Top Ten Bowlers in Cricket History

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1 Wasim Akram Wasim Akram is a Pakistani cricket commentator, coach and former cricketer, captain of Pakistan national cricket team.

Wasim Akram and quick and was a master in swing and seam. Although subcontinental pitch does not supports the fast bowling, Wasim Akram mangaed to move ball in both ways and took more than 900 wickets. "Sultan of Swing" took over 400 Test wickets, and holds the record for amount of wickets in ODIs (502) and List A cricket (881). An average of 23.62 in Test matches from 104 appearances is an impressive one. He is only one of three bowlers to record two hat-tricks in Test cricket, and only one of three to have achieved the same feat in ODI cricket.

I remember the match where he bowled out three Indian players in a row with his classic in-swing toe-breakers. He and Waqar Younis ruled in cricket. War Younis should be in the number 2 spot. Ajmal was the first bowler to ever spin in ALL ways and he invented a new way also. He hid the ball well and was the best spinner of all time. Akhtar was the first bowler to beat 100mph but other than that he was crap. In a non-official test Adam Gilchrist beat him in a bowling competition-He is only a sick keeper and batsman but not a bowler but he still beat Akthar.

In other words Pakistan have produced the best bowlers in history

He is Worlds First class bowler and also known as KOS (King Of Swing). Although subcontinental pitch does not supports the fast bowling, Wasim Akram mangaed to move ball in both ways and took more than 900 wickets. "Sultan of Swing" took over 400 Test wickets, and holds the record for amount of wickets in ODIs (502) and List A cricket (881). An average of 23.62 in Test matches from 104 appearances is an impressive one.

Being an Indian and keeping the rivalry aside, this guy is hands-down the best ever. I loved watching him bowl when I was a kid, and even now get fascinated when I see any of his older matches. He was a force to be reckoned with, and even now he stays relevant by sharing his wisdom and knowledge to teams and cricket in general.

2 Shane Warne Shane Keith Warne is an Australian cricket commentator and former international cricketer who captained the Australian national team

For Admin:
Why Wasim Akram Shane Warne is the Best bowler in the world. He is the second highest wicket taker in all formats of the game. If Wasim Akram is the King Of swing Shane Warne is also The King Of Spin. Did You see Shane Warne's Ball to Chanderpaul and Shane Warne's Bowl to Strauss when you see These bowls And Shane Warne's Full profile then say how is the best bowler in the world.

Shane warne is my favourite bowler and player he is the king of spin I would say. He is a perfect example of a leg spin. The man with the title of doing the ball of the century is just unbelievable. But I wouldn't say that wasim akram is bad. He is the king of swing the ultimate paceman.

"He could bowl anything he wanted from a top spinner to a googly, conceding
The fact that he took hundreds of wickets, he thought about the batters
Techniques, then bowled using his intelligence, thought "I'm gonna bowl
A googly, bowled, and took a perfect wicket. "

Warne brought legspin out from a dusty closet and made it fashionable again. A charismatic, spectacular performer who made as headlines on the field and off it, he finished second-best to Muttiah Muralitharan in the Test wickets stakes, but to many he remains the greatest spinner - if not bowler - of them all.

3 Brett Lee Brett Lee is a former Australian international cricketer and film actor. He is a former Channel Nine Commentator.

I love him in his battlefield.. One of the great bowler of cricket... And he is my favorite player forever.. Though he retire from international cricket he will be always in my memory... No one will be there in cricket as brett lee in this era and everyone love him due to his unique style of balling so I love him.. Not only me all love him... The worlds number 1 baller is brett lee in my opinion..

Why does lee have only 5% of the votes... He is faster and better... He pitches the ball right up to the batsman and he is the most feared bowler when he is at his best... I'm sorry to say. But this is the worst ever list created! He should be at the top... In fact he is better than warne... Anyway lee... If the lists says no too... You're the best!...

Brett is the best bowler in my humble opinion... Love his cute face and super bowling skills.. See you soon as no. 1. Brett is the best of all. Austrailian kangaroo you rock. You are a very fast bowler and can confuse any batsman. I want to just drag this position to number 1

He is a legendary bowler in cricket history lee is the best and no one can bowl bouncers like him every one gets jealous seeing his bowling n he is very well experienced bowler I hope that he makes a new record in cricket history and he will do it.

4 Dale Steyn

He is my favourite player in 2019 ipl rcb he was replaced I count every secound the match will come till now I remember date it was 16 I love him but I did not met him I have dream to met him

Currently easily the best bowler in the world. I don't care who you, what the pitch is like, could be concrete flat but if Dale Steyn is running into you your always, always a little nervous. Unlike most swing/seam bowlers who need helpful conditions Dale makes things happen by consistently being in the right area at an uncomfortable speed.

Best bowler of all time. He is so good under pressure and when you are hoping for him to play well he strikes up and calls 5 wickets for the team! Dale stein is the best cricketer of all time!

For sure the best fast bowler in the world, consistent accuracy and pace. Great swinger of the ball and once he finds reverse swing he is unplayable.

Long live Dale Steyn

5 Glenn Mcgrath

Was ranked the number one player by the Australian Cricket Board for 8 years of his playing career with the top contract given to a player more then Warne, Waugh, Hayden, Ponting and Gilchrist BEST PLAYER in the best team of all time and to finish up career with Player of the World Cup, all so 4 finals 3 wins and did all this while his wife Jane struggled with cancer.

Laugh out loud there is something wrong with the list! I am a Indian but have no problem in saying that what the hell Harbhajan is doing up there? Oh come on just because he is Indian don't support him just for that sake! And yeah Glenn McGrath is simply the best!

HI GUYS laugh out loud there is something wrong with the list! I am a Indian but have no problem in saying that what the hell harbhajan is doing up there? Oh come on just because he is Indian don't support him just for that sake! And yeah glenn mcgrath is simply the best!

This is not a measure for a good bowler that how many wickets he had taken, we have to see all aspects like economy rate & average. Wickets and total run given are only according to he no. of matches played.One thing you all have to remember that wickets taken by muralitharan are like this- 50% lower order batsman, 30% middle order batsman and 20% upper order batsman. For Mcgrath it is 15% lower order batsman,35% middle order and batsman 50% upper order,you can think who is the best.

6 Muttiah Muralitharan

He made the spin bowling attacking and he is the number 1 baller with the statistics. He have more 10 wickets and 5 wicket howls in test cricket and the leading wicket taker in ODI format as well.
Those who compare his wicket tally with warne and say as he took more wickets against Bangladesh & Zimbabwe, remember that when warne was playing most of the li non asian teams including England always struggles against spin, which makes the wickets against those teams are much easier. Also warne often picks the bottom half of the batting lineup after the pacers cleans the top order, which make murali a much better baller than him.

You did not put put muttiah on first but at least put it on third. Why have you put that chucker harbhajan singh. Type on Google harbhajan singh chucks and you'll see that he really chucks, he's the biggest chucker in the history of cricket. I can't believe that he's still playing. That cheater. And somebody should know that muralitharan is not a fast bowler, Malinga is of course

He is a true son of mother lanka & I think he should be the number 01 with no disrespect to Wasim Akram, and also Lasith Malinga should be here if there's Zaheer Khan & Harbhajan Singh, because he is a far better bowler than both of them.

Muttiah Muralitharan has taken 800 wickets in his TEST career! He has got more wickets in ODI! People think he chucks the ball but that's only because he was born with a bent arm which makes it look like he is chucking! He is the best bowler in the world!

7 Harbhajan Singh

One and only Bhajji. The Singh is the King. He is the best off spinner at the present in the world and best bowler to bowl 'Doosra'.

Harbhajan singh doesn't deserve to be #8, Saeed Ajmal is WAYYY better than Harbhajan singh, I never knew who Harbhajan singh even is?

He is my favourite bowlers and I think only Ravindra Jadeja can be with his bowling scores

He has played for India from many years and still holds his ground in the team.

8 Shoaib Akhtar

I think he must stands for the 1st position he is an amazing bowler fastest in the world. Bowled at 100.02 MPH and 161 KPH

I love his action and the superb speed. I think that he is the best bowler of the world. I love his yorkers and the bouncers

I love his action and the superb speed. I think that he is the best bowler of the world. I love his yorkers and the bouncers

Yes, but Viv Richards would've put him into the grandstands, even with the toothpick bat he had in his day. Jeff Thomson was the quickest I've seen & they say Frank Tyson was quicker!

No bowler can match the speed of this supersonic speedster who broke the 100 mile barrier. He sent shivers to all time greats like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting etc. ,

9 Zaheer Khan Zaheer Khan is an Indian former cricketer who played all forms of the game for the Indian national team from 2000 till 2014.

No Indian fast bowler should be in the list. Reason because Indians have never produced Express Fast Bowler ever in the history. All were medium pacers. On the question of why Indians don't produce as good fast bowlers as Pakistan even though the soil is the same Geoffrey Boycott thinks diet may be the reason why Pakistan produces more good fast bowlers. Indians are veggies! They get Khassee

For me he is always among Indian greats like Sachin, Kapil, Gavaskar, Ganguly, Dravid and many others. India wouldn't have attained numerous uno spot in tests without this guy nor even the WC 2011. Generally fast bowlers are considered more brawn than brains, but this guy along with likes of Wasim and Anderson have made a strong statement that "Bowlers do utilise their brain even while bowling at 140kmph "

Best Indian bowler ever Zaheer khan his ability of swinging bowl both side is just awesome no one could match him in this type of bowling. And I think he is now worlds best

Zaheer is th best is he would have been when India tour england then India could win the game easily and he would be the mann of the match...

10 Waqar Younis

I think he must stands for the 1st position. The reason for this is that he is brave in his technique of bowling, very athletic, superb run up, excellent command on swing, innovation in cricket such as waqar special & deadly swinging yorkers are the specialty. He is also the master of reverse swing. In your list none of the bowler have such capabilities. So it is requested consider him in your top ranking. I mean number 1.

I've never understood why Wasim gets so much more acclaim that Waqar. They're both equally great, in my view, and Waqar was without doubt one of the most lethal bowlers of all time: pace, violent late swing, brilliant yorkers, superb control of late swing with the old ball. To have him behind Steyn, Akhtar, Lee and (especially) Zaheer Khan is completely ludicrous. An all-time legend.

I have watched the history of cricket and know every guy by his name, stats, and performance but I can't figure out who is zaheer khan and harbhajan. I think they are batsman so somebody might have mistaken them for bowlers.

Awesome bowler. You are selective in talking fastest wickets. Dennis Lillee took 300 wickets in just 56 Tests. Strike rates mean nothing! I'd want a guy who can give me 5 wickets in a match, than someone who delivers 3, with a prettier strike rate!

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11 Mitchell Johnson

He really proved himself in the Premiere League. He doesn't belong at the top with the great bowlers of cricket history, but he really deserves to be at least an honorable mention.

He is best fast bowler he is important for team Australia he is very fast

He is awesome for the Mumbai Indians

He again play ashes I wish him a good luck

12 Saeed Ajmal

He is an world class bowler who can destroy any batting order. He is a great off spinner and his doosra is one of the most difficult bowls to play.

I think that saeed ajmal is the best bowler no one stand against his doosra and teesra.

He is always best his balling style is fantastic he is very legendry personality

I think saeed should be above than harbhajan he is far better bowler than him

13 Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble should be on the top three. He had been one of the consistent bowlers of India. He took 10 wickets in a test match against Pakistan. He is one of the leading wicket-takers in test cricket. He is a great t20 bowler as well. He has a great record in the ipl. He can read the batsman's mind. He is regarded as India's best bowler of all time.

No one can read a batsman's mind better than him. He is the man with most number of variations.

He is third highest wicket taker in test cricket... Which means he is the third best bowler of all times

His bowling may seems simple but that's where his power comes from. It's looks simple, but it's not, records are showing how successful he has been for India.

14 Imran Khan

The best cricketer and the best politician in the world who won us the world cup and is going to set up Pakistan now.

How is Malinga in front of him? He's amazingly good at ball AND bat... Unlike many others on this list

He is the number 1 bowler of all time he should share the number 1 spot with wasim akram

Imran Khan is great batsman and bowler as well I don't know why he showed in no#14 in the list

15 Allan Donald

This guy is definitely a top 10 bowler of all time, some might even argue top 5! Does no one voting here have any cricket knowledge? Come on do yourself a favour an read up and check some youtube clips of AD. You will definitely learn a few things.

Devastating bowler and great fighter. He should be in top 10. In my childhood & teenage (80s & early 90s), some names used to create scare in the mind…Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Richard Hadlee etc., but Ambrose and Mc Donald tops that scary list of my memories.

He has Great pace, accuracy, swing, aggression all things that one fast bowler needs.

Clearly people voting hete have shaky cricket knowledge... How can Inzimaam feature higher than AD!? No West Indian greate in the T10, really!?

16 James Anderson James Michael Anderson,, usually known as Jimmy Anderson, is an English international cricketer who plays for Lancashire County

21 you gotta b kidding me. how can bowlers like Ashwin, Malinga and afridi b better than Anderson. In my opinion he is the best fast bowler currently playing and the current king of swing. Far far better than Steyn or Lee..

I feel that he is so consistent and unplayable at the start of the spell. I have seen him make greats of the game look like fools. Deserve to be higher up the list than he is currently

Wow, what a player! Swinging, nipping, A nightmare to play in his conditions. Even on dead tracks in Dubai he performed well. What an inspiration!

King of swing: best of his era. 100% best "fast" bowler since McGrath and of all time definitely belongs in the top 5.

17 Ravichandran Ashwin

Very economical bowler who has an excellent temparement and tough mind to torment the batsmen with his variations, like the carrom ball.

Best spinners and young youth who can change the cricket history. Ashwin is the wonderful bowler took 5 wickets hault many times. Young Indian can face any batsmen using his carrom ball

At the time I viewed this page Ravichandran Ashwin was at 17. He is the next Shane Warne ( the best bowler before he retired ). He should at least be at the top 5.

He is the best off spinner of India and will be world best in future absolutely. He is my favourite guy of Indian team

18 Chaminda Vaas

One of the best opening bowlers in world cricket history.

Not express fast. But can swing the ball both way's

Definitely underrated.. You should watch YouTube..

A hero wii not expect number 1 rank he is the hero...

19 Sunil Narine

He is a best spinner because his arm and fingers are worked properly

The most talented bowler all time. Nobody face it perfectly.

He is the best spinner of 2014 and his knuckle balls are awesome.

He should be on number 1 no other place will suits for him

20 Lasith Malinga

He is the best bowler of all time and also the only bowler to get three hat-tricks in the world. He is amazing! the true Lankan Lion

He is the king of yorkers. He can take as much wickets in in and out swing.

Fear of malinga make the lankan attack very sharp

He rocks with the ball, and hence he should be the number 1 in my opinion

21 Shaun Tait

Fastest bowler with great speed, line and length

He is the first bowler to hurt AB!

Switch back to the strikers

Tait is the worst

22 Mohammad Amir

Amir proves homself again and again he is the best bowler cricket ever produced it would be disrespect for him to be on no 33...if he would be playing for last 6 years he would have been a major threat to the world although every one has a beginning he falls rise again and conquer the world...proud of #AMIR

Dude who ever you are, you are making a mistake to put M. Amir in 33.
He should be in top 5... He is the most most talented and best swinger of the pace bowl I'have ever seen in my life in only just in the age of 19...
He is the real king and the master of swing bowling!

What can I say about this guy.
I am speechless. Such an amazing bowler ever in cricket history.
At very young age he swing the bowl in both side.
MAn he is much better than wasim and others.
He should be at top of the list.

So much talent wasi, karma said he just started off is the same as when I was at my peak he will be back hopefully for the World Cup. Very good all the old bowlers have something to say about the young Pakistani bowler talent to another level of bowling

23 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

I don't know what to say about Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He is a brilliant bowler in this history and also with good lookz. He has the ability to get wickets with a new ball. Whatever I'll say is less for him. I never seen such great bowler like him. When I first saw Bhuvi in his debut match, !, I got surprised. His best in T20 carrier is 3-9 and for me that's a superb score. Whether anyone believe or not, he is really the best for me. Just for your info... I'm Pinky. Thanks for giving me such opportunity to see you in this very early age. You're really ma idol. ! I love you Sir ji!

Young Indian bowler who has achieved more than what anyone with his ability would have. Perfect wrist position enables him to swing ball both ways. Very desciplined and amazingly very mature head over young shoulders. Given his determination and dedication, he is all set to enter the book of greats!

I think he is the future of Indian cricket with astonishing accuracy at this age. I hope so he will be able to learn from his mistakes & improve to be the be ther bes.

He is one of the best swinger I have ever seen & he is the king in death overs also he is purple cap holder of ipl 2016 I am a big fan of this man. Good luck bro for ipl 2019.

24 Fred Trueman

There has never been a better bowler than Fred. He had to battle the snobby ‘suits’ : the English selectors at Lords who avoided picking him for England on many occasions because they didn’t like his fiery behavior and attitude to authority. If he had been picked repeatedly as he should been his average and wickets taken would be much much better. Strong as an Ox, very fast, fiery and very intimidating to batsmen he could move the ball in any way he chose. He is truly the greatest. The true number 1.

Having seen " fiery Fred " in my youth I feel I can compare some of the greats of yesteryear with today's greats and Freddie Trueman is up with the best.

307 wickets in 67 tests. 21.57 bowling average. why isn't he in the top 10?

25 Monty Panesar

Quicker bowler with perfect line and lenght

He was best bowler of SRH he got purple cap in IPL

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