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How is Tackle even here seriously the most simple Normal move in all of Pokemon not much damage not full accuracy AND SCRATCH IS BETTER IN MY OPINION I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME COMMENTING ON ME

How the fudge is tackle even at 78 it should be at number 999! I don't care if there isn't that many pokemon moves cause you know what mean

How is this higher than Volt tackle? - Goatworlds

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82Destiny Bond

Great move if you are about to faint. You can use Endure and just use this move after.

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83Belly Drum
84Brick Break

EPIC MOVE! I mean who doesn't want a 120 power and 100 accuracy move? This move is the ultimate STAB

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86Signal Beam

Wow I never thought they would have this on the list

87Blue Flare

It's the most beautiful move I've ever seen! My favourite colour may be orange but fire is my favourite type! Reshiram is my favourite Pokemon! Blue flare is a powerful move that is always handy when trying to one shot something! Blue fire works better than orange sometimes.

Reshiram's ultimate move. This attack is killer and has a base power of a outstanding 130. Go Reshiram - Draco

Awesome move but if this is here why not Bolt Strike?


This and its equivalents are essential moves for any wall Pokemon

My favorite move,why? Okay,first,EVEN your tank Pokemon is sweeping,but Then BAM! You lost your half hp already,so what?! Give it RECOVER Keep tank

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89Seismic TossV8 Comments
90Magma Storm

Pretty much a Fire Spin x 5! Shame you have to get Heatran to level 100 to learn it though...

Take your basic Fire spin,x by 4 and you get magma storm

This is the killer move it deals 120 base damage and each time hurts Pokemon by 30hp 120+30x5=270 in long battles this move destroys a Pokemon

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91AttractV1 Comment
92Quiver Dance

Quiver Dance is a great move! Its basically a better version of Calm Mind, as Calm Mind boosts Sp. A and Sp. D by one stage, but Quiver Dance does that, and boost your Speed by one stage as well!

93Giga Drain
94Thunder Wave

How good: 5/10. Reasons: Does no damage, but paralyzes the target. I mean.. the opponent just gets their speed lowered and they might be able to attack..

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95Last Resort

Pair this with one other move like protect or fake out and start wrecking people with a 130 power attack move

How is this so low? It deals 140 damage! 140! And yet, it's not high at ALL

96Will-O-WispV2 Comments
97Hammer Arm

Lowers your speed so I'm not completely relying on all the time besides it can miss

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98Mirror Coat

It truly is a great move. Most of you lost against the champion because of this move.


Come on guys. I mean, the ability to not be hurt by ANY attack for FIVE turns? How is that NOT awesome?

Protect prevent's you from getting hurt only ONE turn actually

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100ConfusionV1 Comment
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