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61 Brave Bird

Really powerful Flying Type move how the crap is Tackle better people aren't voting wisely

Very underrated move that makes braviary look good. From zero to hero in no time.

62 Head Smash

If the user has Rock Head ability this can make it literally unstoppable

So much power but so much recoil

Too bad that Rampardos, the most well-known user of this move, doesn't have Rock Head (maybe in XY/ORAS but pretty sure that he doesn't in most generations).

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63 Flail

It has a maximum base power of 200 if you use it at low health! That is significantly better than hyper beam, and you don't have to recharge! - GREATEST

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64 Spore

Spore + substitute + focus punch. Enough said.

Spore + Solarbeam = you have time to charge it up without being attacked. Even better than Sunny day in my opinion.

This move has a 100% chance of putting your opponent to sleep (except grass types and Pkmn with insomnia and vital spirit). Your opponent will prerty much switch, wgich gives you a free turn to set up, use focus punch, etc. So why on earth isn't this in the top 10?

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65 Iron Head
66 Focus Blast
67 Copycat

There's basically nothing wrong with copycat when used in the right way

What's so bad copying a Pokemon's move?

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68 Fusion Flare

Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt op, except against ground. If you don't know what I mean, look up fusion flare now!

The most reliable special fire move out there, and slightly stronger than flamethrower.

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69 Psystrike

Why isn't this high on the list? It has a base power of 100 and it NEVER misses! Plus it's the signature move of Mewtwo, and Mewtwo is the best.

The only pokemon with better stats then mewtwo that is not a mega or primal is arceus

Mewtwo isn't the strongest pokemon arceus is then mewtwo then deoxys

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70 Judgement

This move can become any type! Normal, Water, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy and even bug! 100 base power, 100% accuracy! This move is Arceus' signature move so only he (and if a pokemon has sketch or transform) can use it. This move has the same base power as Psystrike (Mewtwo's signature move, it is now 100 base power not 120 anymore), Spacial Rend (Palkia's Signature move), Fusion Flare (A move for Reshiram and Kyurem) and Fusion Bolt (Zekrom and Kyurem)! But with 10 PP and it can become any type!

My gengar has that move its to cool

This should definitely be first

Why not everyone voted for this move? It is the strongest and can kill any Pokemon better than any moves like extreme,speed,aura sphere and flamethrower

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71 Doom Desire

How is this not at the top? This move has 100 accuracy, 140 Steel damage, and, yes it takes time to do damage, but that can actually be used to your advantage...

This move has very high power and accuracy, the only downside is that it happens two turns after. Plus it has a cool name.

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72 Dragon Ascent

It's so powerful it can defeat both kyogre and groudon

The Creator of this thing sucks

Albeit only having 5 PP and dropping definitely. and Sp. definitely by one stage after use, it has a fantastic 120 BP, 100% accuracy, and is only learned by Rayquaza - and Rayquaza Mega Evolves when it knows this move. So, we have a Flying-Type, 120 BP move coming off of a base 180 Atk. + STAB. Mega Rayquaza can one-shot most Pokémon with this move, competitively or not. Plus, Mega Rayquaza's monstrous defensive stats means it won't be going down anytime soon, even with the drops. Therefore, although a good portion of its amazing-ness may come from who it's used by, this is truly one heck of an attack. It IS the best move.

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73 Dragon Rage

Really good move to use at the start of your journey but near the end its pretty useless...

It power is more than 100 and it critical ratio is more so at atime it defeat 2 or more Pokemon

I love dragon rage, it is a really good dragon move that you can use. P.S. can anyone give me a good Pokemon set up?

74 Oblivion Wing

80 Base Power (everyone who said 110 was incorrect), 100% accuracy, 75% HP restored than damage dealt, and with Big Root it's 105% health drained! But, if the opponent has liquid ooze, than you practically can't use this move, since it will do almost as much damage as you deal, and MORE if you have big root. Also, it's a special move and has a cool animation. But it can't be used during heal block either.

Yveltal's signature move and it is awesome! It has a base power of 110 and heals you. Best attack+heal move that I know of.

Best flying type move. Base power of 110 and it heals you so its also the best atk+heal move.

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75 Transform

This is the best because if you're versing a rayquaza with roar of time you could just one hit it

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76 Petal Dance

120 based power. I hate it when it forces you to do this same move 2 times and you get confused. Its like a Swalot used Encore on you and a Gastly used Confuse Ray.

77 Destiny Bond

Great move if you are about to faint. You can use Endure and just use this move after.

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78 Flame Burst V 2 Comments
79 Perish Song

This move also perishes the user in 3 turns too though.. I mean if you forgot that perish song was in play and the opponent remembered..

Use Perish Song then switch into a pokemon with Arena Trap or Shadow Tag

Even if this move is useless in trainer battles against other players, it's a death sentence move in the actual game-play, and can defeat anything (unless the user switches out with another Pokemon). Also, pair it with a Pokemon with ivs in defense and sp defense, then Perish Song will be a killer move

80 Growl

GROWL? WHAT?! I'd take Harden any day over Growl...

I think Harden over Growl as well because your basically lowing their attack either way but harden sharply highers your defense

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