Top 10 Best Cricket Teams in the World

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1 India

The best team in the world after the 2007 World Cup still faces the setback of an 8-0 debacle, which makes it look bad. However, they can overcome this challenge despite lacking a quality bowling lineup. India won the T-20 World Cup in 2007 and the World Cup in 2011. They have played against New Zealand twice, West Indies twice, and England once in the last 6 years during away series, and all those series ended in draws. They also drew the series with Australia in 2007-2008 and South Africa in 2010-11. India has won a lot of ODIs during this period and has always dominated against big teams in 50-over cricket. In home test matches, India has played against Australia twice, New Zealand, England, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and has drawn with South Africa twice.

India is one of the greatest teams ever. They have great batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar and a great captain like Dhoni. They are the number one team in test matches and have the top ranking in ICC test rankings.

2 Pakistan

Pakistan is the best team. I'm not good at English, so try to understand what I'm saying. I'm Pakistani, and I say this because I want to be objective. Pakistan has the best bowlers in the world and good batsmen now. While India had a legend like Sachin Tendulkar, he was the only one. England and Australia have lost their superiority, and now India and Pakistan dominate cricket. However, Pakistan is more balanced than India. Again, this is just my opinion.

Pakistan has a good cricket team, but many people are involved in match-fixing. The good and honest players from Pakistan include Umer Gul, Abdul Razzaq, Afridi, and Misbah. Imran Khan is one of the best all-rounders and is the most innocent cricketer. Michael Holding is also very good and honest.

I am sure this site is owned by Indians. Everyone knows that Pakistan is the best. India was even struggling against the West Indies. India may have fine batting, but they have never had anyone who can call himself a bowler or all-rounder. Unlike Pakistan, who have very talented players, many of whom have not been noticed.

3 Australia

I love how the number 3 team here beat the number 1 team here in both the Test Cricket Championships and the One Day World Cup, also winning the World Cup in the number 1 team's country.

This isn't a top ten best list, this is a top ten favouritism list.

Cricket Australia is the number one team in the world. Although Adam Gilchrist, Matt Hayden (the run machine), Ricky Ponting (the number one captain in the world), Michael Hussey (Mr. Cricket), Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath, and Shane Warne have retired, they are still number one. They've won the ICC World Cup four times, and their win percentage is high both at home and away against any team, in all formats of cricket. Australia should be number one in the displayed rankings. Indians primarily play in the sub-continent, especially in India, and their away percentage is too low compared to Australia. They are always afraid of Glenn McGrath because of his line and length.

Look at the ICC rankings. The only thing indicated by India being ranked number one is that 20% of people who use this website are rowdy Indians. It's the same reason Sachin Tendulkar is ranked number one for batsmen, who is frankly only as good as anyone else who averages 50. The only thing that separates Tendulkar from true greats like Bradman is the fact that he played 200 Test matches.

People fail to realize that Bradman's career spanned over 20 years. Most batsmen today don't have careers that long. Had Bradman played the same amount of international cricket as Tendulkar, he would be the number one Test match run-scorer.

4 South Africa

Australia, South Africa, India - look at the rankings. Australia has the best record ever, the golden boys of cricket. India won a few World Cups but can only play well in India. South Africa, my fellow countrymen, has awesome players and wins matches outside of World Cups. However, we choke during World Cups. Let's be honest, this one goes to the Aussies. They are competitive in World Cups and in between. 3-0 against England!

Until 2018, ABD played and it was one of the best teams in world cricket. But I don't know what happened after his retirement. Why is South Africa not performing well?

It helps to have a population of over a billion people voting for India. Why South Africa is ranked 4th doesn't make sense. Look at the ICC rankings. Enough said!

5 Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a very good team. Maybe India might be a bit better because they have a lot of all-rounders. But Sri Lanka has the best of the best. We produced a batsman who has the second-highest runs in history (Sangakkara), the best T20 bowler (Malinga), the most experienced batsman (Jayawardene), and the best promising all-rounder (Matthews).

Don't forget, we have the best T20 team in the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Sri Lanka has the most experienced players ever, and that is their secret weapon. They teach younger players what they know. And the best thing is that we learn from our mistakes. Take the T20 final between SL and WI. They lost that because they learned they lose wickets too quickly. The next year, they had fewer wickets and more runs.

In the past, there hasn't been a better team than Sri Lanka. Up to now, Sri Lanka has managed to stay in the top 3 teams in the world. The Sri Lankan team boasts some world-class players. Sri Lanka is also known as the island of cricketers, since cricket fever seems incurable among Sri Lankans.

6 England

Come on, England is literally the best. The batters are top-notch, and the catches are brilliant! They can beat both India and Australia. However, the Women's England Cricket Team lost in the semi-finals against New Zealand.

The team that created the game and became the most recent World Cup champion in 2019? The England cricket team is an outrageous powerhouse. They don't give you chances to make mistakes. One mistake could easily cost you the whole match.

With players like Cook (during Tests), Kevin Pietersen, Strauss, Collingwood, and Prior, among other strong names, I believe that England should be number one, especially since they created the sport.

7 New Zealand

New Zealand is my personal favorite because they are the only nation that doesn't sledge, complain, or lose their composure. Although often overshadowed by countries like Australia, England, and India, they are no less skilled. They consistently give their 100%, no matter the opposition. Their greatest strength is their never-give-up attitude. They can turn seemingly unwinnable games around. Despite having been in two consecutive World Cup finals, one of which is considered the best match of all time, they remain underrated. Even if they win tournaments, they will likely do so under the radar. In my opinion, New Zealand is the best.

New Zealand is the best team in the world due to their approach to the game. They consistently show great sportsmanship, regardless of the situation. Despite their annual revenue being lower than Surrey County Cricket Club, they've reached two consecutive finals and have played the third-most semi-finals globally. They continue to give the big three a strong fight. Once considered a laughing stock, they've become two-time finalists. These are just some reasons to support New Zealand.

8 West Indies

From ruthless dominance in the '70s and '80s to failing to qualify for the World Cup in 2023. Legends like Chris Gayle and Pollard have unfortunately retired. The team is useless right now.

They used to be the West Indies. Now they can't represent that name anymore. They need to look back at some old clips from back in the days when the West Indies used to make history, even in One Day Internationals. These days, they perform not for the people or the sport. They do it for fame and money.

They may not be the best "team," but they've had legendary players like Brian Lara, Viv Richards, Malcolm Marshall, as well as good batsmen like Chris Gayle and all-rounder Pollard.

9 Bangladesh

The Bangladesh cricket team is one of the most powerful Asian teams. Top-ranked teams like Australia fear playing matches against Bangladesh, not even in Australia. Cricket Australia has already proven this two times in recent years.

The Indian cricket team has already proven that they also fear playing against Bangladesh. They hire umpires to beat the Bangladesh cricket team. The Indian team has money power. That's why they win against Bangladesh with the help of three umpires.

The Bangladesh cricket team is not only strong in Asia but has also proven to be a powerful team outside of Asia, like in the West Indies.

Best wishes for Cricket Bangladesh from an Indian for your better future. As an Indian, I am a huge fan of the Bangladesh team.

Although I am an Indian, as an impartial critic, I think Bangladesh has a better future in cricket than India. Just face it, my dear Indian brothers and sisters. India has cheated a lot in the past and is cheating in the present as well. Think about it. All this fame India has in cricket is a lie. Whatever it is, it's not true. So, I think as a new team, Bangladesh is quite good.

10 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a really good team, with excellent players, bowlers, and batsmen. Good luck, Zimbabwe, for your future cricket matches! You are one of the most trustworthy teams!

They used to be one of the best until politics took over and funding for the sport was cut. But somehow, they're still able to cause that upset. Good on them.

Zimbabwe is a really good team because they have some of the best players in the world. More practice is required.

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11 Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a poor country but still amazing in sports. All cricket players need a stadium to play in, but unfortunately, they don't have any. Regardless, we will support them. We, the Afghan people, know that one day they will all become the best cricket players in the world. Love the beautiful country, Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan cricket team is one of the best teams in the world right now. They should never be underestimated, as they have the potential and skills to beat any team. I see them as the champions of the future.

Afghanistan is going to be one of the best teams in the future. They need more training, more games to play, and need to learn new ideas and techniques.

12 United States

Great team. With a variety of players from India to the USA, I think it is a great team and will definitely improve.

Awesome team. They play very well, even though they have mostly Indian players!

They just have to try, and if they try, they will be a World Cup qualifier.

13 Italy

That's really good.

14 Germany
15 France

It's a nice team.

16 Nepal

An emerging and rapidly growing team that possesses the ability to upset top teams. They have done it many times in age groups and have defeated India, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, etc.

The Nepal team is really playing well, despite being new. Better luck to the Nepal Cricket Team!

The team is doing well. All Nepalis are waiting to see the team in ODI and T20 World Cup, as well as a Test Playing Nation. Best of luck, Team Nepal, for the future.

17 Scotland

Scotland just beat overrated Bangladeshis in T-20. They are a very nice team. Soon they will start climbing up the ladder.

They beat Kenya and are quite amazing!

Great building, rookie team. They will do well in another few years.

18 Switzerland
19 Ireland

This team has great potential to go further. They deserve to be in the top ten, at least ahead of Bangladesh. With the likes of fantastic players like Kevin and Niall O'Brien, Trent Johnston, and many more amazing cricketers, this team is going to take the cricketing world by surprise, as it just did in the 2011 World Cup against England. I've got full faith in this team and will always support them.

Irish people and cricketers are not very hardworking, but they are still cool and decent cricketers. They also have the potential to beat any country and have proved it many times. The bad thing is the weather in Ireland. It's mostly raining.

Don't forget the match when Kevin O'Brien wrecked England in the World Cup!

20 Argentina
21 Netherlands

How on earth is it worse than the U.S., Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, which aren't and haven't even qualified for a World Cup? The Netherlands has. So I prefer it to be in the top 15.

Great cricket team. Soon they will become the best in cricket.

No team is better than the Netherlands. Ole ole ole.

22 Brazil

Best cricket-playing nation in the universe. Even Thanos cannot defeat the mighty Brazilian cricket team. They are made out of graphene, and their bats are made out of vibranium.

23 Canada

It's a very impressive team for North America, but not capable of test cricket.

Canada is better than many of the teams listed above.

Canada is better than most of the teams listed above.

24 Kenya

Kenya was in the World Cup!

The best team in Africa.

25 China
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