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The good thing is that the French fries in McDonalds are good and that they put little toys in kiddie meals but the bad thing is the chicken Mcnuggets taste HORRIBLE! Burger King has much more fair deals like the 2 for 5 and they have chicken fries back in Burger King and they were the most tastiest chicken fries I have ever tasted. The dollar menu is sucks because they should know that they really don't make their burgers good somehow. Another thing is that the chicken select tenders they sell there, that idea was first made by Burger King's tenders and they copied that idea! Whoever likes McDonalds is sucks!
It's so good my friend made a rap about it I always get a #10large with a coke this is the tastiest place in the world McDonald's fries are legendary even better than Wendy's
By far the best. The food is filling and luxurious. It doesn't make you feel like it's actually fast food because the quality is so good. Great value for money too:)

KFC should be higher up on this list, probably my second favourite because it has great food.

Subway's great also because it's fast food with a healthier spin to it. One thing I must say is highly known for being the cause of food poising from their meats.

Pizza Hut shouldn't be on this list, the value for money and service is terrible. The pizza's aren't even that great. Dominoes on the other hand have much better pizza's, better service and much better value for money.
[Newest]Damn, number one on BEST and WORST? It should be number one on worst.
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How the hell is McDonalds above Subway? Subway is delicious AND HEALTHY FOR YOU! I love Subway. The food is always fresh, their cookies are delicous, their fountain drinks are tasty. And come on people, you get to pretty much make your own meal. You decide what goes on your sub, type of bread, what more could you ask for? Even if your not a fan of vegetables, you can choose your favorite veggies, meat, cheese, bread, and make something you truly like. This place is 1000 times better than McDonalds. Mcdonalds just clogs your arteries.


I love the cookies, I love the subs. I love Subway. It's the bomb! Sometimes I just go to Subway to get me a delicious Cookie :) They are so good and so delicious. Dang, just writing about this makes me want to go to Subway now
I love Subway. You can get whatever you want and with about over 9 million combinations of sandwiches, you will never get bored with the food. Plus, they have delicious cookies, chips, pretzels, ICEEs, and pizza! The service is good, and there's one about everywhere. And it's HEALTHY. Vote for Subway!


[Newest]It's actually pretty crazy that this is #2. I mean I like subway a lot but literally think about, subway is a sandwich place and it to be like this popular it's a little overrated. I can make a sandwich at my house with the same ingredients as subway and it would taste just as good
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3Burger King
Course McDonald's is great, but Burger King's food is much better and much more quality. The fries are so much better at Burger King, and the chicken is so much better it's insane. Compare Burger King's Chicken Royale to McDonald's McChicken Sandwich, the Chicken Royale is so much better. However Burger King is more expensive here in Britain, but still, it's worth the extra few pounds.


McDonalds- Fried burgers, greasy fries, Small burgers, expensive prices good breakfast

Burger King- Flame broiled burgers, tasty fries, good hershey pies, big burgers, cheap.

Overall: Burger king can kick mcdonalds a
I'm always having a menu (at McDonald's as well as at Burger King). Actually I don't see a big difference between the burgers - I love the 1955-Burger and the Big Tasty Bacon as well as the Double Steakhouse), but the salad you get at Burger King is not only much better than the McDonald's salad, it's also much bigger and many more components. That's why Burger King is better than McDonald's.
[Newest]My biggest favourite restaurant with my mother.


Ten years ago they were pretty good. Then 3 years ago they were terrible and disgusting. Now they got terrible ratings and a bad reputation. Now they went fresh, and they truly are. You know how you look at the commercials and it looks so good yet when you get it its slop. Well wendys has improved 101 percent and what you see on the commercial is what it looks like. It drips with juice. Not grease, juice and is made when you order. They have improved and I promise they have. I got the 1/2 pound hamburger because I'm in good health and the lettuce was taken strait off a head of lettuce, fresh tomatoes and I don't know about the cheese but the meat was steaming and juicy and not at all greasy. I felt just fine for the rest of the day. The fries are not that great because they were not soaked in grease for instance COUGH MC COUGH COUGH DONALDS COUGH. Oh sorry had something in my throat. Anyways the fries were made when ordered and I could tell because they were hot and had the outside still in them. Not great but healthier, not grease soaked and the meat was hot and yes fresh. But the most important thing of all was that you don't feel bad for the rest of the day. Yes a little more expensive but you get more than what you pay for and the place is much more clean. If you wl give it a try I promise you will be satisfied. And I promise the food looks just like the commercial. And by the way I ate at wendys in lubbock, texas.
Wendy's has the best fast food burgers by far! Baconators are the greatest sandwich ever created! Wendy's by far has the best chicken products of any fast food chain as well. Their wraps are the best and their salads are the best too.
All of these restaurants are absolutely terrible for your health. But, I do have to admit Wendy's Baconator is kind of a personal favorite. Considering Wendys outshines McDonalds in health and Burger King in taste, I'd have to give it my vote.


[Newest]I like there food. Especially there fries, and nuggets.

5Taco Bell
The way I see it? Mc Donald's? How can anyone eat that stuff? And all that other burger stuff? People like that over tacos and burritos! Taco Bell isn't the best best Mexican restaurant. Not even close... but you can't go wrong with burrito goodness. (Actually you can but that's another story)
I gotta go Taco Bell because Mexican food is just amazing. McDonalds is nasty. I don't know how people can eat there all the time knowing how they make they're food. Also the comment about 7-layers and Indiana is so true. (I made it a long time ago)
7-layer burritos are like sitting on a tropical beach in Indiana and flying into the sky...
[Newest]Mountain Dew baja blast

KFC is heaven. Everyone in my class loves it! Their chicken wings are glorious. Mcdonald is ok. Subway is another great one I love the honey mustard. Pizza hut is epic but not as good as subway or mcdonald. Dominoes pizza? Their disgusting I mean there pizzas are fantASTIC but there's probaly a 75 percent chance there's a booger in there. So be careful!
I love KFC rarely get the chance to eat it. Dream and droll over the thought of it most off the time. The coating on the chicken is to die for.
Really, really delicious and a LOT better than any others. One problem though. I get a takaway from them once a week. You should see the size of my face man...
[Newest]It's good but service sucks.

7Pizza Hut
Since pizza is the PERFECT junkfood, this had to get my vote.


Everyone who voted for McDonald was either lying or an idiot. Nobody likes cheese burgers more than pizza and nobody likes McDonald more than Burger King or Wendy's.

Pizza Hut is the best of them all though.
tastes like the best pizza I've ever tasted and for me pizza hut is alawys around theres so many


[Newest]Best Pizza's on Earth!

oh my goshh it is amazing
and i love the waffle fries
The best restaurant ever it's so yummy, the chicken, waffle fries, and ice cream!
Yummy, I love this restaurant it's so good, the chicken, the ice cream, and the waffle fries are amazing!
[Newest]I hate McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, subway( none are healthy )At all but I love chick-fil-a and Arby's

9Dairy Queen
If you love REALLY good deserts and food you gotta come here its latterly HEAVEN I mean every time I go there my mouth waters like crazy and once I start eating I can't stop! That's how good it is there! (unless your allergic to dairy I mean its in the name... Dairy Queen )
Best Cakes, Ice Cream and desert for a fast food joint. However DQ has only okay burgers personally just go in for the dessert if you are going to eat there.
How is this not number one? It has amazing food not to mention the blizzards. I still gotta admit that there is still some pretty stiff competition. (5 guys, in-n-out, burger king, etc. )
[Newest]Their slogan is wrong it IS fast food

10Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys has the best burgers and fries ever. Why is McDonald's at the top? McDonalds is disgusting.
Come on five guys is a hell of a lot better that disgusting McDonald's the burgers at McDonald's are flavorless and gross tasting the fries also upset your stomach unlike Five Guys, Five Guys has very tasty, great burgers and way better fries made out of peanut oil. Five guys have real burgers not crap like McDonald's or Burger King. You just have to go there and try them yourself to understand my comment.
Five Guys is AWESOME! Their burgers are real burgers! Places like McDonalds, Wendy's, etc., are all made out of chemicals!

The stuff is really gross if you think about it. Five Guys does take longer, but you can tell the difference, it's real meat!
[Newest]Take note: They use peanut oil for those allergic to them...

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11Domino's Pizza
Simply horrible; not even pizza as far as I'm concerned. Insipid (tasteless) sauce, cheese with totally the wrong viscosity (way too soft and runny to be normal mozzarella), horrible fake butter / garlic flavor to the crust. Of course, this is all based on a pizza I got from Domino's over a year ago -- after that experience I never went back, the only local location closed and the building was torn down (there is now an auto parts store in a new building at this location).
Domino's Pizza should at least be on the top 10!
It's the best pizza in the world!


It is the best because the crust is seasoned well and they don't hold back on the toppings! The sauce is plentiful too! The costumer service is wonderful! EAT DOMINO'S, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
[Newest]Shut up I love dominos

12In-N-Out Burger
Only those who have tasted the In-n-Out burger have reached true cheeseburger enlightenment. Their toasted bun, melty cheese, delicious tomatoes and lettuce, and that steamy cooked-to-order patty fresh off the griddle make them king. Vote for McDonald's only if you love nuggets that come from genetically modified geriatric chickens and low-quality burgers that aren't cooked-to-order and are kept under the heat lamp for HOURS.
What the hell is In-n-out only number 9 on this list? In n out is amazing. I love and everybody else should to. The Buns are warm, the cheese is melty and it tastes so good, the meat taste like heaven, and the lettuce and tomatoes add flavor to the burgers and the "special sauce"(thousand island dressing) adds even MORE flavor to the burger. They Also have fries that aren't too greasy or too salty. The fries are just perfect. Also, the secret menu items have a lot to offer and most of the items on there are really good. Another good thing to get there is the milkshakes. The milkshakes there tastes so good and I love. The last thing I'd like to say is that I always feel comfortable there. The tables are clean, its got a nice cool feeling, and I feel like I can just sit there for hours just relaxing. I know that people really shouldn't eat fast food, but if you are going to go out for a nice run for fast food, I recomend in n out burger.
This is the place. To. Get. BURGERS! The reason why it is not 1st place is because it's only in about 3 states, too bad most people can't try it-unlike its all over the world counterpart McDonald's.
[Newest]I heard about them but never tried. Probably because the don't sell in Missouri!
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Best hamburgers around= The Hamburgers from SONIC! I have an idea.
Replace Sonic with McDonalds because McDonald's food is fake and comes out of a machine.

Sounds like a plan to me!
This great Drive-in has been a favorite of mine. You've got to love their breakfast burritos, slushies, Tater Tots, and most importantly, the best hot dogs in America!
Sonic has the best chicken sandwiches, the onion rings are to die for, just like eating dessert. The diet cherry cokes are amazing. Love the service.
[Newest]It's got so much variety that you can't decide!


What? What is wrong with the world? Chipotle is my life! This should be number 1! Not only is chipotle heaven in a burrito/bowl/taco it's healthy for you! You can get your protein, dairy, veggies, fruits and grains. Come on now... McDonalds is probably the main cause of OBESITY! You don't know what those people are doing to your food. But at chipotle you can watch your food! So I'm a need everyone to vote for chipotle because I just don't understand y this isn't number one... Or Evan the top ten! It's sick!
Love this place. Pretty much a mexican resturaunt but get your food like subway. Burrito Bowl is the best way to go becuase you can get a bag of chips and eat it with it. Too bomb
! Chipotle should beat McDonalds! The food here is amazing. Gotta love that spice! Not to mention, the food is healthy and humanely raised!
[Newest]What! Chipotle is amazing! Not my favorite like five guys but my 2nd favorite

Starbucks just makes the best coffee for teens and adults! I just love starbucks.
Fast food? Really? I don't think so. It's more of a coffee shop. Plus, it's nowhere near as good as Dunn Brothers.
I love their scones, but is it REALLY fast food? Just I don't like their hot chocolate
[Newest]Fun fact: 99% of people who drink Starbucks do it to look cool.

16Panera Bread
Are you serious? Number 48? Panera is the classiest restaurant and healthiest fast food restaurant I have ever been to. The staff is polite and has a sense of humor, the food is top quality and also healthy. The appearance of Panera will appeal to everyone, whether the elderly, kids, teenagers, anyone. Their soups are excellent, the sandwiches are top-notch, and their desserts (which are freshly made) are to die for. I don't understand how Panera Bread is in 48th place, with all the fatty restaurants at the top. I mean, you can eat DELICIOUS food without having it spurt grease. Panera is OBVIOUSLY the best one, no doubt.
I love katchup and beer. panera has neither and I would still rather eat there.

17Dunkin' Donuts
The way I see it its the one place to get donuts, crosonts, ice cream and other stuff you might get for lunch and dinner.
Dunkin donuts have the best burgers ever
I could walk to Dunkin donuts because it is next to my neighborhood and it is the best ever!

18Buffalo Wild Wings
It is so good there just hanging out watching sports and eating wigs. I am not an adult so I can't drink beer but I bet it taste amazing. It beats any wing place. All the American football, Soccer, and Basketball all in one restaurant. Why is McDonalds number 1 they put all grease in there food and yucky stuff. No one really knows what they put in there. Well if you're a worker or a VIP you know but if you are a customer like me there could be something very groose in there. Also I have seen some workers without gloves. I am not saying McDonalds is not good just my trusted old Buffalo Wild Wings is on my side.


Wings, Beer, Sports... Come on guys. What else could you ask for while enjoying some hot wings with a nice cold beer and all the same time watching your favorite sport.
Not sure if this is fast food but they make some really good wings!

19Little Caesars Pizza
great if your on a budget those hot and readys are like 6 bucks.
22? This list is inaccurate. Little Caesar's Pizza is the absolute best I can't even believe this list, this is a joke...
It burns my mouth with wonder flavor. [I'm a kid by duh way] 10 years old

20Panda Express
Gotta love the orange chicken
I love panda :3
I love Panda Express my favorites are the orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp.

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