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21Yusuf Tazim

He was on of the best friends of ezio and he was really very nicely skilled

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22Sean Hastings
23Sofia Sartor

She is an underrated character. So intelligent and kind. a perfect match for Ezio

Is this this ezios middle aged girlfriend when he is 60 years and older what she is just ezios sex toy and great friend / girlfriend

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24Hope Jensen

-Hope: (to Shay) Pity... You had so much potential.

Funny. That's exactly what I said when I finished playing the game.

She's not the best but I liked her she's awesome I hated killing her - 2storm

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25Mario Auditore

It's easy to forget his part in assassin's creed 2 his part was really helpful to ezio he trained him the skills he had needed to survive with

"You don't recognize me? It's a me, Mario! "Best line in the entire series (if you don't count the more philosophical ones)

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26Mary Read

I cried when she died. She was my all time fave.

Definitely one of the best AC 4 characters. I really liked that mysterious air around her, plus she is also based of historicial character of that same name. *Spoiler* I wonder what happened to her child...

Definitely one of the best AC 4 characters. I really liked that mysterious air around her, plus she is based of equally badass historicial characters of the same name, y'know Mary Read really existed and was an amazing pirate. *Spoiler* I wonder what happened to her child...

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Why is she not far more up, she was an amazing assassin and A WOMAN.

The only female assasin with her own game, should be in the top ten at least

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28Ah Tabai
29Shao Jun

Pretty good character. They need to make a game for her, but better than Liberation. Let's be honest I mean Liberation got a 62/100 Metascore.

30Shaun Hastings
31Melanie Lemay

She is beast and kinda hot - 2storm

32Arbaaz Mir

An awesome assassin from India, with a hidden blade that separates to make three blades

He is the best and sexy character


Loved her character. Felt so bad for her as well.

34Ulfric Stormcloak

Really helped free narnia from the clutches of the evil galactic empire

Nobody can match him. He is truly the greatest assassin of all time.

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35YusufV1 Comment
36Charles DickensV1 Comment

Claudia was ezios sister and he always looked after As after her. Claudia. Was a good character and had a big part of assasins creed 2 and Brother hood

38Rodrigo Borgia
39Je KK Moeder
40Subject 16

It's a pity he was in Revelations, because it really was a great game, just sadly overshadowed by the others. I've always loved the insane characters in stories, and 16 definitely doesn't disappoint. I also like his voice acting and animation, they seem somehow much more real than every other character.

Favorite's Altair, though.

He has such an interesting story. It's a shame people don't know more about him since Revelations is such an overlooked game.

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