Favorite Simpsons Characters

A list of the top ten most popular characters from the Simpsons television series, the longest-running American sitcom and longest-running American animated program of all time. For a complete list of Simpsons characters, check out this page. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Homer Simpson
The dumbest person, but that's why we love him


Memorable moments of homer
Homer:Fugu me!
Homer: I am so smart I am so smart s-m-r-t I mean S-m-a-r-t
And the best, in my opinion
Marge: now homer, don't you eat this pie
Homer: okay, now pie I will go like this
(Makes chomping Noise)
Homer: and if you get eaten there's is nothing you can do about it
(makes chomping noise and bangs into the overhead heater)
Homer: DO'H!
Homer is the best. The funyest of all. Laugh out loud


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2Bart Simpson
2nd! Bart! No way! He is the best! Bart deserves 1st place!
Eat my shorts
Homer "do you think you could stop the casual swearing? "
Bart " hell yes! "

Laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud
So please, JUST VOTE FOR BARTHANMEW JOJO SIMPSON! Bart is just definitely the best character of any characters you could think of, to me! Bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart bart
And remember
I like him, because he's like me! Also I like Otto because he likes heavy metal


Bart is the coolest he's my favorite character!


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3Ralph Wiggum
I love ralph wiggum! He was kinda boring in the first 3 seasons but he got funnier over the years
ralph is great. he's really funny. he's stupid but that's why I love him.
Ralph wiggum is a legend come on people vote ralph
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4Charles Montgomery Monty Burns
I hope that when I'm a 104 years old, I'm just like him!
Mr. Burns is so funny! he is a great character, but he is more Adult humor character, but that's why like him!
Mr Burns has some of the funniest lines in the show's golden era. Easily the most entertaining peripheral character in the show and he often steals the show in whatever episode he's in.
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5Lisa Simpson
This 8 year old cartoon character can be quite inspiring to young viewer's, thus being a Girl and of 8 years old, having an IQ of 159 having a love for reading musical arts and literature.
Lisa is a great role model even though she is a cartoon character her intelligence is bliss.
Lisa is the only voice of reason in the show and desperately tries to change the opinions of her ignorant and self minded townspeople. She loves her family despite their shortcomings, and has to suffer in a horrible public school.
An intelligent pre- teen that is one of the the hope and future of Springfield.
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6Maggie Simpson
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAGGIE! <3 shes a complete cutie and has saved homer so many times. She's so badass. I really expected her to be first. everything she does makes me smile.
maggie is so cute and the smartes with lisa


maggie is like the smartest one there and shes a gangsta!


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7Moe Szyslak
One of the meanest person in Springfield with one of the biggest hearts!
He kind of reminds me of myself, in some ways.


James Jones from The Miami Heat looks like Moe, that's why I voted for him.
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8Groundskeeper Willie
Best accent EVER! p. s. he'll kill you IN YOUR DREAMS!


HIlarious love the accent


I said 'make way for Willie', ya bloated gas bug!
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9Nedward Ned Flanders
Flanders is an awesome addition character to the Simpsons, I mean you have Homer, who is just a joker, then smart Lisa, Trouble Maker Bart, Baby Maggie, Great Mother Marge, and all the other characters have their own special personality. Ned stands out a lot with his perfect, and positive attitude.


Flanders is brilliant. He sets up Homer for all his best lines AND he puts diddly at the end of everything. Plus he has a smokin' body.
Ned is nice to everybody and never gets any credit! He is funny too.

10Marge Simpson
I absuloutely lovee the noise marge makes when shes angry! Haha shes so funny and motherlike and sometimes a bit naughty! She is a main character and SHOULD be in the top ten!
She is incredible, sometimes is a good person but sometimes is a rough mother and her hair is simply the best thing.
In a few episodes she is so funny. In Milhouse doesn't live here anymore, she saies to Bart "Your be like an owl saying Milhouse who, Milhouse who, Milhouse who".
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The Contenders

11Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Everybody loves an Indian guy, THANK YOU! COME AGAIN!
Think of all the wonderful Apu quotes over the years. Vote for Pedro. I mean Apu. You know, I remember back in ninteen dickety two when I first thought of Apu. We had to say dickety...
He is one of the greatest Indian cartoon characters of all time. He deserves to be praised.


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12Robert Underdunk Terwilliger aka Sideshow Bob
Every Episode with Sideshow Bob is a good one!
I think people see him as a murdering lunatic but ACTUALY he is probably the most sophisticated civilised nicest person in Springfeild! The only reason that he went completely insane was because of Bart! All he wanted was to not be tormented by Bart. He even went all the way to Italy to get away from Bart, but yet again... The Simpsons still followed him there and ruined everything for him. Then he got locked up in a mental institute, shot with a tranculilser dart, tasered, exc exc exc. How would YOU feel after all of that? I know I would want to kill Bart, so please vote for Bob!
This character is just awesome. He is so casually evil and sophisticated, which makes him all the more threatening. He looks, sounds and acts smexily, and I just love him
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13Chief Clancy Wiggum
he's like the police near where i live


The stereotype policeman, only fatter, and funnier
I love him I love him when he wees in movie
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14Comic Book Guy
does anyone remember when he went on a date with smithers mother?

Skinners Mother: The sun is so beutifull (something like that)

Comic Book Guy: Could it BE anymore OR-ANGE!


I wish there was more of him!


I seriously just laugh whenever he comes on screen! He's so iconic and hilarious, how can he not be number one on here?!
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15Milhouse Van Houten
He always makes me laugh!


Milhouse: I can't go to Juvie! They use guys like me as currency!
He calls himself Thrillhouse! Laugh out loud!


16Abraham Abe J. Simpson
love abes senile and demented quotes! "You never know what your capable of. I never thought I could shoot down a German plane. But last year, I proved myself wrong. " -Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt. 2


So funny I love this guy
Really funny reminds me of my grandpa
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17Barney Gumble
Funniest character on the show... belch... lol


i really think that barney gumble is sweet...
He's awesome and funny

18Lenny Leonard
this guy totally rules

"they say he carved it himself...from a bigger spoon"



A little late for lenny. Classic!
When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

19Otto Mann
I like this permanent stoned bus driver :)
and he is listening to good music


I can relate to this guy even though I don't drive a bus, he's cool and he can play the guitar cool too!


dude otto is the man he will always be my favorite simpsons character try to find the episode "the mook, the chef, the wife, and her homer"


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20Herschel Schmoikel Pinkus Krustofsk aka Krusty the Clown
Maude Flanders- were talking about s-e-x in front of the c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n

Krusty- Sex Cauldron I thought they closed that place down.


21Hans Moleman
Funniest character in the Simpsons by some distance
Bart:You're gay for moleman
Lisa: no You're gay for moleman
Bart: No You're gay for moleman
Moleman(looking sad): Nobody's gay for moleman
laugh out loud I'm gay for ya moleman
The coolest guy! My top ten is Hans 1st Moleman 2nd Cat lady 3rd Jasper Beardly
Drinking has ruined my life. I'm 31 years old!


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22Fat Tony
I don't get mad. I GET STABBY!


Come on, why isn't Fat Tony on the list, shocking and disgraceful
The Boss. The Gangster. A made man)


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23Nelson Muntz
Haw-Haw! Laugh out loud he's hilarious! He is not smart, he ain't pretty, but he should be an comedian!
"Hey Bart, your epidermis is showing! "


"Dam, I was aiming for his head! "

24Snake Jailbird
"I've been robbed! I'll take my revenge on society...by which I mean convenience stores!"

25Professor John Frink Jr.
22nd?!?! That's so 'Glavin' annoy-ing! This guy is brilliant and massively underrated. I can't believe it, in all honesty.
This guy is hilarious. He reminds me of Jerry Lewis


He's one of my favourite characters on the Simpsons, wish he'll appear more often. The annoyiest would be Lenny and Carl with Cookie Kwan. Not Lindsay Nagel.

26Lionel Hutz
You know your going to win when your lawyers in jail!
if he doesn't win your case the pizza is free
I Can't Believe it's a Law Firm!

27Seymore Skinner
Seymour is definitely the best. He always has a hilarious scene with chalmers And he always says "oh mercy! "

Duffman never dies. Only the actors who play him do.
OH YEAH, DUFFMAN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! He deserves better than #25.


Oh yeah~
Love how he speaks in third person :L
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29Santa's Little Helper

30Dr. Nick Riviera
Something about poorly trained doctors humor me. lol
Hello everybody! Laugh out loud

31Bumblebee Man

32Melvin Van Horne aka Sideshow Mel


Scratchy looks so funny when he always basically gets killed by itchy
I may say,"the show is as funny as the simpsons"

35Edna Krabappel
Shes such a sad character. Real life me which is why I like her

36Disco Stu
"Disco Stew was talking about you".


Disco Stu Doesn't Advertise... Legend


37Plopper aka Spider Pig
lol so funny, "you can take spider pig with you! " "he's not spider pig anymore, he's harry plopper" OINK!
Spider pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a spiderpig does!


I love Gil! The day they killed him off was the day Simpsons started going down hill.
nothing works out for Old Gil

39Eleanor Abernathy aka Crazy Cat Lady

40Jebediah Springfield

41Rainier Wolfcastle
"You insulted me in public! Now you must DIE! "


"Up and AT THEM!!" = Pure Gold.

42Jasper Beardley

43Sideshow Bob

44Troy McClure
Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such lists as Top Ten favorite Simpsons characters and Simpsons characters lost after Phil Hartman's death.

45Yes Guy
He Says a funny line, Marge says to him why do you speak like that then he says I had a Stroooooooooke
this guy is just sooo funny!!
"I had a strooooooke..."
Needs more screen time he's hilarious!
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46Carl Carlson

47Gerald the monobrow baby

48Greta Wolfcastle
Rainier Wolfcastle daughter and Barts old girlfriend and also Millhouses old girlfriend. Funny when they faught over her!

49Cletus Del Roy Spuckler
"Hey Ma, you gotta get off the roof."
I cant, I simply cant! Hes the best!


Now honey, they's my parents too


More comments about Cletus Del Roy Spuckler

50Dr. Julius Hibbert
A-Ha Ha Ha best laugh ever

51Sea Captain

52Hank Scorpio


"Um. Does anybody have some chocalate."

54Waylon Smithers
He's a real sweetie. Something about his truly unconditional love for Mr. Burns is incredibly endearing (and a little sad).

I love how he interacts with everyone; he and Mr. Burns are so much fun to watch together!
Happy birthday, Mr. Smithers.

55Drederick Tatum
I respect Homer Simpson. He's a good man. It's just that I'm gonna make orphans of his children. "and his wife? " she'll die of grief. L O L drederick always has something to say.


I have been paid millions of dollars to endorse these butt ugly shoes
"c'mon don't be ridiculous" lmao


56Dr. Marvin Monroe

57Rich Texan
One Two Three Four Boom

Ps. He rocks


59Snowball 2

60Kirk Van Houten

61Kent Brockman

62Jessica Lovejoy
jessica lovejoy is like bart in a girl form. likes skate boarding and is very daring.is an angil around audults and teachers but a MONSTER around kisd and class mates!is very religious and un-honest!!

63Herbert Simpson
Danny Devito/ Herbert simpson
He was funny back in 2000, but in the present time the simpson is just not funny any more compared to 2005 and back. Maybe it's because so much kids watch it now and they maid it more (Appropriate) for kids. But Herb simpson will always be funny

64Rod Flanders


66Frank Grimes, Jr.

67Wendell Borton
He is hilarious how he is always queasy

68Mona Simpson

69Jimbo Jones
I love when the teachers go on strike and jimbo went home and they live in a mansion and they watch a soap opera and they eat cookies and Jimbo cries. Laugh out loud
Jimbo the bully ( Jimbo waers a hat because he has a bold head )

70Kearney Zzyzwicz

71Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby

72Charlie (Homers work friend)

This guy leads the Treehouse of Horror specials


75Radioactive Man (Bongo)

76Dolph Starbeam

77Stephen Hawking

78Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes was so perfect, neat and hardworking, and looking at Homer sloppy work, it drove him so mad he electrocuted himself while imitating Homer, come on you gotta remember him!

79Todd Flanders

80Hugo Simpson

81Gary Chalmers
RALPH:Hi Lisa, Hi SuperNintendo Chalmers!

82Jeremy Freedman (Squeaky-Voiced Teen)
He's the best one of all! But I don't know his name :/
Would you like fries with that? Laugh out loud so funn and its funny how he has like 100 different jobs x)

83Blue Haired Lawyer

84Marvin Monroe

85Bongo (Homer's Dog)
He was a dog who liked Homer so much. It was very sad when Grampa gave him away when Mr Burns was gonna kill him and feed him to his hounds.

86Snowball I


88Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon

89Bleeding Gums Murphy

90Very Tall Man
He's a nice gag

91Francine Rhenquist

Local bully sometimes not she did not appear in more than 15 episodes

93Mr. Costington

94Krusty the Clown

95Itchy and Scratchy
I wish that T.V. show was real.

96Miss Hoover
"Ralph, remember when that time when you thought-"

97Khlav Kalash Man

98Lunch Lady Doris

99Sebastian Cobb
"I shouldn've stopped for that haircut."

100Leonard Nimoy

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