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1 India

There was a time when India was new to cricket. In the 1970's they started playing international cricket and eventually they won the 1983 World Cup. The world was shocked because all thought how can a new team win a world cup with just a small experience of 9 years. Actually it's a small time when we talk about a new team in cricket. Then, the world realised that India has the potential to conquer the world in the game of cricket and you can see now India is the leading team in the world. Both players on the top in ODIs are from India namely Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. We have had the greatest players of all time such as Sachin Tendulkar, and our favourite MS Dhoni, the hard hitter Virendra Sehwag, the wall Rahul Dravid. I would now end with saying India is the best and I am proud to be an Indian. Jay Hind. Vande Mataram.

Sorry, this won't be related to the ICT that much. Well, let me just say that ICT deserves the number 1 spot. Sure, I acknowledge there are contenders but I would still give it to India RIGHT NOW. And remember, this is coming from a guy whose favorite team is South Africa. And I just wanna tell that USA, France and Germany above Ireland is a joke. At least, Ireland is decent but those 3 are not.

India is the best. Kapil Dev and all the cricket masters I salute to you you are the best no one can imagine of india going to no. 2 it was is will stay no.1

I like India because I am from India and also they play really good espically they had Sachin who was the best cricket player of all time. So if I was you I would vote for India.

Lets go India, lets goo

2 Pakistan

Pakistan is good cricket team, but most of the people do match fixing. The good and honest players of Pakistan are umer gul, abdul razzaq, afridi, misbah and imran khan is the one of the best all rounder and he is the most innocent cricketer. Michael holding is also very good and honest.

Pakistan is the best team. I'm bad in English, so try to understand what I would say. So I will explain why. At the start I'm Pakistani and I say that because I want be objective. Pakistan has the best bowler in the world, and good batsman now. India had sachin tenduklar like legend I think he is a legend but he is only. England and Australia lost their superiority and India and Pakistan dominate cricket now but Pakistan is most equilibrium than India. After is my opinion.

Pakistan Is one of the greatest team in history of cricket. Because we stend with principles & laws about international cricket.

We never played home after srilankan cricket teams attack since 2008. but we still a good team in international cricket.

India mostly win in home ground in away only 10% winning records.

England wins at home, New Zealand Wins at home, and other teams is also wins at home, but Australia & South Africa IS GOOD CRICKET TEAM in international Cricket.

I am sure this site is owned by Indians. Everyone knows that Pakstan is the best. India were even struggling against the West Indies. India may have fine batting, but they have never had anyone who can call himself a bowler or all-rounder unlike Pakistan who have very talented players, many of which have not been noticed.

3 Australia

Cricket Australia is the number 1 team in the world, although Adam Gilchrist, Matt Hayden (run machine), Ricky Ponting (number 1 captain in the world), Michael Hussey (Mr. Cricket), Brett lee, Glenn McGrath, Shane warne have gone but still they are number 1. They won ICC world cup 4 times, their win percentage is high in home and away against any team, in all the formats of the cricket. Australia must be number 1 in the shown rankings, Indians they always play in sub-continent that too in India their away percentage is too low when compared to Australia. They are always afraid of GLENN MCGRATH because of his Line and Length.

Look at ICC rankings, the only thing that is shown by the fact that India is rank one, is that 20% of people who use this website are routy Indians. It's the same as how Sachin Tendulkar is rank one for batsman, who is frankly only as good as anyone else who averages 50. the only thing that separates Tendulkar from true greats like Bradman is the fact he played 200 test matches.

People fail to realize that Bradmans careers spanned over 20 years, most batsman today don't have a career for 20 years. Had Bradman played they amount of international cricket Tendulkar played, he would be number 1 test match run scorer.

Australia is the most successful cricket team. Australia have won 5 world cups each in every continent (excluding Antarctica.) Also the baggy green have the highest test match winning percentage with 44%. From 1997-2008 it was a great achievement to beat Australia even once with Shane Warne,Ricky Pontjng,Matthew Hayden, Justin Langer,Glenn McGrath the list goes on. While Australia have had their downhill times and the present team struggles in a few areas Australia is still the most successful cricket team and will be for many years to come.

All these illiterate Pakistanis voting here. How the hell is Fixistan no. 2. Pakistan is a crap team full of match fixers that deserve to get life long ban from cricket. Such a pathetic team spoiling the gentleman's game. Such a bunch of joker's who cheats to win every game. Australia has thrashed Pakistan like anything. Australia is best team of all time. They should be at top and are also better than India. But at least that Indian team is good unlike those jokers.

4 South Africa

Australia, South Africa, India. Look at the rankings. Australia has the best record ever the golden boys of cricket. India won a few world cups but they can only play in India. South Africa my fellow countrymen. Aswome players and win matches out side of World Cups however we choke during world cups. Let’s be honest this one go’s to the Aussies competitive in world cups and in between. 3-0 England!

Proteas has the best all-rounded cricket team in the world. They have NEVER lost a test series abroad in SIX YEARS which no country has ever accomplish. Yes they might have not reached any ICC world cup /Championship finals but we have our players in top five of each ICC category. vivaSA!

It helps to have a population of over a billion people voting for India. Why South Africa is 4th doesn't make sense. Look at the ICC rankings, enough said!

Great history in the game, well developed player, have the potential to beat any team on any day. They only have a habit of making games harder than they should be

5 Sri Lanka

I Think sri lanka cricket team had wonderful history, Every time they won by their own skills 1996 they won the world cup,only team who beat australia in a world cup final.after 2003 champions tropy co champs with india,2007,2011cwc runners up team also
2009,2012 t20 runners up team, after long streak of being runner-ups ended after they beating india in 2014 icc t20, so much memories brought sri lanka cricket team,after 2015 they stepped down but everone has to know they are nicknamed lions, 2023 they will definitely triy to win the world cup again and they will give a message to all cricket playing countries "we
are back again"

Sri Lanka is a very good team. Maybe India might be a bit better because they a lot of all rounders. But Sri Lanka has the best of the best. We produced A batsmen that has the second highest runs in history (Sangakarra), the best T20 bowler (Malinga), the most experienced batsmen (Jayawardene), the best promising all rounder (Matthews), and don't forget we have the best T20 team in the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Sri Lanka has the most experienced players ever. And that is their secret weapon. They teach younger players what they know. And the best thing is that we learn from our mistake. Take the T20 final SL vs WI they lost that because they learned they lose wickets to quickly. Next year they had fewer wickets and more runs.

In my opinion easily the best twenty20 side in the world, and the best example of unorthodox cricketing genius ( Murali, Jayasuriya, Malinga, Mendis) in cricket history. They have arguably the best twenty20 bowler in the worldf (Malinga) and the most skilled of current bowers (Muralitharan) and the one of the top three test batsmen in the world ( Sangakkara) and one of the top ten best test batsmen in the world (Jayawardene) and (after Pollard) the second most promising young all-round prospect (Matthews) in the world. Enough said

No matter where they play, what condition, o what team, still they roars in, to be honest sri lanka has the most dangerous batting line up and the bowling department though, all the cricketing nation know the fact that cricket became entertaining because of jayasuriya and kaluwitharana, go sri lanka

6 England

WORLD CHAMPIONS. World No1 in T20 and ODI and 4th in Test. Inventors of the sport and have had the likes of Hobbs (2nd best ever), Barnes, Cook (2nd most test runs), Root, Botham (Greatest all rounder),
W.G Grace (Most ever centuries) among others.

England is such a waste country. It didn't even win world championship despite best facilities they probably got being a rich country. Indians are hard working. So we probably win lot of matches. We won 12 consecutive matches and there are 5 more matches left against Australia it may win all the matches left in 2017 consecutively. It is in such a good form. I will definitely post how many matches we will win consecutively as we won 12 with yesterday match and I'll post if we lose any. Stay tuned. Losers

England should be far higher on this list and also how is PAKISTAN in second was I the only one watching the test match last summer

The one that created the game and became the most recent World Cup champion in 2019? The England cricket team is an outrageous monster they don't give you chances to make mistakes. One mistake may easily cause you the whole match.

7 New Zealand

My favourite team is also New Zealand mainly because all the players have good determination and are very passionate. New Zealand also have good sportsmanship and the team consists of the most compassionate and respectful cricketers. The team also has good fighting spirit as they are very competitive against all the teams particularly strong teams like Australia and India

New Zealand is my personal favourite, as they are the only nation who don't sledge, don't complain, and keep their calm at all times. They are very underrated because they have always been overshadowed by the brilliance of countries like Australia, England, and India, even though they are no less. They have always tried their best and given their 100%, irrespective of their opposition. Now, their best strength is that they never give up, even if is impossible to win, they make it possible, and turn games around at their own will. I feel that even though they have been part of 2 world cup finals in a row, (one being the best match of all time), and even though have all the abilities shown above, they will remain underrated, and if they win tournaments, they'll probably sneak the trophy under the radar. New Zealand is the best.

Nz are the best team in the world because of the way they play the game. They show great sportsmanship in every instance no matter what happens. They are the best in the world because their annual revenue is lower than Surrey county cricket club and yet they went to 2 finals in a row and have played the third most semi finals in the world. They still manage to give the big three a strong fight. That went from a laughing stock to two times finalists. These are just some of the reasons you should vote for Nz

A team known for its bowling. Despite, winning no World Cups it is respected for its outclass performance in bowling especially. New Zealand had made it to the finals 2 times consecutively in 2015 and 2019. In 2016, they bowled out India for 79 runs in the T20 World Cup 2016 and won the match with flying colors.

8 West Indies

They used to be west indies, now they can't represent that name anymore. they need to look back at some old clips from back in the days when west indies used to make HISTORY even in one day international. these days they profromed not for the people, not for sports they do it for fame and money.

West Indies should be 8th best because no offense to the team, but they lose wickets to quickly.

Used to be good but now all the good players only want money so play domestic instead

West indies are the best with chris gayle hitting all the sixes

9 Bangladesh

Bangladesh cricket team is one of the most powerful Asian team, maximum top ranked team like Australia fear to play matches against Bangladesh not even in Australia... Cricket Australia already prove this 2 times in recent years.

India cricket team already prove that they also fear to play against Bangladesh, they hire Empires to beat Bangladesh cricket team, Indian team has money power that's why they win against Bangladesh by the help of 3 empires.

Bangladesh cricket team not only strong in Asia but also prove as powerful team in outside Asia like west indies.

Best wishes for cricket Bangladesh by an Indian for your better future... As an Indian I am a huge fan of Bangladesh team...

Although I am an Indian, but as an impartial critic, I think Bangladesh has a better future in cricket than India. Just FACE it my dear Indian brothers and sisters, India has cheated a lot in the past and is cheating in the present as well. Just think about it, all this fame India has in cricket is a lie, whatever it is, it is not true.So I think as a new team Bangladesh is quite good.

Love Bangladesh. They can do well if the calm their temper and stay on the cris.. They have got lots of good players. If they can concentrate more in their games undoubtedly they are one of the destructive team in the world of cricket

Bangladesh don't have any single world cup so they are not best team.Are you kidding me? South Africa even New Zealand don't have any cup so they are not best team.Whoever said Bangladesh is not best team because of cup then they should probably a narraow minded people who have already lost with them.

10 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 has one of the best cricket team in Africa and actually the 2nd best team in Africa after South Africa. Keep on shining Team Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a really good team, the players, bowlers and batsmen. Good Luck Zimbabwe for next future cricket matches! One of the most trustful teams!

They used to be one of the best until politics took over and funding for the sport was cut. But somehow, they're still able to cause that upset. Good on them.

Zimbabwe is a really good team because they have some of the best players in the world. More practice is required

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11 Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a poor country but still amazing in sports. All cricket player need a stadium to play but unfortunately they don't have any but anyway we will support them we Afghan people know that one day they all become a vest cricket player in the world. love the beautiful country Afghanistan.

Afghanistan cricket team is one of the best team in the world right now. They should never be underestimated as they got the potential and skills to beat any team. I see them as the champions of the future.

Afghanistan gonna be one of the best team in the future they need more training more games to play and learn new ideas and Technics.

Afghanistan in 2015-16 is the best this is 100% true because they played against India and other countries and they one so now they are the first best at cricket!

12 United States

I watch cricket as often as possible and look at these "hugh players " that they said in the IPL.
If you give baseball and even hockey players (which have average guys the size of the big guys in IPL) time to get ready and practice swinging the different bat they would destroy those pitches, DESTROY THOSE BOWLERS. Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle hit the ball 600 feet, not 289 or 300 at times and had to keep it in a certain confine. So if you really are honest then you know what would happen. Plus, in India's case, they, India, have a billion people and none, I repeat none play American football, baseball, basketball or even hockey and here they can make way more money in baseball than cricket. The funny thing, around the world, generally speaking, none of these countries can step foot on the football (American football) field because they are scared and would get destroyed. So most of them, outside of a few Scandinavian countries and Russia (maybe), play their little soccer or cricket ...more

We Americans Play Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. There's no cricket in The USA. Who watches this sport. We all know Pakistan is the Top and Best team in the world. So there's no point on trying to play this sport. India sucks my Nuts. Nepal is better than India -MisterBodyBags

Usa think their so good at everything but there not,sure there good at a lot of sports but not all for! They are terrible in, soccer they suck

Awesome team. They play very well even though they have mostly Indian players!

13 Italy

Italy is best in football so that reason I give vote to Italy I am a Pakistani

Wow this is a cricket team list and not a football team

They aren't bad, they have came till Division 4

That's really good

14 Germany

That's right you all better play football because you are the heavyweight s there

Stop it you lot teams are embrassing cricket so don't even think about playing cricket

Germany needs to attach to England that even Germany people will be in Engladn team

Germany is the worst and it is not a cricket team

15 France

It is the worst cricket playing country. Connor defeat a team

It is one of the worst teams ever

They even don't know the C of cricket

It's a nice team

16 Nepal

An emerging and rapidly growing team who possess abelity to upset top teams and has been done many time in age group, has defeated India, South Africa, Newzealand, Bangladesh etc..

Team is doing well, all Nepalis are waiting to see the team in ODI and T20 World Cup as well as also a Test Playing Nation. Best of Luck Team Nepal for future.

Nepal is best. They are impoving a lot. Mainly paras khadka, gynendra malla and sompal kami rocks. Not only them but basanta and sakthi are also match winner. They are finally in world cup and won Hong Kong and strong team afginastan. They will soon beat Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Ireland.

Our top class Nepali captain parash is the best captain. Nepali team will be soon play worldcup with India, Australia, etc countries.

17 Scotland

Scotland just beat over-rated Bangladeshis in t-20, very nice team. Soon they will start coming up the ladder

Great building rookie team they would be well in another few years

They beat Kenya and are quite amazing!

It is a good hardworking country

18 Switzerland

I think Tennis Player Roger Federer will play in this team

I'll tell you a story:
Switzerland is playing a gully match with the members of the team,
Suddenly, their Bat and Ball roll down the Alps Mountain and they can't
find it and when they roam they get lost and a bear eats them

This is the lesson why sould not join switerland cricket team

Switzerland🇨🇭 is not even a team and they never will be THEY SUCK!


19 Ireland

This time has a great potential to go further.. Deserves to be in the top ten, at least ahead of Bangladesh. With the likes of some fantastic players like kevin and niall o'brian, trentt johnston and many more amazing cricketers, this team is gonna take the cricketing world by surprise as it just did in the 2011 world cup against England.. I've got full faith in this team.. Will always support them

Irish people and cricketers are not very hardworking, but are still cool and decent cricketers.
They also have the potential to beat any country, they have also proved it many times.
The bad thing is the weather in Ireland; mostly raining.

Don't forget the match when Kevin O'brien wrecked England in the World Cup!

Irelan should be like 10 or 11 because they are ranked and have been in a cricket World Cup before

20 Argentina

They're excellent at football (soccer) and I think they would smash the boundaries!

I feel like messi cannot kick the cricket ball because not allowed in cricket

Lionel Messi must be the Argentina team captain because he has 93 pacs

Not really that good

21 Netherlands

How on earth is it worst than U.S., Germany, Italy and Switzerland which aren't and haven't even qualified for a World Cup and Netherlands have. So I prefer it to be in top 15.

Great cricket team soon they will become the best in cricket.

Brother in your dreams no one can beat India

No team is better than Netherlands. Ole ole ole

22 Brazil

Best cricket playing nation in the universe. Even thanos cannot defeat the mighty Brazilian cricket team, they are made out of Graphene, their bats are made out of vibranium.

I have even not seen them in any world cup. So how it is the best cricket team?

Brazil have lost with England but have won with Zimbabwe

Brazil my football team go on playing soccer. Donot try cricket. Its for only austrailia.

23 Canada

It's a averege team but it is very bad team ilike this team I don't like this team but this is a very bad team you ike this team then you vote this then yo do not like this then thumbs up but it is a very bad team thos is very hontutto or momite teamthis w is kis team you like this team I don't like this team so this is very bad team. This is very bad team hon totto is in nus

It's a very impressive team for North America but not capable of test cricket.

A Team which played at least 2 Cups is ranked below teams which doesn't exist

Canada is better than like a whack of the teams listed above.

24 Kenya

Terrible just terrible only good at running long distances

Brother in your Dreams... No one can beat England

Great team and best team in Africa

Kenya are were in the world cup!

25 China

Very very very bad at cricket don't even know why they should play this game

The Chinese cricket team could actually be very good... If they didn't eat all the bats.

Not good team don't think they will win for another hundred years

Not that good at cricket
That is bad but they might improve

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