or two. not forty two
If Linkin Park is above marvels like The Smiths, Pixies, The Stooges, and The Velvet Underground, than this proves more than anything else that this site is ran by idiotic scene music fan girls.
[Newest]The Smiths are the reason this list can exist! Voted as the greatest British band ever ahead of the Beatles, true fact.

44The Script
I've been a supporter of the guys from the beginning to where they are now I couldn't be more proud of how far they have came. The thing about The Script is there's no pretences with them what you see is what you get like they always say they are three normal guys from Dublin and the level of success theyve had hasnt changed them one bit. The music is real and from the heart its been the soundtrack to my life the last six years be it through grief heartache love or friendship. These guys are producing what real music should do to you it should move you, it should make you think, it should make you wanna be better, tell someone you love them just because you do. I don't want to listen to a band just because its cool to like them (i'm thinking radio1) or because all my friends do. Seeing these guys live shows you the passion they have for what they do I've seen a lot of the people on this list live and half of them don't have half the passion dan, mark or glen have on stage.
My favorite band ever! Every song is so heartfelt. I JUST LOVE THEM! I can't wait for their new songs! They are just so amazing. Their songs never fail to make me cry a river. The Script has just everything for brokenhearted people. Try listening to their songs! I'm pretty sure you'll love them
This is the band of my soul! I love the way they express their feelings in music, the way they take care of their fans, the way they spend all the time trying to bring a smile on our face. And what is the most amazing thing is that they call us, their fans "Family". Even if they don't or maybe know they are saving lives everyday through their songs. I love them and I love The Script Family! The Script is the best band in the world!
[Newest]How is this not higher?

45The Clash
The Clash has some of the best music of the 80s and can't be overlooked in changing rock and roll and adding this group of music, the alternative group.
What in the hell is the clash doing down here? They're not that good, but they're better than many of the overrated bands they have in the top 10.
All these other bands are pretty mediocre. Nirvana is SO overrated. The Clash is so much better than all of these other bands!
[Newest]What is this band doing so low? IMAGINE DRAGONS SUCK!

46The Offspring
AWESOME band, love all their songs, but especially Why Don't You Get A Job, all their songs are brilliant. Legend band :D If I could only listen to one band for my entire life - The Offspring
This band is so awesome. Some of the songs are pretty meaningful like Kristy, Are You Doing Okay, The Kids Aren't Alright, and Gone Away, while some of their other songs are awesome to just rock out to like Your'e Gonna Go Far Kid, Pretty Fly for a White Guy and Self Esteem.
No clue how these guys could be rated at #45, they deserve so much more than that! Music is an art and The Offspring have mastered it! Their songs will be played forever and they are one of the few bands that you can actually listen to the entire cd and just rock out.
[Newest]Can't believe the no love for theses guys!... An absolute iconic band

I'll never really understand why 311 is not seriously considered to be one of the greatest bands ever. They are perfect in almost every aspect of there music. Some of there songs, and when I mean some I really mean SOME! Of there songs aren't the greatest. However basically every band ever has had tons of average-below average songs. 311 by themselves have created their own massive fanbase off of their own completely different style of music. When you hear someone ask "what style of music are they? " almost every time you'll hear either reggea/punk/pop. Or you will hear what most people say which is, "it's hard to say because they use so many different styles that there main style can only be called 311". People listen to 311 for that specific style instead of any one imperticular sound or style. Therefore create a larger more loyal fanbase in the process. I can safely say 311 might be one of the best bands ever.
I started listening to 311 in 8th grade. I have seen them live 7 times. I fell out for a while and just started listening to them again. Creativity and a natural evolution of music without any bulls
T. I have traveled the world and listen to everything out there. I tell you mi amici: 311 IS THE BEST.
311 is so ahead of its time musically that it gets overlooked. Their combination of sounds ranging from heavy rock to spacey funk to head knocking reggae rhythms take the songs beyond "genre" to a place where it exists solely as music. There are not many other bands that have been able to correctly and successfully merge so many differing sounds but 311 has succeeded for decades. 311's music will still be played 50 years from now and will be recognized as something more then just music but a message of love and unity and a symbol of spiritual freedom.
[Newest]My first grade teacher dated the lead singer of this band at one point, and my sister's first grade class (also in her class) was responsible for the album title "Uplifter".

Listen to Hats off to the Bull, and you'll see why Chevelle deserves to be in the top 10. For the past few albums, they've gone back to what makes them Chevelle, have experimented as a band musically and have always shown how creative and powerful as a rock band, especially for 3 guys, let alone brothers and a brother in law, they really are. Pete write some of the most creative and introspective lyrics. They've dominated rock radio, they've had ten top-10 hits since their second album and currently their latest single, "Face to the Floor" is golding on the #1 rock song for 6 weeks. They have set the bar for all modern rock bands to follow.
For 3 dudes (used to be 3 bros, now 2 bros and a brother in law - still a family affair! ) they are able to get a HUGE, heavy modern alternative sound. They've matured over the years, but compared to the likes of similar acts three days grace and breaking benjamin, frontman pete loeffler writes significantly more thought-provoking lyrics. And he's got one of the best screams in rock today! Definitely worth a nod! Good songs: point #1, the red, send the pain below, family system, I get it, the clincher, get some, letter from a thief, jars.
Other than killing it at shows their lyrics actually have a truly interesting meaning. Delving deep into any of their songs you find that something you were looking for in the song.
[Newest]The most consistent band in all of rock. Listen to any of there albums and tell me you didn't like it and I'll. Give you a million. Dollars!

I love blur, they're one of my favourite bands and I really hope they end up higher in this list sometime soon. Go Blur!

50Sonic Youth
These guys really need to be higher. I know you'll hear that about every band here, buy these guys were amazing. Their unconventional song structure worked amazingly. You can't name any other band that has to bring nearly a dozen guitars on stage because of tuning. One has three low E strings! And we all know what Thurston did with the screwdriver. Please, don't vote for those higer guys now, just get these lower people where they need to be.
Although I prefer Radiohead, (my favourite band) Sonic Youth embodies "alternative" better than any other band here, let alone Coldplay. Really? People these days have forgotten what "alternative" means. Most of the bands in the top ten are pop rock, art rock, and punk rock. Sonic Youth, on the other hand, are very alternative, and turn noise into music. Listen to them, they are very weird (in a good way).
Absolute best. You cannot doubt the fact their influence is extremely widespread and the bands they influenced spawned great music as well. (Mudhoney, Nirvana, and the good part of the grunge scene, for example)
Why aren't they number one? Right. They didn't sell out and sing crappy pop tunes. They were too good.
[Newest]The most artistically influential, and also the most accomplished of all alternative rock bands. It's the obvious #1.

51Depeche Mode
PERSONAL JESUS! It has been classic and their songs are awesome! One has to estimate the fact that their music has such a wide range! I love the singer's voice and the feelings the songs put inside your heart.
They are the "architects" of alternative music having been around since the late '70s. Still selling out concert stadiums worldwide, they're undoubtedly the most successful act in the alternative genre. A major influence to all the newcomers.
They are simply amazing, still inspiring many of today's newest bands. They're fantastic and unique and to me they'll always be the #1. Most definitely worth of a top spot, a lot more people should know and truly appreciate them.

oh come on... creed deserves more...
one last breath, what if, higher, my sacrifice, with arms wide open, my own prison, one, whats this life for they deserve to be on top ten


I gotta say they have a really great sound, I will never get bored of their music


Creed must be in first followed by the matchbox 20 and I can't believe that THE CALLING didn't made to the top 60... What... And where's the lips of an angel that became a phenomenal hit here in the Philippines... Hinder must have a spot even in top 70


[Newest]It must deserve an higher position!

53Joy Division
Are you kidding me. This list is wac if this iconic post uk-punk group is not in the top 20. Most of these groups borrowed from this amazing group.
It is obvious that a best "alternative" list is flawed when Joy Division is not in the top ten. They we're one of the founding fathers of alt rock.
The father of alt. Rock should be in top 3

Shaun Morgan is just plain epic! Seether should be closer to the top, they have some of the best music ever. If I always got what I wanted, I know I would get more Seether music! Seether should be in the top 20.
If everyone knew the songs these guys played then they would be acleast top 10.
Seether is truly one of those bands that just does its own thing which turns out great, in my opinion they are the best alrternative band out there
[Newest]If I tell you the truth would it keep you alive...

55The All-American Rejects
The very best alternative band ever! Should totally be in at least the top ten. Move Along, It ends tonight, straightjacket feeling, gives you hell, real world, happy endings. These guys know what they are doing.
Sexy music! What else would one want? Great Band will beat that Linkin park one day!
Amazing band! Fun, Original and Real. Their lyrics are amazing and music even more so, and who doesn't love Tyson? Honestly they should be in the top ten, The All American Rejects introduced me to alternative, I adore these guys!
[Newest]The 2000's most played band radio wise. Gives You Hell, Dirty Little Secret, Move Along, all huge radio hits.

Laugh out loud, I can't believe no one added Skillet. I don't know a song of them which isn't good. All their lyrics are awesome. They deserve to be 1st. VOTE FOR THE BEST ROCK BAND EVER! I am shocked. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! HOW CAN YOU MISS SKILLET? Anyway I love them so much, they are like the best ever, every song gets to me, every lyric.. The way they sound.. Uh, I don't have enough words to explain the way their songs make me feel. I can't get enough listening!
Skillet is simply awesome. Their lyrics are so full of emotions. The first time I heard one of their songs, I thought I was in heaven. I can't understand why they're not in the top 10.
Seen them live a 2 months ago sick when I feel to self harm I listen to the last night it reminds me god is there with me know matter what he is the one I talk to when I'm depressed or mad and he responds
[Newest]They are the best

57Black Veil Brides
Why is the best band EVER way down here? This amazing group has not only given me something to live for, but they have inspired me to make my dreams come true. Come on guys! Vote for them!
This band is my favorite. I can always relate to their music. They helped me get through everything in life. They are an inspiration!
Coffin, Unbroken, Set The World on Fire where a hit on Revolver Magazine Golden Gods of Rock and Metalcore bands


[Newest]Most amazing band in the universe Andy is so hot

58The Velvet Underground
Best band ever. Any category. Invented goth rock, punk rock, alternative rock and cool music. Yes, forst band ever to play cool music. First band to rock while singing about something other than love. Introduced dissonance, distortion and feedback into rock songs. Wrote songs at a quality level seldom reached by others. Even the Rock n'Roll Hall of Fame had no choice but to induct them despite being a complete outsider band with zero commercial sales. What other band of their type of influence has managed that? None.

59Jane's Addiction
What the HELL! Janes Addiction, in terms of influence on the music industry as a whole, and quality of music, completely crushes all the competition here! They did more for the music industry than any other group in history, oh ya and they music is AWESOME! I am a huge alternative fan and I have never heard of about half of the bands before Janes Addiction on this list. This is the order it should be. 1. Janes Addiction 2. Nirvana 3. Green Day. Not just because their music is amazing, but because they have had more influence on the genre than any other group, excluding R.E.M..
What? Have you ever listened to Jane's Addition? They should be in top five! What is wrong with you people? Are you all under 30 years old? What the younger generation thinks is "alternative" music is a joke. You guys have NO clue.
#75 is a travesty for this band. No one ever sounded remotely like them before or since, despite many attempts, and many of the bands above them on this list owe their popularity to the doors this band opened.

60Poets of the Fall
This band, my god! 81! You got to be kidding, this is one of best bands I've ever heard. These guys simply rock.
This band should be rated a bit more higher, they perform with their hard and soul and surely deserve to be among the top 10...
This list means nothing poets of the fall are the best band in the whole world there music is so amazing it's simply the first band I hear all there songs and albums and I love it all with no exceptions and if no one Believe me just listen to Cradled in Love or Carnival of rust
[Newest]Ridiculous... Poets should have the crown... you people have you ever listen to them.. Ever tried to make out their songs.. Foo!

61Snow Patrol
Why the hell is snow patrol and coldplay not in the top 10. With songs like run, just say yes, shut your eyes, chasing cars, chocolate, called out in the dark, and many more, snow patrol more than deserve a top 10 spot.
This band is highly under rated, shame because I don't like the top ten. Actually, a couple of the top tens are best described as pure rock. Not alternative. Snow Patrol is simply amazing, it should be higher.
Good to finally see snow patrol on the list. My favorite band right up there with coldplay.

62Simple Plan
Why is Simple Plan not in the top 20?
This is injustice!
They definitely deserve to get a higher ranking than this!
They have been my favorite band since I was 7 years old.
I grew up listening to Perfect!
Seriously? Simple plan is at eighty--two! They should be around the top tens or top twenties! Stupid people! Vote for Simple Plan 'cause they are awesome and their songs are really good. They can relate to your life and they are meaningful!
Listen to "Your Love Is A Lie", "Generation" and "What if" then, vote it. After that, listen to other simple plan's songs. Then vote simple plan again and become a simple plan fan. Easy?
[Newest]Simple Plan is one of the best ever bands! Should be in the top 10!

63Florence & The Machine
They're amazing! From their poetic lyrics to their use of instruments (THE HARP ). I mean, you can't find musicians like Florence now a days.
Florence Welch is amazing, her and her voice is very pretty, the harp is an amazing element, the lyrics are beautiful, the drums, piano, and guitar all sound amazing, Breath of Life, Swimming, Strangeness and Charm, No Light No Light, and Between Two Lungs are the best songs ever.
I <3 florence and the machine! Every song of theirs is great!

64Sex Pistols
Are you all crazy? Sex pistols had alternative nailed in the 1970s! They defined the punk craze of the late 70s! You know nothing, young grasshopper!
There the best possible band because its been around for so long
Top bands in the world

65Foster the People
The Foster the People album Torches was awesome. All the songs are unique, but they manage to sound great. Some of the best songs were Pumped up Kicks, Don't Stop, Call it what you want, Helena beat, and Houdini. They have music videos for those songs.
A load of people judge about little people... I'm fourteen and I love most of these bands, especially Foster the People, they're truly awesome and deserve to be way higher! They're album was great, plus my last name is in the band
Pumped up Kicks was on the Radio for AGES! They Should Have Been Right After All-American Rejects!
[Newest]One of the most unique and creative bands ever.

66Angels & Airwaves
that's cool band with high skill picking and arrange with effect wars... awesome. try this
valkry missile
the war
a letter to god part II

elvis permana recommend...
I'm happy they made the cut.. They make music that just makes sense. I've never experienced a band that makes me feel so good..
Angels and Airwaves should be in the top five with Foster the People, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, and blink-182.

67Neon Trees
Neon Trees should be at least in the top 30, they only have two albums out with a third coming this year, they had a great start and are still going and I have no clue when they will be stopped, from Tyler's goosebumping vocals, to Elaine' s upbeat drum patterns, Branden' s low tone but noticeable chords, and to Chris's guitar skills, I cannot see any reason why they should not be in the top 10 or 20 list, they have had great success and that success will keep going
They are a lot better than 51 should be in the top 30 at least.
I LOVE Neon Trees so much! Their album Pop Psychology is actually perfection. I don't think there is one bad song on the entire album! They deserve waaay better than 66!

68Alter Bridge
Myles Kennedy is legendary.. Great compilation of songwriters and musicians. Great bass riffs, unique drummer who loves his small cymbals, and two incredible guitarists. The songwriting stands apart from a lot of artists today.
The blackbird album alone puts them into the top 3! Its arguably one of the best albums ever to be recorded... hits like watch over you, blackbird, buried alive, rise today, white knuckles, before tomorrow comes, brand new start, and coming home! Give it a listen, you'll understand
This is in number 34! Are you kidding? Alternative is in its name... Undoubtedly this is the best alternative band. Mark Tremonti is the best lead guitarist.
[Newest]Alter Bridge 68? Is this web a joke?

For me best band ever. Lighting Crashes. Best song. I get tired of most groups songs after awhile but not them.
Can't believe Live is getting no respect. First 4 albums all went platinum with Throwing Copper Platinum 8x. My favorite 90's band.
Best band in the world meaning everything for me and my wife best season life
[Newest]Great band. These guys are a key brick in alternative rock foundation

70Arcade Fire
This is such a good band! Funeral, their first album, has extremely positive reviews. It is one of the best albums of the past two decades. Their next three albums were almost just as good. Their music is so soothing. They're just an awesome band overall.
Here's my list:
Green Day
Franz Ferdinand
Arcade Fire
My Chemical Romance
Foo Fighters
A canadian band with magical songs and beautiful sounds from many kinds of instruments, a truth alternative genre.
98, you gotta be kidding me, so many great songs and their instrumentation is creative. The Suburbs won the grammy for best album of the year in '10, and Funeral and Reflektor are also amazing songs.


72Theory of a Deadman
That's real sound, that's Music... They'll have to be in Top 20... Come on!
W.T. F?.. Come on guys theory of a deadman should bein the top 10.. They're the best B-E-S-T

73Faith No More
Faith No More is one of the biggest and best bands of all time! Just hear to Mike Patton voice! How can FNM be 57!?!?! Faith no More are one of the most creative bands of the 90

Viva Faith No More y Chile!
The craziest (in a good way) band of 90's, which arguably reformed alternative metal scene, anticipated the birth of nu-metal scene (well, it's one of the few decent nu-metal bands, along with Incubus), and 71 spot? Ok, I expected that cheap whiners like Linkin Park or Green Day are in favor today, but pleease, the half of the bands on the list consider FNM their main influence, you hear it, posers?
It is the most influential alternative band ever.

Disturbed is simply amazing. They have such a unique sound and their lyrics actually mean something. 'Another Way to Die' actually surprised me because I've never really heard of a rock/alt band caring about something like the earth. I love them.
I grew up with disturbed! Definitely one of the best bands...
Down with the sickness
The Game
So many more:/

75The Cure
Surprised to find them on Page 2... Great Band... Disintegration was their best album... They defined Alternative in the mid to late 80's
The Cure was started in 1976 so they're one of the first alternative rock bands and definitely kick started modern gothic rock. Also, Robert Smith is one of the most talented iconic singers behind Morissey. Plus, Disintegration is the best album ever!
The Cure have an awesome body of work... Way better than some of the one hit wonders higher on the list. The deserve more respect
[Newest]Robert Smith is a true artist. My favorite band.

76Sum 41
Sum 41 is an amazing band, their music promotes being yourself and not letting other people control who you are. They're also just all-around badasses. If you don't like them then you probably never listened or you have no taste in music.
Honestly best band out there. How they are not top 25, let alone top 10 is a joke. Every one of their songs means something and comes from the heart. I have not heard one song by these guys that I have not liked before. Truly an amazing band.
They are amazing - Blood in my eyes, Hell Song, Pieces, In too deep, Still Waiting and lot more

77Stone Temple Pilots
I think it's an age thing, most voters are probably too young to know what alternative rock is, this band is top ten material for sure
Seriously they are at #44? Papa roach, offspring, and good charlotte? SERIOUSLY?! Oh holy hell we are screwed!
I was born in 95 I love stp it rivals nirvana pj and aic. Should at least be in top 20 for cryin out loud linkin parks number one and stps all the way in the back?!?!?!

78Bowling For Soup
The creators of such beautiful music, most particularly the songs 1985 and Little Red Riding Hood, these guys deserve a much better place than this. Love for Bowling for Soup.
I seen them at warped tour 2014! They were good

79Nine Inch Nails
This band was simply one of a kind. Mixed pop, and dark industrial before anyone had. They've influenced more bands above them on the list than most people realize. I mean, when Johnny Cash covers one of your songs, you are the real deal...
Have you ever listened MUSIC for God's sake? Because this is the best you can ever listen. Trent is a musical genius and I'm sorry but you are missing out too much if you haven't listened burn, beside you in time, march of the pigs, and all that could have been, the big come down, letting you, capital g, eraser, echoplex and so on. I can't say that each song of theirs is an alternative masterpiece but a masterpiece any way. Also, each band mentioned in this list are not alternative either. Whatever man, I'm pissed. Gotta listen Burn.
Let me say this to all the people who voted for non-alternative bands.
Grunge is not alternative
Linkin Park isn't alternative, their music is as stupid as main stream stuff.
Pop isn't alternative.
Nine Inch Nails should be in the top 10. Linkin Park is just awful
[Newest]Trent reznor is the prince of alt rock

80Sleeping with Sirens

81Biffy Clyro
These guys are by far the best band I have ever listened too, and every single one of their songs is brilliant. How they are so far down is beyond me; and people clearly are blinded by a couple of songs or stories about other bands that somehow justify a place over Biffy.
Still don't get how the hell these are so far down! Are you actually kidding me that these are below Panic at the Disco?
These guys are the best band I have ever listened to, and for some of these other bands to somehow warrant a place over them probably because of one song someone has heard is ludicrous. Every single one of their songs is masterclass and they at least deserve a place in the top 10, if not 5.

82Bullet for My Valentine
Best Band I Have Ever Heard It needs to be the first
The best I ever heard in my life.
So unjustified for 87th rank. Clearly deserve a position in top 10.
Come on guys.. !

83Guided by Voices

84Counting Crows
Listen to August and everything after.
Counting crows should be up higher. Slit higher.
The greatest alt band on earth!

Their music is very good plus on the upside their songs have many meanings in which most other bands on this list are clearly lacking. I know they don't deserve the number one spot but they are definitely much better than half the bands placed ahead of them
Shinedown has a great, heavy, kind of music! They rock hard! I think that everyone should listen to them! They are a great band to listen to when your sad or angry!
Shinedown don't deserve to be this far.. Love there music specially second chance
[Newest]Come on! How can they not be in the Top 10?!? Do you guys have ears? They're one of the most awesome bands I've ever heard!

How are Kasabian 88th? Wow... A lot of people saying other bands should be top 10 but these are my third after oasis and coldplay!
How is Kasabian so far down?!
Amazing band! I really love their song vlad the impailer! Its by far one of the best alternitive songs out there

Disgusting that Tool is ranked under a lot of these talentless noise polluters. I mean seriously? Nickelback, Matchbox 20, Linkin Park, and Coldplay are in the top 50? Faith in humanity has been officially lost.
Tool encompasses everything a band should be. Musical diversity and uniqueness, lyrics that have meaning, and artistic genus when it comes to the visual things they do on their albums and in their shows.
Tool was and is the new Alternative rock. It sounds like metal, but is so much more and for smart people too. Rock on Maynard and Company

88Of Monsters and Men
Arguably the best one here, unfortunately so low. Actually listen to the songs and see how great they are. My favorite musical group of all time, with Mountain Sound being my favorite song.
The lyrics, the tune, the beat? Everything is awesomely and creatively done! One of the best alternative bands nowadays.
Such beautiful pieces of music! The fact that some of their pieces come from folklore makes the songs even cooler!

89Siouxsie & the Banshees
Greatest band ever - even through all the changes that 2 decades of performing brought the Banshees, Sioux and Budgie stuck with it and even did The Creatures. Their influence is understated yet overwhelming.

90Boy & Bear


92A Day to Remember
Their lyrics speak to me as a music lover. I can never get tired of them, they have different styles in their albums. Some screamo, some kind of "soft" But ALL of them are amazing. And ALL of them have good lyrics, that almost everyone can relate to.
I love them <3 every song. They saved my life! 1
They are the best band ever! Listen to their music and you'll fall in love immediately! I love every song of them. Vote for them

Great voice, nice song. Best alternative ballad song. Maybe some people who like alternative music think the song is for mellow people(man), but I like the feel if I heard the song. Nice band
Great songs great music.. Didn't get it why it is ranked so low.
WHAT?! I mean, WHAT?
This band creates one hell of an awesome music! "Hanging by a Moment" is one of the best alternative rock/pop songs ever!
(It's also official, look up in Wikipedia)

Headstrong is an amazing song!

95Cage the Elephant
How is cage the elephant not higher they are one of the only bands with an original sound in music today. With songs like in one ear and back against the wall the are easily the best band out there today.
Very original sound. I have to admit though, that their first album was vastly superior to their second, Aberdeen and Around my Head being the exceptions. I hope they make more music some time soon.
A fairly popular band that just happens to be one of my favorites, and I don't see them on the list.
[Newest]Cage the Elephants is the definition of Alt Rock

96Dead by Sunrise


This band is just amazing. Especially their album "Phoenix"!

99Mallory Knox

100Built To Spill
This list made my eyes bleed.

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