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The Lion King
This movie is amazing! I have it at home and completely love it every time I watch it! This is definitely the movie I would recommend to anyone!
This movie is awesome in 4 directions animation, story, music, and sound effects (and it is epic) obvious my favorite Disney movie of all time
Let's see father killed raised by friends gets revenge an interesting plot with interesting characters and an amazing film
My chorus teacher let his 4-year-old daughter watch this and he told us, " I'm letting a 4 YEAR OLD watch a movie about betrayal, killing, and manipulation! Uh-Oh."


[Newest]Best soundtrack EVER! Was the best movie ever until Frozen came out.
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2Toy Story
OMG! This movie is the best! My 5 year old friend got me hooked. Now I watch it everyday I can! I even have the little toy peole form Toy Story. This movie is so awesome!
*Did you know the person who plays Ham (the piggy bank) has a part in every 'Disney Pixar Movie'*
Many people sadly think that this movie was a movie who did a revolution in the movies, but don't realize the fact that this movie isn't just that. I had seen several movies from Ghibli to pixar to disney, but this is the best in animated movie. What is good about the movie is that it is a movie for people who hates "friendship" or "love", and also for people who like that too. I am more for the "hate friendship theme in movies" side, but, it didn't bother me. This movie's entertainment is enough to forget the audience about the theme. This movie is plain genius. IF you don't think this movie is better than the third one(although the third one is a very great movie), I need to have a talk with you. The third will never go over the 1st or the 2nd.
I am in love with this movie. A great thing about it is that it even has good sequels. Sequels are never good! But the Toy Story ones are!
[Newest]Hey, have you heard of the Picard theory?

3Finding Nemo
This movie was well casted, musical score was beautiful and the storyline was never presented so well. I get emotional every time I watch!
this one's best for me. although it shares the same story line as lion king: father and son- story - this one lacks the music and wonderful soundtrack that completes a disney movie. the humor makes up for that loss, IMO.
Finding Nemo is the greatest animated movie of all time. You must be blind if you can't see that.
[Newest]I love nemo my friend I call him nemo because his name is finn and he's little so that's my story
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This movie is, by far, the most awesome movie Disney has ever made! It's funny, romantic, adventurous: everything a movie needs!
"wow amazing movie... Hope someday I wish I could have a magic carpet to let me fly all over the world... And a magic lamp with genie inside to grant my wishes.. "
I love Aladdin. I can never pick my fav disney movie but this list has it right to be honest lol. Watching these movies bring me back to when I was little girl yet I am 20 yrs old and watch them all the time
[Newest]Aladdin is great because it gives you everything you would want in a disney movie plus more
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5Beauty and the Beast
Belle is super Hot and I can say she is more than just a pretty face in this movie, she ventures out into the wilderness in search of her dad who is locked away in a castle. Belle goes through the harsh cold weather before reaching the castle, at the time she enters we see two comic reliefs. Lumiere and Cogsworth who kind of guide the girl to the tower, belle unknowingly follows a shining light to the top of some stairs and wonders who was walking here once she sees no one was there. In a split second you hear her dad in a chamber telling her she must go, but she disobeys and stays with her father until The Beast shows. The Beast thrusts her away from the chamber and Belle pleads the beast to let her father go but the horrid creature denies, Belle stands up to the beast and in a soft sweet voice says "take me instead." The Beast lowers his guard and asks her would she really do that, Belle says yes but the Beast says "you must stay here forever," belle replies "you have my word," Beast replies done unlocks the chamber lifts the old man by his claws to the castle entrance and tells the carriage "TAKE HIM TO THE VILLAGE."

No other Disney Princess is that Brave to give up their freedom for a loved one, most of them are usually selfish like Ariel or stupid like Aurora who touched the spinning wheel in Cinderella.
Another thing that was pretty shocking in this movie was Belles strength to pick up the Beast from the side of the ledge to save him from ultimate death.

Another hot person in this movie is Babette at the end of the movie, she is Lumieres love interest and I gotta give Lumieres and Prince Charming their props on the girls they have chosen.

Beauty and the beast is a movie that shows the core of a relationship and it's a true relationship is worth fighting for even to the death and I think that is one movie every boy and girl of all ages should watch.

I'm a 21 year old male and played the role as Beast in my school play so I know the deeper levels of each character.


I'm 21 and this movie has been my favorite since I first saw it when I was 2
[Newest]I adore this movie it's beautiful and so romantic
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Mulan showed that being a woman does not mean you're incapable of doing things that society used to (and still does some places) consider "men things", suchs as fighting, making important decisions and speaking one minds up.

She is strong (mentally and physically), brave, intelligent and selfless, but still has her own flaws and is human. Perfect role model if you ask me!
I love this film it is best disney for me of all time! And I am part chinese so it means a lot to me so well done disney for making this film
I really like Mulan and the message it gives. She is probably on e of the greatest role modles for gilrs and women, out of movies of course. It also gives you a taste of what it was like for real women in ancient China. Great movie, but I am very surprised that it came in 5th place
[Newest]Mulan is my favorite princess movie because their is a wonderful story behind it. Most princesses are usually saved by the Prince. Then, they kiss, get married, and a 2nd movie comes out. Mulan was nothing like that. Just imagine, a girl trying to impress her family ends up saving China!
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7The Little Mermaid
The most important Disney classic in my collection... It was my favorite from the first time I saw it and still is today!
The Little Mermaid has heart, soul, and great traditional hand-painted animation. It single-handedly saved the Walt Disney animation department.

On top of that, it feels like a real movie for adults and children. Not bad for a film made inside a bunch of mobile homes on Flower St.
I LOVE IT! Its my favorite movie of all times and always will be because it tells the life of a mermaid and the adventures she has while under water!
[Newest]Pure magic, this movie should be in the top 5
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Tangled is wihout doubt one of te SWEETEST movie I have ever watched in my life. I think there should be another series of Tangled, I'm looking foward to seeing Tangled 2! Go Disney! I love Eugene Fitzherbert <3:)
BEST MOVIE EVERRRRRRRRRRR! (lol I watched it like 20 times, and it's still my favourite! ) it's so romantic <3 I was almost in tears when flynn said 'you are my new dream' to rapunzel <3 <3 lol I'm in high school and I still watch princess movies!
technically best movie ever made, and best voice match by mandy moore and zachary levi!
[Newest]I love this movie
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Seriously... Up isn't on here? Not saying it needs to be first but top ten for sure.
What? Would think this would be in the top, around 8 or 7, that would make me feel nice. Though...17? This is all wrong. I think we should at least be ahead of Treasure Planet. Anyways, Up is my favorite movie from Disney, and one of my favorite ever. It's just amazing- SQUIRREL.


This is the best animated film that's ever come out. Can't believe it isn't in the top 10. Come on people don't you like adventure, but I think if it would be in 3D than it would be even better because you feel like you could be there.
[Newest]YES! Pixar's best yet!
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10Toy Story 3
This is something else...
Greatest animated movie of all time... Hard to compete with it...
Very emotional, innovative, a different story line.. And fun story... Everyone's voices... Are awesome... They all created a masterpiece...
=COMPLETE MOVIE... Everyone can loved it...


Heard of something called an "opinion", visitor? If they think it's the best you might as well let them like it. It's their own personal opinions. I like it myself.


The best Toy Story ever made, and that means the best animation of all time!
I love this movie it has funny moments but I almost cried cause they were trying to get home and sometimes you have that feeling that they might die or not make it, but they made it, and I love all Toy Story movies cause they mean like you can do it and they push you to do your best its really nice. It has a very wonderful meaning to me that I truly understand.
[Newest]Not only my favorite Toy Story film, It's my favorite animated movie of all time! Yeah, Toy Story (first) has been great in all. But, this is the best in my opinion!

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11Monsters, Inc.
This should be number two. I remeber watching it. It was amazing! I went to disneyland and I was looking for something to take home. Then I saw Sully the stuffed animal I slept with it for a year. If you have not seen it yet then rent it or wait until Abc family shows it. Anyway it is worth the wait. IT IS AMAZING!
I might have a bit of a bias because this was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater, however Monster's Inc. Is still probably my favorite Disney movie. It probably tied with Toy Story and Walle, but I think this should be higher up on this list. Sully is such a cute monster that you just want to hug and so his our secondary protagonist, Boo. It feels like your watching Sesame street but in a manner more oriented for both younger and older kids and even teenagers, such as me! Anyways you should definitely give this a shot.


This movie was dubbed in Egyptian Arabic and was HILARIOUS... "mared washwshni" boo was the cutest kid ever!
[Newest]This should've been in the top ten! I just wanna enjoy it and beat up monster's university.

Why in the world is this ranked 42?!?! This is seriously one of the best movies ever! (And I'm a teenager) I loved Elsa, I think she was definitely the best character. I loved how she was a good person overall but could be bad at times, like a normal person would. Not to mention that she's gorgeous. One of the prettiest Disney princesses so far. This movie had some amazing songs to. I honestly loved all of them. The cast was amazing and had great voices. It wasn't supur over romantic like a usual Disney movie. I loved how at the end Elsa was the act of true love and not Kristoff, I liked how they showed sisters and familial love. And Elsa's ice magic was was amazing. The animation was beautiful. The movie also has a lot of meaning if you really pay attention. Overall this is one of my all time favorite movies, not just Disney, all time! :$
This movie us number twelve, and this movie is overrated and boring you idiot.
WHY ON EARTH IS THIS 14? There are a BUNCH of morals and AMAZING relate-able characters. Olaf- Cute, charming, hilarious, super-natural and he has something to do with WINTER- MY FAVOURITE SEASON. Anna- Beautiful, bubbly, funny, determined and loyal. Elsa- Beautiful, Mature, powerful, reserved, not-idiotic, caring, compassionate and protective. Kristoff- hot, caring, likes-people-for-who-they-are and loyal. Sven- cute, funny, he-knows-best, fiercely loyal and friendly. This movie focuses on the relationship of SISTERS! So it's not your average Disney princess "I-am-going-to-wait-for-my-prince-on-a-white-horse". Girls have to do things for themselves. Plus (again) it's like winter! I love the magic of a snowy winter, even though it's in summer (watch the movie and you won't think I'm crazy)! I love Frozen, it's the reason I've dragged my family and friends out four times to see it (I would have seen it more, but no, they said we have seen it enough). The songs are AMAZING! And Let It Go is so inspirational! Took my breath away. Idina Menzel surely knows how to sing. Over all this movie captured my heart and made me completely hooked and obsessed! Please watch the film, and you will not regret it! By the way: Comes out this Monday in the UK, just saying'!
One of the best movies of all time! Should be up there with the lion king and the little mermaid. Beautiful, the characters are so relatable, the songs are amazing, the MANY morals are meaningful, it is modern, different, and kind of goes against everything disney believes in. For example: love at first sight, (So disney has been coming away from this for a while, but frozen has broken it off, with Elsa's famous "You can't marry a guy you just met" line. ), the guy saves the day in the end (which is what always happens, even if you don't see it at first. Just think about it for a moment... Okay, so you think the guy didn't save the day in the princess and the frog? Yes he did, because if he and tiana didn't fall in love, tiana would never had turned back into a human. And mulan? Well actually when the general guy spared her life, he also saved the story, so there. ) Okay anyways, in all Frozen is amazing, and people need to stop saying its lesbian because they are SISTERS! If you have a younger sister, hopefully you understand what I'm saying. There is a bold line between loving her like a sister and loving her like... that. And Frozen is clearly on the sister love side. So, one more thing about frozen being amazing: HAVE YOU SEEN ITS FAN BASE?!?!?! It is giant!

(Deep breath. ) Okay, I'm done.
[Newest]This should be 100th place instead of this. It's the same stuff as before. princesses, princes, kissing, a villain. MAKE SOME THING DIFFERENT
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13The Jungle Book
I love this movie so much! My friends and I definitely have the bear necessities.
Classic on friendship, survival, being strong looking fear in the eye. How family is those who love you and take care of you!
Can't be beat. Its has such a good life lesson in it. Plus baloo is cool
[Newest]It's awesome, has best music

I don't even like animated movies and this is one of my favorite movies of all time
I love WALLE Best movie everr! Its has so many good morals and ideas. It shows that we have to take care of our planet. All the while, it has a spin on a classic romance with some cute robots
My friend has a poodle who's name is Wall-E...
And truly, this movie was great. :-)
[Newest]One of my favorites!

15The Incredibles
This movie is impressive, I can watch it every day and I would love to see a second part of it. I really think that it is appropriate to give to a child to watch, it make its view of the world different!
love it. wish I was violet. watched it a billion times. know every word by heart.
It was absolutely a fantastic movie. Really enjoyed watching it. One of my most favourite movies EVER!
[Newest]I love the incredibles. To me Disney is the best.

Why was this movie not on the list until just now? I love love LOVE this movie! (Despite it differing from the actual ancient Greece mythology, but that's really besides the point. ) Prepare yourselves for a rant Here we go...
First, we have the handsome yet clueless and accident prone Hercules as the hero, and we have a Disney princess (Megara) who actually betrays her "prince" and then saves his life BEFORE dying (and coming back to life. ) Not to mention Hades (James Woods- he totally nailed the voice, ) is probably one of the cleverest, funniest villains I've ever seen.
Hades: How sentimental. You know, I haven't been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat.
This is a Disney Movie that makes me wish we where back in the time zone when Disney made movies like these again! Would watch it every night if I had the time to! 10 out of 10.
Words cannot describe this film... IT IS AWESOME! 'At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love.. ' This movie taught me to love... And to sing
[Newest]Hercules: Putting the "glad" in gladiator since 1997.

The story of Cinderella teaches us something. It teaches that doing good for others will always result in good and the good people always suffers with trouble but at last the result comes for them is good. Some people make mistakes in learning the moral of Cinderella and it should be avoided. Come on only few people has the ability to understand the morals of the stories. It is true that Cinderella inspires us to look good things in others. It also gave the known proverb 'Rags to Riches'. Her sister did so bad with her but still Cinderella had helped her to get the man whom she loved. Someone says that cinderella sits and wishes fairy to come and help her but for their information let me tell that cinderella was only wishing for dreams to come true not for fairies to come. Cinderella's story also tells that dreams really do come true if you believe in them and it also teaches to be yourself and follow your heart. Have you all seen cinderella 1,2 and 3 movies you will understand by seeing them that cinderella is the best story of all and this is the story which every mother tells to her small daugter. And from there the small aged daughter always wishes just like cinderella did. I think that we all girls have cinderella in our heart.
Cinderella is not only a gorgeous piece of animation, but it also sends a gorgeous, inspirational message to children everywhere. Because of this movie, kids know that no matter where they are in their life, they can make a difference. That they can achieve a goal, that they can stand up for themselves, that dreams can come true!
Besides, "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" is so catchy!
Cinderella exemplifies great morals. She is one of the few Disney protagonists who shows us that humility, resilience, and composure can be attained all at once. Her reactions to people who treated her poorly are incredible. She never once seeks vengeance because she is better than those who treat people poorly. Cinderella also never self-pities herself, but instead holds onto her dreams. Truly a beautiful role model for anyone on this planet. As she once said "Thank you, Thank you so much for everything".
[Newest]So much better than suck-ass Lion King.

18Wreck-It Ralph
Should be number one. First time I watched this I felt like I was living in the movie
SO AMAZING number 1 😜
[Newest]The best movie ever Number 1.

19The Hunchback of Notre Dame
I remember when I first watched this movie. I loved it and I still do. Tony Jay was amazing in this film. I love it because it brings a good moral and is more mature. It is dark and will keep you wanting it to never end. The animation is amazing and voice acting is perfect. The songs will always stay in your head. This was the last of Disney's golden films.


This was Disney at it's best! It has one of the greatest stories in any Disney movie and features some of the best music. This should be in the top 5 at least.
This movie is so great, it's sad that's it's so underrated. The music is awesome.
[Newest]I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I am a HUGE Disney Fanatic and this is definitely one of the most underappreciated Disney Movies ever!
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20The Fox and the Hound
If you are reading these comments, then believe everyone and me that this movie was amazing. I'm 14, and every time I watch it, I cry and cry. There's just something about it that makes it one of my most favorite disney movies. My other favorites are The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, and Pocohantas.
My name is Dustin Bible and this movie is my favorite of all time. It still makes me cry when I watch it. I named my dog Copper and my cat Todd. Yeah a guy can own a cat, it doesn't mean he is less of a man. It shows his sensitive side. So all you ladies out there just give me a call. That's Dustin Bible 276 495 1140
The saddest movie I have ever seen. Beautiful music too!
[Newest]If only the world wouldn't get in the way,
If only people would just let you play.
They say you're both being fools.
You're breaking all the rules.
They can't understand
The magic of your wonderland.

Its one of my favoutite cartoon I am 12 but I still watch it
Incredible movie that is great for adults as well as children. I could listen to Ego's monologue over and over again!
How can this movie be all the way down in 23. It is one of the best Disney movie that I have ever seen. It should be in the top 5 at the very least.
[Newest]I love this movie

22Alice in Wonderland
I just had to vote for this because it's an absolute classic, and I have a fascination with weird, trippy things. Oddly enough I never did drugs but I get my highs off of watching movies like this. Things in it don't make sense, it's very dream-like and surreal. I love it. Plus the Cheshire Cat is one of my favorite Disney characters of all time. I could watch this over and over and never get bored of it!
I like how the movie makes you feel like you're in a mysterious dream under a whole bunch of trees where you wont be able to see any light what so ever. classic. love the book too
Great movie! Really fantastic! Full of fantasies! I watched this movie a hundred times! It simply rocks! Should be in the top 10 not top 25!


[Newest]It is a world from the imagination of a child's heart. One of the more precious disney movies and always made me think and think. Maybe I will go paint some roses red... :) Alice is also a great main character with smarts, sweet and simply an innocent figure. I love how she wants these peculiar things such as a want for pictures in all her books and not words. I love " Alice in Wonderland"!

23Lilo & Stitch
I love this Movie! I've been watching this movie since I was 2 This movie definitely states the true meaning of Ohania (Family) And I love That Lilo is so Courageous and doesn't let anyone change who she is.

I love this movie I grow up on it and it is just a good kids movie I now when I was a kid I wanted to watch this movie 24/7 and I never got tiered of it but my mom did so I had to watch more movies than just one so I went to peter pan and well fell in love with that one to so my mom just kept buying disney movies tell I got about nine years old and I wanted horror movies. But I still watch disney movies every day. They are just adicting.
BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER! IT IS FUNNY, had sci-fi action and also very heart warming
[Newest]The movie and the show big hit.

24Sleeping Beauty
Best villain ever. Love ALL the fairies. Best animation, and best music -- from the Tchaikovsky ballet.
I love this movie. It is exquisite! Ever since I was a child I have loved it. I used to have it on VHS and watch it every weekend. Now I have it on DVD and I still watch it and I´m 16.
Great non-traditional animation, awesome music, perfect atmosphere...
A high-quality animated movie in general!
[Newest]When I were first watch this amazing movie I just love it and the prince is so handsome and I like Maleficent and Aurora I love how Maleficent movie does but I love sleeping beauty even it's so old it's like a masterpiece of a curse


25Peter Pan
The animation in PETER PAN is as lively as its energetic hero. The scenes set in Victorian London are beautiful, and the shift in perspective as the children round Big Ben and fly off to Neverland is sublimely vertiginous. Most children see Peter as that wonderful ideal, a child with the power to do whatever he pleases for as long as he pleases.

The story does have moments that are whimsical but also very odd: the nanny is a dog; the crocodile that ate Captain Hook's hand keeps following him for another taste; Peter loses his shadow; the Lost Boys have no parents, and unlike Peter, no special powers, fairy guardian, or unquenchable brio. Some children find this engaging, but a few find it troublesome, or worry about what happened to Peter's parents and whether he will be all right without them. They may also be sad that the story ends with Peter bringing the Darling children home and then going back to Neverland without them.
This movie is a touching movie about a boy who doesn't believe in growing who meets a girl and learns the meaning of it. Wendy who is a girls with many dreams is taken of to never land to learn that there is no growing there and has to decide whether to stay in never land and never grow or go back to her family and continue growing up into a wonderful lady.
Peter Pan is an inspirational film for anyone. The music is beautiful, as is the story and the characters. Disney is all about childhood and Peter Pan shares the message, there will always be a child inside of us. 10/10. A true classic.
[Newest]So many versions of this classic story, but none beat the creativity of Disney's!

Can't believe bambi isn't up there in the top ten! It makes me cry, even at 16, and it is truly a disney classic. Love it.
Love this movie! I'm 20 and it's one of my all time favorites
Disneywise, this is foundation material. If you leave this out, the house falls down.
[Newest]Bamboo back here? What planet is this

This movie has it all: great songs, AMAZING animation, an inspirational message and one of the best female characters ever! Pocahontas teaches peace, co-existence and that girls can be brave, intelligent and make a different. Why is this so low?!?
The only Disney Princess not to get a happy ending. A beautiful message with great songs and wonderful animations. I wish this was higher as it shows little kids you don't always get the man of your dreams and peace is more important than love!
Best message of all the disney movies! It teaches us that nature is how the world was meant to be! Mother natures intensions are the best intensions and peace and love can solve all problems. Truly insprirational and an absolute classic with breathtaking animations and songs. LOVE
[Newest]I love this movie so much
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28Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
It is really the best movie because it teaches you a lesson to not talk to stranger when you do not know what they are like from the inside and as well it was the best film made and the first Disney film as well I really like snow white as well it has so many features in it and it uses lots of creative things like the dwarfs and many other thing it is a really nice and imaginative film
It's the first Disney film ever made. How could it not be on the list.


This movie was the FIRST animated Disney feature! Therefore, its overall #1! And yes, being the first makes it the best!
[Newest]It is the best movie

29Robin Hood
One of my all time favorites, the songs are catchy and the dialogue is funny! Great all round!
An inspirational tale to inspire those to work for a greater good and to display good morals.
This movie is charming even though the animation is terrible. I've always loved it!
[Newest]Great Disney Movie! I like Robin Hood a lot!


A fantastic movie about a man finding out who he is underneath prejudice and loneliness... Plus it has Phil Collins providing the score and Brian Blessed as Clayton, HELL YES
I would have chosen Aladdin for Robin Williams as Genie alone but Tarzan is just beautiful
I love the music in this movie. Phil Collins is awesome. I have the soundtrack and him and NSYNC are great when they sing together.
You can't watch this movie without feeling sincerely touched. Everything is so beautiful - from the plot to the characters to the music, it's al just perfect. It's a real shame that this movie isn't higher up on the list together with movies such as "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast". To all of you out there who wants to be touched and see a awesome movie - WATCH TARZAN, now
[Newest]This movie is underrated, not overrated like Frozen.
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31Toy Story 2
Place 56 are you kidding me!? This movie was my all-time favourite in my childhood! It deserves a much better rating.
The more I analyze everything good about this film, the more I think that it may just not only be the best pixar and Disney animated film. But the best animated movie made. I know that's a bold statement but this film has great writing, characters, and storytelling. It's pretty much perfect. Not to mention it's the highest rated film on rotten tomatoes.
Such as a good movie was laughing every 5 seconds! Love all the toy story movies but I felt this this personally was better than Toy Story 1!
[Newest]Greatest movie ever, and only at 28? There's really no hope for humanity left, is there? This movie is also the best-reviewed movie ever, according to Rotten Tomatoes!

32Lady and the Tramp
Beautiful, beautiful movie! It has music, emotion (one of the only Disney movies to almost make me cry), humor, and the animation quality is superb! I would recommend this movie to anyone yearning for a love story with a happy ending!
Taking dogs and giving them a special human quality that makes us all feel we are along for the ride. See characters that we can relate to as people we know, maybe even see ourselves. This movie is the REAL magic of Disney.
I so love Lady and the Tramp it is one of my favourite movies and I am 10 years old! I love the lion king as well because it is so moving. I love how this film shows that a posh dog can still like a scruffy dog.
[Newest]I LOVE this Film, it makes me Cry T~T every time I watch it, when I was 8 years old, I wished I was one of then =P, silly right? Anyway I like Lady and the Tramp 2 Better

I really genuinely LOVED this movie. Disney may come out with some crap at times (Teen beach movie, Lemonade mouth, high school musical) but genuine and REAL disney can make me happy cry. I am seriously a huge disney fan and I personally love this list, defiantly the best movies I have ever seen were: Finding Nemo, Brave, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc, and I can tell Frozen is going to be off the hook! Brave throbbed on my heart. The first disney princess to: Not have a prince, have a movie describing her mother relationship with her, come from Pixar, have awesome but messed up hair, and to look pretty even with natural beauty.
Insanely good animation, a fearless unique princess, NO romantic crap and a wonderful story about family and fate. Pure brilliance.
Is such a great movie, fun to watch, easy to connect to, and really hard to forget, this one and Tangled are my favourite Disney movies of all time, but I had to go with this, because it made the life of a princess so approachable.
[Newest]Nice movie I loved it very much

34101 Dalmatians
One of the best animated movies of all time!
The greatest animated movie of all time!


Probably watched it everyday when I was little even though I'm allergic to dogs!
[Newest]When I was little and blockbuster was still a thing I hid it until everyone forgot that it was rented. I still have it to this day

35The Emperor's New Groove
This is too funny! One of my favourite Disney movie!
Highly Recommended! You have to watch it!
How the hell is this so low?! This isn't just the best Disney movie but one of the best movies, it's just so funny!
This movie is one of the only animated movies that can make me laugh. #1
[Newest]This movie is so funny! Why is it down here?

I will admit I did not vote for Pinocchio, but I still think this is a great Disney film. It will probably never get the recognition it deserves given the popularity of Disney's later movies, but Pinocchio is in my opinion the best animation seen in a Disney film, especially given the time period it was made. The story, although nonsensical at times with how naive Pinocchio was, really gets the morals of the story right in a frighteningly memorable way that really pushes this film into the discussion as one of Disney's best films. I would put it at least in the top 10, if not the top 5.
I was suprised to see this so far down on the list. Seems like there are mostly young people voting in these polls. It's a very dark movie about morals, the underlaying message being do unto others as you want them to do to you. And I loved those clocks... gosh :p
A classic moral tale which could teach young children of the day a worthwhile lesson

I don't understand how this isn't in the top ten! its the BEST MOVIE EVER!
How come this isn't 1st! It is totally the best movie ever! You people don't know what your missing!


2006 Was Great.

This was one of the reasons why.
[Newest]This move is great, it should be much higher on this list.


38Cars 2
This movie is FUNNY! But... It need to have lightning mcqueen and sally kiss!
Awesome movie dude why not put it number 1?

39Monsters University
I love this movie! It is awesome!
Not as good as the original one.
Better than the first. Should be in the top ten

this movie is so inspiring and funny you haved to see it
Great good brilliant. The best animate movie I've seen. Miley Cyrus' work. Love for the reason multiply and just love. Wonderful one. Yeah
I love this movie I actually mean it it is actually one of the best animated movie's I have watched x it is the bestist film anyone could probably watch
[Newest]Love it should be 1

41Big Hero 6
Words can't say how great is that movie, it has the best animation, the best (maybe predictable ) plot and also the characters are also relatable and cute as well (including Baymax). Besides that, the premise is amazingly sympathetic and the cinematography of this movie is one of the best in animation history. Totally one of Disney's best movies
I love this movie! I was obsessed with it right after watching it in theatres
This can not be number 55! THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER! Not only does it send a good message and a caring character (Baymax), but it also has a REALLY cute main character (HIRO! ) (⌒▽⌒)


[Newest]54? Really? Number one!

42Oliver & Company
I don't care what other people say about it. I still think that this is the best Disney movie to ever be released. It was actually the first Disney movie I ever remember seeing at the cinemas.
I love this film, it's deep and I found my dog in the exact way that she found her cat. Makes me cry every time its amazing and I love it!
I love this film, it's funny and the kittens are cute. A very well written Disney film.

43The Great Mouse Detective
This is better than any Disney princess film. The characters were believable and their personalities were realistic and could be related to. Basil and Co. Are even a wonderful introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes given the fact that they are their equivalents. Such a great, but sadly underrated movie.
I really love this movie. the little detective mouse reminds me of the Sherlock Homes.
This is one of my most favourite Disney movies ever ever! But can't believe this is so low in list. I love the character and the villains!

44The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
I love Winnie the pooh. I have loved him since I was a small child. I am so addicted to Winnie the pooh I had him tattooed on my arm. I also have my 11 month old granddaughter hooked on pooh and whenever someone I know has a baby I alway buy Winnie the pooh gifts. I just love all the characters and I own every Winnie the pooh movie ever made. Needless to say pooh is my favorite and then I would have to say that piglet is next. Oh dear
I love this winnie the poo is one of the most lovable characters at disney he always gives me a craving for honey, and I HATE HONEY!
Winnie the Pooh is impossible not to like. I've herd people say they hate Mickey Mouse and despise other characters, but I never heard anyone say they did not like Winnie the Pooh.
[Newest]I saw this in the movie theater with my friends and I literally fell out of my seat laughing! This movie is hilarious for Disney fanatics like me.

45A Bug's Life
This film is so underrated. It's right up there with Wall-e and The Lion King. I actually think the song Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith would be a good song for the end of the movie when Flik and Atta are holding hands. Put on the end of this movie at the part where Atta gets crowned queen and play Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith along with it. Just a suggestion. I found it pretty cool to do that.
Best of the best... I will never forget this movie
I was disappointed not to see this at #1 or 2 (2 is MonstersInc) much less outside top ten!


[Newest]Underrated. Best. Movie. Ever.

46The Aristocats
Yet another great disney movie that can't go unnoticed!
Best disney movie ever!
I love the aristocats! It is so awesome! I watched it when is was 5, and it was one of the best disney movies I ever seen


.. The scene where dumbo meets his mother and she sings "baby mine"... Saddest thing I have ever seen in my life!
Dude when I was 5 that 'baby mine' song was the saddest song in my life. I mean Pokemon heroes was not sad but that song was so sad even sadder than Mighty Jo Young.
I love this movie my opinion is that it is the number Disney classic

[Newest]Dumbo is a classic this should no be 57 so sad but teaches a good lesson

48Brother Bear
Love this movie, can watch it thousands of times, in future will surely make my kids watch it
So beautiful yet sad and sweet. Far deeper than most since it doesn't have anyone "evil" or villain, it's just about the battle of hatred inside each person and the lesson to learn of understanding about everything living. A piece of art!
Really? This film should be in the top 20! I love this movie and what I love about it the most is that it doesn't revolve around a love story and purely focuses on family :) On the other hand, Brother Bear 2 was pretty awful in my opinion...
[Newest]The beginning and end are good, the middle can suck it

49The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
I loved the lion king and the lion king 2. That's why I want to be a lion. IT'S ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES EVER! I wish they made more and more lion kings.
I don't want them to ever end and I want to keep watching them over and over again. I loved all the lion kings. It is my all time favorite Disney movie ever and that will never change.
I love this movie and all the disney movie's but this is my favorite.
My list.
Lion king 2
Lion king
Hunchback of notre dame.
Beauty and the beast.
I have recently been watching this! This is so funny and hilarious! I wish it never ended. I wanted them to make another one just about Kovu and Kierra! That would be AWESOMEE! I <3 Kovu!
[Newest]THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I honestly like it better than the original, but I know I am in the minority in that opinion.

50The Nightmare Before Christmas
The nightmare before Christmas is one of my Favourite movies of all time and my favourite Christmas movie it should be Higher on this list and teaches us to be how we are and not pretend to be some one else by far I couldn't see Tim Burton make a better animated movie in his style.
Seriously people, use common sense. This one of my favorite movies! And the ending is so sweet!
Tim Burton this was different for Disney but it was very dark and edgy and I think one of the best disney movies.
[Newest]It unlike anyway other movie I have ever seen ever in my life

51The Princess and the Frog
Lol... I'm too old to watch Disney movies, but I swear. THIS WAS MADE FOR KIDS MY AGE!
VooDoo Mamma: How's your grammama, Ray?
Ray: Oh, she got in trouble for flashing the neighbors again!
VooDoo Mama: L like dat girl! She got SPUNK!
Probably the best movie I've ever seen! It shows the good side and bad side of love. The bad side was the love for money, fame and power, while the good side was love for family, love for a friend, and of course the true meaning of love! My favorite part, when Ray the firefly finally be with Angeline!
Coolest Disney movie ever! Probably first kids movie that a good character died. LOVE IT!
Actually Bambi was the first one to kill a major character. I thought everyone knew that. And of course Lion King killed off Mufasa. Fox and the Hound killed off Tod's mother. And Brother killed off Sitka (the older brother).
[Newest]Nice movie... I liked it

Fantasia is a masterpiece. The animation, as well as the score, is outstanding. This is Disney at its finest. You can tell that there is so much work and so much heart that goes into this film, and the final product is beautiful. Out of all of the amazing films Disney, as well as anyone else, has created, Fantasia is the most creative, awe-inspiring, and imaginative I've ever experienced!
I Loved this when I was younger.
Wish I still had it.
It is walt's masterpiece it is a fantastic movie it's so magical it's the best disney movie ever!
[Newest]Number 53! Why? This film is beautiful, genius, iconic, and inspiring.

53The Rescuers
I love the rescuers it's my favorite movie and I also love the rescuers down under I am so excited that
Both of the are coming out in a 2 movie collection on august 21 and
Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 is coming. Out in a 2 movie collection too on august 21 too.
Should be way higher then 55, both these movies are wonderful
So funny I wish I had it

54The Sword in the Stone
No one ever talks about this movie, but I loved it when I first saw it as a kid and I still think it's great. Maybe the best songs aren't here, but it bounces along with a nice blend of action and humor that makes for an entertaining watch.


This is so the best movie ever!!! I love Merlin and Archimedes.
[Newest]This is by far one of the best and there isn't even a sad part it's just a wonderful adventure the whole way! Really inspiring and hilarious too

55A Goofy Movie
What is this film doing down here? It's the best film Disney ever made. It's funny. Has awesome characters and an interesting storyline. Max is a great character and his character development is good as well.
It made me laugh, and I'm in my teens. I love this movie. I'm glad Roxanne forgave him too.
Love the movie, it's so funny and it never gets old still makes your day.
[Newest]This is the IDEAL Disney film. Although it's only 1 hour and 15 minutes long, I can't even tell because it's SO good!

56The Lion King 1½
Funniest lion king movie ever... Puts all the lost pieces together.
Its the funniest of the franchise its very lighthearted and funny compared to the original and its more like a buddy film about on the search of a perfect place to live without no worries
Well I think that this is the best! I love lion king it is my best movie and the other movie too but lion king is the first disney movie I saw and lo

57Meet the Robinsons
This was such a great movie! The characters were all so unique and the theme was brought in wonderfully! This movie is definitely getting onto my Christmas List!
I literally have lived my life off this movie, Keep Moving Forward, it has brought me out of who I was and helped me great what I am today. One day it will bring me to great success as an artist and computer scientist, and one day, I will be a legend in history!
I absolutely love this movie. Not only is it the best animated Disney movie, it's the best movie of all time. One time my brother and I rented it from the library, and we watched it probably about 20 times in the week we had it.

58Aladdin and the King of Thieves
I just loved this one! Aladdin and Jasmine we're so cute together, and lots of the questions asked during the 2 other films are answered, like where Aladdin's dad was. Truly put a happy ending to the whole series.

59The Black Cauldron
This film is gold for Disney. No annoying songs, no being afraid to show people die and develop, and best of all, a story that is wonderfully dark and twisted. This movie is sadly underrated. In fact, Disney pretends this movie doesn't exist because it doesn't measure up to their idealistic fantasyland of making children believe no one can ever die. How about opening up their eyes to animation that can be seen by people of all ages? The people who made this movie were attempting to do just that, and it's sad that people think that singing, childish themes and other things all make cartoons just for children. These people need to get their minds out of the gutter.

All hail the Black Cauldron, king of Disney films.
What? This was the best movie ever made by Disney! Are you nuts?! This should be at least in the top 20...
This movie needs much more credit than it deserves! Just because it's darker than other Disney movies doesn't mean you should turn away from it!
[Newest]I think it is a wonderful movie. Plus the 2 main characters are the youngest disney characters to kiss, at least from what I know.

60Disney's A Christmas Carol
You can't go wrong with a cast that includes Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Colin Firth among others.
People tend to forget this one quite easilly because every man and his dog has done an adaptation of A Christmas Carol; Alistair Sim, Albert Finney, the Muppets, even Mickey Mouse among others. This is actually Disney's third adaptation alone.

But I have to confess I did tear up during the Ghost of Christmas Present segment when he shows Scrooge the joys of Christmas to the soundtrack of Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
One of the more faithful adaptations of the Charles Dickens ageless novel.


[Newest]The way it incorporates famous Christmas carols like Joy to the World and Hark the Herald Angels Sing is breathless.

61The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
I mean come on, Ariel returns with a kid, there is action, the people have amazing voices and For a Moment is such a beautiful song.

How could you not like this movie?
I Love Melody, she is so cute I wish I was her


63Tinker Bell
This should be first because the story of Tinker bell is Amazing. For me it's the best.
I hate how they ruined the awesome tinker bell from Peter Pan, and gave us a super annoying, goody two shoes tinker bell. It sucks.

64The Secret World of Arrietty

65Brother Bear 2
Its so unbelievable that this is so far down the list I love this movie the last scene just takes me everything I am 15 and I love this movie so much I only recently watched it but ever since I watch it every night before I sleep and sometimes even when I'm tired or upset I watch this honestly should be up with the top 10! X it should definitely be up there at number 3!
This movie sucks some serious ass

66Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
I HATE this Cinderella movie. Take it off on the List. NOW!

67The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was great. They used to show this in my elementary school in the auditorium on old movie reels for Halloween. Great memories of this classic! Narrator does an amazing job.
True Disney fans know this movie
It has a funny name, therefore it is great.

Harharhar, Ichabod...

68The Rescuers Down Under
If sprites away, the prince of Egypt, kung fu panda, despicable me, surfs up, air buddies, the pound family movie, can be on the list why can't this movie!
Best movie ever this should be #1
You sick people! WHY THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE BELOW CRAPPY SEQUELS LIKE F*ING MULAN II!? This movie is amazing. The comedy is great. The animation is astounding. The music just blew me away. It surpassed the original by a lot. I watched this so many times when I was younger and I want to see it again. You need to watch this movie because you aren't going to get it. You can have Frozen. You can have Beauty and the Beast. You can have Lion King. This one is better than all of them, and is definitely my number 1.

69The Brave Little Toaster

70Mulan II
I love this~! It makes me cry in the middle because it is so awesome~!
I love it. Everyone should watch this~!
Awesome movie should be 1
The wonder ful story of mulan continuous in this movie.

71Make Mine Music

72Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

73Fantasia 2000

74Melody Time

75The Return of Jafar
I love this movie because the aladdin became a very good man.

76The Fox and the Hound 2

77Kiki's Delivery Service

78Bambi II

79The Prince and the Pauper

80DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

81The Ballad of Nessie
I hated it so much go die who ever made this ross mikam I kya ka anamitir joormikina

82Princess Mononoke

83The Three Caballeros

84Winnie the Pooh

85Fun and Fancy Free

86101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

87Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

88Tarzan II

89The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

90Return to Never Land

91Pooh's Heffalump Movie
This movie is so funny and cute, I love heffalumps.

92The Jungle Book 2

93Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

94Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

95The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

96The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

97Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams

98Treasure Planet
The best, the way build and climax of the film is most exceptional, I've watched this so many times and it never gets old
Greatest movie to ever grace my eyes. I watched it as a kid and loved it. It's one of the primary reasons I became so fascinated with ships and sailing. The movie is top notch and there is absolutely no reasons not to nab it. Movie teaches you that you can always choose your path in life and that sometimes friendships are rocky but they are always worth it.

Watched it today for sentimental value. Damn near cried and it's not even truly sad. I this movie.
Definitely I love this movie! Because its teach us to how trust and sincerity of friendship.
[Newest]One of the most underrated movies of all time, this was my favorite when I was a kid.

99Howl's Moving Castle
Absolutely adore this film, if ever I'm down or sick I watch it and it makes me feel better, it's animation is fantastic and a fabulous film, even if it is only translated by disney I still love it to bits
I love Howl! He's so cute in his blonde hair and even more in his black/blue hair :p Sophie is a great main character, I loves the movie loads!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! Watch it every year!
[Newest]This is a great movie!

100Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
This movie was great for so many reasons I loved it!

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