Best Fielders in Cricket History


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The Top Ten

Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina - Live Wire On the Field!
Energetic + Enthusiastic + Encouraging bowlers.

Suresh raina tweeted long ago :
I met johnty Rhodes and he said he thought I was Best Fielder in India, which I'm Extremely proud of!

Raina - India's Johnty!
He is the aggressive fielder with all abilities... He have no second thoughts to stop the ball or catch the ball... He never left the ball without attempting to stop...
If we watch the lattest cricket and compare with other guys as abdivillere, mohamaad kaaf, androsymond etcAmong them suresh was a best and be the best forever because he have a extra potential energy in the ground
[Newest]Best fielder and power hitter India team most talented

2Jonty Rhodes
No doubt that he is the best fielder. The way he move for taking the ball in his arms is really unbelievable...
He is just the best nobody can be like him or even near him he is an exception and a legend in fielding he just like a rocket what a speed he posses he is simply the one and only one the best of the best sachin is cricket of god he is another one in fielding
He was rocket who fly all over ground. Brilliance like his will almost be impossible to equal. He will lead the the pack in the all time greats of fielding
[Newest]Jonty rhodes the flying machine I think he is better than suresh raina

3A.B Devilliers
Yes.! Its A.B.D... People talk about johnty, ponting... But right now he is the best and now is even closer 2 him... Rahul from india
De villers is simply best. His reflexes are very fast and furious
AB de Villiers is known to continue Jonty Rhode's legacy of fielding. He is by all means the best fielder at present and looking at him reminds me of jonty.
[Newest]He is best batsman, all rounder and fielder

4Yuvraj Singh
I love him. I am his fan. He is the no.2 fielder after jhonty. He is the number 1 indian fielder. Nice man.
He is best fielder ever. He is wonderful player.
He is great fielder in Indian cricket team
[Newest]He is best catcher

5Kieron Pollard


My god what catches he takes he is air borne. You should se his diving catches. What awesome catches you know they ate the best catches in the the whole world.
He is the flying catcher ever
[Newest]Pollard is like a pilot who always fly in the field.

6Shahid Afridi
One of the most outstanding fielder of all time.

He always use to show courage towards the bowlers and other fielders and according to me and the facts also says the same that I never see him dropping the catch or having a misfield.

One of his memorable catches that he took against england in england in a tri series against newzealand in the semi final of champions trophy and the running catch again against kiwis in 2009 t20 world cup.

If it comes to enthusiasm than we all have to admit that he is the life line in cricket ground and the most beloved player in the cricketing world due to his passion and style.
Shahid Afridi is the best fielder because of his run outs and catches, also he holds a great record for hitting 100(37). One of the best catch he caught vs Newzeland was so great. He is the best fielder in PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).
Shahid khan afridi is my favourite player in the history
Of cricket. My suggestion is that afridi have to play in the World Cup 2015. Afridi is so much talented. My wishes are with him.
[Newest]He is the world class fielder he should be on 2 rank

7Virat Kohli
Doubt that he is the best fielder. The way he move for taking the ball in his arms is really unbelievable...

He is just the best nobody can be like him or even near him he is an exception and a legend in fielding he just like a rocket what a speed he posses he is simply the one and only one the best of the best sachin is
He was rocket who fly all over ground. Brilliance like his will almost be impossible to equal. He will lead the the pack in the all time greats of fielding
He is the best batsmen odi's he is the fastest player to reach 1000 runs and also a great fielder after 2 jhonty
[Newest]It is no doubt that virat kohli Is best fielder

8Ricky Ponting
Ricky is simply the best.
No match for him.
A brilliant athlete.
A terrific fielder.
Safest catcher.
Owner of a rocket arm.
The Runout genius. He had run as many batsman out than an individual could ever imagine.
He has the ability to hit when it matters.
Ricky is the best. Ricky is the king!
He's the best in the world
He is my favourite cricketer and he should be on number 1
[Newest]Ricky Ponting was the best fielder in the world and even now is still a legend

9Mohammad Kaif
Friends, have you forgotten this player? He is not in this list because he is not so popular. He is neither a good batsman or good bowler. But without any doubt he is the number 1 fielder in the history of Indian cricket. He was saving at least 20-30 runs in every match for India. His diving catches & superb run outs are unforgetable.

He is really the best fielder in Indian cricket history. He is even better than Raina and Yuvraj.

So please vote for him.
Please bring him back in india cricket team his father mohammed tarif how played Railways & Uttar Pradesh and His brother Mohammad Saif plays for Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh... Mohd kaif is also an very good player His most famous feat was helping India chase down 326 with 87* (off 75 balls) in the 2002 NatWest Series Final... He made a good comeback to the Test side against Australia late in 2004 scoring two half-centuries.. He made his fan very fast an rising player... Please bring him back we all miss you mohd kaif :(
Really a wonderful feilder he is, you can say jonty rhodes of india very atheletic
Fantastic skills he shows in field...! Hope to see you in action very soon cheers mayn...
[Newest]"Mohammad kaif" this is the first and best Fielders in India Cricket team.

10Paul Collingwood
Yes! Expression of other fielders, bowler, oppositions batsman and commentators comments said it all that collingwood truly one of the legends had ever played the great game of cricket.
No doubt! Jonty the number 1
It will be Paul collingwood as No.2 in fielding and number 1 in catching!
Wait and see!
The world will came to know / understand / realise the truth!
Plz Search On YouTube...
Collingwood Taking Catch Of Hayden...
You Will Find How Better He is...
[Newest]He is best fielder

The Contenders

11Ravindra Jadeja
He is the best fielder in world
Accurate and strong throws that get crucial runouts in pressure situations.
He is best bowler and all so best fielder
[Newest]Awesome fielder in the world

12Herschelle Gibbs
Not even if a ball was go at 200mph would pss him simple the best
I believe Gibbs is the best fielder after the great Jonty its a pity he's not playing internationally anymore

13David Warner
Best fielder in the world his no doubt but his producing new fielding efforts and his best quality
He is best stump thrower
David Warner is clearly the best fielder in the world he is way better than all of those losers above him except for Ponting

14Eknath Solkar
He always used to stand close-in without helmet and yet and fielded so very well. Bishan Bedi remembers him catching Tony Lewis in the Kolkata Test in 1973. "Tony went for a big shot and Ekki standing at forward short-leg took a rare evasive action. He ducked, but then, hearing the bat not middle the ball, quickly turned around and dived to pick up an unbelievable catch. Tony took a while to leave, reluctantly acknowledging a superb feat. No one will forget Ekki catching Alan Knott in the Oval Test that we won in 1971".
The people who are voting don't know about Eknath Solkar.That's why he is on 10th
What is he doing at the thirteenth place? He should be crowned.

15Steve Smith
He is best fielder in the IPL than everybody is called superman. He is a great fielder in the cricket.
He is the best, one one can catch the bal like him...
Steve Smith is a fielding hero he is super at catching and he should be number 5

16Rohit Sharma
Best t20 player and best for catches
He has the safest hands in Indian cricket.
His the best fielder ever for Indian team
[Newest]Best fielder in the world

17Dwayne Bravo
I like him bcos he is a cute guy
Nice spec bowler solaid feilder good danser good allrounder good job captain nice and cool captain

18Umar Akmal
He is outstanding fielder
Umar akmal good fielder
[Newest]He is a best fielder in the world

19Michael Hussey
He should be at 2nd place
Michael Hussey was a stunning fielder and is now a legend

20Mahendra Singh Dhoni
No doubt a clean classic fielder

21Francois du Plessis
He is a nice felder in short&anywhere
He is the very good in field to catch the ball
He is the best fielder ever!...raina who?
[Newest]Raina is not good than him

22Ajinkya Rahane
Ajinkya is good player forever
He's much better than suresh raina. This guy deserve's to be in top 3.

23Tillakaratne Dilshan
Dilshan's the best I've seen. Athleticism and that too I his 30s. He's 36 now and still he dives around. Surely the best!
The best fielder in the world
Best fielder in the world
[Newest]I think that he should be in no.5

24Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke is clearly the best diving catcher in the world in my opinion only behind Ricky Ponting they were both Australian captains and Michael Clarke still is they were also very skilled at run-outs and once again Clarke still is
He has perfected impossible run outs and cathes for me he should be no 4 after rhodes. De villiers and gibbs
Michael clarke is the best felder in the world...

25Shakib Al Hasan
He is the best in Bangladesh, and the best fielder in the cricket history
Nice Fielder in world cricket
East or west shakib is the best

26Shoaib Malik
It is a great fielder.he should be in top 10

27Rahul Dravid
He is outstanding specially in slip
He is all time best slip fielder
He is a good fielder at slip
[Newest]None other than Dravid no one can catch at slip... Concentration... it's Wall

28Mahela Jayawardene
The deadly M&M (Murali, Mahela) combination proved to be a death knell for many a time.
Mahela jayawardene is a best player in cricket history I love for mahela jayawardene
It has a very good fielder in I love for m jayawardene
[Newest]Mahela is the best fielder IN Sri Lanka

29Virender Sehwag
You will proud it
I am fan of him

30Younis Khan
He is the best fielder of all the time in cricket... I think he must be in the top ten of list
He is abest fielders in pakistani team
He is not a good player

31Abdul Razzaq

32Ross Taylor
One of the best fielders of all time
Ross Taylor is Special Sleep Fielder Of all time.
Amazing fielder who should still be captain

33Parvez Rasool
He is a new talented all-rounder and excellent fielder in india

34Ahmed Shehzad
Incredible, massively talented fielder..
Ahmed shehzad is one of best fielder in cricket history we all proud on ahmed shehzad
He is one of the most talented fielders he must be in the list


[Newest]He is only a good fielder

35Mohommad Kaif
Kaif bastt fieleder world off number 1

36Gautam Gambhir
Best log off fielder in india tean
Mind blowing fielder

Misbah ul haq zinda abad
World best fielder and best captian

38Dinesh Karthik
Great fielders he is not so tall but he can fly!


He is a good fielders every time

39Azhar Ali
A best felder in cricet
Good player for test

40Saurav Ganguly
He is also one of quickiest.
Hay saurav I am kavya

41David Miller
He is awesome at point
He is unbeleaveable fielder. he should at no5

42Glenn Maxwell
He should be at number 1 place

43Mohammad Azharuddin
Amazing, how come arguably the best fielder ever not even in the top 10? May be because current generation slope
I think one of the best all round fielder in the history of cricket.
Really very beat throw
[Newest]Best fielder Indian cricket history top on number 1 fielder in India

44Ian Bell
He is best fielder

45Chris Harris
I played against Chris once when he was a pro in the Lancashire leagues and his fielding was sensational.
Amazing catches and run outs.

46Jacques Kallis
Nice fielder jacques kallis south africa top ten fielder

47Kumar Sangakkara
He has a very good wicketkeeper in the world
He is the best wicketkeeper in the world
Nice wikeet keear and bestman cool and clever captain and nice shoots

48Adam Gilchrist
Amazing wicket keeper in the history of cricket
He is my favourite wicket keeper batsman

49Chris Gayle
Best fielder and best batsman in worlf

50Ajay Jadeja
The best Indian fielder of his yime

51Manoj Tiwari
HE is BEST fielder IN INDIAN cricket

52Kevin Pietersen

53David Hussey
Best fielder in aus team and X11

54Brett Lee
He is just a athletic... His throwing is the best.. Always goes to the right place... And he is also very fast in the field.
He is the best

55Nasir Jamshed
He is fantastic fielder in the world
He is a heck of a player

56Roshan Mahanama
Mahanama is only second to Rhodes. He is the most versatile fielder ever. Specialist at slips, extra cover and all over he has taken number of flying catches.
Roshan Mahanama is an Epic Fielding Legend

57Mohammad Hafeez
Massive Fielder IN Pakistan Team
Hi hafeez you are number 1

58Umar Gul

59Ijaz Ahmed
He was best Pakistani fielder in 90's. Ijaz had great reflexes. he used to score 30 in an innings, used to save 20 in an innings so his avg was 50. he was best.

60Trent Boult

61MH Bushby
Sir Don Bradman suggested once (allegedly) that Mike Bushby former Capt Cambridge Univ in early '50s was a great fielder so he deserves to be on the list despite playing only a handful of 1st Class games before embarking on a career in teaching.

62Mark Waugh
Best all around fielder ever

63Cameron White
He catch the ball like a bird

64Mohammad Nabi
Very best felder in afghanistan

65Martin Guptill
A phenomenal fielder, why is he not in the top 10 or 20?

66Zaheer Khan
Number 1 bowler of Indian cricket
He is good bowler and feilder

67Sachin Tendulkar

68Nathan Coulter-Nile
Great fielder in KFC T20 Big Bash and Sheffield Shield.

69Dale Steyn

70Colin Bland
I agree - Bland was so good that he would give fielding exhibitions. His "party trick" was to knock all three stumps out of the ground from different fielding positions.


Colin Bland was amazing. He was one of the first cricketers that specialised in fielding. He is forgotten by the new generation but will always be remembered by the older generation as a very fine specialist fielder that batsmen respected. What a man!
Colin Bland-simply the best fielder of all time.

71Jacob Oram

72Kamran Akmal
He is best fielder pakistan team

73Ravi Bopara
Nice bowaler and fielder

74Sunil Narine
His catches were good

75Sachithra Senanayaka
Sachithra Senanayaka is one of the best now

76Lahiru Thirimanna
Lahiru Thirimanna is one of the best now :]

77Swastik Pattanayak
He is outstanding in batting and fielding.

78Sourav Ganguly

79Thisara Perera
Best fielder in Sri Lankan team

80Fawad Aalam
The all time great fielder in Pakistan and the world

81Ravichandran Ashwin

82Sabbir Rahman
He is one of the best fielder in cricket history

83Tamim Iqbal
I think that he should be in number 30

84Quinton de Kock
Best South African keeper
I have seen him take some of the best catches of all time

85Andrew Symonds
He managed to secure a spot in a top quality side, despite not being a great batsman, or bowler. He would constantly supply run outs, and superb catches and I don't recall him dropping a catch.
He throws amazingly fast
Its a very nice and very inspiring player for all

86Bhuvneshwar Kumar
He is good swinger and awesome player
He is a very bowler and I like his fielding
He is a good player

87Eoin Morgan
Best fielder in the world

88Imran Nazir
Imran is the best fielder of Pakistan team he is very quick in fielding.
Very dangerous men, there have outstanding cricket playing style and mostly batting and fielding

89Noel David

90Irfan Pathan
Good allrounder and good bestman good space bowler and nice feilder good dd fielder nice catch he is man world top ten all rounder top ten feilder good sixers dd team nice t20 bowler no said man best feilder

91Derek Randall
Incredible, preposterous, massively talented, for those who never saw him imagine the Flintoff run out of Ricky Ponting on a routine basis (often with one stump to aim at). Perhaps most memorable for his famous Ashes catch that turned into a cartwheel! Sheer and utter exuberance meant that Cricket was always more exciting when he was on the field.
Simply the best with David Gower not far behind. To put Rhodes ahead of Randall is like putting the great Boycott ahead of Bradman. No contest!

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