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A list of the top ten most popular characters from the Simpsons television series, the longest-running American sitcom and longest-running American animated program of all time. For a complete list of Simpsons characters, check out this page.

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1Homer Simpson

The dumbest person, but that's why we love him - roblist

Memorable moments of homer
Homer:Fugu me!
Homer: I am so smart I am so smart s-m-r-t I mean S-m-a-r-t
And the best, in my opinion
Marge: now homer, don't you eat this pie
Homer: okay, now pie I will go like this
(Makes chomping Noise)
Homer: and if you get eaten there's is nothing you can do about it
(makes chomping noise and bangs into the overhead heater)
Homer: DO'H!

There are only a few things to say about him because there aren't much words to say he is funny, awesome and you always love his catch phrases. And I wont say doh! For choosing him as a fave. :P

Homer was the show's breakout character - CrispyDuck

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2Bart Simpson

I like him, because he's like me! Also I like Otto because he likes heavy metal - Trivium

Bart is the coolest he's my favorite character! - foxrocks

Let's be real here: nobody watches the show because of Marge, Lisa, or Maggie. The Simpsons is great because of Bart and Homer. I can still remember a time when "Don't have a Cow" was the most popular phrase in pop culture. Will he ever be as popular as he was in 1991? No, but that won't stop him from telling you to "eat my shorts! "

Awesome troublemaker

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3Ralph Wiggum

I love ralph wiggum! He was kinda boring in the first 3 seasons but he got funnier over the years

ralph is great. he's really funny. he's stupid but that's why I love him.

Ralph wiggum is a legend come on people vote ralph

"Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers" - Ralph Wiggum (QUOTE) - SkylandersFan

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4Charles Montgomery Monty Burns

Mr. Burns is so funny! he is a great character, but he is more Adult humor character, but that's why like him!

Mr Burns has some of the funniest lines in the show's golden era. Easily the most entertaining peripheral character in the show and he often steals the show in whatever episode he's in.

Mr Burns is awesome! He should be number one on the list. For me, he is the only funny character on the simpsons. He so evil especially when he tents his fingertips and says in a low sinister voice, excellent...

He is the best

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5Maggie Simpson

maggie is like the smartest one there and shes a gangsta! - giebler

maggie is so cute and the smartes with lisa - hermione_granger

Maggie really is the best character. Its amazing how they pull it off with her speaking so few words. I like how shes all cute and a baby but really she is the most twisted character.

The definition of a complete Beast!

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6Lisa Simpson

This 8 year old cartoon character can be quite inspiring to young viewer's, thus being a Girl and of 8 years old, having an IQ of 159 having a love for reading musical arts and literature.
Lisa is a great role model even though she is a cartoon character her intelligence is bliss.

Lisa is the only voice of reason in the show and desperately tries to change the opinions of her ignorant and self minded townspeople. She loves her family despite their shortcomings, and has to suffer in a horrible public school.

An intelligent pre- teen that is one of the the hope and future of Springfield.

The reason I vote for Lisa is because she reminded me of myself. Smart AND blonde.

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7Moe Szyslak

One of the meanest person in Springfield with one of the biggest hearts!

James Jones from The Miami Heat looks like Moe, that's why I voted for him.

You just can't help sympathizing with Moe's problems. He seems mean and gritty on the outside, but he is actually rather sensitive. Moe's character always makes me laugh in two ways, either he seems overly sadistic, mean and or cruel, or he is struggling with the latent emotions he posseses.

He should be higher than Lisa!

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8Nedward Ned Flanders

Flanders is an awesome addition character to the Simpsons, I mean you have Homer, who is just a joker, then smart Lisa, Trouble Maker Bart, Baby Maggie, Great Mother Marge, and all the other characters have their own special personality. Ned stands out a lot with his perfect, and positive attitude. - Undertaker15-0

Flanders is brilliant. He sets up Homer for all his best lines AND he puts diddly at the end of everything. Plus he has a smokin' body.

Ned is nice to everybody and never gets any credit! He is funny too.

He's kind of annoying, - Goatworlds

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9Marge Simpson

She is incredible, sometimes is a good person but sometimes is a rough mother and her hair is simply the best thing.

In a few episodes she is so funny. In Milhouse doesn't live here anymore, she saies to Bart "Your be like an owl saying Milhouse who, Milhouse who, Milhouse who".

Marge is so funny because she is not meant to be. She says things that are so subtle that they are funny. Like when she says "get back hunky cat" or sings the hilarious song to bart about how to save money "put it in your cap" she should be number 1!

I guess it's because I like her hair

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10Groundskeeper Willie

Best accent EVER! p. s. he'll kill you IN YOUR DREAMS! - fireinside96

I said 'make way for Willie', ya bloated gas bug!

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies,
Like Englishmen and Scots,
Or Welshmen and Scots,
Or Japanese and Scots,
Or Scots and other Scots,
Damn Scots, they ruined Scotland!

Surrender monkeys - Goatworlds

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The Contenders

11Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

Everybody loves an Indian guy, THANK YOU! COME AGAIN!

Think of all the wonderful Apu quotes over the years. Vote for Pedro. I mean Apu. You know, I remember back in ninteen dickety two when I first thought of Apu. We had to say dickety...

He is one of the greatest Indian cartoon characters of all time. He deserves to be praised. - TheHotDogs

Less offensive than Willie, but still racist. Still, I LOVE Apu.

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12Chief Clancy Wiggum

he's like the police near where i live - bcrichSOB666

The stereotype policeman, only fatter, and funnier

I love him I love him when he wees in movie

Probably the only person dumber than homer

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13Robert Underdunk Terwilliger aka Sideshow Bob

This character is just awesome. He is so casually evil and sophisticated, which makes him all the more threatening. He looks, sounds and acts smexily, and I just love him

Sideshow Bob is so awesome! His outrageously smart but unsuccessful plans to try to kill Bart, his ingeniousness fights with Lisa, and his bad luck (especially with garden rakes) is humorous to everyone who likes a psychopathic ingenious killer as a side character. I wish the creators of The Simpsons added more episodes with him, maybe even in season 24 or 25. I love those episodes, and watched each one at LEAST 4 times!

Bad, north but funny my favourite character in this list. But my favourite out of all the simpsons characters isn't on this list. Anyway its Herbert Simpson (Homers Bro) and hugo simpson (Bart's evil twin bro)

I think that sideshow bob is just funny but my opinion would be number 3

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14Abraham Abe J. Simpson

love abes senile and demented quotes! "You never know what your capable of. I never thought I could shoot down a German plane. But last year, I proved myself wrong. " -Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt. 2 - sammoth

Really funny reminds me of my grandpa

I'm pretty sure a thousand is a number

I'm old! I like nothing except Matlock!

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15Krusty the ClownV9 Comments
16Comic Book Guy

does anyone remember when he went on a date with smithers mother?

Skinners Mother: The sun is so beutifull (something like that)

Comic Book Guy: Could it BE anymore OR-ANGE! - arabhomie68

I seriously just laugh whenever he comes on screen! He's so iconic and hilarious, how can he not be number one on here?!

I wish there was more of him! - clerkatron

I read that he has a section in Android's Dungeon where he keeps illegal videos - Goatworlds

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17Milhouse Van Houten

Milhouse: I can't go to Juvie! They use guys like me as currency!

He is always really funny when he's with bart

"I sold my marrow. I didn't have a lot of marrow. - Hajj

Milhouse is just such a Milhouse!

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18Otto Mann

I like this permanent stoned bus driver :)
and he is listening to good music - AllAustrianReject

dude otto is the man he will always be my favorite simpsons character try to find the episode "the mook, the chef, the wife, and her homer" - PlaymateBass

I can relate to this guy even though I don't drive a bus, he's cool and he can play the guitar cool too! - westofohio

All you need to do is see him drive a bus off a cliff and you'll see how good he is

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19Barney Gumble

Funniest character on the show... belch... lol - RED_EYEZ

i really think that barney gumble is sweet...

He's awesome and funny

Barney is awesome

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20Nelson Muntz

Haw-Haw! Laugh out loud he's hilarious! He is not smart, he ain't pretty, but he should be an comedian!

"Hey Bart, your epidermis is showing! " - Rotorhead

They should make another episode about him and Lisa...

Nelson is the best secondary kid on the whole show

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