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1 Carl Johnson

CJ had some of the craziest, most fun filled missions that made our childhood. He stole weapons from auxiliary bases, assassinated mafias on faster than sound jets, hacked the entire dam of a city, shot machine guns at mini scale but dangerous planes, stole jets from an ampiphibous carrier, single handedly fought an entire ship full of human traffickers and even fight the military singlhab

He is the best character in all the Grand Theft Auto games, he is very tough enough, he can drive any mode of transports, strong, intelligent, very good athlete and swimmer, driving skills are amazing, amazing shooter, hard worker and his story was the most difficult but he pass out very bravely. I'm not saying anything but I am saying because I have played many of the Grand Theft Auto games and from that I think the best character is to the black man carl johnson. this show us that black man are not loosers they are victorious and better than white peoples. like my comment if you agree.

For those who are saying CJ is soft, remember that he is the youngest among all the characters and the entire first half of the series was a gauge to measure his character growth. After completing freefall and stealing the jet from the military base, I'm sorry but none of the Gta characters have got anything on Mr. Carl. And who said CJ is dumb? He singlehandedly planned and executed the biggest hesit in gta history. He also lead the recapture of Los Santos after his return.

CJ deserves to sit at the top. Not only is he the most interesting character but he is also from the best Grand Theft Auto game till date. I know some people allow racism and anti black to influence their opinion on CJ. Other than that, they will know CJ is so awesome. I was torn between he and Vercetti but my vote goes to CJ in the end because he has a more of a character development and although he is supposed to be a nation wide criminal, his character makes you love him like he is the hero. He could do many things other characters can't do. He can date as many as 6 girls because he is the ladies man, learn different form of martial arts, swim, rob houses, own businesses etc etc. CJ is such a bad ass that the government even fears him and works with him. He has stormed and messed with the government, crime mafias, gangsters, corrupt cops and come out on top. He beat Claude from Grand Theft Auto 3 in a race. He can also DUAL WIELD! CJ started so low but the game will end with him ...more

2 Niko Bellic Niko Bellic is a fictional character and the playable protagonist of Rockstar North's 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV, also featuring as a supporting character in its episodic content The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, all of which are published by Rockstar Games.

The best character of GTA series. Serious, Focus, Calculated, cold, discipline, funny, sarcastic and Dark. He is the most tragic character in the series, who is forced to do bad things because he is good at it, but doesn't like and not proud with his actions hurting and putting people. Even with a Dark past in war, losing his friends, Aunt , betrayed and killing, smuggling and selling people to another country, he still have hope to find a way out in crime world, looking for redemption and have better life with his cousin Roman and friends in Liberty City. Being a veteran ex-soldier slav of Serbia, Niko is the most dangerous character that you don't want to deal with or go after you like predator with you mess with his family and close friends.

Niko was a real hero. He is easily the most developed character in the entire Grand Theft Auto series, with CJ and Tommy following. He actually acted humanely. His dark past in the Balkan Wars has influenced all of his decisions. He finally decides to come to LIBERTY CITY with the persistence of his cousin, Roman. He wanted to live "The American Dream" but gets dragged back into the world of crime. He has moral values which stick with him throughout the story. This involves making decisions which could decide the fate of a person. When was the last time you felt regretful when killing a person in a Grand Theft Auto game?

These decisions have repercussions which could have an impact on Niko. The most noticeable one being Deal/Revenge. You feel Niko's regret when Kate (Deal) or Roman (Revenge) dies towards the end. You understand that he doesn't want to lead a life of crime but wants to live the American Dream he had come for. Grand Theft Auto IV had the best story, HANDS DOWN!

Niko is the only Protagonist that hesitates to kill civilians. He's a Mixture of Loyalty and Courage. He's also the only Protagonist that fought in war. (Trevor was just an Air Force while Niko is literally an Infantry).

Niko is the best developed character in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. He being a war veteran in the Balkan wars and coming to LC to leave the past behind him makes us want to care about him.
But he still gets dragged into the world of crime and has to make choices that may have repercussions. Also don't forget Roman! He is the one who brings Niko into LIBERTY CITY. Easily one of the best side characters.

3 Tommy Vercetti Thomas "Tommy" Vercetti is a fictional character, the protagonist and playable character in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a game in the Grand Theft Auto series. He is voiced by Ray Liotta.

Never took crap from anyone and was a real leader, CJ is tough but times he was a little soft.

Plus Tommy had more depth since his back story and connections with sonny forelli mattered for most of the game and as the game progressed, the story moved on (tommy at first finding out who took his boss's money and drugs, then the story moved on to standing alone and making his boss lose patience etc). With CJ, his story is mostly about proving himself that he is a true grove by mostly focusing on getting his brother out of jail for most of the time.

Simply the best. only guy who never had a boss in Grand Theft Auto. angry, psychotic, hot headed and smart at the same time. a bit similar to Toni Montana but the way he talks with Lance,Avery, Baker, and Kelly he is actually much more sensible than Montana and for that he is respected by every person in the city he has worked with except diaz of course. This makes him deserving of the ending he gets which I think is best as he becomes the druglord kingpin of vice city and the most powerful Grand Theft Auto character. his background of being a mafia hitman also gives him an edge over other characters and he has the most fierce recognition 'the harwood butcher'.

Tommy Vercetti is awesome. The first protagonist to be voiced in the series, by the amazing Ray Liotta. He's an amazing gangster, the type of protagonist that Grand Theft Auto games deserve. Don't get me wrong: I like CJ and even Niko, but we all play the games to blow stuff up and shoot people, and few characters go with that picture. Tommy Vercetti is one of the few. He's not as crazy as Trevor, but, to me, Trevor gets a bit annoying some times. Tommy is fun from star to finish. How come he's not 1st place here?

The first player character to speak and voiced by Ray Liotta no less. There was something about hearing your character speak for the first time while driving through Vice City that stays with me. Also, those last handful of missions made this character.

4 Trevor Philips Trevor Philips is a fictional character in Grand Theft Auto V, a video game in the Grand Theft Auto series made by Rockstar Games.

Only character in Grand Theft Auto V not motivated by money, shares many similarities to Niko Bellic, especially when it comes to loyalty. His Special Ability is also extremely powerful in and out of combat making him a fun character to play. "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother"

Trevor is just an amazing character.

His backstory is and his thirst for revenge was insanly well performed in the game's storyline. Not only that but he has the best personality and voice acting out of any character in the francize.

Although I do find him to be lackluster compared to Michael and Franklin gameplay wise, he's still super fun to play as and to watch and he is definitely my favorite character in the whole franchise.

Trevor is Grand Theft Auto. The reason we love Grand Theft Auto is because we get to drive around, shoot, cause crime, and kill people like a maniac. Trevor is the very embodiment of Grand Theft Auto itself! A character like him should've been made from the start of the series. Heck he should be the main character! I would love to see him in more games!

Trevor Phillips is the only gat protagonist that makes sense to play as. Nico Bellic is a pretty awesome character also but he's younger so he hasn't experienced enough that Trevor has. CJ was also pretty awesome but I didn't find him to be an interesting Grand Theft Auto series character he belongs more to something like Call of Duty. And CDs also younger than Trevor so he also hasn't experienced as much

5 Michael De Santa Michael De Santa, formerly Michael Townley, is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, along with Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips.

I love how developed this character is so much. I mean I guess it's weird to look at characters from a game like this and take them seriously, but I do. He's not just some other rich guy, he's a criminal with a family and marital problems. He's unhappy with his life until Franklin tries to take a car, and he remembers those good ol' days of fighting crime.
He's not just a character looking for power and money, he's alwso wanting to help make ammends with his family, but he's so messed up he has trouble doing so. and I think it's really touching that rockstar can make a complex character that you just sort of have to love, despite him being a douche and all.

Michael is really best!, he is the rich man who had a family of his wife-Amanda and his son-Jimmy and lastly his daughter-Tracey. By the way all the characters are bad. That's not good character because they live in the sanctuary of gangster! But the way I see it. ,Michael I love that character so much I want to kiss his neck and chick. !

How is CJ number one on the list he's a walking cliche and doesn't belong on in the top 20 of GTASA characters, hell Claude was a more interesting character and he didn't even talk in either game. Michael OTOH is a wonderful, three-dimensional character who has more natural dialogue and mannerisms than any other Grand Theft Auto char. Also GTA4 should have been about Packie and The Truth is best PS2 era char

Michael is a betrayer, takes more cash than the other characters from jobs (especially from T. and B. ) and gets the other characters to do the dangerous tasks every time they're on a mission together. He just wants the cash and would happily give Franklin up and kill Trevor as he constantly talks about.

6 Franklin Clinton Franklin Clinton is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, along with Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips.

The voice of reason for Michael and Trevor. It'd break your heart if you choose A or B in the end, so it's better to choose C. You get the satisfaction of killing those who thought they could get away with getting on your bad side. The guy who tried to have Lamar killed, the Chinese who backstabbed Trevor, Steve who tried to backstab Michael, and the rich guy who backstabbed Franklin, Lamar, Trevor, and eventually made the mistake of going after Michael's family.

Franklin is the one of the mostly baddest character in Grand Theft Auto 5 but he had power to live 60 days without remains water and driving bu driving is too.

He was a bad ass guy he was awesome. / he was a bad ass guy I liked every thing about him

I love this guy. He was my favorite character. He reminds me of CJ.

7 Claude Claude Speed is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 2.

Come on guys! Why is Claude not higher? The first character to appear in a 3d grand theft auto game and (possibly) the only character to be the protagonist in multiple grand theft auto games (grand theft auto 3 and grand theft auto 2). He's more stylish than CJ and more cold blooded than Niko. He doesn't hesitate at all!

Claude Speed was a good character. I would like to see him back! But I tried to do him in Grand Theft Auto Online with Black Jacket, Green Pants and curved hair.

I think Claude Speed deserve to be the best because he do dirty work but he does not have speech on Grand Theft Auto. The good thing about him is that he also appeared in Grand Theft Auto SA

Even though this guy didn't talk at all through out Grand Theft Auto 3, he was one awesome guy. he also earned a cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

8 Big Smoke

Big Smoke was what made Grand Theft Auto what it is. The legendary verse: And the godlike Big Smoke said: "I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, number six, with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with CHEESE, and large soda.

Ay. I'll have two number nines, number nine large, number six, with extra dip, number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda. Also, follow the damn train CJ!

Big Smoke: I'll have 2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, 2 number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

CJ: Fat Boy.

He's epic, his appearance created a lot of memes. And it's one of the reason that made Grand Theft Auto series became famous

9 Patrick McReary

Patrick has a tragic family back story, after he loses everyone of them, does amazing heists in Liberty City with Niko, comes to Los Santos then does heists with Michale, Trevor and Franklin. He is also a good singer after getting drunk. He is funny and loyal.

Irish mobster. Enough said.

Cash cab guy haha

10 Toni Cipriani Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and a main character in Grand Theft Auto III.

Toni goddam awesome he is tough and his swearing is so cool. He is very fat in Grand Theft Auto 3. He has one of the best missions in the whole Grand Theft Auto series.

If you play Grand Theft Auto 3 he helps try to kill claude so he is not on my favorite list.

I enjoy playing as this character a lot!

He should be higher. He's the original babadass of the Grand Theft Auto series... Everyone is still great though :P

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11 Ryder

Good afternoon ballas dope pushers! Grove Street OG has come do damage.

He should be higher. I know he was a traitor but he is si damb hilarious.

Hella funny man

12 Roman Bellic

If I need someone to ask me to go bowling or play darts when I'm ABOUT to go on a date, I'll go to Roman.

I like how he goes from a pudgy joker to a very wise and helpful cousin at the end. But he never ONCE asked me to go bowling

This character is so cool, I even went bowling with him.

Makes me laugh every time. He's a great character

13 Officer Tenpenny

Best villain in Grand Theft Auto history, hope he and catalina have kids in hell.

14 Yusuf Amir

I know Yusuf is one crazy mother, but always keep in mind that once you do something for him he gives back. Who else would paint a chopper gold and just give it to you? And don't forget the gold Rolls-Royce plus, he makes me laugh every time.

15 Johnny Klebitz Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the protagonist of The Lost and Damned, and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Johnny is the ultimate badass of the Grand Theft Auto Universe. He is a natural born leader and member of the Lost MC. He stood up against their crazy old former leader who later betrayed them. Johnny will beat up anyone who don't watch their mouth.

Johnny Rocks. Anyone who thought Johnny was dead by Trevor, you are wrong. I don't Care what people say, Johnny will always be my favourite character. Most Badass Character of the Grand Theft Auto Universe.

Johnny is the ultimate badass of the Grand Theft Auto Universe. He is a member of the Lost MC. He stood up against their crazy old former leader who later betrayed them. Johnny will beat up anyone who don't watch their mouth

Johnny is the best Grand Theft Auto protagonist ever, he could kill every last protagonist in every last Grand Theft Auto series.

16 Lamar Davis

He was hilarious! Him and Trevor made me laugh the most in Grand Theft Auto V. Especially at the beginning when he sees that Franklin made employee of the month. Just his facial expression alone was priceless.

He deserves higher he is on Grand Theft Auto v and Grand Theft Auto online.

17 Sweet Johnson

Big Smoke is in Top10, but the bloody leader of the crew who gives a fu,ck about anything and just has the crew in his heart isn't... Well, still my favorite because I can identify myself with him.

This dude was the true OG of Grove street. By far the best "Families" member. Even better than CJ (who is better as a wider-ranged character)

18 Phil Cassidy

The man who has the weapons you'd definitely pick in Grand Theft Auto 3. Man of words too

19 Hilary King
20 Donald Love

He's a top notch criminal.

21 Chop (the Dog)

I named my rabbit after him.

He poops too much

22 Eddie Pulaski
23 Vic Vance

Incredibly understated, but an otherwise very interesting character, very level headed but also quite funny. Easily on one the all time greatest GTAs, but the only thing that lets this game and its main protaganist down is the cartoony graphics.

Vic vance and toni cipriani are way too low on this list their both really awesome and cool characters and they both deserve more. If you agree with me than please reply to my comment or like it

Best protagonist ever! I don't care what anybody says! He's my Hero.

He is fun to play as.

24 Catalina

I believe Catalina is the daughter of Marty and Louise, because she has Louise's eyes and nose and Marty's personality... Maybe after her parents died, Mary-Jo couldn't cope with her and gave her away, but had a cruel new family and decided to rename her to Catalina, or Mary-Jo married to a abusive man.

I believe Catalina didn't die from the explosion, I think the gunshot was her, to kill Claude and Maria.

Memorable female antagonist in Grand Theft Auto 3 and san andreas.

25 Bryan Forbes
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