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I just find him incredibly elegant and sad. His whole background story is extremely tragic, yet he chose to sacrifice everything for his village and his little brother. His jutsu are also amazing.
itachi could beat sasuke so easily that he won´t see it. even naruto will lose to him with his sage mode. Itachi can control time with the tsukuyomi. he control every jutsu that he has better than sasuke. his susano has the legendary sword, and sasuke don´t have it.
the whole anime goes around the uchiha clan incident itachi made the plot amazing by having everything predicted and precalculated
Before I new itachi I thought he was desbicable, horrid becuse he killed his entire clan but I know now the sad hart breaking truth about him :'(. he sacrafised evrything to protect the hiddin the leaf and more importantly his little brother. Meaning he to go through so much pain and suffering because he had the choice of killing his entire clan because of the coup a tar (basically take over the leaf with force) or joining his felow Uchiha to attack the leaf. Tobi basically said that if that happend it could of lead to war! But that's why I love itachi because even through he killed his entire clan and made his brother obsessed with hate he still whent through all of that and still put a smile on his face when he died :, ) <3 but I'm sure itachi defiantly has many regrets on what he did that night, all the pain and hate he put on his brother and pain and hate of evryone else he had to deal with, This is also what it means to be ninja a shinobi in "Naruto" the guts, the guts to never give up! "A true shinobi endures pain! " This why is simply, also why itachi was voted the best character in Naruto but that's just my opinion on why he is the best ;) there are many more, he his extremely powerful physically and mentally and his great knowledge, wise, smart, kind, caring kishi did a good job on this one :). I think I've said enough just making my point! :, ) R.I.P... Itachi... Uchiha
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He's not perfect, he's not the most powerful one, but he does everything only with his will-power that's what makes him the best.
Naruto is awesome. Even in childhood when he had no one he kept the emotion in and lived his life. He had lots of friend who gave him support. He has lots of confident when he hadn't. He kept trying hard to become a Hokage and became successful so that's why he is the best HOKAGE!
Naruto is epic, he can do things others can't. He has an amazingly awesome demon fox within him. And the SAGE MODE! It's awesome. Whenever I see Naruto on T.V., I smile. He's so stupidly cute.
Naruto has a heart of gold. As much as I like Itachi, Naruto should be number 1. Sasuke number 2. Sakura number 3.
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Sasuke and his clan is the one who makes the plot story to be great and fantastic. Remember? Masashi Kishimoto created Sasuke inorder to have a thrill and excitement in the series. He created Sasuke so that the main character, 'naruto", will have a best companion and at the same time, a rival. Yes, Sasuke became cruel and everyone judged him to be one of the worst character in the story and considered as an international criminal. BUT TAKE A LOOK, Sasuke only lose his path because of the tragedy that he's clan had suffer. Just try to put your situation in Sasuke's own. Imagine that your family was murdered with your own brother/sister. Imagine that your own beloved country/village ordered one of your family member to kill all of you where "IN FACT", your own clan/ancestor created and love the village. The village betray your clan. The village that your clan almost give there life to serve for it's sake will be the one who will end up all of your lives just because of a threat? Then now, can you imagine if that situation happens to you. Is it too much atrocity and unfair? Sasuke was the REAL victim of Konoha. But, despite of everything, Sasuke still wants to serve Konoha and he will still continue his clan's legacy. He is very wonderful, no words can describe how he is great. That's a "REAL" hero and he deserve to be called as a HOKAGE. Uchiha clan did very far for Konoha and I think, someone that is an "UCHIHA" deserve to have a position like that and we want "UCHIHA SASUKE" to accomplish it. Beside, Sasuke graduated the academy with the highest academic honor and the smartest student in his batch (Even Shikamaru's intelligence still cannot surpass him. Lets give Sasuke a chance to rule the ninja world (Naruto, you maybe have it next time after Sasuke).

Naruto would be boring if Sasuke is not created.




:And for all the critics who still criticize Sasuke, "YOU ARE ALL HEARTLESS, SELFISH AND HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING"!
I don't like where the story is going! Sasuke is an intelligent and powerful man who has patient and he never reveals his plans before he reaches his goal. I think Kishi has forgotten how the uchihas characters are. The only thing he has in mind is Sasuke being evil and naruto being an angel. And that they have to fight each other. I doen't see why Sasuke wants to kill Naruto. I only see why Sasuke wants to restore his clan and become hokage.

I really think that Sasuke is the best character and I hope you see the good in this character as well! He is nothing like Orochimaru so doesn't try to make him like that. I would say that Sasuke is more like his brother, Itachi, but with the goal to become hokage and restore the clan. I really want to see him fulfill his goals. He is an smart man so if he really wants to take revenge on Konoha he should do it now, but he doesn't cause he will lose his chance to become Hokage. The same if he fights naruto. I he fights naruto, I can only imagen ig being the same battle as madara-hashirama (but I still think sasuke should win cause he deserves it) or the sanin battle (if sasuke takes the same pattern as Orochimaru I will get pissed and bored). The only interesting and new thing is that sasuke becomes hokage.

I will get pissed if Sasuke dies and doesn't become hokage. I think that the only people deserving to be a hokage right now is an uchiha. If the people of Konoha knows the true story behind the uchihas they will think the same. I mean what Madara, Obito and Itachi did to protect Konoha and their friends. And how the Konoha people betrayed and made the uchihas the cruel people.

If Kishi has the chance to do a sequel to naruto Call it UCHIHA I would easily read it!

I think Kishi is still missing the whole story about the uchiha clan. Hope he makes a movie where he favoures the uchiha.
Well... All that I have to say about him perfect... I got HOOKED to anime and started drawing manga just because I of him and now I LOVE manga at first I wanted to draw him only but after some time manga became my hobby
I understand sasuke, he has suffered a lot. Suffering in the long run makes you colder and can turn you evil. I'm not justifying hatred and his actions but you can't blame somebody's hatred when that person had suffered that much. Despite all his hatred I can still see good in him. I hope he turns good :(
I like him because he is strong as hell, no matter how powerful his rival is he always fights like a master and manages to win or critically damage his adversary. He is BADASS
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graduated at age 5, chunin at age 6 then jonin at age 13. nuff said.
Kakashi is the most rounded character. He has his dark past, yet can still make jokes and play around. He feels guilt for those he lost, but he tries to teach his students how to deal with their grief and guilt. Not only can he teach, but he is one of the top shinobi in the village. Not to mention that he was given a position with ANBU at the age of 13 for crying out loud!
Kakashi is one of the most skilled shinboi of the hidden leaf. he is the leader of team 7 and has the Sharingan in one eye. He is also the creator of chidori and has a wide variety of other jutsu of most elements thanks to his sharingan. Kakashi is the son of Sakumo Hatake The white fang of the hidden leaf who was a shinobi of kage level. he was also elected to be hokage and is a big fan of Jiraya's book "make out tactics. "

Kakashi. He became a genin at age 5, a chunin at age 6, and a jonin at age 13. He was also invited to the anbu at age 13. His father was the White Fang of the Leaf. His master was the Yellow Lfash of the Leaf who's master was one of the 3 sanin of the leaf who's master was the third hokage. Kakashi has the sharingan too. He copied over 1,000 jutsu. He's one of the top guys and fighting tactics and finding out weaknesses. He trained the (obviously) to-be hokage. He was almost announced as hokage meaning he is obviously kage level. He has a tragic past which is far sadder than Itachi's so he knows how the life of a shinobi goes.. (so sad ;, ( ). Kakashi DESERVES to be number 1.
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The Naruto anime cartoon without Gaara would be less tasteful. Great story, great powers, just captivating. In the first part of Naruto series Gaara is also a little scary.
Gaara only number five? This is a travesty D: Gaara is going to crush all of you! Gaara rules!


Gaara is cool because he crushes people with sand. Not like Naruto and the others crushes people with bare hands. Gaara should be on the top list because he is way stronger than Naruto!
Using the overpowering will of the sand gaara is a cormidable opponent. Drove deidara all the way to c3 and probably could have gone to kraut a or ultimate explosions of he didn't have to protect the village gaara rocks!
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Shikamaru is so cool. I mean he uses a mediocre set of jutsu combined with his genius level IQ to best all of his opponents, including Hidan.
He's such an interesting character. He's so laid-back, but he jumps into action when his friends are in danger.
Shikamaru should be # 3 next to Naruto and Kakashi! He is so cute I wanna go inside the manga because of him! Laugh out loud Tobi and Nagato weren't even on the list.


I think I am in love with him.
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Hinata is awesome. Her moves are graceful and she is a pure angel. I think Hinata is the most beautiful and cute character out of naruto characters.
What makes Hinata a strong character is something that far surpasses beyond the simple idea her being the kindest of all Naruto characters, which she is. She is among the few characters in the series that consistantly demonstrates the ideals and values celebrated by Ninja society: the Will of Fire, and staying true to one's Nindo, their Ninja Way. Hinata, like Naruto and Rock Lee, has always had the most to prove. Naruto was ostracized as the Jinchurriki and failed for years at the ninja acadamy; Rock Lee was a failure at ninjutsu and genjutsu and faced the possibility of dying from his surgery, or never doing taijutsu again; and Hinata was regarded as a failure as a ninja by her own family, with her father emotionally abusing her as being worthless and her own cousin attempting to murder her. However, all three of them refused to back down, and stuck to their ninja way. All three of them were underdogs who would keep battling even if they were sure they would die. It is these characteristics that made Naruto cheer for a girl he barely knew. Hinata is a true ninja and hero.
She's strong physically and emotionally! Some people say she's weak! She's just shy and has lack of self-confident but she's strong! Maybe stronger than sakura! And has a mature instinct when it comes to love!
I like character that her but she has the few character in series
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Neji is more cool than hinata
A genius indeed

What a nonsense why did hinata is more famed than neji
That sulks
my 4 favs are Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, and Neji


Neji is the best! He's hot, strong, and smart, and the only jonin of all the K11. He also had many difficulties in the past, and and with a little help from Naruto and Hiashi, he became the amazing Neji of today. Even though he acts like the cool guy that doesn't care, in actuality he really cares for Lee, Tenten, Hinata, and the rest of the K11. And that's still not mentioning that he sacrificed his life for Hinata and Naruto.
My faves are Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba
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9Minato Namikaze
This guy owned madara, nine tails, known as the yellow flash of the leaf, instant teleport to his seal, and also sensei of kakashi, student of pervy sage, and the inventor of rasengan from just looking at the tailed beast bomb... BEST NINJA EVER
I believe he is the best character in my opinion, he can beat anybody by just teleporting.
The 4th hokage.
He is the fastest ninja ever made, and one of the strongest ninja in the story.
He's Naruto's father.
He literally kicked tobi's ass. Tobi's arm got plundered by his rasengan. Tobi didn't even manage to scratch minato, because of his insanse speed.
The old man took his spot as 3rd hokage when minato died, and the 3rd kept his position until the day he died because he couldn't find anyone as good as minato. Not even his son, asuma.
If he survived, then trust me by now in the story he would be kicking ass with rasen-shurken-chidoris laugh out loud
Minato Smiply the best laugh out loud!
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10Rock Lee
Um? Have you seen him fight Garaa? He knows no other Justu style and STILL kicks so much ass, plus he has a Beatles' hairdo and he wears super heavy weights that make craters when they fall! DUDE, THIS GUY IS SO AWESOME.
Bruce Lee based character, thumbs UP!
Rock Lee can own almost anyone in a fight. He so fast Raikage has has a hard time seeing him. He going to kick Sasuke's ASS in the ninja war.
Oh the satisfaction when I saw temari and kankaro have the smirks wiped of their faces in the chunin exam when Rock Lee shocked the eff out of them by not only breaking through gaaras shield, but by kicking his ass. He's by far the best character in the series... Followed by minato, shikamaru, kakashi and then whoever... I like guy and itachi... And sasukes so overrated and he gets on my nerves
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Madara is one of the most powerful, evil, and epic character in the Naruto series. He is the most diabolical character ever and I'm glad Masashi Kishimoto decided to make him a Main Antagonist because he is so awesome!
Very cool ulimate ridiculously powerful character. Madara has been heared around the world, he's legend! Not to mention there's more to be see from him and he's not leaving anytime soon
His get a sharingan from the god ti kill senju family. But he failed to killed hashimaru senju than uchiha family want to friend again with senju family.
This man is pure evil, pure power, pure destruction. enuff said
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He gave naruto his name. He was a grandfather for him. He made him the hero. And he came back from the dead to write the numbers on the back. He was the man who trained 4th hokage. And is a player at the age of 50. And he also had to conserve as much chakra as he possibly could because he knew absolutely nothing about Pain, while gathering information about him/them at the same time. And they were his students so he is much stronger then that. He even killed one of them and Jiraiya had not mastered sage mode. And he was like "oh itachi and kisame I will kill you now" and they even ran away. He could have beaten pain if he wanted to. So why is he on 15th place? He was the best.
Jiraiya is below Sakura? This list is really messed up? I would have actually voted for either Itachi, but I saw he's already on top of the list, so I decided to vote for Minato, but that's when I saw Jiraiya below Sakura!

First off, Sakura is stupid, ugly, not mature at all, and incredibly selfish? Which idiot said that Sakura was selfless? All she did in Part 1 was rely on Naruto and not even care about him. Isn't that shouting out selfish towards you? She even is selfish towards Naruto in Shippuden when she played with his feelings. She was also keeping in mind that Hinata almost died trying to protect the one person she loved and respected. Hinata is a true hero and one of my favorite characters. Sakura is also useless. When people say she's not useless because of her medical ninjutsu! HELLO PEOPLE! Konoha is FILLED with medical ninja. Hinata is a natural at medical ninjutsu and is sooo much stronger than Sakura.

Now back to why Jiraiya is AWESOME. He was trained under the 3rd Hokage and trained the fourth hokage. He is also strong, super powerful, kind, and caring. He gave Naruto his name and passed on the jutsu to Naruto (rasengan). He made Naruto feel like he had family. He also scared away ITACHI!
Perv's forever, also he helped naruto a lot and he has kick ass skills on peek stuff
Jiraiya, simply put was an awesome character. Too awesome. He was funny, supportive, wise, loving, caring. You really can't put him into words. He's that person we all wish we had in our real lives, and who we damn near stopped watching the show over when he died. I miss Jiraiya.
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I love her! Sakura is the most balanced character in the series, she's not the best, but her qualities are various: she's beautiful, smart, skilled, mature, respectful, selfless and kind, even if most of the people claim that she's a monster because she beats Naruto up. Gosh, that's just for the sake of humor, it's more than obvious that she really cares and respects him. She does that because sometimes he really deserves it, you have to admit, but that's not because she enjoys beating people up, but because she wants to better him. So, Sakura for the win!
She is such an awesome charecter! She is smart sweet, strong, sharp and afcorse beautiful. She loves naruto and sasuke so much and she has a pure heart, all she wants is to have team 7 back together smiling, happy and having fun as they deserve. I Olson think that she is an inspiration and a huge rowmadole for many people. And the spiecial thing about her character is that she is real as in a realistic person who is nice loving and caring for the peaple she cares about, she olso achieved a lot by learning in hands of tsunady and being a medical ninja(one of the best) and focusing her talent of easily controlling chakura in her super human strength ability. And she becomes so useful! I really hope that kishimoto ceeps letting Sakura have her moments of glory... if he doesn't then all of the years that I watched naruto sesies in are just a big waist of time!
Let's see... As everybody knows in this post, she is not as good as naruto, itachi, sasuke,... But she is one of the best charcter, because she's one of the ninjas who increased her habilities more thanks to her master tsunade.
Now she is strong, and very sharp minded because, as you all can see in the fourth great ninja war she is the only one who discovers white zetsu, and as everybody saw at the very beginning she destroid sasori, and many other characters such as fuen karenbana... So the final conclusion is that there's no one like her in this universe.
Sakura must be in the top 5 I love her


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Why is Nagato number 15 on the list he should be number 1. I mean seriously I would personally put him number one (because he is my favorite). His story and background are hands down the saddest in the whole anime. Why put him under characters such as Hinata. That doesn't mean I hate her she is still one of my favorites she is In the top 10 I can admit she is the best and my favorite female character in the series but still Nagato should be higher on the list and why putting him below that ass hole sakura. Nagato all the way he is the best.
the true identity of pein
The seventh of Pains
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he's adorable. he's strong, funny and a bit ego. & love him. he's my first and last fav character ever.
He's just awesome, very powerful, funny and awesome. The best I have ever met.
Yeah he rocks!
WHAT?!?!? Kiba? 13?!?! You've got to be kidding me! He should be right next to Gaara! He's so hot! What's wrong with you people! He may not be the best a techniques but he is wild and fearless that's what makes him THE BEST! And he's the most adorable anime character I've seen! Other than Gaara
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16Obito Uchiha
I think he was a person who suffered a lot he was a faliure always compared to kakshi had no one to believe in him and had no parents I think no friends so he wanted to become a hokage so every one would respect he was kind of like Naruto but he wasn't even a jinjuriki yet ;) he though was kind heated helped old people and had a heart of gold when someone is so despirite even being nice to him makes him fall in love despritly and that what happened with rin he loved her so much and trained harder to surpass kakshi but couldn't during a mission when rin was kidnaped kakshi wanted to leave her and complete the mission _knowing what happened to the white fang_ obito hit him and told him "those who abandon their missions are scum but those who abandon even one of their friends are worse than scum" he paied his life for saving kakshi's life when resquing rin and give him his sharingan _knowing kakashi lost his left eye during the fight_ and asked him to protect rin he could just leave him die but he sacrified him self for him that proves he is a true hero. He was saved by madara and given hashiramas cell to compansated his right side madara told him about his plans but he refused to help him but there was no exit from where they were so he had to stay with him till he recover after a while white jetsu told him that kakashi and rin were in trouble he went running to help them saw kakshi killing rin with lightning blade this scene broke his heart not only broke it was worse than death to him he went on killing all hidden mist shinobi who kidnaped her and awakened huge power after he assasined them all he didn't kill kakashi and wanted to persude madara's dream and put all the world under huge genjutsu called tsukumi which make everyone sees what he wanted lossing rin the one who made him stronegr and the one he madly loved and saved him from being a faliure and a crybaby by the one whom he sacrified himself to save him and gave him his sharingan was too much for good obito he lost every thing grew cold and became tobi later he persuded madara's wish and collected the tailed beasts to become the ten tails jinjuriki and have enough chakura to make the infinite tsukumi the points is being a faliure is hard so when you fall in love you feel huge will and power to protect your beloved unconditionaly losing her is losing hope so he desrve to be at least from top 10 he is strong and kindheatred but it was too much for him
Only #15? Obito should at least be on the top ten or even better top five, for all he's been through he deserves it.

Obito was an orphan (probably) with little abilities which made him be looked down upon for like 13 years of his life. Then he met Madara and at that point became a puppet. Obito was deceiving Nagato, Madara was deceiving Obito and kayuga/black zetsu was deceiving Madara.

What kind of sick life is that? Poor Obito, just another pawn:(
A great friend who sacrificed himself for the safety of his friends and determinedTrained by Madara himself, a huge problem for Naruto, Sharingan and Rinnegan, probably the greatest villian of them all so far... The conclusion will be Obito, Madara, Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi. A villian with a hero's past
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Art is a blast! It is an explosion! Katsu!
None can beat him!
He's just awesome!
He got a kekkei gen kai!
Dude this guy is a terrorist how can you not like an anime terrorist? Art is an explosion. Enough stuff
Art is an EXPLOSION. Anyone that has 4 mouths, blonde hair, blue eyes, and can blow up anything they want are AMAZING. To who ever thinks Sasuke killed Deidara you are wrong it is clearly obvious Deidara sacrificed himself to kill Sasuke (though Sas-gay doesn't deserve it). Deidara gives a whole knew meaning to going out with a BANG! Pyromaniacs for the win UN!
HE himself is an explosion an amazing one so he should get to be in top 10 and I wish he returns
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The most awesome character of all. I am amazed to see him in number 20. Lower than INO, are you kidding me! I don't know who all are voting in this thread but seems like they just want to vote for girls who hardly played any part in the series. Pain worked as a pedestal for naruto to grow up. Pain is in the league of itachi and jiraya. The unsung heroes!

The most powerful doujutsu, based on the philosophy of Buddha, representing the omnipresent quality of God (because he is present in multiple places at the same time) with a history that brings pain to your heart. What a tragic hero with a summonings like "emonic statue of the outer path" and ninjutsu like shinra tensei and chibaku tensei. Bloody hell. If Pain is not in top 5 then this isn't a serious list.
I love pein because he's not just a character but a symbol of pain. To know true pain is his philosophy and he utilizes his god like powers to ensure his enemies are destroyed. Besides that he infiltrated and destroyed a whole village all while fighting some kage level ninja (kakashi, naruro, etc. ) And if that's not enough he resurrected all the ninja he killed afterwards. Plus his essence and aura are almost palpable, I mean you can feel the power from this guy and his voice and his theme mix well together. Pain is also one of the scariest characters and everything he does he thinks is alright because bringing pain to people is what he thinks is fair and righteous and he feels justified for his actions. Even though he is just being manipulated by Nagato, Pain (pein) is one of the best characters and the best villain. P.S. itachi is a good guy
Are a lot of people on here girls because I'm pretty sure Hinata being graceful is not cool its kind of lame. I'm fine with Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and those guys but anyone like hinata is stupid. Another thing is rikudou sennin is the sage of six paths and we don't even really know anything about him except that he is the greatest ninja ever. However this doesn't make him all that great cool is not just reputation. Lastly pein is so deep when he talks putting meaning in his word and I have to say this was the best fight by far in Naruto history.
He understands pain and that is what Naruto is all about and acts cool and looks good
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19Hashirama Senju
Descendant of the Loving Son (and an Ambassador for Peace)
The Strongest Ninja Ever
Good Husband and Good Father
(I want to be like him! )
The hero of humanity, without him konoha wouldn't exist, the world of shinobi would have been under the control of evil forces. He is the model of any shinobi in naruto. Even madara almost worship him
Hashirama and tobirama r cute

Tobi is awesome! He is a good boy( and my friends always calls me tobi, not sure why) SUGEr! He he he he I feel tingly"
I like characters that always seem like they're hiding something I find him very interesting I'm glad he is a main villan
Madara's effective disguise, that actually has a humorous side to him, as well as he pretty much messes with everyone even the other atkatsuki members.
He doesn't even try to fight people he just avoids cause he's actually one of the most powerful characters.
Look a Deidara a dumpling shop can we can we please


Deidara that looks like your art, does this mean your art is A... RIP OFF

Tobi! '
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she is hot and she is number 1 my 2nd favorite female character
Ino is hot and as the kill to mach
She is beautifull. I like her jutsu but what a pity masashi not expossed her much. that's make me curious about her
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Hes just SO AWESOME! I love his smirk and everything else about him! Hi definitely deserves a better ranking... DAMN YOU SAKURA FOR KILLING HIM! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! *sob sob*
SASORI IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME!, and you guys are so wrong saying that he lost from sakura because HE DIDN'T! Lady chiyo said that he wanted to die and if memory serves sakura got sasori's blade running through her gut and collapsed on the floor! That weakling (sakura) could have never beat sasori! And by the way sasori was so close to winning but he chose to die by LADY CHIYO's trap got it! He still had plenty of strength left and by the way on his second sasori puppet I saw not even a single scratch! SO GET THIS IN MIND SASORI NEVER LOST TO SAKURA HE CHOSE TO DIE! ( I love this guy)
Sasori feels no pain he could of killed kankaro, sakura, and lady chyo would all be dead by sasori
Sasori is so cool and hot. And he has a sad background story. He lost his parents at a VERY young age, which is what caused him to become a bit of a psycho over time. But he still has good qualities. And he's very strong and clever. Sakura didn't defeat him, he chose to die. I Love him so Much! Definitely one of the best characters in the anime.
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Her summoning is a ferret with an eye patch and can help cut down trees - doesn't get much cooler than that.
I mean I just love her! I love her tomboy kinda know-it-all
Attitude! And her big fan! That's what makes her stand out
For me!

She is beautiful in her own little way, different from the other girls in naruto

And that's why I like her
She's hot, affirmative, and peace ambassador that's why I love her, she's sensitive when it comes with her siblings gaara and kankuro
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He is the most evil villain in the Natuto series. He has truly amazing abilities and is kind of immortal, as he couldn't be killed hut instead SEALED. He could really stand in battle vs the tailed Naruto, even in a body that had lost an amount of power and health. Sasuke attacked him when Orochimaru was at his weakest, really in a bad health... Maybe elsewise he wouldn't have been able to beat him? Oh and lastly... He killed the 3rd Hokage!
Orochimaru is most definitely the most interesting villain this series has ever had. Without a doubt, I would consider him one of the most memeroable villains of all time.
Come on guys, he's such an epic villain, and yet he's so far down the list? We have to do something about this!
He's the man but people r stupid, underrated character,
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Must be put between Top 5-10. Can match Minato's speed through the Eight Gates. Most likely untouchable. Dude...
Guy is certainty the funniest person on Naruto, even better if Lee is there. He wants to help Lee so much that it's just extremely sweet. I would want to be his friend if I was there. Plus at least you would know if he liked you. Who wouldn't want someone that would do something like if he found out your favorite flower, no matter how rare it was, would get you about a thousand bouquets of it?! I actually wouldn't mind it. ^. ^
Guy is very very strong! He creates his own jutsu and can open the eight gates that is amazing! Also Rock Lee is really boss as well!
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26Rikudou Senin
Sage of Six Paths is one of the coolest dude characters by far.
I think this guy is the best the people who gave him a thumbs down are just hatters
Defeated 10 tails and kickstarted the ninja world... and he gets a 21? You guys suck

27Killer Bee
The 8 Tails Jinchuuriki? He has complete control over his beast and is more skilled with swords than any of the 7 Swordsman of the Mist! He pwned all of Team Hawk and Zetsu. The fact that he's one of the few black anime characters in existence only makes him more unique! He also lays down epic raps.

Haha first I thought he would be very mad and evil and at his first appearance I loled
Very funny character easy to like bust the best raps ever
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There isn't a single term to describe how amazing this woman is after she gave birth to Naruto she had the nine tails extracted from her and still was able to chain the kyuubi down and transfer some chakra into Naruto to help him against the nine tails on top of that she died rite along side her husband minato while protecting the village her chakra supply is massive the biggest on the show for her bravery and sacrifice she deserves to be in the top five where she rightfully belongs no other character as made me cry more than her and she will always be loved
Kushina Uzumaki (naruto's mother) has red hair and she is so pretty! Shes the wife of minato and is the most beautiful character!
I love all about her!
More comments about Kushina

Tsunade has many times been called the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world and the greatest medical-nin. Jiraiya credits her with winning the Second Shinobi World War for Konoha, and she created the entire system of medical-nin that has saved so many lives over the years.
She is the coolest elder woman in history! She is even stronger than the raikage! And Danm beautyful
Damn. Her character is just hilarious and so very sad at the same time.

Shino is so underrated. He's my favorite character out of everybody. He's a great character and is quite powerful if you ask me. And he's really intelligent. Shino is just the best with his bugs and everything.
Shino is so cool! He's really strong and super smart! I wish he was in more episodes. Shino for the win
No one cares about shino but... Damn, he is very inteligent
More comments about Shino

He's just so awesome in his own way. And not to mention handsome! He's so loyal to Orochimaru and lives to serve him. Too bad Gaara and Rock Lee beat him
He was the strongest, and the only thing to ever best him is his disease. It would to been so cool to have him come back, his bone moves are the coolest

Love Konan... The most badass chick on Naruto! I would say she is probably the strongest chick too! She stood out, not all preppy like the other girls. Along with Anko, I think she is the coolest...

Damn you Madara... Damn you...
There are so many reasons. She is the only woman strong enough to make the akatsuki. She is the strongest female. Her chakra bank is beyong huge. She was brave enough to fight the strongest shinobi alive with hardly any chance of surival. She was strong enough to come close against Tobi. If she had had full knowledge of his abilities she would have been able to increase the length of time her jutsu went on for and won. She was loyal to Yahiko and Nagato and she has a unique jutsu.

Also she is beautiful, like really beautiful


well. she's easily one of the hardest person to kill
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33Suigetsu Hozuki
HE CAN TURN HIMSELF INTO WATER AT WILL. He is a skilled swordsman and is Mangetsu's little brother. Suigetsu definitely deserves to to be one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist.

Suigetsu Is Awesome! When he was younger, he and his brother Mangetsu trained to be one of the 7 ninja swordsman of the mist. After Mangetsu became one of the seven, then died. Suigetsu's dream was shattered and he changed his dream to collecting all of the swords. Suigetsu's ability for fighting is awesome, His ability to liquefy himself at will really helps in battle. My opinion is that he is the best Naruto character and that he is totally amazing.
He's... So... CUTE! He has those adorable shark teeth and he has the executioner sword too! But I wonder if he's anorexic!
Epic dude my favorite in the whole series
More comments about Suigetsu

35Anko Mitarashi
Anko is a really crazy character in the Naruto series and is obsessed with dumplings. she was a student of Orochimaru and has he's cursed seal of heaven. Anko uses snake jutsu's like Orochimaru

Anko is awesome! She is a well-rounded character and was a student of Orochimaru. She's really funny and I've always like her sense of style. She can be crazy and funny at times and serious at others.
I admit, my first impression of her was not good. But after finding out about her history with Orochimaru, she became my favorite of the side characters, and one of my favorite in general.

Hidan may not be very popular, but I think he is just plain awesome! He carries around this huge scythe, and for cryin' out loud, he's immortal! He's the only character in Naruto that can get his head chopped off and live. Plus, even with his head chopped off, he's still rude and foul-mouthed. You gotta love the crazy immortal guy.
I find it easy to like such a funny an foul mouthed character, such as Hidan. And pairing him with Kakuzu makes him even more adorable.
Hidan is just the ultimate weapon. Even if he is blown sky high he is still alive. It can't get any better.
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He is definitely my favorite character by far. He's so different, and he was the first character to introduce puppet mastery as a fighting style. He's cute, cool, and totally awesome.
Ok so this character is way underused. I mean, look at the potential! During the Chuunin Exams, he made almost everyone fall for his shape-shifting puppets. That could be so cool! Like, pretending to be an enemy and backstabbing his fellow enemies!
Besides, this is a really original concept, and I think it's sad that he's always in Gaara's shadow.
Keep up the good fight, Kankuro
I think being a puppet master is the coolest

Grandson of the third and the next hokage after Naruto

Sai is an amazing character. I don't see how he's not in the top ten. The development of his character should be enough to easily put him in the top. He goes from not having emotions to being in the library reading books trying to learn and then trying to use what he learned when talking to people! Also, his entrance into the show was classic. He easily toyed around with Naruto on the roof! His skills are a step above everyone else.. I mean look people his whole style is based off drawings! The guy can draw a bird and fly around on it! It doesn't get any cooler than that. Plus he's always loyal going back to when he was with Danzo and later when he got with team 7. Lastly, I just personally love how he stepped in when the girl from the hidden cloud was beating the crap out of Naruto and he stepped in and stopped it! That showed how much he actually cared about Naruto without him even noticing it. From his smile to his fighting style Sai should be in the top 10. More people should appreciate him and what he brought to the series!
I love Sai, he he is so sexy ( thank you, jacket) and cute and adorable at the same time. I think his personality, ironically due to his supposed lack thereof, is way underrated. I mean, he just has hilarious moments (Naruto:That drawing's nothing special. Sai: Yes, you're right. Just like what's between your legs, right? ), he's socially clueless, and he is so hot in, again, a sexy yet adorable way. He's definitely my favorite character in Naruto, perhaps of all time. I also feel sorry for him because he had to watch his brother die twice... And he's a great artist, which I am as well... Minus the great. Whoever said "At least the top ten" yes, you are totally right.
Sai is so cute! I feel sorry for him almost having to kill his brother, he was crying and it was so sad! I find the fact that he is trying to recover his emotions a somewhat attractive aspect of his personality. I think he's undervalued-I mean, he saved Naruto and Sakura a couple of times, they would be dead if it wasn't for him. Also a great artist witha cool sealing jutsu. Other than that I simply think he's adorable and kinda hot!
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40Asuma Sarutobi
Asuma is a jonin of the hidden leaf and is leader of team 10, he is also son of the 3rd hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. he was also part of a group called The Twelve Guardian Ninja. he is always seen smoking a cigarette and is lover to Kurenai Yūhi. He uses trench knives infused with is own chakra to take down he's opponents.

Asuma was the leader of team 10 and team Asuma. He died in a fight vs. Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. Probably the kindest and underrated characters in the entire series.
Asuma it's the collest chars of naruto

Member of the Akatsuki and partners with itachi Uchiha, use to be part of the the 7 ninja swords men of the mist. Kisame has the largest amount of chakra out of anyone in the Akatsuki. He also wields a sword that devours chakra and at the same time replenishes Kisame. Kisame also has awesome water attributed jutsu.

kisame is awesome shark power and the pro sword
Epic guy. Was called "The Next Demon Of Kirigakure" and "The Tailed Beast With 0 Tails. He also had enough chakra to rival Naruto. Also why is he after Team Guy? He could've killed you Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neiji...
More comments about Kisame


43Tobirama Senju
He so cute I love him
The only person who could defeat madara...
He was the fastest char


He may not the strongest but he's fight more then 75% ninja in ninja's war
Zetsu deserves to be in the top 5, why? Solely because of him popping up during the Five Kage Summit all like "HELLOO! " laugh out loud.
Epic character, any who has a carniverous plant around there head has got to be higher than 23 plus he's been in loads of battles

Older brother and intelligent frog brother of gamatatsu


What's he doing down here? 63? Haku deserves better. For a character that didn't live long into the series, his words and actions really stayed a long time in Naruto's mind. Haku's story was touching, and it was one of the first ones we encountered when we all first started watching Naruto; how can he not make you feel nostalgic?
Nicest guy out there! You know what they say, candle burns twice as bright lasts half as long!

There's one scene with zabuza in it that makes me tear up every time I see it and he is just oh he is by far just my favorite character right next to kakashi and Gara
Come on he can't be below iruka Zabuza was the leader of the seven swords men of the hidden mist. And he is by far one of the bet ninja in the whole of the Naruto series. And where is sakon and ukon because they're my favourite
Zabuza use to be a member of the seven swords men of the hidden mist. he wields a giant sword the size of his body and uses water attributed jutsu. he is the teacher of haku.


50Sage of Six Paths

51Might Guy
He is damn awesome!

Choji is a complete badass. He can eat as much as he wants and still look the same, can use the calories in his food to turn huge and gain tremendous physical strength, and to top it all of he can grow butterfly wings
I ❤ Choji and I think people don't like him just because he's fat, well I got news for you. Him being fat makes his punches awesome.


54Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi he is the best of fighting, he his father of the big Kakashi.
Hi is the best an the you now it
Ummm he's already on here...

55Minato Uzumaki
Seriously this far down?! 53?! Ugh!

56Young Kakashi

He has a scar in his face, but it doesn't make him look scary. In fact, he looks very friendly. No wonder if Naruto loves him.

She is so cool... Because she uses an unique element release (crystal release) and she is really very strong among females...
She has the special jutsu she would be top 10 strongest female character in Naruto shippuden
Kick ass female fighter. sakura can no way in hell match up to her.

This thing is from pokemon, not Naruto! (Naruto is way better than pokemon)


A member of the Akatsuki and partnered with Hidan. Kakuza and Hidan are referred to as the "zombie brothers" because their jutsu make them seem immortal. Kakuzu uses the five main elements in he's jutsu's and is considered to be very intelligent.

Badass man if it weren't for shikamaru and choking and inorganic and kakashi wearing him down Naruto wouldn't have beaten him same goes for pain

Kiba's loyalty dog with amazing abilities to protect his master and transfer himself into a clone of kiba every time they do the fang over fang. Also he is very cute and smart with a unique ability to smell the scent of any person or anything. I think about top 20 should do.

63Sakon and Ukon
They are powerful but not so more even rock lee can beat him easily

64First Hokage
He is the best character even my friend call me hashirama senju
Dunn, he is strong cause he's the FIRST HOKAGE... NOW RESPECT HIM

65The Kyuubi

66Dosu Kinuta
You can't deny a mummy with a dead bird on his back a spot on this list


Coolest most brutal character ever... won his fight againt choji in what? 2 minutes? The boss of under rated ninja
They totally missed the opportunity to revive dosu during the war. That whole war arc I just pretended like Mu was Dosu since they are both mummies. I'm just wondering when mummies became experts on grass. Seriously in the forest of death sakura set a trap and dosu saw through it because he was like "this grass doesn't grow here" and I'm like?



68Yugito Nii

Ok this is obvious kagya is rikoudos mom SHE HAS THE RINNEGAN BYAKIUGAN AND JUUBI Eye I mean come on!


71Shikaku Nara
Shikaku is Shikamaru's father, leader of the Nara clan and a member of Ino-Shika-Cho. Shikaku at the start of the series was portraied as a drunk lol but he is a very wise leader and a good father. he uses shadow possession jutsu.


73Uchiha Izuna
Had The Mankekyou Sharingan, Could Keep Up With Uchiha Madara (The Leader of the Uchiha)And Gave His Eyes To His Brother.

Bad guy to best friend, one of the most unique characters in my opinion, he
Was portrayed as evil at first but he was abused, controlled by
Humans so he hates them, he's not the "embodiment of evil" he just
Needed to be shown that not human is a total ass hole






Well he may have the best jutsu


82Lord Mu

How can you all forget juubi.


85Zaku Abumi



88Boy Band

Why is he not in the show?!

The seven-tails jinchuuriki. She may look shy and calm, but she's a badass tomboy at heart.


So awesome how the nine tails devours him and he eats his flesh such the baddy I love it

93Mei Terumi

94Monkey D Luffy
Best character by far his fight against Naruto and Sasuke was so good


96Third Raikage
This man fought eight-tails whenever it rampaged and stalled an entire army for three days by himself.

97Hayate Gekko


99Shishui Uchiha

100The Nine Tail Fox
Nine tails fox is the best because it cause a lot of damage

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