Top 10 Songs From the Grand Theft Auto V Score

This list contains the best pieces of music from Grand Theft Auto V's stunning score. Songs in this list are on the official soundtrack, as well as from the unreleased soundtrack. Spoilers ahead,...
The Top Ten
1 Bury the Hatchet

While driving through the snowy streets of Ludendorff in "Bury the Hatchet," Michael will have a flashback about convincing his wife and family to move to Los Santos. While that happens, the music that plays is very catchy, just like "Minor Turbulence."

It also plays while parachuting, so that's a plus.

This theme reminds me how well the amazing soundtrack complements the story.

2 Three's Company Three's Company is an American sitcom that aired for eight seasons on ABC from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984.

This piece of music plays during the mission to capture Mr. K. Not only does it fit perfectly into the mission, but it also captures the cool, suave, but daring personality of Grand Theft Auto games.

3 Something Sensible/The Time's Come Soundtrack

In joint third place comes the music that plays if the player chooses Option A: Kill Trevor or Option B: Kill Michael. I couldn't choose one over the other, as they both fit their situations perfectly.

You have just betrayed your good friend, and now it's up to you to hunt them down. Cue the music.

4 Minor Turbulence

It begins slowly and then, when the airplane starts to go up, BOOM - culmination of that score.

I prefer piano sequences more.

5 Rampage #1

If Blitz Plays' soundtrack captures the cool side of Grand Theft Auto games, then Rampage #1 captures the crazy, murderous side of Grand Theft Auto games. Its quick tempo and catchy beat are enough to make anyone want to gun down rednecks or hipsters (if that anyone is Trevor, that is...).

6 The Agency Heist

Ironically, this piece of music never plays during the Agency Heist. However, it does play during "Marriage Counseling" and "I Fought the Law...". It reminds me of a '70s/'80s cop chase through a city, which is pretty much what happens when it is played!

7 Lamar Down

Nothing's more fun than running through a logging factory, blasting people to oblivion while trying to save your friend. And with this fast tune playing in the background, there's no stopping you now.

8 All Wanted Soundtracks

Cop chases are one of the many things that make Grand Theft Auto games, and Grand Theft Auto V in particular, so perfect. Unfortunately, all previous Grand Theft Auto games had no score, therefore no epic chase music.

However, my prayers were answered, and now I cannot wait to gain a three-star or higher wanted level every time I play the game.

9 Lady - Modjo
10 Chop the Dog

While chasing D through Los Santos with your dog Chop, a fast-tempo score will start playing. Its continuous piano, drums, and saxophone throughout are ear candy.

The Contenders
11 North Yankton Memories

Personally, my favorite track.

12 From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix)
13 Diving

This piece of music doesn't play during any particular mission. It plays when you are diving in the sea or driving a submarine. It is somewhat relaxing, yet surprisingly memorable for how simple it is.

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