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1Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson - Jack of all trades... you name it - he's done it. started from the bottom, now runs the state, well pretty much. so typical of a Grand Theft Auto protagonist yet so different. his badass was showing all through the storyline.

Coolest guy in Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas os best game of al times.

Such a badass - IGN

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This guy may be a traitor. But this guy is the best. So what makes him the best? He almost killed our protagonist that's what you do not see from any antagonist. Tenpenny and Pulaski didn't. Dimitri and Bulgarin never gets niko or roman. That what makes ryder unique.

He's best character in the game and should have been in more missions and was left out when he was with big smoke. In mission #27 "the green sabre" it showed Ryder and Big smoke exiting a room with ballas and CJ just said " what did Big smoke get into" not even thinking about Ryder. Which you would think he would say something about Ryder since Ryder was a main character in earlier missions. If Ryder had to die he should of had a better death.

I wish he doesn't betrayal of groove street

No need for a explanation. It's Ryder

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3Wu Zi Mu

WU ZI MU! Is the greatest as cool, calm and he's blind and has a neo-like look!

4Frank Tenpenny

Frank is a corrupt cop and I can't believe nobody did any reviews on him I mean come one his voice actor is none other than SAMUEL L. JACKSON! Great character who dies a weirdly slow death I guess? So that's it for this review I love this character and you should 2 see you later Grand Theft Auto sa and all gamers out there!.

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5Cesar Villapando

He's really cool and a little crazy

Because he is so badass and cool.

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He's picked as an example of a gang's mastermind.

Sweet's like the personification of grove street the character who cares the most about it, way more than Ryder, Big Smoke and even CJ, I know that his love for the gang may be a little exagerated, but come on, he should totally be one of the firsts

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7Big Smoke

He is fat, and maybe a little stupid. But I like him.

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Zero is a nerdy and cowardly guy but sometimes the things we don't know what he is saying makes us love him

9Mike Toreno

I always liked Mike Toreno and he was one of my favorite Grand Theft Auto characters.I've always liked the "cynical,shadowy government agent"figure and he is one of the best examples I have ever seen in any media.He was able to come off as both menacing and funny at the same time along with the underline cynical tone he has always made me like him.

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10The Truth

Should be in more missions and I LOVE HIS CHARACTER!

He helped you steal a $60,000,000 project in Black Project!

He is really funny and mysterious - Aleksei

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?Kent Paul
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Catalina is the most insane chick you will come across. She was the ying and yang of cj. CJ and I are identical, we love cool girls, but love crazy psychotic hot bitches that will give you a run for your money.

I have one question about Grand Theft Auto 3. Why didn't the Cartel tell Catalina that Claude was alive the whole time, as they shoot you and save the old oriental man, did they want him alive? And Catalina dead?

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12Kendl Johnson

Whats really the point of Kendl anyway, She's not part of any missions, she is so hooked up on Cesar and you never really see her.

13Ken Rosenberg

Paranoid drug liking mafia associated ken ahh we love him that way he is a really small character who should have been seen more along with Kent Paul and maccer


I feel so sorry for Hernandez, how can someone so cruel like Tenpenny and Pulaski kill such a sweet young man like him. Glad he got his justice and I hope he has a decent burial. RIP Hernandez.

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16Eddie Pulaski

Straight up jerk and like to bang kendl johnson he deserved to die but he carries a desert eagle!? Cops normally have a 9mm he must be rich or high in the ranks.

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18Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris

Good villain, good liar or maybe. First he sells his house in Grove Street and moves into Ballas territory with drug money, Tenpenny shows up at his house constantly, never turns up for shootings against ballas and refuses to shoot ballas. In the mission Wrong side Of the tracks, I think he ran real slow to the bike to allow the vargos or whoever to get away.

Okay yeah CJ obviously is the best but Big Smoke is awesome I mean he was a pretty awesome villain Even the way he dies at the end is awesome his speech about the money yes its been done before but it fit so well in this game.

19Madd Dog

MADD DOGG is a major part of the rapping part of the game and he can get really aggressive if someone steals his rhyme book hint:it's OG LOC! "comin in the place gun in my waste! Punch you in the face! " he is a phony but some people really like him

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20T Bone MendezV1 Comment
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