Top Ten David Gilmour Solo Songs

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1On an Island

One of his best solos, especially the live version at the Royal Albert Hall.

2Out of the Blue

Very emotional and powerful song. in my humble opinion the best Daves solo song by far.

"Out of the blue on the wings of a dove
A messenger comes, with the beating of drums
It's not a message of love"


From quiet acoustic part to hard prog electric guitar. Impressive!

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4Faces of Stone
6There's No Way Out of Here

Great from Start to Finish, up there in both Gilmour's solo work and Pink Floyd as a whole.

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7In Any Tongue

Best guitar solo of the 2000's.

8Rattle That Lock
9Take a Breath

The Contenders

11The Blue
12Love On the Air
13This Heaven
14I Can't Breathe Anymore
15So Far Away
16Near the End

I'm the biggest fan of David Gilmour he is the best guitarist ever I seem him live over 14 times and love every song I think murder IS awesome and wish you were here snd animal's shows how great he is shine on Dave Boston loves you I hope you tour again please come to Boston we missed on a island last time thanks for all the great songs and you are# 1 John O'Brien Quincy mass

17MaroonedV1 Comment
18Let's Get Metaphysical
19Cry from the Street
20A Boat Lies Waiting
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