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Old Mickey D's is my favorite place in the world. I roll through the drive thru in my extra strength hover round and order the same thing every time. Three Big Mac's, four quarter pounders (That's a pound total, for all you math-illiterate folk out there) Three large fries soaked in old hamburger grease, a shake to dunk my fries in, and a diet coke (gotta watch my figure). Then when I get home I wish it all down with a 2 liter of Mountain Dew. And they just installed one in the Wal-Mart across the street from me, so I can just hover on round there (Ha! Get it? ) and pick me up my order, then after I use the bathroom halfway, wait for them to clean it all out of there, then finish using it, I can scoot on home in time for 2nd dinner.
By far the best. The food is filling and luxurious. It doesn't make you feel like it's actually fast food because the quality is so good. Great value for money too:)
KFC should be higher up on this list, probably my second favourite because it has great food.
Subway's great also because it's fast food with a healthier spin to it. One thing I must say is highly known for being the cause of food poising from their meats.
Pizza Hut shouldn't be on this list, the value for money and service is terrible. The pizza's aren't even that great. Dominoes on the other hand have much better pizza's, better service and much better value for money.
It's so good my friend made a rap about it I always get a #10large with a coke this is the tastiest place in the world McDonald's fries are legendary even better than Wendy's
[Newest]McDonald's bis the best. Delicious drink. Awesome burgers and divine burgers.
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How the hell is McDonalds above Subway? Subway is delicious AND HEALTHY FOR YOU! I love Subway. The food is always fresh, their cookies are delicous, their fountain drinks are tasty. And come on people, you get to pretty much make your own meal. You decide what goes on your sub, type of bread, what more could you ask for? Even if your not a fan of vegetables, you can choose your favorite veggies, meat, cheese, bread, and make something you truly like. This place is 1000 times better than McDonalds. Mcdonalds just clogs your arteries.


I love the cookies, I love the subs. I love Subway. It's the bomb! Sometimes I just go to Subway to get me a delicious Cookie :) They are so good and so delicious. Dang, just writing about this makes me want to go to Subway now
I love Subway. You can get whatever you want and with about over 9 million combinations of sandwiches, you will never get bored with the food. Plus, they have delicious cookies, chips, pretzels, ICEEs, and pizza! The service is good, and there's one about everywhere. And it's HEALTHY. Vote for Subway!


[Newest]People. You need to start voting. McDonald's is not better than subway. Have you tried there subway food. It's insanely awesome
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Ten years ago they were pretty good. Then 3 years ago they were terrible and disgusting. Now they got terrible ratings and a bad reputation. Now they went fresh, and they truly are. You know how you look at the commercials and it looks so good yet when you get it its slop. Well wendys has improved 101 percent and what you see on the commercial is what it looks like. It drips with juice. Not grease, juice and is made when you order. They have improved and I promise they have. I got the 1/2 pound hamburger because I'm in good health and the lettuce was taken strait off a head of lettuce, fresh tomatoes and I don't know about the cheese but the meat was steaming and juicy and not at all greasy. I felt just fine for the rest of the day. The fries are not that great because they were not soaked in grease for instance COUGH MC COUGH COUGH DONALDS COUGH. Oh sorry had something in my throat. Anyways the fries were made when ordered and I could tell because they were hot and had the outside still in them. Not great but healthier, not grease soaked and the meat was hot and yes fresh. But the most important thing of all was that you don't feel bad for the rest of the day. Yes a little more expensive but you get more than what you pay for and the place is much more clean. If you wl give it a try I promise you will be satisfied. And I promise the food looks just like the commercial. And by the way I ate at wendys in lubbock, texas.
Wendy's has the best fast food burgers by far! Baconators are the greatest sandwich ever created! Wendy's by far has the best chicken products of any fast food chain as well. Their wraps are the best and their salads are the best too.
All of these restaurants are absolutely terrible for your health. But, I do have to admit Wendy's Baconator is kind of a personal favorite. Considering Wendys outshines McDonalds in health and Burger King in taste, I'd have to give it my vote.


[Newest]Wendy's has stayed on top of the game with their value menu and menu changes. There are many delicious options. I had a fish sandwich last night and I'm going back today for another. Yum! I also really enjoy the apple pecan salad.

4Burger King
Course McDonald's is great, but Burger King's food is much better and much more quality. The fries are so much better at Burger King, and the chicken is so much better it's insane. Compare Burger King's Chicken Royale to McDonald's McChicken Sandwich, the Chicken Royale is so much better. However Burger King is more expensive here in Britain, but still, it's worth the extra few pounds.


McDonalds- Fried burgers, greasy fries, Small burgers, expensive prices good breakfast

Burger King- Flame broiled burgers, tasty fries, good hershey pies, big burgers, cheap.

Overall: Burger king can kick mcdonalds a
I'm always having a menu (at McDonald's as well as at Burger King). Actually I don't see a big difference between the burgers - I love the 1955-Burger and the Big Tasty Bacon as well as the Double Steakhouse), but the salad you get at Burger King is not only much better than the McDonald's salad, it's also much bigger and many more components. That's why Burger King is better than McDonald's.
[Newest]This disgusting slop is overrated. The only good thing is the kid's Apple fries

5Taco Bell
The way I see it? Mc Donald's? How can anyone eat that stuff? And all that other burger stuff? People like that over tacos and burritos! Taco Bell isn't the best best Mexican restaurant. Not even close... but you can't go wrong with burrito goodness. (Actually you can but that's another story)
I gotta go Taco Bell because Mexican food is just amazing. McDonalds is nasty. I don't know how people can eat there all the time knowing how they make they're food. Also the comment about 7-layers and Indiana is so true. (I made it a long time ago)
7-layer burritos are like sitting on a tropical beach in Indiana and flying into the sky...
[Newest]Mountain Dew baja blast

KFC is heaven. Everyone in my class loves it! Their chicken wings are glorious. Mcdonald is ok. Subway is another great one I love the honey mustard. Pizza hut is epic but not as good as subway or mcdonald. Dominoes pizza? Their disgusting I mean there pizzas are fantASTIC but there's probaly a 75 percent chance there's a booger in there. So be careful!
I love KFC rarely get the chance to eat it. Dream and droll over the thought of it most off the time. The coating on the chicken is to die for.
Really, really delicious and a LOT better than any others. One problem though. I get a takaway from them once a week. You should see the size of my face man...
[Newest]This place is amazing. Can't beat that good Fried Chicken. Their Mashed Potatoes and Mac and Cheese are amazing too.

7Pizza Hut
Since pizza is the PERFECT junkfood, this had to get my vote.


Everyone who voted for McDonald was either lying or an idiot. Nobody likes cheese burgers more than pizza and nobody likes McDonald more than Burger King or Wendy's.

Pizza Hut is the best of them all though.
tastes like the best pizza I've ever tasted and for me pizza hut is alawys around theres so many


[Newest]Best Pizza's on Earth!

oh my goshh it is amazing
and i love the waffle fries
The best restaurant ever it's so yummy, the chicken, waffle fries, and ice cream!
Yummy, I love this restaurant it's so good, the chicken, the ice cream, and the waffle fries are amazing!
[Newest]Gotta say, you can't go wrong with Chick-fil-a!

Also, why is McDonald's ranked at number 1?

9Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys has the best burgers and fries ever. Why is McDonald's at the top? McDonalds is disgusting.
Come on five guys is a hell of a lot better that disgusting McDonald's the burgers at McDonald's are flavorless and gross tasting the fries also upset your stomach unlike Five Guys, Five Guys has very tasty, great burgers and way better fries made out of peanut oil. Five guys have real burgers not crap like McDonald's or Burger King. You just have to go there and try them yourself to understand my comment.
Five Guys is AWESOME! Their burgers are real burgers! Places like McDonalds, Wendy's, etc., are all made out of chemicals!

The stuff is really gross if you think about it. Five Guys does take longer, but you can tell the difference, it's real meat!
[Newest]I've gone to burger place after burger place, and nine have managed to outdo five guys.

10In-N-Out Burger
Only those who have tasted the In-n-Out burger have reached true cheeseburger enlightenment. Their toasted bun, melty cheese, delicious tomatoes and lettuce, and that steamy cooked-to-order patty fresh off the griddle make them king. Vote for McDonald's only if you love nuggets that come from genetically modified geriatric chickens and low-quality burgers that aren't cooked-to-order and are kept under the heat lamp for HOURS.
What the hell is In-n-out only number 9 on this list? In n out is amazing. I love and everybody else should to. The Buns are warm, the cheese is melty and it tastes so good, the meat taste like heaven, and the lettuce and tomatoes add flavor to the burgers and the "special sauce"(thousand island dressing) adds even MORE flavor to the burger. They Also have fries that aren't too greasy or too salty. The fries are just perfect. Also, the secret menu items have a lot to offer and most of the items on there are really good. Another good thing to get there is the milkshakes. The milkshakes there tastes so good and I love. The last thing I'd like to say is that I always feel comfortable there. The tables are clean, its got a nice cool feeling, and I feel like I can just sit there for hours just relaxing. I know that people really shouldn't eat fast food, but if you are going to go out for a nice run for fast food, I recomend in n out burger.
This is the place. To. Get. BURGERS! The reason why it is not 1st place is because it's only in about 3 states, too bad most people can't try it-unlike its all over the world counterpart McDonald's.
[Newest]I like it. There is not one where I live, but when I go to California I make it a point to go to one.
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The Contenders

11Dairy Queen
If you love REALLY good deserts and food you gotta come here its latterly HEAVEN I mean every time I go there my mouth waters like crazy and once I start eating I can't stop! That's how good it is there! (unless your allergic to dairy I mean its in the name... Dairy Queen )
Best Cakes, Ice Cream and desert for a fast food joint. However DQ has only okay burgers personally just go in for the dessert if you are going to eat there.
How is this not number one? It has amazing food not to mention the blizzards. I still gotta admit that there is still some pretty stiff competition. (5 guys, in-n-out, burger king, etc. )
[Newest]It is really good ice cream

12Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza should at least be on the top 10!
It's the best pizza in the world!


Simply horrible; not even pizza as far as I'm concerned. Insipid (tasteless) sauce, cheese with totally the wrong viscosity (way too soft and runny to be normal mozzarella), horrible fake butter / garlic flavor to the crust. Of course, this is all based on a pizza I got from Domino's over a year ago -- after that experience I never went back, the only local location closed and the building was torn down (there is now an auto parts store in a new building at this location).
It is the best because the crust is seasoned well and they don't hold back on the toppings! The sauce is plentiful too! The costumer service is wonderful! EAT DOMINO'S, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
[Newest]Wasn't it Domino's where employees were filmed farting on pizzas and stuffing cheese up their nose.. ?

Best hamburgers around= The Hamburgers from SONIC! I have an idea.
Replace Sonic with McDonalds because McDonald's food is fake and comes out of a machine.

Sounds like a plan to me!
This great Drive-in has been a favorite of mine. You've got to love their breakfast burritos, slushies, Tater Tots, and most importantly, the best hot dogs in America!
Sonic has the best chicken sandwiches, the onion rings are to die for, just like eating dessert. The diet cherry cokes are amazing. Love the service.
[Newest]Sonic should be replaced with Macdonald


What? What is wrong with the world? Chipotle is my life! This should be number 1! Not only is chipotle heaven in a burrito/bowl/taco it's healthy for you! You can get your protein, dairy, veggies, fruits and grains. Come on now... McDonalds is probably the main cause of OBESITY! You don't know what those people are doing to your food. But at chipotle you can watch your food! So I'm a need everyone to vote for chipotle because I just don't understand y this isn't number one... Or Evan the top ten! It's sick!
Love this place. Pretty much a mexican resturaunt but get your food like subway. Burrito Bowl is the best way to go becuase you can get a bag of chips and eat it with it. Too bomb
! Chipotle should beat McDonalds! The food here is amazing. Gotta love that spice! Not to mention, the food is healthy and humanely raised!
[Newest]I am not a huge fan of there food but there orders are pretty big my dad got a burrito it was as big as his head

15Dunkin' Donuts
The way I see it its the one place to get donuts, crosonts, ice cream and other stuff you might get for lunch and dinner.
Dunkin donuts have the best burgers ever
I could walk to Dunkin donuts because it is next to my neighborhood and it is the best ever!

Arbys is great;) I used to be in love wit mc donalds but now its just not good! Arbys is the place to go not too expensive like KFC not to gross like wendys burgers, not to rude like mc donalds has a great ATMOSPHERE never had a problem there and the simplicity of a fast good tasty meal on the go with the greatness of a diverse community of people that show their customers wit respect Arbys 100% and let me tell you I have not always been a fan...
THIS is how you make fast food. Forget about McDonald's, Popeye's, White Castle, Chick Fil-A, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Jimmy John's, Long John Silver's, Ground Round, OR Burger King. Arby's has the perfect balance of healthy and unhealthy, and the curly fries are delicious. Truly unique, and a nice break from McDonald's.
Arby's is the best. No one comes close to its roast beef goodness!


17Carl's Jr.
To me it is Hardee's, and yes, it PWNS.


Carl's Jr has the freshest Vegetables and has biggest tastiest burgers out there! And the Crisscut fries don't even get me started! There's no doubt in my mind that Carl's Jr. is the best Fast Food restaurant out there!
carl's jr has the best and prefered burgers


[Newest]Amazing. Thick. Delicious. Juicy. Perfect. Best quality. Those are just some of the words I use to describe there burgers.

Starbucks just makes the best coffee for teens and adults! I just love starbucks.
Fast food? Really? I don't think so. It's more of a coffee shop. Plus, it's nowhere near as good as Dunn Brothers.
I love their scones, but is it REALLY fast food? Just I don't like their hot chocolate

A&W... By far my favourite! McDonald's uses horse meat in their God-awful burgers, Burger King has terrible service, and Wendy's has mushy burger patties. Now let's start anew, A&W is the KING of root beer, A&W's burgers (especially the Teen Burger) is not too fatty, not mushy, not made of horse meat (all beef patties) with the right amount of ingredients, is DELICIOUS! I am currently waiting on a Spicy Blue Cheese Teen Burger! And at least where I'm from, the employees literally greet me with a heartwarming smile.

The original root beer by A&W alone will make the resturant ranked high but top that with amazing fries and good burgers and its amazing. I mean this resturant goes way back to the days of sitting in your car and having them deliver the food out to you.. Simply amazing.
The Mozza Double Cheeseburger is the GREATEST BURGER EVER! at least at a fast-food place. Plus, A&W Rootbeer out of a giant frosty mug... it's hard to top


[Newest]Best burger place ever.

20Panera Bread
Are you serious? Number 48? Panera is the classiest restaurant and healthiest fast food restaurant I have ever been to. The staff is polite and has a sense of humor, the food is top quality and also healthy. The appearance of Panera will appeal to everyone, whether the elderly, kids, teenagers, anyone. Their soups are excellent, the sandwiches are top-notch, and their desserts (which are freshly made) are to die for. I don't understand how Panera Bread is in 48th place, with all the fatty restaurants at the top. I mean, you can eat DELICIOUS food without having it spurt grease. Panera is OBVIOUSLY the best one, no doubt.
I love katchup and beer. panera has neither and I would still rather eat there.

21Panda Express
Gotta love the orange chicken
I love panda :3

22Little Caesars Pizza
great if your on a budget those hot and readys are like 6 bucks.
22? This list is inaccurate. Little Caesar's Pizza is the absolute best I can't even believe this list, this is a joke...
It burns my mouth with wonder flavor. [I'm a kid by duh way] 10 years old

23Buffalo Wild Wings
It is so good there just hanging out watching sports and eating wigs. I am not an adult so I can't drink beer but I bet it taste amazing. It beats any wing place. All the American football, Soccer, and Basketball all in one restaurant. Why is McDonalds number 1 they put all grease in there food and yucky stuff. No one really knows what they put in there. Well if you're a worker or a VIP you know but if you are a customer like me there could be something very groose in there. Also I have seen some workers without gloves. I am not saying McDonalds is not good just my trusted old Buffalo Wild Wings is on my side.


Wings, Beer, Sports... Come on guys. What else could you ask for while enjoying some hot wings with a nice cold beer and all the same time watching your favorite sport.
Not sure if this is fast food but they make some really good wings!

HARDEES IS so GOOD! Sadly, there isn't even one where I live ( I was lucky enough to even find one, in Pennsylvania! Yes, I ate there if you think I'm lying). McDonald's is crap, but at least I enjoy it. But, not as good as this. Just wanted to show my 2 cents...


It should be number 1
Because macdonalds? Aa not good


These people know how to make a burger, or should I say thickburger. Sometimes I Find it upsetting this wonderful idea is not here up in the northeast anymore. Hardees is just a once in a year opportunity when I go to Myrtle Beach for February or April.

Whataburger blows In-n-out out of the water. When they first came to Texas I was so excited to try the best fast food burger in town. I tried it 3 different times. It is good, but to call it the best is an overshot. Whataburger is the winner in my opinion.
Way better than In n out and white castle, the south knows how to make a good burger, not the north or California! Best burgers ever made in the history of fast food and it never disappoints.
how can anyone miss this. The best drunk food burger in the world
[Newest]Taquitos at 3am.

26White Castle
White Castle is much better than McDonald's. While the fries are barely better than the ones you get for lunch at school, the sliders are delicious, and there are many varieties to keep you coming back. Plus, White Castle is cheaper than most fast food chains.
Sorry to bury your bubble but my mom worked there for two days and she says they break the meat by throwing it on the floor.
I never tried it but I hear from my friends that it is not good

27Jack In The Box
More of these in Cali than McDonald's. Amazing food! Open 24/7 breakfast all day
This is the most delious food ever, I could eat it everyday I would get fat of course but its so worth it! Really its true I would rather be fat than not have jack in the box! I wish they had some in illinios. But they don't so when I go to California I eat there at least twice. I love their burgers and their tacos are really good too!
They got the ultimate jacky burger

28Long John Silver's
This is a joke, right? Long John Silvers has the most undercooked, bland fish I have ever tasted. I have no sympathy for the locations closing down.

29Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
There is only one of these in Maine, but worth every last mile... chicken strips with barbecue sauce... m
Best fast food in ever tasted
The service and fries so good.
[Newest]So much better than KFC.

The best chicken ever. So tasty and very affordable. Compared to mcdonalds tasteless chicken. French fries is also unremarkable especially the flavored fries..
If you eat there I recommend spicy chicken joy or spaghetti. also, I voted for this over 5 guys because I feel it has a little more quality than it. but 5 guys is still high quality and tasty.


Jollibee is the best ever! In the Philippines (where it originated) it beats McDonald by a mile of costumers

Definitely better than Subways. Their bread is wonderful and food very tasty. Wish there were more in the Northeast.


Before Subway I would have had this a lot higher, but subway kind of left Quiznos in the dirt. Don't worry Quiznos I still remember you guys
Much, much better than subway - just not as many of them.


32Steak N' Shake
This is my favorite restaurant ever!
I have no idea why this is not #1. I guess America just likes greasy McDonald's
Can't be beat for the combination of taste, consistency and price!
How is this only 44? Should be MUCH higher... fools
[Newest]This is the best fast food restaurant ever

33Tim Hortons
For all you americans this is like Starbucks, but cheaper and tastes better. A must try for everyone
This is my life πŸ’ž
Best Doughnuts Ever. So Tasty And Beautifully Cooked, Also The Smootem's Are Just Melt In Your Mouth Fruitilly Delicious.

34Hungry Jacks
they burgers are way better than mcdonalds, but I think hungry jacks is only Australian
Guys this is in the top ten, burger king is hungry jaks, duh
WHAT?!? how is this not in the top ten?!? love the taste.


35Jimmy John's
I absolutely love jimmy johns with their French bread and their own chip brand. Seriously why is McDonald's even a restaurant they don't even cook anything it s all science there
People be sleepin on Jimmy John's, way better quality food then any of these places above ^^^

As a Canadian I don't appreciate seeing Harvey's and Tim Hortons so far up on this list. Some of these restaurants on this list really aren't very good. Harvey's has friendly staff and good fresh food. They are the only burger restaurant that does not mess up my order. It may be a little more expensive but I am willing to pay extra because they remain the only burger joint that has not cut quality.


Simply the best BURGERS out there. SO UNDERRATED.


Harvey's is definitely the besta, a,!

37Papa John's
Papa johns is number 1 by far
The best it has fresh ingredients tastes awesome especially with the garlic sauce. Way better than Dominoes Pizza and Pizza Hut

Only on the east coast. Mainly in the Carolinas. Once you go to Bojangles, you'll never go back to any other fast food joint.
Dude it's the best you may not be able to have it on the west coast but it's awesome So don't be stupid

39Pizza Inn

This is my third favorite fast food restaurant, below Subway, which is #2, and Arby's, my all-time favorite. The butter burgers, fries, and custard taste great. However. My stomach feels greasy afterward.
Culvers should be #1! it is the best resturant ever!
Best burgers, Hands down

So good! I only wish they were in more places. Better bread, better subs.
I've never even heard of half, if not more, of these restaurants.

Taco time ins't just THE best fast food restraunt. It is also the healthiest! Their beef is good, but their CHICKEN IS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! My favorite thing there is the crisp chicken taco. If anybody is reading this and is worried about calories, 1 of them is only 195!

43Jolly Grubber

44Moe's Southwest Grill

45New York Fries
I live in New York and everybody eats them!

46Frankie and Bennys
Nothing beats sweet Italian food! It's better than all the rest
Best thing about F & B's is their pizza. It's proper Italian style Pizza which is the best


Much better than 'the well-known' fast food restaurants.

48The Mad Greek
I am Greek and I love everything that is Greek


A Very good Greek fast food joint


50Johnny Rockets


52Marco's Pizza

53Checkers / Rally's
So good would be better if was healthier. Best fries ever tasted best burger and I want to try their dessert!
MacDonald's doesn't hold a candle to them and they have a value menu also
How checkers up there? The best fries on the planet McDonald's is gross!
[Newest]Best fries ever! Burgers are amazing too and the price can't be beat.

54Mighty Taco
Very good tacos at a reasonable price. If They went global they would run Taco Bell out of business.

55Red Rooster
Literally the best value for money I've ever seen.

56Del Taco
Way better than taco bell and cheaper once I ordered almost half of the menu plus drinks and it was 40 bucks but the taco bell dorito taco is bomb
More generic Mexican, but still yummy.
Macho Beef Burrito says it all
[Newest]Del Taco is so good love there tacos!

57Qdoba Mexican Grill
Why Isn't this place anywhere on this list? Seriously! YET Toxic H--l made it in the top 5? Are you kidding me!?

Go to Chicago it has every thing besides pizza it has fries burgers chicken stripes salad hotdogs its 30 times better then mcdonlads

59Godfather's Pizza

60Nathan's Famous

61Shake Shack

62Bob Evans

63Crown Burger
Talk about greasy goodness...

64Oriental Delight

Zaxbys by far has the best chicken fingers... Best quality fresh chicken
And fast service... And their sauces are original and numerous... The only reason they are not on top of the list is they are basically only in the south
If anyone heads around GA, Zaxbys is the place to stop! They serve the Best chicken of all time

66Fazoli's Fast Italian Eatery
Best Italian food and fast. The cost for a large bowl of pasta, a large salad, a large drink and breadsticks is about $10 with an additional side for $1-2 more. you can add a slice of pizza for that price. Great meal, for the the best and fastest Italian food.


68Church's Chicken
They've got THE best biscuits I've ever had.



70Donut King

71Crown Fried Chicken

72Jersey Mike's Subs
! This is only 71?! This should be at least 5!
It is so good Ithere service is awesome and they give you FREE COOKIES! They always give you what you want and they are super niceπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜I WOULD EAT IT EVERY 5seconds!



75Cafe Rio
This is hands down the best ever. Everything is fresh. They don't have a microwave or a freezer in the building. The salsa fresca is awesome and the slow roasted roast beef is delicious.

I'm sure that about any north carolinian and other southerners know that this is an awesome fast food restaurant with AWESOME food, having the best milkshakes ever. Like with restaurants like "in n out", the only reason why its probably not that famous is because it's only in like four states
Best fast food restaurant ever! They got the best milkshakes with the bannana pudding milkshake being my favorite! Another thing that makes it great is that it's the only fast food restaurant I know of that serves hushpuppies.

77Chicken King


Semi-fast food, really good though.


81Mr. Goodcents
Their sandwiches are far and above anything Subway puts out... double the meat with extra jalepanos is a delight



84Pizza Express

They're burgers are always fresh and the runzas are handmade every morning! You can't expect fast food any better then that!
Hey rate this higher

86Al Baik

87Tops Pizza



90Cold Stone Creamery

91Hot Dog on a Stick
Mmm, if you like lemonade, this is the place to go, and their cheese on a stick are pure unhealty yummyness

92Local Burger

93Taco Del Mar
The Mexican food Subway, can't beat that.
oh man, I just can't stop lovin' them burritos!


Their burritos are cold

94Curry Cottage

95Mike's Fast Food & Bar

ONLY FOUND IN QUEBEC BUT IT IS THE BEST POUTINE EVER! for americans that don't know what's poutine it's fries with cheese cubes and a special brown sauce! Yummy!

97Mr. Hero Restaurants

98Purple Cow
Get an intiminator and youll see what I mean it's a size of a friken plate for just 6 bucks.



100Steers Burgers

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